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Wednesday 1st August
      Eileen and Steve sample the Maltese nightlife. Eileen and Steve arrive in Malta but the
       holiday spirit is lacking as they’re landed with a double room and a difference in opinion about
       how to relax. But after a few drinks the pair lighten up, even pretending to be a couple to shun
       a few sleazy advances, and as the night ends and Eileen finds Steve asleep in the double bed
       she ends up climbing in beside him.

      Casey is hurt at Ashley’s seeming rejection. Ashley’s uneasy when Claire invites Casey for
       dinner. They get through it but when Casey follows him to the Rovers he’s forced to explain
       what happened was a mistake and he loves his wife. Ashley’s crushed as Casey replies she’s
       never felt as used knowing he’s hurt two people.

      Sarah worries that Jason is procrastinating. With his mum in Malta Jason wants to put any
       big wedding decisions on hold but his attitude worries Sarah.

      Elsewhere business is picking up for Leanne with Paul cooking at the restaurant.


Friday 3rd August

      Steve makes a ‘special friend’. Steve has an oh-my-god moment as he wakes to find Eileen
       beside him, especially when she lies that she can’t remember what happened. Later as the pair
       head off to a karaoke night Steve meets a stunner called Shania. He’s mortified when Eileen
       invites her to join them but they soon hit it off and as they enjoy a slow dance Eileen can’t resist
       a few snaps, sensing all is not as it seems. But Steve’s had too much to drink and as he moves
       in for a kiss he thinks he’s in until Shania says there’s something he needs to know first. Back
       at the hotel Eileen returns to find a shell shocked Steve, she collapses in laughter as she
       wonders how far Steve got before he realised that Shania was a bloke.

      Claire reacts badly to street gossip. When Claire hears Norris gossiping in the Kabin she
       fears no-one is on her side anymore. Ashley’s guilt is increased as he realises he’s driven
       away the one person Claire could rely on – Casey.

      David and Mel become friendly. David enjoys a chat with Mel as he escapes wedding talk.
       Sarah meanwhile convinces Jason to push ahead with their plans.

      Elsewhere Sophie’s crushed when John excludes her from his private lesson with Sally.
Sunday 5th August

      Steve and Eileen get deep and meaningful. As their holiday comes to a close the pair share
       a quiet drink on the beach. When Eileen wonders why she keeps attracting the wrong man,
       scared her life is ebbing away, Steve points out Jerry but Eileen dismisses him as just a mate.
       Steve meanwhile admits his track record is no better and he now knows his relationship with
       Michelle is over. The pair drink to friendship and going home to change their lives.

      David has fun as Jason and Sarah meet the vicar. When Jason’s late for their meeting
       David’s quick to point out he has a habit of not being where he should be where weddings are
       concerned. As the vicar then questions Jason’s commitment Sarah’s paranoia grows.
       Meanwhile Sarah realises David has a crush on Mel.

      Norris learns Angela is dead. Norris’ ex-step son Neville arrives at the Kabin to tell him
       Angela has died and the funeral is on Wednesday. Norris isn’t sure he’ll attend.

      Elsewhere Roger is so skint Janice tells him he can move in with her and Leanne.


Monday 6th August

      Steve keeps his distance from Michelle. Steve and Eileen are back with some making up to
       do. Eileen’s thrown straight into Jason’s wedding plans and a grumpy Liz (still not smoking)
       hands Amy back to Steve. Admitting his flit was down to Michelle dumping him Steve asserts
       he’s over her now. But when he spots Michelle suddenly arriving back on the street Steve’s
       face tells a different story. He’s defiant though claiming she knows where he is if she wants to

      Leanne searches for an investor. As Roger squeezes his things into the flat Leanne knows
       she needs to come up with cash to re-pay him fast. When Paul then suggests finding an
       investor Leanne starts to cast an eye around, which falls on Dev.

      Claire’s paranoid as police question neighbours. As detectives re-question those involved
       in the fire rescue Claire worries that as long as there’s doubt over her name no-one will even
       try and find her baby.

      Elsewhere Rosie’s enjoying spending the cash she’s earning at the factory and David chases


Monday 6th August

      Michelle and Steve talk about their future. Steve’s keeping his distance from Michelle but
       when she finally tracks him down she asserts they need to talk. Explaining she needed time to
       clear her head Steve argues that she could have kept him informed as it’s taken a long time to
       get his head around them not being together anymore. Looking concerned Michelle affirms
       she’s done a lot of thinking and she wants to commit to him if he still wants her. Stunned Steve
       assures her she’s the only woman he’s thought about and tells Michelle he loves her. They
       seal it with a kiss.

      Angela’s death makes Norris contemplate life. Norris admits to Emily that he’s feeling guilty
       about his dismissal of Angela’s death. She convinces him to go to the funeral.

      Sally warns Sophie about her crush on John. Sophie’s put out about all the time Mr Stape is
       spending with her mum. Sally tries to gently warn her off.

      Elsewhere Dev agrees to a meeting with Leanne at the restaurant.


Wednesday 8th August

      Norris bonds with Angela’s other exes. Norris is surprised by how emotional he feels at
       Angela’s funeral and begins to share stories with two other men. Bringing his new friends back
       to the street Emily’s shocked as he reveals they’re all Angela’s ex husbands. Sharing stories
       Norris is comforted to hear she treated them all equally badly. When they then get onto the
       women in their life now Norris takes even himself by surprise as he reveals there is someone
       special to him but he’s never realised until now how important she is.

      Casey begins her manipulation in earnest. With Claire’s paranoia growing she meets Casey
       in the café. Seeing Claire’s close to tears Becky asks Casey if everything is OK. Casey hints
       that all isn’t well between Claire and Ashley and when Becky wonders if Claire’s having another
       breakdown Casey lets her run with it.

      Word gets out that Steve pilled a stunner in Malta. Steve and Michelle are loved up having
       spent the night together but the cab staff are more impressed with the pics of Shania. Steve’s
       mortified for two reasons and begs them not to tell Michelle.

      Elsewhere Cilla takes a job as a domestic assistant (cleaner) at a care home and Leanne
       attempts to charm Dev at the restaurant.


Friday 10th August

      Casey’s manipulation begins to reap rewards. When Becky asks Claire how things are at
       home and she then stumbles on the factory girls laughing Casey does little to convince her it’s
       all innocent. As she has a go at Hayley its clear Claire’s paranoia has been fuelled and Hayley
       urges Ashley to talk to his wife. At his wits end Ashley admits he doesn’t know what to do
       anymore and as Claire turns to Casey again she becomes bolder suggesting that Claire needs
       to get away for a while to clear her head.
      Norris is buoyed by his new buddies. After a great night they decide to form an ex-husbands
       club and meet regularly. Norris meanwhile has been left contemplating the romantic feelings he
       now realises he has for one of his female friends.

      Carla moves back into her flat. Despite their differences Liam and Michelle are there for
       Carla as she takes the difficult step of moving back into the flat she shared with Paul.

      Elsewhere trying to put a stop to the gossip Eileen reveals that nothing happened with Shania
       – because she was a man – but they’re even more pleased with this.


Sunday 12th August

      Casey gets Ashley to herself. Claire’s started to wonder whether she’s ill again and when
       Casey arrives she plays straight into her hands as suggests she go back to her mum’s for a bit.
       Ashley’s gutted, despite her assurances she’s doing it to save their marriage he thinks she’s
       running away. Alone with Josh Ashley’s at his lowest ebb as Casey arrives just in time to
       comfort him. Ever manipulative she hints Claire’s made a selfish decision and asserts she
       would never leave such a loving man. Desperate Ashley tells Casey he can’t face being alone
       and asks her to stay.

      Michelle nearly sees the incriminating photo. Steve and Michelle have spent another night
       together, he’s bonding with Ryan and she assures Liz she loves Steve. But when Michelle
       turns up at the cab office it’s a close call with the pics of Shania.

      David starts believing he has a shot with Mel. When Darryl asks David over to a BBQ at the
       Morton’s David jumps at the chance to spend more time with Mel.

      Elsewhere Dev turns Leanne down leaving her seething that he was more interested in her
       than her business.


Monday 13th August

      Michelle sees evidence of Steve’s infidelity. Steve asks his mates to keep schtum about
       Shania. Michelle finds the unattended pics and leafs through them. Michelle finds the one of
       Shania. Gutted Steve insists it’s not what it seems but angry Michelle tells him to save his
       breath and goes on her break clearly upset.

      David asks Mel out for a drink. As David orchestrates washing Mel’s hair at the salon he
       asks her if she fancies going out for a drink, implying he needs her and Darryl to get served.
       Thinking it’s just a friendly drink Mel agrees, but when she implies she could do without Darryl
       been around David thinks he’s in.
      People question Ashley’s friendship with Casey. Casey’s stayed overnight at the Peacocks
       and as she takes on Claire’s role by getting Josh to school her presence raises a few eyebrows
       with Audrey and Kevin who admit they don’t like her.

      Elsewhere Rosie’s found a role model in Carla.


Monday 13th August

      Steve tries to cover a lie with a lie. Unwilling to admit the whole truth Steve tells Michelle that
       Shania came onto him and while he was tempted he did nothing as he was only thinking of her.
       Believing he’s genuinely sorry Michelle agrees to give him the benefit of the doubt. For a while
       things are back to normal but Lloyd soon puts his foot in it. Assuming Steve told her everything
       he quips he hoped she mocked him mercilessly. Realising there’s more to it Michelle demands
       the truth right now forcing Steve to confess he tried to pull a bloke in front of the whole pub.
       Steve’s humiliated and stung when an angry Michelle then accuses him of only not sleeping
       with Shania because he was a man not because of his love for her and tells him where to go.

      Casey creates a happy domestic scene. When Audrey questions Ashley about Casey he’s
       quick to reply she’s just a close friend but Casey plays the situation by planting a kiss on his
       cheek and back at the Peacocks she sets about becoming wife and snuggles up on the sofa.

      Sarah notices David’s crush on Mel. Audrey’s impressed by David’s attitude at work but
       David knows he’s up to something and guesses it’s to do with Mel.

      Elsewhere Carla tempts Rosie with the offer of a full-time job instead of school.


Wednesday 15th August

      Ashley finally admits that he slept with Casey. After spending another night with Casey
       Ashley’s plagued by guilt but as his friends warn him off her he becomes more defiant. When
       Kevin then catches them settling down for another cosy night he can’t hide his concerns
       especially when Ashley makes it plain she’s offered him support when Claire’s been absent
       and yes they’ve been sleeping together.

      Steve tries to win Michelle back. As Steve apologises Michelle wonders if she can trust him
       again. Insisting she can he knows he’s got a lot of grovelling to do. Reiterating his feelings for
       her are true Michelle starts to see the funny side. Thinking he’s on the road to forgiveness
       Steve suggests they make-up properly but Michelle informs him he’s got a long way to go
       before he can even think about that.

      Sally’s furious about Rosie’s plans to quit school. When Carla reveals Rosie will be staying
       on at the factory full time Sally’s stunned. At home she and Kevin confront their daughter
       saying they won’t let her drop out of school but Rosie refuses to budge
      Elsewhere David’s keen to tell Jason about his drink with Mel.


Friday 17th August

      Sarah warns David that she’s had enough. When David asks Mel if she wants to hang out
       again tomorrow she agrees but what’s a very casual suggestion to her has a much deeper
       meaning to David. Meanwhile when Jason moans about space at the Platt’s Bill comes up with
       an idea to convert the garage into an extra room for David. Sarah’s excited but David’s angry
       claiming it’s just typical of the way he’s sidelined in this family. Sarah tries to reason with him
       but David reveals it’s got nothing to do with family relations the reason he vetoed it was
       because it was something she really wanted. Sarah’s livid and vows to make David pay.

      Casey confronts Audrey. When Kevin tells Audrey about Ashley’s confession she urges him
       to think about what he’s throwing away. It’s the wake-up call Ashley needed and as Casey
       leaves for her weekend away he tells her they should keep their distance for a while. Furious
       Casey confronts Audrey claiming she and Ashley are in love and have been for months.

      Rosie’s serious about quitting school. Sally urges Rosie not to throw her life away by
       leaving school early but Rosie’s adamant she wants to start her adult life.

      Elsewhere Leanne struggles to pay bills at the restaurant.


Sunday 19th August

      Sarah blows David’s chances with Mel. When Sarah hears about David’s date with Mel she
       asks for a word. She warns her that he might try it on at the pictures, Mel tries to assure Sarah
       they’re just mates but Sarah claims he doesn’t feel the same and lists his history of
       inappropriate crushes. Mel’s grateful to Sarah for tipping her off and as David waits outside the
       cinema, tickets in hand, he’s frustrated to realise he’s been stood up. Back at the Platt’s
       David’s in a foul mood as a smug Sarah admits it was her duty to tell Mel about his history with
       women. David seethes.

      Audrey tries to warn Ashley off Casey. Audrey doesn’t trust Casey and decides to tell
       Ashley what she said about them being in love. But Ashley won’t listen claiming his relationship
       is his business, leaving Audrey worrying she’s pushed him further into Casey’s arms.

      Paul eyes up the family silver. Paul’s making himself comfortable at the Duckworth’s as he
       helps Molly flat hunt while Tyrone’s away at his mum’s and he learns where Jack keeps his

      Elsewhere Cilla realises one of the patients in her care home is loaded. Meanwhile the patient
       admits to one of his mates that he quite likes Cilla's feisty nature.

Monday 20th August

      Mel discovers David’s lie. David’s still smarting after Sarah wrecked his chances with Mel but
       when Amber questions him about being stood up he lies that far from it he actually slept with
       Mel and then dumped her.! But when word of the rumour gets back to Mel and then Jerry the
       Morton’s are less than impressed and Gail is forced to order an apology from her son. Sarah
       grins as Gail marches David across the street.

      Paul tells Leanne not to give up yet. Leanne’s down as she tells Paul she now desperately
       needs an injection of cash. Assuring her there’s always a way he’s left thinking.

      Liam gets an unwanted dinner date. When Liam’s client wants to do business over a meal at
       the Italian Liam’s not happy as he continues to struggle with his feelings for Leanne.

      Elsewhere Michelle suggests to Steve that a family holiday to Ireland would help her to forgive
       and forget.


Monday 20th August

      David reveals he wants to kill Gail. All eyes are on David as he’s marched to the kebab shop
       and forced to apologise to Mel. David’s humiliated and when he then overhears Gail and Sarah
       laughing at this shaming he disappears. On the roof of Underworld he calls Jason over.
       Worried he may be contemplating suicide Jason follows him up but David’s amused by this as
       he reveals he was just doing some thinking. As he then pretends to hold a rifle and fire pot
       shots at his family Jason’s unnerved, especially when David reveals that killing his mum has
       long been one of his favourite fantasies.

      Leanne and Paul strike a deal. Leanne’s less than enthused when Paul says he could be her
       investor. Asking where he’s going to find the cash Paul reasons he can get a loan. Not
       expecting anything Leanne tells him if he can come up with the money he’s in. Meanwhile
       when Liam’s client is a no show he shares a bottle of wine with Leanne. Despite everything the
       chemistry’s still there but as Leanne goes for another bottle Liam thinks better of it and leaving
       some money suddenly heads off. Leanne’s gutted to find he’s gone.

      Howard makes Cilla an offer. The rich resident at Cilla’s care home offers her a full time job
       as his private carer. Cilla’s after his money but he’s after her body!

      Elsewhere Jerry’s hopeful when Eileen asks him to meet her at the Italian tomorrow.


Wednesday 22nd August
      The Duckworths celebrate 50 years together. It’s Jack and Vera’s golden wedding
       anniversary and they enjoy a party at the pub. Molly’s put a lot of effort into it but Paul steals
       the limelight arriving with bottles of fizz and platters of hot food. It’s a great party but as the
       happy couple give a joint speech Paul slips out. At the Duckworths he’s rifling through Jack’s
       stash tin as they arrive home and just manages to put it back in time as they thank him
       profusely for everything he’s done. Tyrone is away visiting his mum who lives in Benidorm now
       and has been nicked for shoplifting.

      David aces his GCSE but unsettles Jason. When David’s one GCSE result turns out to be
       an A* Gail doesn’t know whether to hug him or kill him. Asserting he only took the exam to
       prove he’s smarter than the rest of his family David’s clearly uninterested. Meanwhile as Gail
       waits for a backlash following the Mel incident Jason tries to work out if David was serious
       about killing his mum.

      Eileen and Jerry go on a date. Jerry’s on edge as he arrives at the Italian, unsure whether it’s
       a date Eileen’s asked him on or not. But as they relax after dinner Jerry’s taken aback when
       Eileen suddenly reveals she’s looking for someone to have a fun, uncomplicated time with.
       Asking if he’s interested Jerry replies he is and they agree to meet again.

      Elsewhere Audrey tries to talk some sense into Ashley over his affair with Casey.


Friday 24th August

      Paul comes up trumps for Leanne. As Paul returns to his hunt through Jack’s tin he slyly
       pockets the deeds to the house and a few bills. As he then shows the bank’s business manger
       round the restaurant he insists he calls him Jack which confuses Leanne. But as they shake on
       a deal for a 15K loan Paul tells Leanne he’s her new partner. Asking if the loan is legit she
       reveals she knows he isn’t whiter than white but Paul asserts that’s what makes them such a
       good team. With little choice but to trust him Leanne declares the 20% is his. She then breaks
       the good news to Roger as Paul tells his proud grandparents he’ll be staying for the

      Eileen comes to Mel’s aid. When Eileen spots Mel being hassled by two lads at the takeaway
       she steps in and throws them out. Arriving back Jerry’s grateful for her help and suddenly pulls
       her in for a kiss. Thinking he’s overstepped the mark Jerry backs off much to Eileen’s
       frustration. But the couple do manage to set another date.

      Steve and Michelle head off on a family holiday. As they set off for Ireland Liz and Vernon
       look forward to some time alone.

      Elsewhere Casey tells Ashley that the sale of her flat is going through and she’s moving to
       London full time. He’s shocked by the realisation he’ll miss her. Jason continues to worry about
       what David said to him.

Sunday 26th August

      Gail gets a nasty surprise in the Morton’s shed. As Jerry pays his family off he attempts to
       set the scene for a romantic evening – in the shed! With low lighting, a candlelit meal and Barry
       White on CD Eileen’s having fun and it’s not long before the couple are relaxing into each
       other’s company. When Gail then appears ordering Darryl to turn his music down Eileen takes
       much pleasure in revealing her slightly dishevelled self much to Gail’s disgust.

      Audrey tries to convince Claire to come home. Audrey visits Claire revealing that Casey is
       getting too close to Ashley and as she suggests the time is right for her to go home Claire’s
       suspicions are aroused. Meanwhile Ashley’s head is spinning over Casey’s revelation that
       she’s moving to London and when he tells her he doesn’t want to lose her she takes the plunge
       asking him and Josh to go with her. As she tells him she loves him Ashley’s in turmoil and it’s
       clear Casey is using this.

      Roger’s disappointed as Leanne fails to come good. Paul convinces Leanne to spend his
       cash on making the restaurant a success rather than paying off debts leaving Roger annoyed
       with only a small repayment.

      Elsewhere Howard and Cilla shake on a deal for her to become his full time carer.


Monday 27th August

      CLAIRE PUTS ASHLEY ON THE SPOT. Audrey has been to see Claire and has told her that
       Casey is spending a lot of time at the Peacocks. Claire comes home and confronts Ashley -
       has he slept with Casey. How will Ashley respond?

      IT’S THE MORNING AFTER EILEEN AND JERRY’S NIGHT IN. Eileen and Jerry both have a
       twinkle in their eye which doesn't go unnoticed by those around them. But they both play it
       down and pretend that they are not reading anything into it. Violet warns Eileen about getting
       into something so soon after her disaster with Pat. Meanwhile Jerry's kids are amused by it all.

      HAYLEY IS TOLD HER AUNT MONICA HAS DIED. Roy takes a call at the cafe to say that
       Hayley's aunt has died. Becky and Roy call Hayley home from the factory and break the news

      Elsewhere - Maria and Liam hit it off in the pub and she accepts his offer of a drink much to Fiz
       and John's amusement as she had just protested to them that she didn't fancy him.

      Cilla arrives at Howard's very expensive house for the first day of her new job as his
       housekeeper and is a bit concerned at the end of the day when he wants to pay a visit with her
       to the Rovers to see what company she keeps.

Monday August 27th 2007

      CASEY DOESN'T COPE WELL WITH REJECTION. Ashley lies to Claire and tells her that
       nothing went on with Casey. Trusting Claire believes him and tells him she wants to out it al
       behind them. Audrey is incredulous when Ashley and Claire arrive at the pub but Ashley takes
       her to one side and says it is over with Casey and he never wants Claire to know what went on.
       Ash gets a text from Casey asking him to go round. He knows he has to sort it out once and for
       all. He tells Casey he doesn't love her and to stay away from his family. As Ashley leaves
       Casey's face betrays her emotions - she's angry and this isn't over.

      HAYLEY WORRIES ABOUT HER AUNT'S FUNERAL. Hayley is still coming to terms with the
       news about her Aunt Monica. She was one of the few members of Hayley's family who never
       turned her back on her or judged her. She tells Roy that she doesn't think she can go to the
       funeral and she reveals the extent to which her family and relatives disapproved of her sex
       change and made her life a misery. Roy convinces her that this should not stop her going to
       pay her last respects.

      THE MORTONS FIND OUT ABOUT JERRY AND EILEEN. Eileen pops into the kebab shop to
       see Jerry and jokes about whether the shed is still standing after their night of passion. Darryl
       comes through from the back and overhears. He is amused that they have been using his
       bedroom as a love shack! Mel and Darryl enjoy making their dad's love life public and having
       some fun at his expense.

      Elsewhere - Howard impresses the locals when he buys them all drinks in the pub and then he
       tries to quiz Fiz on her 'gorgeous' mum. Norris meanwhile is still behaving strangely.


Wednesday 29th August

      HAYLEY’S ROCKED BY A SECRET FROM THE PAST. Hayley has as hard a time at the
       funeral as she thought she would as her relatives tell her she has turned it into a freak show by
       attending! Afterwards Hayley is sorting through her aunts things and she finds some letters
       addressed to Harold. Clearly troubled by their contents she starts crying. Roy comforts her
       thinking she is upset about Monica. Hayley runs out of the flat and reads more of the letters
       before ripping them to shreds and throwing them in the bin.

      CLAIRE MOVES HOME AS CASEY WATCHES FROM AFAR. Kirk tells Ashley that Casey
       had been calling the butchers. Ashley is troubled especially as Claire has revealed she is
       moving back home today. Casey keeps ringing his mobile but he ignores it. As Claire and
       Ashley enter the house we see Casey watching them.

      BETTY GETS WIND OF NORRIS’ INTENTIONS. Betty overhears Norris in the pub talking to
       his mates Ivor and George and hears one of them ask him if he has proposed yet! Betty is
       Elsewhere Jerry and Eileen are getting quizzed by their friends and family about what is going
        on between them. Maria tries to pretend she is not interested in Liam.


Friday 31st August

        concerned about Hayley's behaviour since the funeral but Hayley doesn’t seem to want to talk.
        Becky stays behind to close the cafe when Roy needs to go and get something and when
        Hayley arrives she quizzes her about what is wrong. Struggling to keep the secret any longer
        Hayley blurts out that she has got a son!! Becky is gob smacked as Hayley reveals she found
        some letters that her aunt had kept apparently from a son that she/Harold had father years
        ago. Hayley admits that when she met Roy she told him she was a virgin and now she is
        terrified that this secret is going to destroy what she has with Roy because it is all based on a

       THE PEACOCKS BUILD BRIDGES BUT CASEY WON’T LET GO. Things are getting back to
        normal for Claire and Ashley but Ashley is stunned when Casey turns up. Claire insists on
        inviting her in and thanks her for all the help she has given them. Casey is about to call a cab
        home but Claire insists Ashley drive her. Once at Casey's house Ashley tries once more to tell
        her it is over but will she tells him that if it is over between them he can't stop her seeing Claire.

       EMILY BRACES HERSELF FOR NORRIS’ PROPOSAL. Betty tells her friends what she has
        heard Norris discussing and when Norris tells Emily he has something important to speak to
        her about later she fears the worst! He starts to talk about late marriages. She firmly tells him
        she has no plans to remarry anyone. He tells her that he likes being married and intends to
        propose to someone tomorrow! Emily realises she was not his intended!

       Elsewhere - Tyrone is perturbed to hear how much Paul has been getting his feet under the
        table in his absence, both with Molly (taking her to look at flats) and with the Duckworths. Cilla
        is stunned when Howard presents her with two tickets to Vegas and asks her to go with him.
        She agrees but insists on separate rooms.

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