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Oil Spills


									                              Oil Spills
                              By: Clare

      Oil spills affects animals, plants, and humans. Oil spills are
when oil ends up in the water and it can affect life all around. I
think of all of the things it affects, lets dive in! last year an oil
spill happen in the gulf of Mexico and a while ago was the year
of not having as much oil in the gulf.

     We’ll start off with animals, birds and fish are the main
thing to die in oil spills. When fish breathe they have a good
chance of the oil getting in their gills. Birds try to clean
themselves off but, when they lick their wings the oil could
poison them. Animals have a good chance of getting
hypothermia from the oil getting on the animals skin.

      Next is plants, when oil spills occur in it, the water is bad
which hurts the plants. The oil may seep into the soil, poisoning
the plant’s food and soil. Being covered with oil the plants can
hurt animals that eat the plant. The animals will eventually die
if they are not treated.

      Lastly humans, we could get affected if we swim in the
affected water. Just as simple as drinking water can be affected.
Fishermen that are unaware of the oil could get fish that have
been affected and sell them to the market. We then buy the
fish and eat it unaware of it being affected.
      See how bad oil spills are? Food, water, animals, plants,
and humans could be in danger. You should check on where the
fish you get are from. The BIG idea is clean up the beaches and
take care of plant Earth because if we don’t we could end up
barred under trash.


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