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					11th CP MUG Shots
The United States had controlled the land around about the Panama Canal sense November 1903 but on December 31 1999
that control returned to Panama.

 Dr Mitchells hole address (street city state and ZIP) is 209 Buena Vista Avenue Northport NE
 68409 but you listed the street address as 209 Buena Vista Drive

 After eight hours fifty one miles and three sets of locks you can pass through the Panama Canal but first you have to pay a
toll which can be as much as $100000 for a large cruise ship.

According to a newspaper in Franklin County Ohio dog names used alot in that county include Lady Bear Ginger Maggie and
Brandy the dogs name used the most is Max.

Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president of the United States, was born in Delaware, Ohio in 1822 and following a quiet
dramatic election became president in March 1877 at age 54.

#6 ¶

 When astronomer Galileo observed sunspots in 1610 church leaders were angry that he’d suggest the sun wasnt perfect today
we no sunspots are just the sun’s relatively cold areas.

Millions of organisms live in and on our bodies, the human armpit for instence has up to 500 million bacteria in the space of a
tiny insignificant pinhead.

French author George Sand born July 1 1804 was a well known rebel for the following reasons among others she dressed in
mens clothes and smoked cigars.

According to a study published in the January 1995 journel Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine an athletes back
pain may indicate fractured vertebrae.

Head lice lay their eggs which are called nits in people’s hair consequently, just hatched lice have a ready to eat food sorce in
the blood just under their hosts’ scalps.
#12 ¶

On July 23 1995 I was watching 60 Minutes and saw a tape of Martin Luther King Jr. giving his famous speech that began
with these words I have a dream.

Because they bot it with shared money Manuel and Morgan’s tape CD player belongs to both of them so I can’t understand
why Morgan always says That’s mine!

Won of the greatest baseball players of the 1880s and 1890s was left handed Billy Sunday a native of Ames Iowa who was
descovered by the famous player-manager Cap Anson of the Chicago White Stockings.
11th CP MUG Shots
Billy Sunday use to preach Alcohol is an appalling source of misery and crime in the land. His efforts helped bring about legel
prohibition in the 20s and early 30s.

Before Barbara Bash modern-day nature writer writes a book she sketches. I traveled to East Africa to sketch the baobab
trees, to southern Colorado to watch the twilight emergence of 100,000 bats…, and to New York City to find birds nests on
skyscraper ledges she notes.

#18 ¶

According to the book Lost cities of the Ancient world, the mayans great civilization existed in central america. Many years
before europeans discovered the americas.

Kelly’s t-shirt has the latin phrase cave canem (beware of the dog) and pictures of these three well known dogs a german
shepherd an english sheepdog and a beagle.

Queen nefertiti and her husband king amenhotop iv who came to power in egypt in 1379 b.c.e. They built the city of akhetaten in
honer of the egyptian sun god aton.

I like the south better then the north, however if I had to travel east, I would go to new york city. The capitol of the united states from
1785 to 1790.

Mr smith’s bonus question on our test was did president carter visit karen smith md? Before or after he toured the african
american and the hispanic culture fairs.

#24 ¶

The cancer drug taxol which aunt janet took is extracted from the bark of pacific Yew Trees that grow in washington and
oregon, it takes the bark from three large trees too treat one patient for a year.

My sister wants to become an industrial engineer, shes gonna write to the institute of industrial engineers in norcross georgia for more

 Archeologist Leonard wooley set out in 1922 to look for ur a city mentioned in the bible, Ur was the origenal home of abraham the
father of the hebrew people.

Crow indians native americans who now live in southeastern montana use to chew willow bark for headakes, willow bark contains
salicyclic acid which we call aspirin.

I took biology algebra world history spanish and english last year, the academic experience had an all together awe inspiring affect on

My mothers recipe says to use 2 T. of chili powder and 6 handsful of rice but both my brother-in-laws like x-tra chili powder and less

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