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					Ch 14 WS 4 – Basic Level Ideal Gas Law Problems


                        PV = nRT

       R = 8.314 kPa∙L                         R = 0.0821 atm∙L
                 mol∙K                                    mol∙K

1. Complete the table below using the ideal gas law to solve the problems. Remember: all units
must be consistent with the ideal gas constant you use!

             Pressure                Volume               Amount of gas           Temperature
 a.          3.5 atm                  5.00 L                         mol              303 K
 b.          65.0 psi                           L            75.0 g O2               23.8oC
 c.       740.0 mm Hg                25.0 mL                         mol             22.5oC
 d.                 atm              2500. L                 1000. mol               40.0oC
 e.          99.3 kPa                 5.00 L                 0.450 mol                      K

2. A student collects 425 mL of oxygen at a temperature of 24.0oC and a pressure of 0.899 atm.
How many moles of oxygen did the student collect?

3. What is the mass of chlorine gas that is in a 2.0 L tank with a pressure of 125 atm at 25oC?

4. What pressure in atmospheres will 1.36 kg of N2O exert when it is compressed in a 25.0 L
cylinder and is stored in an outdoor shed where the temperature can reach 59.0oC in the summer?
5. A large balloon contains 2.50 moles helium. What volume will the helium occupy at an
altitude of 10,000 meters, where the atmospheric pressure is 0.262 atm and the temperature is

6. How many moles of air are in a 15.0 L scuba tank with a pressure of 20,500 kPa and a
temperature of 31.0oC?

7. A propane tank has a volume of 35.0 L. How many moles of propane will it hold at a pressure
of 2,525 kPa and a temperature of 85.0oC?

8. What is the pressure (in kPa) of a 0.500 L aerosol can that contains 50.0 g N2 at 45.0oC?

9. What volume tank is required to store 4500. kg CH4 at a maximum temperature of 75.0oC and
a maximum pressure of 20.0 atm?

10. What pressure (in atm) will 5.00 moles hydrogen gas exert in a 2.0 L container at 22.8oC?

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