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The BSSM Awards _ Gala Dinner


									The Business & Service Sector Management (BSSM) Academic Achievement Awards 2005

         Information about the Awards & Nomination Procedure
       Award Ceremony to take place on Saturday 30th April 2005 at the BSSM Gala Dinner
As a student within the BSSM Department based at either North Campus or City Campus, you are
encouraged to self-nominate OR Nominate a Friend for an Achievement Award.
Award winners shall be invited to the BSSM Gala Awards Dinner on 30th April at which the Award shall
be presented.
The Gala Awards Dinner takes place on the same evening of the Student May Ball and therefore your
Award also entitles you to free entry to this event.
To nominate a friend or your self go to WebCT to download the appropriate form and after filling it out
submit it online.

Nomination Question
1. The Awards are intended to identify individual achievement that might be ACADEMIC, SOCIAL, or
   PERSONAL in nature that impacted upon you or your friend’s University career over the last 12
2. The subject for this year’s Awards is RETENTION. You are required to identify an issue that
   threatened you or your friend’s RETENTION at University
3. You are further required to demonstrate how you or your friend OVERCAME this particular
4. You must show a SUCCESSFUL outcome that ensured you or your friend’s continuation at London
   Metropolitan University.

For example: you or your friend may have been effected by the 2004 Tsunami Crisis, or your
family home might have moved away from London, or perhaps your partner left the country.

How to Self-Nominate
To self-nominate, you must identify, in less than 200 words in total:

   1.   The issue category – Academic, Social or Personal
   2.   The nature of the difficulty, crisis or challenge
   3.   Why AND how the issue endangered the continuation of your academic career
   4.   What measures you undertook to ensure your Retention
   5.   What, in-particular, you learnt from the experience
   6.   What measures might you adopt to avoid this issue happening again

How to Nominate a Friend
To nominate a friend, you must identify, in less than 200 words in total:

   1.   The issue category – Academic, Social or Personal
   2.   Identify the issue about which you will write.
   3.   How AND why did the issue effect your friend’s academic career?
   4.   What measures did your friend take to ensure his/ her Retention?
   5.   What did your friend learn from this experience?
   6.   What control measures has your friend adopted?

The Self-nomination or Nomination of a friend procedure
To Self-Nominate or nominate someone, you must register on the WebCT site called BSSM
Achievement Awards 2005.

Students wishing to progress a nomination should download a Self-Nomination form or a Nomination
form for a friend, complete the form, and submit the form on the WebCT site (via the Assessments
icon) by the closing date of 18th April 2005.

Deciding the Award Winners
A Panel shall consider all Self-Nominations submitted on and before the closing date of 18th April 2005.
The Panels’ decision is final.
Notification of Award Winners
Award winners shall be notified by Email, by Saturday 23rd April 2005.
Awards shall be presented at the BSSM Gala Awards Dinner to take place in the Rocket Complex on
Saturday 30th April 2005, at 6.00pm. Award winners shall attend the Gala Awards Dinner and the
subsequent Student May Ball as guests.

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