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					                          Monterey County Special Education Local Plan Area
                                                  Regional Collaboration for Student Success

                 Spectrum Exceed IEP
                 District User Training
                Presenter’s Information

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10            -1-
I.   Introduction
     This document provides information on organizing and presenting Spectrum Exceed IEP user
        training sessions for district staff.

II. Trainers:
     The ratio of trainers to participants should be limited to 1:6 so that trainers can monitor
        participants and provide assistance.
              Plan for one trainer for each 6 participants. Limit the total number of participants to 18.
              Schedule a SELPA staff member to join your training (one SELPA staff member should
              be at each district’s user training sessions)
              Arrange a time to plan with your co-trainers:
              • Who will be responsible for providing materials? Planning logistics? Arranging for
                 technology support? Notifying participants of training dates?
              • Who will present and who will monitor during each training segment? Trainers take
                 turns as presenters and as monitors.
                      1. Provide information; and
                      2. Direct the learning activities.
                       1. Model attending to the presenter;
                       2. Monitor participants to be sure that they are keeping pace with the presenter;
                       3. Ask the presenter to pause if participants need to catch up;
                       4. If a participant asks a question that is directly related to the immediate task,
                           the monitor can either quietly answer the question (sotto voce), or can direct
                           the question to the presenter if the answer would be of interest to the group.

III. Scheduling user training sessions:
     User training requires approximately 12 hours
              Schedule (tentatively) two full days from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. daily; or
              Schedule (tentatively) a series of shorter presentations totaling 12 hours.
              Coordinate schedule with SELPA prior to publishing training dates (see Logistics A,
              Once dates have been confirmed with SELPA, schedule rooms, trainers and tech support
              Once trainers, rooms and tech support have been confirmed, send invitations to
              Schedule substitutes for participants.

IV. Logistics:
     A.   There are limited training environments, so training sessions are coordinated SELPA-wide.
          Please contact SELPA Program Specialist Kenyon Hopkins (khopkins@monterey.k12.ca.us or
          831.755.0334) to:
             Arrange training dates that do not conflict with other districts’ trainings.
             Provide names of participants so that user accounts can be generated and sample students
             Verify the Spectrum web site link for your training environment.

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                         -2-
             Verify the Spectrum web site link for your production environment prior to a Go Live!

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                   -3-
IV. Logistics (continued):
     B.       Participants need hands-on practice with software, so computers with Internet access are
              required. Printers are required if participants will be printing IEPs.
                 Computer with wireless Internet access and printer driver installed: one per participant
                 Power cord for each computer
                 Extension cord(s)
                 Power strip(s)
                 Computer for presenter (with power cord and extension cord, if needed)
                 Projector & screen
                 Printer
                 Internet access
                 Technology support
                 Verify that users’ names and passwords are operational (by signing in as each participant)
                 Assign four unique students to each participant (so that no student has more than one
                  participant working on his/her record)
                 Pens
                 Refreshments



V. Materials
     A. The following printed materials can be downloaded from the SELPA web site by going to
        www.montereycoe.org/student-services/selpa and selecting Spectrum K12 Exceed from the
        menu on the left side of the screen. 
           Exceed IEP Quick Reference Guide Monterey SELPA
           Monterey County Spectrum Process Flowchart
           List of SELPA Forms in Exceed
           Exceed User’s Guide Summer 2010 TOC (Table of Contents)
           Monterey Spectrum Exceed Use Cases
           Spectrum Exceed IEP User Training Agenda (From the Spectrum Exceed IEP District User
            Training Presenter’s Information. Enter your “Go Live” date for participants)
           Name tags (with link, UserID, password, district name and assigned students)

     B. The following printed materials can be downloaded from the SELPA web site by going to
        www.montereycoe.org/student-services/selpa and selecting IEP Forms - New from the menu on
        the left side of the screen.
           SELPA Next Generation Forms Manual (optional)
           Next Generation Forms-English (download and print only the forms in List of SELPA Forms
            in Exceed (above) and attach them to the list)

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                         -4-
     C. Exceed Users Guide can be accessed on the Spectrum K12 web site by going to
        http://exceedhelp.spectrumk12.com and using the menu on the left. The PDF version is
        available by clicking on the title in the Link to PDF Version field on the title page.

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                      -5-
                                              District Name
                      Spectrum K12 Exceed IEP User’s Training
                                September 28, 2010 – 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
                                September 29, 2010 – 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Participants will:
•     Be able to use Exceed IEP software to initiate a referral, to respond to a referral, to write an IEP, to
      track multidisciplinary team assessments, to schedule meetings, and to communicate with
      colleagues about assessments and meetings.
•     Be familiar with additional functions of Exceed IEP.

       Day One
       1. Set Up / Introductions / Agenda
       2. Introducing Exceed IEP
       3. Searching for Students
       4. Initiating and responding to a referral
       5. Developing the IEP (tracking assessments and creating meeting notices, too)
        Day Two
        1. Set Up / Introductions / Agenda
        2. Software Features
        3. Supplemental IEPs (and other “stand-alone” events)
        4. Practice on Use Cases (and check out)

Go Live! Date: October 18, 2010. Between now and October 18, please:
   1.   Practice on the Exceed website until you feel comfortable with the software:
   2.   Get help from a colleague and/or from the Help Desk staff, if you need assistance.
   3.   Be sure that as many IEPs in progress are completed as possible and paperwork handed in to
        the Special Education office no later than October 11, 2010. (We need current IEP dates in
        Exceed when we Go Live.) If a student is within the 60-day assessment period, submit a
        SELPA 21 IEP: Data: Ages 3-22 with the demographic data and the following dates: 1) date of
        the referral; 2) date the consent for assessment was received, and 3) the date that the Initial IEP
        is due.

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                           -6-
   Helpful Tips:
          •   On the Dashboard, always click on COORDINATOR to start.
          • Always look at ALL EVENTS (default is INVITED EVENTS).
          • MUST SAVE every page. Save early and save often – especially because
            you are online. This message that reminds you to save, does not save:

              You still have to go back and SAVE by clicking on the SAVE icon.
          • You cannot save is the cursor is still in the field. You must click outside the
            filed to save.
          • Make sure the fields you are working in change color when you are done
            and leave the field. If they do not change color, click back in the field and
            out again.
          • In GOALS, if you want to edit a selected goal, you must click on the
            CUSTOM button to the right of the goal.
          • In SERVICES, you must click on the arrow at the left of a service (like
            Specialized Academic Instruction) to complete the rest of the information
            such as setting, duration and frequency.
          • If you lock and IEP and then want to change anything on it you have to do
            an amendment.
          • Only LOCK a meeting if:
                  – All forms are filled out and compliant
                  – The parent has a copy of all forms and the event no longer needs to be
                    edited (e.g., the IEP meeting has been held).
                  – You are ready for the future event to be generated.
          • If things seem hopeless, you can always log out of Exceed then log back in,
            or log out of the Internet and then back in, or restart the computer.

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10          -7-
Spectrum Exceed User Training Presenter’s Agenda
                                                                              Day One Page 1 of 8
Topic/Time                    Information/Activities                            Need
Introduction                                                                           Computer, power
                                                                                     cord, power strip &
8:30 a.m. (15 minutes)        Welcome
                                                                                     extension cord (for
                        Set: How many of you know that we are required to            presenter)
                             use a new web-based IEP software program this
                                                                                      Projector & screen
                             year? (some with joyful anticipation?, some with
                             trepidation?)                                            Agenda
                Objectives: During the next two days, you will learn… (share          Exceed IEP Quick
                            objectives on agenda)                                    Reference Guide
                   Purpose: You’ll find this valuable since the software will be
                            required. Our “Go Live” date will be                      Spectrum
                            __________. It will provide reminders, help you          Flowcharts
                            schedule your meetings….                                  List of SELPA
                                                                                     Forms in Exceed &
                    Agenda Today we’ll … (share agenda)                              copies of forms

            Set expectations Set behavioral expectations: Please stay with            Monterey Use
                             presenter; monitor’s job is to help you stay with       Cases
                             presenter. May seem slow at first, but there will        Pens
                             be time to work independently at your own pace.
                                                                                       Forms Manual
Accessing the training        Distribute name tags with link, user ID and             Name tags
environment                   password, and assigned students.
                                                                                      Computers &
8:45 a.m. (30 minutes)   Ensure that all participants are able to log on.          power cords
              Logging on
                                                                                      Power strips
                                                                                      Extension cords
                                                                                      QRG pages 4-5
The Exceed Dashboard          The Educator dashboard                                  QRG page 6
9:15 a.m.     (5 minutes)     The Coordinator dashboard
Icons & Symbols               Icons and Symbols                                       QRG page 7
9:20 a.m.      (10 minutes)

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                       -8-
                                                                                Day One Page 2 of 8
Topic/Time                  Information/Activities                                Need
 Searching for a Student Search from the Coordinator dashboard: Search                   QRG pages 7-9
9:30 a.m. (10 minutes)   using two attributes
                         Participants search for assigned students and add
                         them to the Watch List.
The Student Profile         Review the information found in sections on the              QRG page 9
9:40 a.m. (5 minutes)       Student Profile.

Begin Initial Referral    To create a referral, click on Events.                         QRG page 9
9:45 a.m. (15 minutes) Explain the difference between Invited Events and
               All Events All Events. Participants check to see that no other
                          events are ongoing by selecting All Events.
                        Explain Current and Upcoming Events and Ended
  Current/Locked Events and Locked Events.                                               QRG page 10
                        Begin the referral: Schedule New Meeting
  Schedule New Meeting (explain term “meeting”)                                          QRG pages 10-11
                        Participants begin an initial referral and assign
                        staff to the meeting.
                        Save the meeting: Initial Referral appears in
                        Current and Upcoming Events.
10:00 a.m.   (10 minutes)              BREAK (Please Log Off)
Initial Referral (cont)  Open Initial Referral event: Explain Event                  
10:10 a.m. (40 minutes) Sections.
      Working with Forms Open Forms section. Discuss: forms tabs; how to
                         tell if form is required or optional; colors of form            QRG page 12
         Events Tool Bar Explain functions of icons in Events Tool Bar
                                                                                         QRG page 13
                         (stress using Back button here, not at top of screen;
                         discriminate between Save and Lock)
                            Participants complete Student Information and RE1
                            and Save.
          Lock the Event Check event for compliance. Complete missing
                         information. Then Lock event. Use Back button to                QRG page 14
                         return to Student Profile.
                            In Student Profile, show Initial Referral event moving
                            to Ended & Locked Events and Response to Referral
                            appearing in Current & Upcoming Events.

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                      -9-
                                                                               Day One Page 3 of 8
Topic/Time                  Information/Activities                               Need
Response to Referral        Open Response to Referral event. Show event              QRG page 15
                            sections (discuss Deny Request). Point out that
10:50 a.m. (15 minutes)     Request Consent for Initial Assessment is co-
                            created event.
                            Direct participants to complete NC2 with intention
                            to complete assessment and lock event.
Consent for Initial      Direct participants to open the Request Consent             QRG page 16
Assessment               for Initial Assessment event and complete NC3 up
                         to Parent Consent section. Direct participants to
11:05 a.m. (15 minutes) check that parents give consent.
             No response Discuss obtaining consent: (e.g., once NC3 is
                         completed, form may be printed for parent
                         consent. If No Response Received, Exceed
                         generates another cloned form. After 3 attempts,
                         can indicate Final Attempt and close referral.
                         Lock the event. Return to Student Profile. Three
     Consent: Lock event additional events will be generated.
Notice of IEP Meeting       Notice of Initial IEP Meeting is co-generated with       QRG pages 17-23
11:20 a.m. (40 minutes)     the Initial IEP and the Request for Consent for the
                            Initial IEP.
             Three steps:
                            To schedule a meeting, need 3 steps:
       1) Complete form      1) Complete the meeting notice indicating
                                 whether it is a first, second or third attempt.
          2) Print Notice    2) Print the meeting notice and send ito parents
                             3) Schedule the meeting with the appropriate
3) Schedule professionals       professionals. Can create “Favorites” list for
                                convenience. Be sure to invite contact staff
                                in district of residence if you are serving a
  Create “Favorites” List       student who resides outside your distict
                            “Previous invites” can be seen at bottom left of
                            Student Profile screen

12:00 p.m. (60 minutes)               LUNCH (Please Log Off)
Creating the IEP:           Select Initial IEP Team Meeting to track the             QRG page 24
Introduction                evaluations and create the IEP.
1:00 p.m. (10 minutes)      Discuss Events sections containing forms screens
                            and product screens
                            Fill out events in the order that they appear.
Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                   -10-
                                                                               Day One Page 4 of 8
Topic/Time                 Information/Activities                                Need
Creating the IEP:          Spectrum allows the assessment team to plan               QRG pages 25-26
Scheduling Evaluations      evaluations and track their completion.
                           Discuss the Evaluation screen: open and
1:10 p.m. (15 minutes)      completed evaluations; scheduling an evaluation;
                            selecting responsible staff and selecting
                            assessment instruments. Then Save.
Creating the IEP:          Student Information and forms are on tabs at top of       QRG page 27
Information &              screen. Which are required? Optional?
Eligibility                Participants complete all required fields in all
1:25 p.m. (10 minutes)     forms, making sure that they have indicated that
                           the student is eligible on IEP 2. Then Save.
Creating the IEP:          Show how to add a disability and designate it as          QRG page 28
Disabilities               primary or secondary. Low incidence disabilities
                           should be primary. Disabilities cannot be removed,
1:35 p.m. (10 minutes)     once selected, only made inactive.
                           Participants select disabilities. Then Save.
Creating the IEP:          In the first Statewide Assessment section, all            QRG pages 29-30
Statewide Assessments      possible STAR tests for the student’s grade level
                           are listed, as are CAHSEE tests grades 10-12.
1:45 p.m. (20 minutes)
                    Indicate whether student will take test or is exempt.
                    “Exempt” here means “will not take” and an
      STAR & CAHSEE explanation has to be provided.

                       If variations, accommodations or modifications are
        Accommodations to be provided, check the Accom box and options
                       appear below. Check those options that need to be
                       provided. Then Save.
Statewide Assessments 2    Show Statewide Assessment 2 screen.
2:05 p.m. (10 minutes)               BREAK (Please Log Off)
Creating the IEP:          Demonstrate how to select a goal from the SELPA           QRG pages 31-35
Goals & Objectives         bank. Participants select goals, then Add Selected
2:15 p.m. (45 minutes)     Goals.
              Plan goals   Plan Goals tab allows you to add information
                           about the goals and to select objectives, if needed.
                              - Levels and Area of Need
                              - Measurement & Monitoring
                              - Progress Reporting
                              - Goal Details
                              - Objectives
                           Save each goal.
                           Participants select and plan goals.
Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                   -11-
                                                                             Day One Page 5 of 8
Topic/Time                 Information/Activities                              Need
Creating the IEP:          Begin by selecting a service from the “Specialized         QRG pages 36-37
Services                   Instruction” section. Complete Start and End dates,
3:00 p.m. (20 minutes)     duration and frequency, then click on green arrow
                           to fill in additional details.
                           Participants select services and complete details.
                           Then select a primary service and Save.
Creating the IEP:          Participants go to the Services & Supports section         QRG pages 37-38
Services & Supports        and complete the required forms. Then Save.
3:20 p.m. (10 minutes)
    Special Considerations Show Special Considerations screen.                        QRG page 39
 Behavioral Considerations Show Behavioral Considerations screen.
                           DO NOT LOCK until meeting has taken place.
Request Consent            The IEP document and the parent consent are                QRG page 43
                           separate events in Exceed. The IEP is locked once
3:30 p.m. (10 minutes)     the meeting has taken place. Consent may be
                           locked later once parents have indicated whether
                           they consent or not to the IEP.
                           Participants complete the Consent indicating
                           parents agree with the IEP.
Annual IEP &               Go to Student Profile to show that Annual IEP and          QRG page 44
Reassessment IEP           Reassessment IEP are automatically generated as
                           future events once initial IEP consent is locked.
3:40 p.m. (10 minutes)
                           Can view and print locked forms in Ended &
                           Locked Events section.
Closure                    Today we learned how to find a student in Exceed, 
                           initiate a referral, create an initial IEP, and lock the
3:50 p.m. (10 minutes)     consent to the IEP so that the annual and triennial
                           reassessment IEPs are automatically scheduled.
                           Tomorrow we’ll look at some of the additional
                           functions of the software and you’ll have an
                           opportunity to practice using the software and
                           working through some scenarios.
                           Please bring your handouts to tomorrow’s session.

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                    -12-
                                                                           Day Two Page 6 of 8
Topic/Time                 Information/Activities                             Need
Introduction               Yesterday we created an initial referral for a student   All supplies and all
                           and wrote the initial IEP. We saw that locking the materials from Day
8:30 a.m. (10 minutes)     initial IEP generated the annual review date and the One
                           date of the triennial re-evaluation.
                           Today we are going to begin with some general
                           features of the software: using the calendar,
                           Quicklinks, Notes and Logs.
                           Then we’ll discuss how to schedule a
                           supplemental IEP or an interim placement,
                           log into the software, search for another student
                           and practice using Exceed IEP.
                           During the day, you should be able to create an
                           intial referral and initial IEP, an interim placement
                           and one additional event of your choice.
                           Before we begin, are there any general questions
                           from yesterday?
Logon & Find Student       Participants log on to Exceed and find the student   
                           they worked on during Day One.
8:40 a.m. (20 minutes)
Software Features          Exceed User’s Guide is for your reference. We just     Exceed User’s
                           want to point out what is in this handout.         Guide
9:00 a.m. (20 minutes)
                           Discuss Calendar Tool                                     User’s Guide p.11
                           Discuss Quicklinks Menu
                                                                                        User’s Guide
                                                                                p.23-25; 27; 45-47
                           Discuss Student Options Menu                             User’s Guide p.48,
                                                                                59, 61-63
                           Student Profile
                                                                                        User’s Guide
                                                                                p.64-65, 72-74, 95-96,
                           Reports                                                  User’s Guide
Tasks Product Screen     Tasks appear as reminders. Tasks are not required           QRG pages 40-41
9:20 a.m. (5 minutes)    to complete an event.
     Summary of product
                 screens List of product screens is on page 33.

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                     -13-
                                                                             Day Two Page 7 of 8
Topic/Time                 Information/Activities                               Need
Event Overview             Event Overview shows status of forms and sections       QRG page 42
9:25 a.m. (5 minutes)      (e.g., compliant, non compliant or blank)
                           Participants check IEP for compliance. If not
                           compliant, complete missing information.
                           Once compliant, event can be locked, but suggest
                           that the IEP remain unlocked until meeting has
                           taken place since changes to the documents may
                           be made during the meeting.
Supplemental IEP           Show how to schedule a Supplemental IEP by              QRG pages 44-47
                           going to Student Profile screen, selecting Events,
9:30 a.m. (10 minutes)     then selecting All Events (to be sure the meeting
                           hasn’t already been scheduled), then clicking on
                           Schedule New Meeting.
                           Note that there are other stand-alone events that
                           can be scheduled.
Getting Help               Names and Contact Information for the Help Desk         QRG pages 48-49
9:40 a.m. (10 minutes)     Staff in each district are listed on pages 48-49.
                           Review the information that Help Desk staff need
                           to best help you.
Practice (Monitored)       During the remaining time, you will be expected to     QRG pages 40-41
9:50 a.m. (4 hours)        complete:
                              1) Monterey Use Case 1 or 2;
                              2) Monterey Use Case 3; and                         Monterey Use
(allow two 15 minute          3) Any other Use case of your choice.           Cases
breaks and an hour for     Review the first three Use Cases.
                           Monitors will be available to assist and to sign off
                           on your Use Cases.
                           Participants find their second student, and begin an
                           initial referral. Monitors provide assistance, as
                           needed, and sign off on completed Use Cases.

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                 -14-
                                                                               Day Two Page 8 of 8
Topic/Time                 Information/Activities                                 Need
Closure                    In the last two days, you have learned to create an       
3:20 p.m. (25 minutes)     initial referral for a student, to write an IEP, and to
                           schedule an interim or supplemental IEP event.
                           You learned how to include your colleagues in
                           assessments and IEP meetings.
                           Tell the person next to you one thing you can do
                           easily in Exeed and one thing you need to practice.
                           We plan to “Go Live” on         . After that date,
                           you will only be able to use Exceed to write IEPs
                           and schedule IEP meetings. Between now and
                           then, please:
                               1) Practice.
                               2) Get Help Desk assistance if you need it.
                               3) Complete any IEPs in process and get the
                                  IEP paperwork to          immediately. If
                                  current IEP dates are not in the data
                                  system, Exceed will think the IEP is
                           Answer questions.

Spectrum Exceed IEP District User Training: Presenter’s Information 9.24.10                 -15-

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