Truck Rake Specifications continued by panniuniu


									                      Truck Mounted Grader/Rake
 •     Fits on the front of a ¾ or
       1 ton truck in place of the
       snowplow blade
 •     Allows natural front
       facing operation for ease
       and visibility
 •     Utilizes the existing plow
       hoist and power angling
 •     Designed for convenience
        of highway transport
 •     Provided with all components necessary to go right to work as shown
       here on a Fisher Minute Mount

HEAD: 8’1” wide with 38 heavy duty 5/16” x 1½”x 33’ tines at 1” spacing. Tines are easily replaced
when necessary.

WHEELS: 16” O.D. pneumatic highway type with tapered roller bearings. Easily adjustable for
digging and crowning, and for removal for highway travel without tools.

Standard equipment to allow operator control of the digging and feathering motion of the tines. Coupler
hooks directly to the two plow pivot points under the truck and is designed for the particular brand of
Crowning feature... vertical slots where “A” Frame attaches to coupler allow the unit to be tipped
from side to side for crowning and floatation.

THREE POSITION CONTROL LEVER:                       Locks out articulating action for RAKING ONLY,
provides extra lift for HIGHWAY TRAVEL, and allows double-hinged articulating action for normal
GRADING operations.

POWER ANGLE CYLINDERS: (Optional) Identical to Fisher style 12” stroke, 1” pin size.
Cylinders and hoses can be purchased with unit or can be transferred from snowplow for purposes of
economy, or for emergency.

18” HEAD EXTENSION:              Can be installed on either end of head. Extension is hinged so it can flip
over onto head or be easily removed without tools for highway transport.

WEIGHT:       approximately 700 lbs.

         Contact: Russ Lanoie, FrontRunner Sales, Conway, NH 603.447.1811

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