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                                                                                              FMTECOE News

                                                                                                                                           April 2009

                                                                                              Financial Management

                                                                                                              Financial Management        School
                                                                                                              (FMS) Training & Readiness (T&R)
                                                                                                              manual currently rests on the CG,
                                                                                                              TECOMs desk for signature. Once
                                                                                                              signed and inducted in MCTIMS,
                                                                                                              we will be able to induct our 5 re-
                                                                                              vamped Program of Instructions (POI) which are
                                                                                              complete and waiting on the signed T&R manual.
                                                                                              Further, we have developed five Proof of Concept
                                                                                              Course Descriptive Data’s (CDD) for the newly
                                                                                              created 3402 and 3408 Warrant Officer Courses,
                                                                                              Mobile Training Team (MTT), Advance Officer
                                                                                              Course, and Appropriation Law Course – with the
                                                                                              appropriation law course serving to be a joint
                                                                                              venture between our school and Supply School with
                                                                                              advocacy from DC, P&R (RFR) and DC, I&L (LB).
                        CO, MCCSSS                                                            These Proof of Concept CDD’s are awaiting
                  Dir, MCCSSS LOGTECOE                                                        approval by TECOM and represent identified training
                     Col Joel H. Berry III                                                    requirements during the January CCRBs which will
                                                                                              serve to close gaps in the financial management
MCCSSS LOGTECOE Mission                                                                       continuum.

MCCSSS LOGTECOE serves as the focal point for                                                    The FMS continues to work with DC, P&R, DC,
the management of the logistics T&E continuum and                                             M&RA, Marine Corps Disbursing Operations &
all associated issues and, as such, develops T&E                                              Systems Section (MCDOSS), and the Technology
requirement solutions across the DOTMLPF                                                      Services Organization (TSO) in developing a training
spectrum for logistics related schools, in order to                                           module that will enable FMS to mimic real world
prepare Marines throughout the logistics T&E                                                  operations within Marine Corps Total Force
continuum for service in the operating forces and                                             Structure (MCTFS) and Document Tracking
supporting establishments.                                                                    Management System (DTMS) This training module
                                                                                              is a joint venture with Personnel Administration
                                                                                              School and will pay huge dividends in the way both
                                                                                              schools train their respective students. In May, both
                                                                                              schools will be presenting practical application
                                                                                              scenarios for TSO to aid in determining training
                                                                                              module capabilities. A final product is slated to be
           Logistics T&E Continuum                                                            generated and incorporated into the curriculum by
     2ndLt/WO         1stLt      Capt         Maj          LtCol    Col           Gen         October.

                                                                                                  In an effort to further support systems based
                              TLOC          ALOC             LOGTECH ADV    LOG TECH
                                                                                              training, FMS presently awaits the delivery of three
               LOC                   EWS
                                            CSC SAW         MCWAR
                                                                                              servers which will support the following Disbursing
                                       Skill Progression Training                             programs: Remote Access Pay Transaction and
                                                                                              Reporting     System      (RAPTRS),      Deployable
                                                                                              Disbursing System (DDS), Operational Data Store
    Pvt-LCpl      Cpl-Sgt            SSgt     GySgt         MSgt          1stSgt/SgtMaj       Enterprise (ODSE), and Windows Integrated
                                                                                              Automated Travel System (WinIATS).               The
                                                                                              MCCSSS S-6 has been assisting us in getting the

systems on the MAGTF Regional Area Network                 Corps Disbursing Operations & Systems Section
(MRAN) managed locally aboard Camp Johnson.                (MCDOSS),         and    Marine     Corps     Systems
We anticipate these systems will be operational by         Management Division (MCSMD), to begin the
July 09.                                                   development of a virtual Marine Corps Total Force
                                                           System (MCTFS) that will mirror the production cycle
   The focus of effort over the next 3-4 months will       of MCTFS. This sand-box environment will enhance
be the development and testing of new Master               the training for entry level students in the Personnel
Lesson Files (MLF) that support the new POIs.              Clerk Course and career level students in the
Moreover, as proof of concept CDDs are approved,           Intermediate Personnel Administration Course and
we will convene CCRBs to identify the details              Advanced Personnel Administration Courses. With
needed to build solid POIs and MLFs that fully             the virtual MCTFS, students will perform tasks in the
support the operating forces.                              same manner that they are performed in the
                                                           operating forces. Currently students learn to report
Logistics Operations                                       unit diary transactions, but they are not able to see
                                                           the completed cycle. With the virtual MCTFS,
                    With all 20 T&R-based POIs             students will not only report transactions, but will
                    submitted to TECOM (GTB) for           then be exposed to how the entries they report are
                    approval, Logistics Operations         processed and how this affects the individual
                    School (LOS) has shifted focus         Marine. Also, Marines will be able to retrieve and
                    toward bottom-up development           work the electronic diary feedback report (EDFR) in
                    on 603 Master Lesson Files             UD/MIPS. With this enhancement, students will be
(MLFs). As of April, LOS is at 34% overall for             taught to standard vice using screen shots and
updating/completing these T&R-based MLFs. Focus            justifying instruction downgrades.
remains on transition from ITS-based to T&R-based
curriculum. LOS goal remains to have 100% of the               PAScol is in the process of making the transition
MLFs completed by 1 Dec 09.                                to SharePoint.      SharePoint provides a single,
                                                           integrated location where curriculum developers and
   Coastal Carolina Community College (CCCC)               instructors can efficiently find organizational
taught its 5-training day Lean Six Sigma Logistics         resources and manage content and workflow.
Yellow Belt Certification Course during 24-28 Mar to       PAScol has uploaded all Personnel Clerk Course
MOS 0411 students attending LOS's Intermediate             and Administrative Clerk Course lesson plans,
Maintenance Management Specialist Course                   student outlines and media.        A class for the
(IMMSC) 1-09.        It was a successful venture           instructors was held on 7 April 2009 to ensure that
according to student End of Course Evaluations.            they can utilize SharePoint in their classrooms to
The feedback from the students was 100% positive!          maximize its effectiveness.
CCCC will teach their Yellow Belt Course for IMMSC
2-09 during 9-15 Sep.                                      Ground Supply

    Over the past quarter LOS remained equally                             Supply School (SS) has completed
busy beyond the academic confines of MCCSSS,                               the review and update of the 30XX
Camp Johnson by participating in several major                             Master     Lesson   Files  (MLFs).
logistics-related conferences, WIPT symposiums,                            Currently the 31XX MLFs are being
and MTT evolutions. Main areas of concentration                            reviewed. The expected completion
were forthcoming LVSR fielding, JLTV Exercises,                            date is 30 June 09.
MRAP fielding, and motor transport-related MTTs
dispatched to Panama and Bermuda.                             The T&R Manuals for Ground Supply and
                                                           Distribution Management were validated and are
                                                           now at TECOM awaiting signature.
Personnel Administration
                                                               The MCCSSS Supply School and the Navy
                   PAScol         sent      three          Supply School in Athens, GA are finalizing an
                   representatives to Kansas City          instructor exchange to further foster the blue/green
                   for a pre-working group with            supply relationship. The guest instructors will
                   Technology            Services          present material on the Marine/Navy supply and
                   Organization (TSO), Marine              support relationships aboard ship. Much of the

material will transition into the current Naval                   Personnel from Supply School attended the
Logistics Integration (NLI) initiatives.                      Supply OAG in Peachtree Ga. Briefs were
                                                              conducted on Total Lifecycle Management,
    Personnel from SS conducted a follow on visit to          Consolidated Storage Program, Retail Branch on
Panama from 15-21 March 09. The purpose was to                data cleansing efforts, GCSS-MC, Priority Material
analyze and conduct follow up training on the                 Office (PMO), TFSMS, PM Infantry Combat
Panamanian Defense Force. The PDF recently                    Equipment, and Joint Regional Inventory Materiel
went through a reorganization of their forces and the         Management (JRIMM) implementation. Discussions
training was beneficial for them and the team. The            on how to restructure the supply community were
training conducted was on warehousing procedures,             conducted. Breakout groups conducted updates to
requisitioning and property accounting.                       enlisted roadmaps, and discussed the requirements
                                                              for senior SNCO restructuring and OccField Sponsor
    The SS OpsO attended the NLI Block Training               requirements. Discussions were conducted on the
aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard in San Diego,                 requirement for sustainment training to be
CA. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provided briefs             conducted across the Marine Corps as a whole and
of the capabilities the MEU personnel can leverage            the availability of formal training for NCOs and
while afloat and during deployment preparations.              SNCOs.
Block Training included a tour of the ship and hands
on training for all junior Marines designated to use              Supply School Career Level Instructors provided
Navy Supply Systems. The SS OpsO also attended                training to the Supply Officers, SNCOs and clerks
the NLI Champions Workshop at the National                    from the 2        MEB in preparation for their
Conference Center (NCC) in Lansdowne, Va. on 30               deployment.      The training provided included:
Mar-2 Apr 09. Future events planned to attend                 ATLASS (how to set up and actually work an
include a GCSS-MC Training conference.                        account), Property Accounting (Both MAL and
                                                              CMR), Missing Lost Stolen Recovered (MLSR),
    Personnel     from     Distribution   Management          Investigations,    CRANE         reporting,  Supply
attended the Functional Requirements Board (FRB)              References, Publications and Websites that will
Conference in March.             Agenda items were:           assist in accomplishing their mission.
identify/resolve issues with current operating force
requirements and upgrade of Automated Manifest                  Enlisted roadmaps for MOS 3043, 3051, 3052
System-Tactical Version which is projected to be              and 3112 were revised by the respective
fielded next year. Some considerations were to have           communities and submitted into MCTIMS.
the ability to export reports from Automated Manifest
System (AMS) to an excel spread sheet assisting in            Marine Corps Detachment, Fort Lee
providing weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports.
This would provide the ability to print out a convoy                             MCBFS - Marine Corps Bulk Fuel
manifest, incorporate the RFID tags associated to                                School (MCBFS) conducted a
the manifest, and assist in the accountability of                                demonstration on the portable fuel
mission essentials items on the convoy. When you                                 analyzer for Mr. Buck Thomas
use the Last Tactical Mile Intransit Visibility                                  from         MARCORSYSCOM.
(LTMITV) kits along with the AMS you have the                                    MARCORSYSCOM was given a
ability to track convoys and see what items are                                  demonstration and briefed on the
being transported to each location. These programs                               equipment’s capabilities.     The
would incorporate the use of passive RFID tags with                              Portable Fuel Analyzer is a new
AMS and have the ability to provide level six data            piece of equipment the Marine Corps is looking into
associated to the tag. It would display information for       purchasing for the testing of captured fuels. Some
Active/Passive tag data on LTMITV web for tracking.           field analysis of the equipment has been performed
                                                              at Fort Lee.
    Preservation, packaging and packing (P3)
personnel attended the National Institute of                      MCFSS - The Marine Corps Food Service School
Packaging, Handling & Logistics Engineers                     (MCFSS) (along with the Army Center of Excellence,
Conference. The purpose of this conference was to             Subsistence (ACES)), hosted 34th Annual Culinary
allow commercial vendors the opportunity to                   Arts Competition. The goals of the culinary arts
introduce new technology and products available               competition are to continually raise the standards of
that would assist the P3 community.                           culinary excellence and professionalism in the U.S.

Armed Forces. This promotes camaraderie and                   Military Operations” and Logistics History. ALOC 3-
educational       opportunities     among      culinary       09 is scheduled for 11-29 May 2009.
professionals and acts as a staging area for the
development of culinary concepts by encouraging                   TLOC 1-09 consisted of sixty-six students
new and innovative styles of service and                      included six Navy logisticians and an international
presentation that bring traditional styles to modern          officer from the Czech Republic.      The course
times. The goals are accomplished by nurturing the            graduated on 19 December 2008 with a class
creativity of individual military chefs by encouraging        average of 93 percent. Brigadier General Davis,
their participation. Other ways this is accomplished          Assistant Deputy Commandant for Aviation, was the
are by providing an overview of styles and                    guest of honor at the graduation.
techniques; providing a showcase for individual
skills, techniques and styles; providing examples                 TLOC 2-09 was conducted from February 23,
and inspiration for young or beginning professionals;         2009 to March 6, 2009. The class consisted of sixty
providing rewards of recognition from fellow                  students included two Navy logisticians and two
professionals; providing a means of earning                   International Students officers from Denmark and
American Culinary Federation certification points;            Malaysia. Brigadier General Brogan, Commander,
and allowing the public to observe the culinary               Marine Corps Systems Command, was the guest of
expertise of the military chef. The insight and               honor at the graduation.
learning experienced by the public is of great
importance because new trends, styles, techniques                 TLOC 3-09 is scheduled for April 27, 2009 until
and philosophies progress with the public's                   May 15, 2009. This will be our three weeks pilot
acceptance. During the Competition, the Marine                course.      We have added additional practical
team took seven Silver Medals and two Bronze                  application time for the following steps of the Marine
Medals.                                                       Corps Planning Process (MCPP): COA Comparison
                                                              and Decision, Orders Development, and Transition.
School of MAGTF Logistics (SOML)                              In addition, we added the following classes to the
                                                              curriculum to enhance the career-level professional
                 The School of MAGTF Logistics                military education to field and company-grade
                 (SOML) continues to develop and              officers, Navy officers and chiefs, Staff Non-
                 deliver logistics education as part          Commissioned Officers, and civilian Marine
                 of Marine Corps University.                  logisticians: Naval Logistics Integration, Culture and
                 Academic year 2009 has been                  Warfighting, Center for Advance Operational Culture
                 extremely challenging.        Both           Learning, Logistics in the Current Operating
                 ALOC and TLOC have each                      Environment, MCPP test, DLA class, Field Trip to
graduated two classes and are preparing for their             the Defense Supply Distribution Center in
3rd classes. MCLEP has completed one resident                 Richmond, and an AirSpeed Enterprise class. For
course at Penn State and two non-resident courses             TLOC 3-09 we are expecting 60 students, including
at Camp Lejeune, NC and Albany, GA.                           ten Navy students, and three international officers
                                                              from Denmark, Colombia, and Kuwait respectively.
    ALOC 1-09 was conducted from 20 January 2009
to 6 February 2009 and consisted of seventy                      The next MCLEP will be conducted from 14 to 26
students including seven Navy students and two                June, 2009. MARADMIN 227/09 soliciting student
international officers from New Zealand and                   nominations for this course has been released.
Denmark. LtGen Kramlich presided as the guest of
honor over the graduation ceremony.                               SOML continues to support external courses
                                                              offered by the Army Logistics Management College,
    ALOC 2-09 convened 23 March 2009 and will                 Ft. Lee, VA, and the Advanced Logistics Readiness
graduate 17 April 2009. The class consists of sixty-          Officers Course (ALROC) of the United States Air
four students including five Navy students and four           Force's Expeditionary Center at McGuire AFB, NJ
international officers, two from Germany, and one             and Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville AL with instruction
each from Malaysia and Norway. As part of a4-week             on USMC service logistics.
pilot course, ALOC 2-09 also includes a one-day
block of instruction on "Future Logistics Initiatives-           Pertinent information pertaining to all SOML-
Modernization & Supply Chain Management," “Civil-             managed logistics education opportunities can be
                                                              found in MARADMIN 379/08.

Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS)                           MCCSSS LOGTECOE Initiatives

                 In February and March the                   Doctrinal Proponency
                 Expeditionary     Warfare     School
                 (EWS) conducted the spring                      Mr.    Dan     Lathers,   Deputy    Coordinator
                 Logistics    Occupational      Field        LOGTECOE has begun the duties of our logistics
                 Expansion Course (OFEC), which              doctrine publications writer. He is responsible for
                 includes 22 Marine Logistics and            reviewing the current status of each publication that
                 Supply Captains. The objectives of          MCCSSS manages, as the assigned proponent, per
                 this period were to provide students        MCBul 5603 (Marine Corps Doctrinal Proponency
with an actionable understanding of the capabilities         Assignments). He will continue to conduct analysis
and limitations of joint logistics organizations,            to implement the MCCSSS CO’s plan to support the
available resources for combat service support               staff efforts required to review and update the
training   and     education,    considerations   for        publications that MCCSSS has been assigned.
conducting logistics operations in the current
operating      environment,     and     roles    and            Per MCBul 5603 dtd 9 Apr 09, MCCSSS has
responsibilities of assuming company level                   been assigned as the proponent for the following
command.                                                     publications:

    During this period the Logistics OFEC visited with       MCRP 3-11.4A Helicopter Rope Suspension
2d Marine Logistics Group (MLG) for organizational                        Techniques (HRST) Operations
and current operations briefs, to include a detailed         MCRP 3-31B Amphibious Ships and Landing
discussion with Combat Logistics Battalion (CLB) 24                       Craft Data Book
following their return from Afghanistan in support of        MCWP 4-11.3 Transportation Operations
the 24 Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). The                  MCRP 4-11.3F Convoy Operations Handbook
OFEC also received course updates from the                   MCRP 4-11.3G Unit Embarkation Handbook
MCCSSS, received systems capabilities briefs at the          MCRP 4-11.3H Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques,
Tactical Decision Center (TDC), and experienced                           and Procedures for Tactical Convoy
the Combat Casualty Simulator at the Field Medical                        Operations
Training Battalion (FMTB).         Upon returning to         MCWP 4-11.4 Maintenance Operations
Quantico students received the following joint               MCRP 4-11.4A Recovery and Battle Damage
logistics    informational    briefs:   First   Naval                     Assessment and Repair
Construction Division; U.S. Air Force Rapid Engineer         MCWP 4-11.7 MAGTF Supply Operations
Deployable, Heavy Operations Repair Squadron,
Engineer (RED HORSE) and Prime Base Engineer                 Tactical Decision Center (TDC)
Emergency Force (Prime BEEF); Air Mobility
Command Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO) and                                           The TDC supports the
Contingency Response Group (CRG); and U.S.                                                training of students and
Army Theater Support Command (TSC) and                                                    Marines in a wide
Expeditionary Support Command (ESC).                                                      spectrum of simulated
                                                                                          command post exercises
   Additionally, the Logistics OFEC conducted small                                       in order to enhance their
group discussions regarding company command                                               decision          making
and leadership to include: assuming command,                 process. This enables students and Marines of all
supply readiness, maintenance readiness, personnel           logistics and combat service support functional
administration, training and readiness, relationships        areas represented in a Combat Operations Center
with enlisted advisors, and family readiness.                (COC) to become familiar and proficient with current
                                                             linked and integrated Logistics Command and
   In March and April EWS students will be                   Control (Log C2) systems, via hands-on application
participating in combined arms training in Quantico,         and training in a simulated, dynamic environment.
at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training
Center, and at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat               Offering bridging technology training as tools to
Center. EWS students will graduate on 7 May 2009.            enable COC operations is the TDC's primary focus
                                                             of effort - focusing on BCS3, CLC2S, TCPT, and
                                                             W2W. These systems are operated in the facility.

The Joint Deployment and Logistics Model (JDLM) is             LOGTECOE SharePoint site and will be working with
used to provide the training scenario to the COCs              S6 staff to further enhance the LOGTECOE
via a BCS3 operating picture. The TDC recently                 SharePoint site. An article concerning the TDC was
obtained another JDLM suite, enabling the TDC to               published in the September 08 issue of the Marine
simultaneously operate independent scenarios for               Corps Gazette.
two separate training events. MCCSSS also has a
UOC/COC CAP IV and two LSWAN systems which                        The TDC has recently been working with the
can be incorporated into this training. The TDC                MISTC-East to consider ways to leverage the
Deployable Virtual Training Environment (DVTE)                 capabilities of both facilities to provide a more
system provides training using applications that               MAGTF oriented training package to LCE and GCE
simulate convoy operations, call for fire, IED training,       units.
Iraqi language and cultural situations, and others.
The DVTE system has recently upgraded the Virtual                 Use of the TDC can be scheduled by contacting
Battlespace (VBS) application to VBS-2.                        Mrs. Heidi B. Rawson via e-mail, or at (910) 450-
                                                               1892. The TDC schedule can also be viewed on the
    Students from the Logistics Officer Course                 MCCSSS website.
(LOC), Ground Supply Officers Course (GSOC),
Motor Transport SNCO and NCO courses utilize the               Logistics Operations and Financial Management
facility to enhance the application of their training          Schools Relocation
programs.       Additionally, Marines from 2nd
Maintenance Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group              During May 09, building M79 Phase II will be
(4MLG), 8th Engineer Support Battalion (8ESB),                 implemented - LOS and FMS will move into the
Advanced Logistics Mobility Course 2-08 (ALMC),                newly constructed portion of M79. At that point, all
Combat Logistics Battalion 22 (CLB-22), Logistics              four resident MCCSSS MOS producing schools will
Modernization Team (LMT) East, Staff NCO                       be located in the same building. This move will
Academy have utilized and/or are currently                     provide a quality of life boost to both the permanent
scheduled for training and training scenarios. TDC             personnel and students through more modern
personnel have or will support Javelin Thrust and              facilities and furniture, state of the art technology,
additional OEF PTP training requirements. More                 and a more cohesive work-friendly layout.
recently the TDC has been working with MAGTF
Staff Training Program (MSTP) to develop a LCE                 Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned
HQ training PTP and with the Logistics Officers                (MCCLLS)
Course to provide a 5-day training package to
prepare students for LOCFEX. Additionally, the                 All Marines are encouraged to review the Marine
TDC staff participated in recent Marine Corps                  Corps Center for Lessons Learned website
logistics technology and simulation planning                   (https://www.mccll.usmc.mil) to view issues affecting
conferences in 29 Palms, CA and Quantico, VA.                  logistics throughout the Marine Corps.

    The LOGTECOE is working to install the Secure              MCCSSS LOGTECOE Points of Contact
Internet Protocol Routed Network (SIPRNET) and
establish associated physical security measures by                - MCCSSS LOGTECOE (910) 450-0006/1849
the end of second quarter FY09 to enable the TDC                  - LOGTECOE Doctrine Writer 450-1849
to use classified training scenarios. Additionally,               - FMS                       450-1082
LSWAN VOIP phones have been installed. MIRC                       - LOS                       450-0923
Chat and Jabber XCP 5.2 chat systems have both                    - SS                        450-0917
been installed.     SynchronEyes 7.0 classroom                    - PAScol                    450-1168
management software has also been installed. The                  - SOML                (703) 784-6840
Camp Johnson RFID/ITV interrogator network is                     - EWS                 (703) 432-0146
connected to the ITV training server and is                       - MCD, Ft. Lee        (804) 734-6295
operational. Asset Tracking Logistics And Supply
System (ATLASS), Cargo Movement Operations                     For more information please visit our website,
System (CMOS), and Automated Manifest System –                 http://www.lejeune.usmc.mil/mccsss/index.shtml.
Tactical (AMS-TAC) are available in at least one
machine per cell. The TDC has transitioned the
TDC public website data onto the MCCSSS


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