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									                                      South Australian Branch
Newsletter Date: October 2011

                                                  President’s Report
                                                  Breakfast with the DECS Chief Executive in South Australia

In this issue:                                    Keith Bartley, the DECS Chief Executive, presented at an ACE
                                                  Breakfast in August. The presentation was about ‘Directions &
       Presidents                                Challenges for Education Globally – Implications for Education
        report                                    in South Australia’. Mr Bartley set the scene by giving his
       Upcoming                                  impressions of the public system in South Australia and shared
        Events                                    that he could feel the energy and commitment in sites. He
                         talked about the 21 Century Student and the different range of skills, strengths and
       2011
                         complexities and the need of our students being actively engaged in their learning. He
                         shared the UK approaches to increasing equity in education and challenging the
                         perception that economic disadvantage must be linked with low educational attainment.
       Yerthoappendi
        Award            ACE Presidents Dinner – September 2011

       Planning 2012    This is the ACE awards night and it also has a guest speaker. Our guest speaker was
                         Professor Alan Reid presenting about, ‘Equity and the National Agenda’. Professor Reid
                         commenced with a rich history of equity in Australian education, defining periods where
                         it was weakly represented, to periods where we started to recognise its complexity and
                         aimed for the common good (late 1950’s and 1960’s onwards). From the 1990’s the
                         purpose of education was narrowed to become a tool of economic reform, with the
                         development of consumer choice by Howard. Equity became a positional good rather
                         than a common good. From 2007, equity came to the fore again, but without an
                         ideological base i.e. there was no conceptualised view of equity. It became an
                         individualistic, simplistic approach.

                         He then described this era in more detail, with ‘policy simplification’ and ‘policy
                         borrowing’ being identified as problems that are preventing us moving forward in
                         enlightened ways.

                         ‘Policy simplification’ means we are now jumping from one solution to another without
                         looking at the deeper research and knowledge that has been built up over decades. It is
                         galling that instant education experts (e.g. wealthy businessmen) are destroying the
                         hard won gains of educators and marginalising them as part of the policy process.
                         Education and equity are complex and require complex, diverse and thoughtful
                         A key argument regarding ‘policy borrowing’ was that if we are to borrow policy from
                         other countries, let’s make sure we are borrowing from the successful ones!

                         Policy process needs to be articulated, thorough and based on research and enquiry. The
                         education profession needs to be trusted to be a central part of the process.

                         Professor Reid has certainly given us a clear perspective on where we are and where we
                         need to head. He has shown us that as educators we need to take up the mantle, to hold
                         our heads up and have a greater voice in policy.
                         Awards on the night included formal recognition of the 2011 ACE Fellows and the
                         Inaugural Yerthoappendi Award (sponsored by Credit Union SA). See further details
Congratulations to Mr Barry Grear (FACE)

A varied field of five extraordinary alumni have been honoured with a Distinguished
Alumni Award from the University of Adelaide. Barry Grear, a Fellow of our College and
someone who has made a significant contribution to the College over many years is a
recipient of this honour. The annual Distinguished Alumni Awards recognise alumni who
have enhanced the reputation of the University and have given outstanding service to
the community or made a significant contribution in their chosen fields. Mr Barry Grear
AO (B Tech 1967)
 In recognition of his leadership to the Australian and World
Engineering Profession and his significant contribution to emergency services
organisations in South Australia and nationally. Barry's work as Chairman of the State
Emergency Relief Fund represented an enormous contribution to the wellbeing of South
Australia. He is a leader of the engineering profession, having represented millions of
engineers worldwide through his presidency of the World Federation of Engineering
Organisations (WFEO). Serving in a variety of managerial roles and leading recovery
efforts after natural disasters, Barry has been described as the ultimate engineer, one
who is truly inspirational to others and who has had a huge influence on the profession
both nationally and internationally.

    Upcoming Events:
1. End of Year Celebration 10 November 2011
EDC, 5.30pm – 7.30pm
2012 ACE committee nominations process
Guest Speaker: Debra Goldfinch
Debra will talk about the future directions for ACE National.

2. Education on the Square 2011
Education on the Square aims to promote discussion about relevant and current themes
within the education sector of South Australia. During 2011 the forum has provided
educators the opportunity to discuss the teaching of reading, the role of special
education and the impact and future of technology in our schools.

There are two remaining opportunities for you to hear from leading educators and
discuss the important issues in contemporary education

                                    Wednesday October 19th
                                       Dr Aaron Drummond
                                       (Flinders University)
                            “How hard can it be? Factors that predict job
                            demand of rural, regional and remote school

                                     Wednesday November 2nd
                                          Gawain Duncan
                                     (DECS, Technical Strategist)
                                      “Managing ICT in schools”
   2011 Fellowship Recipients:
Di, Pam and Jane were formally acknowledged with the 2011 ACE Fellowship at the
President’s Dinner on the 29th September 2011 at the Pavilion on the Park venue at a
formal dinner.

 Congratulations to:

        From left to right: Mary Asikas, Di Russell, Pam Ronan, Jane Swift

     Dr Di Russell
            “For initiating and fostering programs in remote
            communities of South Australia, enabling young
            Indigenous Australians to enhance their educational
            options, participation and achievement.”

     Pam Ronan
          “For collaborative and innovative school leadership
          within a regional setting that has opened up diverse
          opportunities for young people, within arts,
          vocational learning and academia, and influence on
          regional developments, relationships and culture.”

     Jane Swift
            “For a significant contribution to Catholic Education
            through inspirational leadership, especially in the
            areas of preparation of future leaders, teaching and
            learning, child protection, innovative and futures
            oriented school structures and women in leadership.”
2011 Credit Union SA & ACE Yerthoappendi Award for
Beginning Aboriginal Educators

                                                Congratulations to Nathan! Nathan
                                                Agius was the Inaugural recipient of the
                                                Yerthoappendi Award. He accepted the
                                                award from Credit Union SA
                                                representatives at the ACE President’s
                                                dinner in September. This award
                                                encourages ACE members who are
                                                Aboriginal and who have been working
                                                in the role of an educator for up to 5
                                                years to further their professional
                                                development and apply their learning to
                                                their work. Nathan’s contribution to
                                                education in his school setting in such a
                                                short time has made a significant
                                                difference to young Aboriginal students.
He is an outstanding role model within his school community and beyond.

    Planning 2012 Events
1.Breakfast with Peter Hill, CEO of ACARA
Topic: ‘The Australian Curriculum and Assessment’
9 March 2012, Pavilion on the Park

2. Breakfast with Professor Neil Dempster (FACE)
Topic: ‘Professional Development of school leaders – a personal responsibility’
(Date TBA) May 2012, Pavilion on the Park

3. Breakfast with Professor Peter Freebody (FACE)
Topic: ‘Literacy design; Literacy within classroom programs’
(Date TBA) August, 2012, Pavilion on the Park

4. ACE President’s Dinner
Thursday, 27 September 2012, 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Annual awards evening (New Fellows, Mary MacKillop Medal, ACE/Credit Union SA Beginning
    Teacher Award.

5. ACE End of Year Celebration
Thursday, 8 November 2012 5.30pm – 7.30pm
EDC, Milner St Hindmarsh

6. Education on the Square
The first event for 2012 will be Wednesday 15th February: Dr David Giles (Flinders University):
“The breadth of Leadership Development“, beginning a series on educational leadership in the
21st Century. All sessions are held on level 2 Flinders in the City (North East corner of Victoria
Square at 5:30 to 6:30pm Street parking becomes much easier after 5.00pm or local parking
stations are located in Gawler Place or at the Adelaide Market
For further details please contact Greg Carey ( or Prof Robert
Conway (

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