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Truck-Mounted Conventional
  & Booster concrete mixers
Wherever concrete is produced and moved is where you will find Schwing-Stetter machinery.

With plants in Germany, Austria, USA, Brazil, Russia, China and India as well as with more than 100 sales and service facilities,
the group of companies is always close to the customer.

Our wide range of products with something for every application is what makes Schwing-Stetter the No. 1 system supplier for
concrete machinery worldwide.

                                                    CONCRETE BATCHING PLANTS

                                                    TRUCK MIXERS

                                                    TRUCK-MOUNTED CONCRETE PUMPS

                                                    STATIONARY CONCRETE PUMPS

                                                    SEPERATE PLACING BOOMS

                                                    CONCRETE RECYCLERS

It started 75 years ago with the original Stetter mixer company and today since the merger with Schwing the result is the largest
mixer company in the world. Today well known Schwing craftsmanship is applied to every mixer at one of our worldwide plants
where certified welders and assemblers form and shape the products from raw materials chosen and inspected for their durabil-
ity. Attention to detail means drum trueness within .125 of an inch that translates to balanced operation, smoothness and long
wear life.

Our low profile design results in the fastest charging mixer and a smooth discharge ideal for flatout paving or low slump con-
trolled discharge slipforming. And drivers report they can feel the difference of our design with 13% lower center of gravity. And
you’ll feel the difference too when you realize the benefits of this competitively priced mixer like faster load cycling, more deliver-
ies per day and the longevity of Schwing-Stetter products.

Come visit our factory and see the pride we put into every truck mixer or request a demonstration and hear the comments from
your drivers. The Stetter tradition is alive and thriving at Schwing – building better products for ready-mix producers. As a third
generation family-owned company we understand how important quality equipment is to your business and how important your
business is to us.

Booster models in 10.5 , 11 and 12-yard capacities.

Conventional models in 10.5 , 11 and
12-yard capacities.
13% Lower Center of Gravity

                              Charging hopper measures 44.5” x 28.5” with
                              30” throat for smooth charging. Optional tilt-
                              up hopper available.

Durability and design features appreciated by the thousands of Schwing-Stetter owners are the result of more than 50 years of
refinement, including:

•        8-inch diameter hardened rollers with Timken™ bearings
•        Standard remote central greasing
•        1⁄4-inch abrasion-resistant steel head and blades
•        3/16-inch abrasion resistant steel shell
•        Low profile shape for fast charging, mixing & discharging
•        Fast adjusting booster control with in-cab gauge
•        Two-stage ZF 7000 gear box drive
•        Huck bolt mounted subframe
•        Axle pressurizing cylinder with internal accumulator
•        Polyurethane two-part top coat

Seven position chute positioning with positive lock and central    Patented Vector Controls allow two-way communication between
greasing of dual Timken™ bearings. Standard 5’6” chute with 3’2”   pump and operator. Critical real-time operating data is displayed at
foldover. Additional 4’ chute is frame mounted.                    the remote box and stored in the controller for easy retrieval.
Lowest Profile Design.

                         Wireless remote drum speed on/off and speed
                         control charges in-cab.

Experience the design that provides stability you can feel.

Here are the mixers that provide stability you can feel which translates to more comfortable drivers and better productivity.
Another benefit is the smooth discharge, even with low slump curb mixes. Other features, include:

•        20% larger discharge hopper and better flow
•        Rear pendant control with 25’ hard wire control
•        Full width steel or aluminum fenders
•        125 gallon stainless steel pressurized water tank
•        Eaton variable displacement piston pumps
•        19” x 24” hatch in front section of drum
•        Standard mechanical or optional electronic controls

Rear ladder folds down and angles out for easy ascent.             Large hydraulic reservoir with sight glass. All fluid is filtered
Water plumbed to upper wash station and ground level with          through 10 micron filter and rugged oil cooler with electric fan
diversion valve.                                                   mounted over the gear case.
                                            80% LESS DRUM WEAR AUTOMATICALLY

Gain control of drum rpm with the new SMART Drum option from Schwing-Stetter. The benefits of a constant speed drum are
combined with an innovative control system to optimize drum rpm...automatically. No need to remind drivers to set a constant
speed - SMART Drum does it for you by making drum rpm independent of engine rpm. When your driver accelerates past thresh-
old speed, SMART Drum takes over and the drum speed is held constant. If for some reason the driver overrides the Smart Drum
controls, a record is saved for future analysis. Surveys in six regional markets show that the average drum speed is 6 rpm – well
above the optimum. Using industry trip and distance averages, SMART Drum extends the life of the drum more than 80 percent.
Because drum speed is held constant the mix quality improves. And low drum rpm keeps the center of gravity constant for
stability you can feel. Enjoy less horsepower draw and fuel savings from fewer drum rotations and you can see how SMART Drum
from Schwing-Stetter improves your bottom line every day. See the SMART Drum on SchwingTV at

The                         STORY.

                                                             CONTROLS     AVERAGE
Loading at Plant (2 min. @ 18 RPM)                              36          36
Mixing (3 min. @ 16 RPM)                                        48          48
Travel Time (30 min. @ Avg. Drum RPM)                           30          150
Discharge Revolutions                                           36          36
Return Travel (1/3 of the trips include returned concrete)      10          30
Total Drum Revolutions                                          160         300

Trips per Day                                                   4           4
Total Drum Revolutions per Day                                  640         1200
Drum Revolutions Saved Per Day with Smart Drum                  320

THE               STORY
Total Rev per Year (600 Rev per Day x 200 Operating Days)       128,000     240,000
Total Revs Saved per Year with Smart Drum                       64,000
Total Revs in 5.6 Years                                         716,800     1,344,000
Total Revs Saved with Smart Drum (Over 5.6 Years)               358,400
Extended Drum Life (Years) with Smart Drum                      4.9
Total Drum Life with Smart Drum                                 10.5
Drum Replacement                                                $10,000     $10,000
Yearly Cost for Drum Replacement                                $952.00     $1,786
Cost Saving per Year                                            $833.00
Cumulative Savings Over 10.5 Years                              $8746
Percent Drum Life Extended                                      88%
Savings per Cubic Yard                                          $0.12

• Average Drum Life (Cubic Yards)         36,840
• Average Drum Life (Years)               5.6
• Average Load Size (Cubic Yards)         8.2
• Average Yards per Year                  6,579
• Average Loads per Year                  802
• Average Trips per Day                   4.0
• Operating Days per Year                 200

Estimates only, subject to change
Patent Pending.
                             10 / 11

Where quality comes first.

                                                                                   1/08 - 3M

                           5900 Centerville Road | St. Paul, MN 55127 | TEL 1-888-SCHWING
                                                     FAX 651-429-3464 |

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