20s and 30s Photostory Assignment by linzhengnd


                   20s and 30s Photo Story Assignment


Students will gain an understanding of important people and events of the 1920s and
1930s in Canada. Creating a Photo Story presentation allows students to better
analyze and understand people and issues of the time period while expanding both
presentation and technological skills.


Students will create a Photo Story Presentation examining an individual or event
from the 20s or 30s. The presentation should include the following:

   1.   The presentation should be approximately 5-15 minutes long.
   2.   Minimum of 15 slides.
   3.   Pictures of your topic - be sure they are of good quality and relevant.
   4.   Speak more, write less…. Written information should be included in your
        handout, preferably in point/bullet form.
   5.   Relevant information about your topic - Consider the 5Ws and H
   6.   Relevant dates
   7.   Appropriate music (it doesn't need to be from the time period but it should be
        appropriate to the topic you have chosen)
   8.   The historical importance to Canada.
   9.   A handout must be created and submitted in advance of your presentation so
        that Mrs. Crump can photocopy it for the class.

Post War                1920s                  1930s
*Prohibition &          *Mackenzie King        *Black Tuesday
Bootlegging             *Automobiles           *Causes of Great
*Spanish Flu            *Branch Plants         Depression
*Winnipeg General       *The Persons Case      *Relief and Relief
Strike                  (Emily Murphy, Famous Camps
*Indian Act & League of Five)                  *Daily Life: Bennett
Indians/Chinese         *Entertainment (Foster Buggy, Soup Kitchens,
Exclusion Act           Hewitt & Hockey Night Pogey
*Statute                in Canada/ Radio & Ted *Dust, Drought and
Westminster/Chanak Rogers/Jazz                 Grasshoppers
Affair/Balfour          Age/Charleston/Motion *Bennett’s New Deal
Declaration             Pictures, CBC -1930s) *The Dirty Thirties
*The Growth of Unions *Fashion                 (Those who were
*Inventions of the Post *Canadian Sports       there)
War Period, 1920s,      *Aviation/Air Travel   *New Political Parties
1930s                   * Group of Seven       (CCF, Progressive,
                                               Social Credit, Union
                                               *Immigration (1920s
                                               and 1930s)
                                               *On To Ottawa Trek
                                  Historical Presentation Rubric
 CATEGORY LEVEL 4                  LEVEL 3              LEVEL 2                LEVEL 1
Background / Background.images Background/images Background/images Background/images
Images        does not detract     does not detract     does not detract       makes it difficult to
              from text or other from text or other from text or other see text or
              graphics. Choice of graphics. Choice of graphics.                competes with
              background/images background/images                              other graphics on
              is consistent from is consistent from                            the page.
              card to card and is card to card.
              appropriate for the
Sounds -      Careful planning     Some planning has Sounds that are           Sounds are not
planning      has gone into        gone into sounds. chosen are                appropriate for the
              sounds. All sounds Most enhance the appropriate for the presentation.
              or music improve content or "feel" of topic, but some
              the content or       the presentation, detract from the
              "feel" of the        but 1-2 seem to be overall
              presentation.        added for no real presentation.
Originality Presentation shows Presentation shows Presentation shows Presentation is a
              considerable         some originality     an attempt at          rehash of other
              originality and      and inventiveness. originality and          people's ideas
              inventiveness. The The content and        inventiveness on 1- and/or graphics and
              content and ideas ideas are presented 2 cards.                   shows very little
              are presented in a in an interesting                             attempt at original
              unique and           way.                                        thought.
              interesting way.
Content -     All content          Most of the content The content is          Content is typically
Accuracy      throughout the       is accurate. Good generally accurate confusing or
              presentation is      summary of           but a stronger         contains many
              accurate. There are historical            analysis of historical factual errors. Little
              no factual errors. importance             importance is          connection to
              Connection to                             required..             historical
              historical                                                       importance
              importance is
Effectiveness Project includes all Project includes     Project is missing Project is lacking
              material needed to most material          more than two key several key
              gain a comfortable needed to gain a       elements. It would elements and has
              understanding of comfortable              make an                inaccuracies that
              the topic. It is a   understanding of incomplete study make it a poor
highly effective   the material but is guide.   study guide.
study guide.       lacking one or two
                   key elements.

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