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Comcast Innovations


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									Comcast Innovations

                      Comcast Innovations

                         Stevie Rocco

                           IST 110

                       Sarah Almoaiqel


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Comcast Innovations

   Comcast has become a global leader in entertainment service and telecommunications. It has been
increasingly innovative due to technology and the information age. It has found a way to make customers happy
and get the attention none customers. In the begging Comcast was just a small cable operation serving Tupelo,
Mississippi and it turned into the fourth largest cable company in the United States, with 4.4 million customers
in 21 states. Comcast Cellular serves 783,000 cellular telephone customers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and

   Comcast was first formed as American Cable Dydtems in 1963, and founded by Ralph Roberts, Daniel
Aaron, and Julian Brodsky. Over years, Comcast became the owner of many corporations such as:

    Comcast Spectacor
    Cocast SportsNet
    E! Entertainment Television
    Style network
    G4
    The Golf Channel
    Versus
   In 2002, Comcast paid the University of Maryland $25 million for naming rights to the new basketball arena
built on the College Park campus, named Comcast Center. Also in 2005, Comcast announced the creation of
Comcast Interactive Media, a new focus on online media. And, in 2009, Comcast came up with customer
service connected to twitter as a means of better communication with everyday people. The following table
shows the progression of Comcast so far:

Comcast Service                                                       Number of customers
Cable                                                                 4.4 million
Cellular                                                              783,000

        Comcast's Frank Eliason, a Comcast customer service manager, came up with the idea of using Twitter
to interact with customers of Comcast only ten months ago. A number of corporations have copied his idea by
making Twitter a means for reaching out to their own consumers and resolving their complaints. About 3.5

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Comcast Innovations

million people worldwide use Twitter. Frank Eliason could find tweeters who just happened to mention service
complaints he could address. In December 2008, he celebrated the handling of his 22,000th tweet. The
following is a picture of the Comcast twitter page:

       Photo courtesy of Mike Schinkle.

       Eliason did mention that even though the twitter service has been working out wonderfully with most
Comcast customers, some customers don’t have twitter, and therefore the phone and email help is still
addressed. "This is just one way people have gotten to know us," says Eliason. "It's a little more personal. More
back-and-forth discussions and it is less formal. And it gives immediacy to interactions."

       In conclusion, Comcast started as a normal company and due to innovations in technology, turned into a
leading cable network. Many companies used innovations in technology as an advantage to putting their
company out there, but no one did it as well as Comcast in making their customers happy, which is the most
looked for thing in a company. In the future, Comcast will probably increase its popularity even more, and
become less flawed since they are listening to more customer problems now.

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Comcast Innovations


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