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address goes here
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                                                                                               date goes here

Dear name goes here:

Pursuant to ARS. Sec. 39-121 through 39-121.03, the Arizona Public Records Law, I formally request that
you, in your official capacity, make available to me the following documents (or records):

(list documents,or records you are seeking. Iinclude all the fields or categories you wish to have, like name,
address, city, zip code, type of ??, start date of ?? etc. Also, at the end, state: I would like to receive this
information electronically, either by email or on a disk.)

This request, made in my position as a reporter for The Arizona Republic, is for a non-commercial purpose.
I would be willing to pay reasonable costs up to $100. If the costs are expected to be more than that
amount, please telephone me at (your phone number) before incurring the costs.

Please provide me a response to my request by no later than the close of business on (insert date, usually 10
days out).

(optional, use only if this is second request and they are giving you the runaround)

 Your failure to deliver the foregoing documents to me by then will be deemed as your refusal to provide
the documents. Please be advised that, in the event my request for the foregoing documents is denied,
I shall take whatever action I deem appropriate, including the filing of a special action in Superior Court, to
secure my rights under the Arizona law.

(end optional trim)

I strongly believe that the foregoing documents are of vital interest to the public.

Thank you for your assistance.

                                                                                       (Your name)
                                                                                       (Your title)

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