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					                         Sp a r t a n Sp i r it
Parent/Teacher Interviews
                                                                       Against All Odds
                                                  February 2010
 Centennial C.V.I. Community Newsletter Raises over $7600 for the Childhood
               Once again we will be hosting
               Parent/Teacher Interviews on:
                               “Against All Odds”
              AEst blishe - Succe pm  nuin Foundation. On Monday, December 7th, the 30
 Wed. Mar. 10th @a6:00 d 8:00 ss-ContiCancer ginExcellence@
                                      students Mrs. Sanvido's Business Leadership Course,
                                                                     hosted an evening of dinner and guest speakers, at the
          Students are encouraged to attend
                                                                     Italian Canadian Club. The evening "Against All Odds"
          with their parent(s) or guardian(s).                       featured Toronto Argonaut Adrion Smith, and our very
Appointments are 5 minutes in length. If you have a concern          own Spartan Darren Govan, speaking on the topic of
that will require more time, please contact the teacher through      overcoming obstacles in life. Over $7600 was raised for
voice mail and ask for a call back. A telephone conversation         the Childhood Cancer Foundation. Congratulations BOH
may suffice, or a time that is convenient to both parties could be   students on your dedication to "planning, leading,
                                                                     organizing and controlling a socially responsible event"!
     Parents are invited to book a time
         using the school website.
            Date: Wed. March 10th
            Times: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
 Book your appointment on-line between the hours of:
         9:00 a.m. on Thurs. March 4th until
         10:00 p.m. on Tues. March 9th, 2010
   You must have the DOB & student OEN number                        ______________________________________
        as it appears on the report card and the
     teacher’s name*. *Note (Duplicate Names):                          COURSE OPTION SELECTIONS
  Barry Bauman - Geography or Jeff Bauman – Tech
  Brooke Jamieson – Math or Laura Jamieson - Math                                    For 2010-2011
     By phone: Mar. 9th 8:30 am-4:00 pm                                             Option Selection Link
      Phone #: 821-0360 X 310 or X 312                     
   Sign up: Wed. Mar. 10th 5:30 pm-8:00 pm                                             Login/login.aspx
                                                                     Username: All lower case, no capitals
    Applause for a Cause                                             Last name followed by first three letters of first
                                                                     name (ie: smithjoh)
On Friday, December 4 , Mr. Parsons’ Business Leadership
Class hosted the “Applause for a Cause” Charity                      Password: 9 digit OEN number (on student card)
Performance Night and Silent Auction”. As a class they were          No spaces or dashes between numbers
greatly inspired by Mr. Elrick’s contribution to the school and
community, and are pleased to report that the event was a
huge success. They were able to surpass their goal and raise         February 12 - Grade 11 Options are due
$7648.50 for the Canadian Cancer Society, after all expenses.        February 19 - Grade 9, 10 Options are due
Thank you for everything, the class could not have done
achieved this without your support and encouragement.

       Principal’s Notes…Ms. D. Magahay
For the second semester, we say goodbye to many of our staff who will be leaving us. We bid
farewell to Tanya Zarn as she takes on a teaching assignment at John F. Ross; Matt Rush as he
explores New Zealand down under; Megan Hodge and Jessica Cousineau as they trade in marking
for motherhood; Bruce Darby our exchange teacher from Australia who has returned to a much
warmer climate; Phil Cline as he takes a semester leave, and finally Lissa Akerstream who has
recently retired. We recognize and acknowledge the outstanding work that Lissa has accomplished
in the Special Education Department working with our Identified students. We wish her much
success as she enters a new chapter in her life. She will be missed!

We welcome back to Centennial Julie Twyford to the English department and Jim Wardle to the
Science department. New to our staff second semester includes Erin Ambachtsheer who joins the
Special Education and Math department along with Brooke Jamieson and Laura Jamieson both in
the Math department and no, they are not related. New to the technology department is Jason
Breese who will be taking on Manufacturing and Design and Technology. Heather Malcolm will be
staying on for Amy Turner as she continues her maternity leave and joining her in the French
department is Katie Schreiber. We also welcome Jeff Bellinger to History and Nicole Lovell to
Careers, Special Education and English along with Tim Mathewson to English. Kealey McMillan
will be continuing at our school in Physical Education, Special Education and Careers/Civics. We
welcome all of our new staff and know that they are in a great school.

Other Business: The front of the school has become rather congested with parents dropping off
students during the “no dropping off times”. Please adhere to our school signs and please do not
drive in the through lane that is intended for our Special Needs students. This stopping area is for
our physically challenged students requiring assistance with bussing and taxis. We will be reviewing
our parking issues as I know there are many related issues. Thanks for your co-operation.

Our students have taken on the initiative to raise over $10,000 for Haiti that needs to be raised in a
very short time in order for the monies to be matched by the Government. We are halfway to our
target and would appreciate any assistance that you could offer. During the next week, students will
be participating in a 30 hour Hunger for Haiti project and will be asking for sponsors. Please help
if you can. Tax receipts will be issued by the Red Cross for donations over $20. We thank you in
advance for your help in this worthwhile endeavour.

Grade Ten Literacy Test: All grade ten students will write the mandatory Ministry of Education
Literacy test on Thursday, April 8, 2010. Students are encouraged to begin to prepare for the test
by reviewing sample questions at This is a very structured test and all students
writing must take time to familiarize themselves with the types of questions that will be asked.

Have a great semester two!

  Important Dates                                      Art Attack
                                                 Student Exhibitions
 Semester II - 2010                              Currently on exhibition in the Scottsdale branch of the
                                                 Guelph Library are paintings by students who have
                                                 just completed the Drawing and Painting course. Half
                                                 are hard-edged, abstract compositions, and the
                                                 others create illusions of actual, three dimensional
                                                 objects hanging on the walls.
Family Day ………………………Feb.15, 2010

Progress Reports ………………..Mar. 3, 2010
Parent/Teacher Interviews……...Mar.10, 2010
Immunization…………....Mar. 11, 2010
March Break ……..……..…..Mar.12-19, 2010

Good Friday ……..……..………April 2 , 2010
Easter Monday…..……..……….April 5, 2010
Gr. 10 Literacy………..….April 8, 2010
Music Knights Spring Concert....April 15, 2010
Earth Day Assembly……..……..April 19, 2010                 Kara Sterne's painting from
Mid-Term Reports………………April 29, 2010                     the Scottsdale Library Show
PA Day………………..…………April 30, 2010
                                                 Later in the semester, the most successful student
                                                 artworks from all courses will be exhibited in the
Art & Jazz Evening……..…………May 5, 2010            Annual Student Juried Show, in conjunction with
Inside-Out Open House………...May 12, 2010          a Jazz Concert by music students. Family, friends
Victoria Day… ………………….May 24, 2010               and art lovers in the Centennial community are invited
                                                 to attend through lunch hours on May 5th and 6th and
                                                 in the evening of the concert, May 5th.
Prom…………………….…………June 4, 2010
EQAO Gr. 9 Math…….June 11-15, 2010               We are also proud to announce a late spring
                                                 exhibition at Einstein’s Café. It will feature digital
Last Day Classes Semester 2……June18, 2010        photography from the computer art class. Watch for
EXAMS*…………..…….June 21-25, 2010                  those dates in the next newsletter.
PA Days…………..………….June 28-30, 2010               Excursions
                                                 First semester students from grade 11 core,
   *Note – ALL EXAMS must be written             sculpture, drawing and painting courses toured and
         on their scheduled day.                 discussed Beyond the Frame, paintings and
                                                 sculptures by Will Gorlitz and Michael Davey, at the
                                                 Macdonald Stewart Art Centre. When spring weather
                                                 arrives, we will walk back with semester two seniors
                                                 to explore the sculpture garden and the latest
                                                 All senior art students from both semesters will be
                                                 invited to participate in the annual trip to the OCAD
                                                 grad show and the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). The
                                                 May 7th grad show is particularly valuable to senior
                                                 students as a survey of work for any art-related
                                                 careers, and the AGO visit is exciting for both the
                                                 world-class exhibitions and the architecture.
                                                 We also hope to take some students further afield.
                                                 After the success of the March ‘08 trip, we plan to
                                                 offer another art and history trip to Spain in 2011.
                                                 Teachers developing the tour itinerary are Mr. Shaw
                                                 of the Library, Ms. Phillips of the History department
                                                 and Ms. Fortune of Art. Watch for more exciting
                                                 information in the next newsletter.

      Geography                                           Your History Notes
                                                          Welcome to the spring version of Your History
                                                          Notes. As you would expect we’ve had a busy
Specialist High Skills Major – Environment                semester one and it is not looking lighter for
                                                          semester two.
Centennial Geography’s latest initiative is the
SHSM – Environment program. Students take a               First off we’ve had a couple of personnel changes.
pathway that includes a variety of Geography &             Two long term members of the History Department
Science courses, complete 2 co-op credits and get         have left us. As of last fall, Mr. Doug Shaw has
the opportunity to complete a variety of                  become the Librarian at Centennial and this spring
certifications. A group of the SHSM students              Mr. Joel Barr is off to C.E.L.P. We are also
                                                          welcoming a new member to the department,
completed their Habitat Restoration certification at
                                                          Mr. Jeff Bellinger.
Guelph Lake. Students learned to use a bow saw
to safely fell a tree & built habitat for rabbits. They   The Art and History department are once again
also toured the Marden Creek Rehabilitation               organizing a trip to Spain. This trip will be going in
project. Students included: Karlo King, Christine         the spring of 2011. Ms. Val Fortune, Mr. Doug
Cousins, Shane Ursprung, Brady Bourgeois,                 Shaw and Ms. Jenn Phillips are the leaders and
Lindy Weston, and Sara Millson.                           organizers and would be happy to provide you with
                                                          an outline of their plans.

                                                          A number of trips are planned for semester two.
                                                          The West and the World, Ancient and Medieval
                                                          and the World Religions classes are all going to be
                                                          going to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) this

                                                          The department has had the honor of hosting a
                                                          number of guest speakers this semester. The
                                                          department was also honored this semester to
                                                          have a veteran of the Afghanistan conflict into our
                                                          grade 10 classes. Bombardier Nick Rigby, a
                                                          former Centennial student, came into our classes
                                                          and spoke about the experience of being a young
                                                          veteran in Canada. The Ancient and Medieval
                                                          class (CHW3M) had the pleasure of hosting Prof.
                                                          Linda Mahood of the University of Guelph as a
                                                          guest speaker. She delivered a very interesting
Great Canadian Geography Challenge                        talk on the 16th Century European Witch Hunts.
                                                          Prof. Doug Larson, of the Guelph Guitar Project,
                                                          came into our classes and spoke about the link
Over 100 Centennial students participated in this
                                                          between Canadian History and our environment.
year’s Challenge. Students answered 90 questions          As you can see there has been a very interesting
to test their Geographic knowledge. The top 10            collection of speakers and topics.
made it to the school round and after another
tough 25 questions, Sam Morton placed in 3rd              Final, history would like to give you a brief reminder
place, Connor Morrison, came in 2nd place, and            about Advanced Placement (AP). The Advance
the overall winner, with a score of 22 out of 25 was      Placement program is up and running again in the
Peter Quosai.                                             History Department. We will be offering AP
                                                          support for the West and the World Course
                                                          (CHY4U) again this semester. Please listen for
Peter will complete an online qualifying test to see
                                                          announcements about when and where we will be
if he makes it to the Provincial Championship to be       meeting.
held in April. Good luck Peter!

                                                       Guelph Health Unit

                                                       Please make sure your child’s shots are up-to-
                                                       date. Take a look at their yellow card or you may
                                                       call your doctor. Students who need shots will get a
                                                       letter in February. High school students who do
                                                       not have completed immunization records can be

                                                       We will hold an immunization clinic at
       UGDSB recognizes                                Centennial CVI on March 11th, 2010. More

         February as                                   information will be sent home shortly.

                                                       Visit our website at or call
    Black History Month!                               1-800-265-7293 x 4746.

Every year Canadians are invited to take part in
the festivities and events that honour the legacy of
black Canadians, past and present, during Black        Free Urgent Dental Care
History Month.
                                                       Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health
Black History Month exists to remind us all of the     provides FREE urgent dental care to children
rich contributions within our society from people      and youth, age 17 and under. The Children in
of African and Caribbean descent, and of their         Need of Treatment (CINOT) program can provide
ongoing struggle for equity and social justice.        urgent dental care for tooth or mouth pain,
                                                       infection, large cavities, bleeding gums, or mouth
This is a time to celebrate the many achievements      injuries. If you do not have dental coverage for
and contributions of black Canadians who,              your child and can't afford dental care, call Dental
throughout history, have done so much to make          Health at 1-800-265-7293 for more information.
Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate and
prosperous nation we know today.

It is also an opportunity for the majority of
Canadians to learn about the experiences of black
Canadians in our society, and the vital role this
community has played throughout our shared



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