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Comcast Outages


									112 STATE STREET                                                                                       FAX: 802-828-2342
MONTPELIER, VT 05620-2601                                                                      TTY (VT): 1-800-734-8390
TEL: 802-828-2811                                                                     e-mail:

For Immediate release                                                                     For information contact
November 17, 2006                                                                    Stephen Wark, 802-828-4021

                                            MEDIA RELEASE

                           Comcast Outages in Vermont
Montpelier, VT – The Vermont Department of Public Service has received a high level of calls from subscribers of
Comcast High Speed Internet (HSI) service in the last two days. Earlier this week, Comcast began to transition
hardware and software between the recently acquired Adelphia network and the acquiring Comcast.

These network changes have resulted in outages throughout the state, most recently in areas north of Montpelier.
While there is not an exact accounting of the number of customers without service, it is believed that hundreds of
Vermont Comcast HSI customers may have been impacted. Comcast is continuing to work to resolve the issue,
although a specific timeline for repairs is unavailable at this time.

“It appears the technical difficulties with Comcast HSI are related to the IP addressing of the individual modems that
people use to gain access to the service,” said Stephen Wark, Director for Consumer Affairs and Public Information
with the Department of Public Service.

 “The Department will be working with Vermont consumers and Comcast to ensure steps are taken to resolve this
issue as soon as feasible, and to better understand the cause of the outages,” said Wark. “We have encouraged
Comcast to suspend their disconnection activities for the duration of this problem, and to consider crediting
impacted customers where appropriate,” Wark said.

The depth of the HSI service outage affects more than e-mail access. People have come to rely on high-speed
Internet access to conduct personal business, commercial transactions, and most recently, basic telephone service.
“With the emergence of VoIP telephone service, consumers need reliable high-speed Internet service to be able to
make telephone calls or call for help,” Wark said.

Although Comcast is regulated by the Vermont Department of Public Service, its HSI service is unregulated due to
an FCC decision. As a result, consumers will have to work with Comcast directly to resolve their issues. Comcast
service can be reached by calling 1-800-COMCAST. Consumers who call Comcast may also experience
inordinately long hold times, or have their calls dropped. In these cases, consumers can contact the Department of
Public Service at (802) 828-2811 to file a report.

Comcast will be making regular press releases to update their Vermont-based subscribers as to the status of this


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