THE PARISH OF RYTON : WEEKLY NOTES
    Parish Church: Holy Cross Church, Old Ryton Village. Patron Saint: Hilda, Abbess of Whitby
                                                                                FAITH AND LIFE COURSE
     SIXTH SUNDAY after TRINITY 11.07.2010                                        This first-rate exploration is
                                                                                running September to June once
Opening Sentence: You shall love the Lord your God with all                        more, the nearest group at
your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength,
                                                                               Metrocentre, on Tuesday evenings.
and your neighbour as yourself.
                                                              Luke 10.27        Interested? Speak to the Rector.

The Collect for this week:                                                        VOLUNTEERING FOR THE
Creator God, you made us all in your image: may we discern                            FLOWER FESTIVAL
you in all that we see, and serve you in all that we do;
                                                                               Please do look at the flyer about all
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
                                                                               we need to do around the
10am Parish Communion                                                          September Flower Festival, and
Deuteronomy 30. 9 - 14                                  OT page 193            please offer as you are able. It
Gospel Acclamation:                                                            would be excellent if we have all
Be still and know that I am God …                                              the tasks allocated well in advance!
In thee, O Lord, I put my trust …
The Gospel according to Luke 10. 25 – 37                 NT page 68                OUR ROTA OF CHURCH
    Sidespeople                   Anne Ryder, Ann Whitfield
    Greetings and Notices         Pam Quigley
    Bible Readers                 Alex Sewell, Hazel James                     We could do with another pair or
    Intercessions                 Alan Kirsopp                                 two of people willing to do this
    Distribution of Communion     Diana Fursdon, Maureen Dunn                  task from time to time. Could it be
8am Holy Communion
                                                                               you? Do speak to a churchwarden,
Collect and Readings for the Sixth Sunday after Trinity page 165               please, and find out more.
6pm Evensong. Psalm 77 Genesis 32. 9 – 30. Mark 7. 1 - 23
                                                                               CHURCH OPEN FOR VISITORS
THIS WEEK – Daily Prayer 9am Monday to Friday, anyone welcome                     ON SUNDAY AFTERNOONS
The Big Story after-school clubs Mon, Tues, Thurs.                             For July and August our ‘open day’
Monday         2.00pm Flower Festival planning group meets in Parish              moves to Sunday, 12noon until
               Hall. All welcome                                               6pm. We do need to have someone
Tuesday        7.30pm Farewell service for Bishop Tom and Maggie                   or a couple of people present
               Wright. Durham Cathedral. All welcome.                           though those hours. Please do sign
Wednesday      10.30am Communion Service, Ryton Towers
                                                                                 up in the folder – a sheet for each
               2.00pm Churches Together Planning group
               7.00pm bellringing practice
                                                                                Sunday through those coffee morning
                                                                           Joan Shield will be having a two months.
Thursday       10am Holy Communion                                                 You may have the pleasure of
               7.30pm PCC meets in Parish Hall                                           Friday you July
                                                                                  quietness, or 23rd may have the
Friday         6.30pm Choir Practice                                                     10am—12.30pm
                                                                                    pleasure of some visitors to
Saturday       10.30am Deanery Synod session on the Development                               Holburn Crescent.
                                                                                  at Bronley, welcome.
               Plan, Blaydon                                                    Proceeds to Flower Festival Fund
                                                                           FLOWER FESTIVAL MEMORY WALK
NEXT SUNDAY SIXTH SUNDAY after TRINITY                                      During the Flower Festival there will be
8am Holy Communion, 10am Parish Communion                                  displays of flowers in the church porch in
4.30pm Sanctuary alternative reflection
                                                                             memory of loved ones. If you wish to
SUNDAY 8TH AUGUST: “BEATING THE BOUNDS” – Sponsored                         have someone remembered in this way
Walk around the parish boundary, by church members and others from the
                                                                           please put their name(s) on a slip of paper
whole community, for our ‘loo, servery and communal area’ project.
SPONSORSHIP FORMS AVAILABLE TODAY                                          in an envelope with a minimum donation
                                                                               of £10 and hand it to Fran Knaggs,
                                                                               Maureen Dunn or a churchwarden

             Our gatherings for worship: Sundays 8am, 10am with Young Church, 6pm 2nd and 4th Sundays,
     4.30pm ‘The Ark’ 1st Sun, ‘Sanctuary’ 3rd Sun. Most weekdays: Prayers 9am. Thursdays: Holy Communion 10am.
                   Rector: The Revd Tom Jamieson 01914134592
                         Curate: The Revd Tracy Reynolds 01914131299

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