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					     THE BROWN
     To Further the Cause of Co-operation, Progress and Friendliness

                                                                Berlin, N. H., Sept. 1, 1927

                         CUPSUPTIC, ME.
 P R I N T E D       U P O N      N i B R O C      S U P E R C A L E N D E R E D             B O N D                (\Nt> SWE. f\   f   BOT     FATHEH-
                                                                                                                     MlMDTE T—          ,-    _-_ ,
                                                                                                                                                 JWMMKlMG-.j ^
                                                                                                                                             TEMIHER SftVS
                                                                                                                                             IT'S DANGEROUS!
Vol.   IX.                        SEPTEMBER,               1927                                  No. 3

    "The object of this organization is to publish a paper for the benefit of the employees of the Brown
Company and of the Brown Corporation, in which may appear i t e m s of local and general interest; and
which will tend to further the cause of co-operation, progress and friendliness among and between al!
sections of these companies."—By-Laws, Article 2.

                               EDITORIAL STAFF
Editor—G. L. Cave                         Photographic Editor—Victor Beaudoin
Associate Editors—Louville Paine, John    Cartoonists—J. Daw, George Prowcl!
        Heck, Joseph Hennessey            Business Manager—Gerald Kimball
Assistant Editors—John A. Hayward,
        James McGivney

                            BOARD OF L i RECTORS
       President—O. P. Cole                      Secretary—A. L. Laferriere
 G. L. Cave          A. L. Laferriere       Jos. Hennessey      W. L. Bennett                                         THEY LEARN FROM YOU
 P. W. Churchill     Paul Grenier           A. K. Hull          John Heck
 Walter Elliott      Jas. McGivney          John A. Hayward     E. A. White                                    A child, like a chicken, has an inclina-
                                PORTLAND OFFICE                                                             tion to dart across the street at any place
                                  VV. B. Brockway                                                           without thinking or looking. There is
                                                                                                            n o t h i n g criminal about t h a t ; it's a normal
                                                                                                            instinct, but a dangerous one in this motor
   Items, original articles, and photographs are invited from all employees of the companies. These         age.
may be handed to any member of the Ivhtonul Stnff or Hoard of Directors, or sent directly to the
                                                                                                               A lien can spot danger quickly enough
Editor, The Brown Bulletin, Berlin, N. II. All contributions must be signed.
                                                                                                            when a hawk is around, but her protective
                                                                                                            instinct does not function in the presence
                                     SERVICE DIRECTORY                                                      of an automobile. She loses her head as
           BROWN COMPANY DISTRICT NURSING DEPARTMENT (Established 1903)                                     completely as she does prior to a chicken
    Miss E. A. Uhlschoeffer, Supervisor; Miss M. A Pagan, Assistant Supervisor; Miss D. Trucheon,           dinner.
Miss V. Brothers, District Nurses; Miss G. Kennedy, Miss Hazel Locke, Miss V. Paquette, Industrial             The hazards of the street have increased
Nurses. Office, 226 High Street; telephone 85; office hours, 8-8:30 a. m., and 12:30-1:30 p. m. Calls may
be sent to the above office, to Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, telephone 283-W, or to any Brown       so rapidly in the past 25 years that even
Company time office. Working hours 8 a. m., to 6 p. m. A nurse answers all first calls, but may not         grown-up human beings can't Always re-
continue upon a case except a doctor is in charge.                                                          alize them. They still act as they used
                                                                                                            to when the greatest danger in crossing
                                                                                                            the street was losing their rubbers in the
                       BROWN COMPANY SURGICAL SERVICE                                                       mud.
                  L. B. MARCOU, M. D., Chief Surgeon, Office 275 School Street
                     H. E. WILKINSON, M. D., Assistant, Office 33 Main Street                                  Educators have proved that children
                            On call duty: January, April, J u l y , October                                 can be taught to take care of themselves,
                  NORMAN DRESSER, M. D., Assistant, Office 143 Main Street
                         On call duty: March, June, September, December
                                                                                                            and safety is now a part of the regular
                     E. R. B. McGEE, M. D.. Assistant, Office 45 High Street                                instruction in many schools. But children
                         On call d u t y : February, May, August, November                                  spend only about five hour; a day in
                                                                                                            school, and the classroom instruction may
                                                                                                            be wasted if they are" taught differently
                      BROWN COMPANY RELIEF ASSOCIATION                                                      at home. The teacher needs a little co-
              Open to all employees except those eligible to Burgess Relief Association
President, T. D. Walsh, Cascade                               Secretary, P. L. Murphy, Cascade
Vice-President, W. E. Haines, Box Shop                        Treasurer, E. F. Bailey, Main Office             Eleven thousand children of school age
                                    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                     were killed by automobiles during 1926.
A. K. Hull, Riverside                                                       L. A. Morse, Cascade
Jas. P. Howell, Riverside                                                   P. K. Ross, Cascade             Some were the victims of reckless drivers;
Olaf M. Nelson, Storehouse "A"                                              Geo. Doucette, Cascade          others were merely following the example
Fred R. Oleson, Saw Mill                                                    John A. Lynch, Cascade
John Briggs, Salvage                                                        Peter Landers, Cascade          of their thoughtless elders.
                                   R. H. Grant, Tube Mill No. 2                                                Th youngsters learn from you. Are you
          Executive Committee meets on the first Monday of each month at 7.30 p. m., in the                 living up to your responsibility?
                                         Police Court Room

                                                                                                              The front cover this month is a repro-
                              BURGESS RELIEF ASSOCIATION
President, Michael J. Myler                                                Secretary, A. Stanley Cabana     duction of a photograph taken by Victor
Vice-President, John Lavoie                                                Treasurer, James McGivney        Beaudoin of the home of Manager Frank
                                              DIRECTORS                                                     C. King of the Brown Company Nursery
Victor Lacomb                                                               Edmond Boutin
Archie Belanger                                                             Odule Belanger                  and Storehouse at Cupsuptic, Maine.
U. F. Dale                                                                  Frank Moreau
                           SAMOYEDE                                                 DOGS
      HROUGH the courtesy of Maynes-
T       boro Kennels owned by Mr. W.
        R. Brown, we are privileged this
                                             He is useful on a farm wherever herding
                                             is necessary, and for his size and weight
                                             has no equal as a sled dog. Large num-
                                                                                            the Royal Zoological Society, who dis-
                                                                                             covered the breed during an exploration
                                                                                            trip. They were first shown in Leeds in
month to print the following general de-     bers of these dogs were used in Arctic          1892 and received official recognition by
scription of Samoyede dogs and to illus-     and Antarctic expeditions, notably those       the British Kennel Club in 1909, when the
trate it from Victor Beaudoin's photo-       of Nansen, Shackleton, Johannesen, the         British Samoyede Club was formed. The
graphs of the three bouncing litters now     Due d'Abruzzi and Borchgrevink. They           Samoyede Club of America was organized
growing up at the kennels. Wanda's get       have been found more reliable than the         in 1923, at which time the breed was
of May 27 comprised two males and three      Huskie or Esquimeaux. They are friendly        recognized and rules for exhibiting were
females, while that of Panna of the same     with each other and their masters and          adopted.
date consisted of three males and two        have a disposition to work at all times.          The male Samoyede dog stands between
females. On June 4, Mamusia became the       Shackleton reports that eight Samoyede         20 and 22 inches at the shoulder and
mother of a family of seven, of which        dogs, averaging only forty pounds each in      weighs from 45 to 55 pounds; the female,
four were males and three were females.      weight, hauled a sled loaded with eight        18 to 20 inches at the shoulder and weighs
Victor says that it was quite a job to get   hundred pounds and two men, forty miles        from 26 to 45 pounds. Color should be
Mamusia and the seven posed for a pic-       in one day, from 7 a. m., to 6 p. m., with     pure white, white and biscuit, or cream.
ture. We would not have noticed the          an hour for lunch, and rests of five minutes   Black or black spots disqualify. The head
chain on Mamusia, if he had not pointed      each at regular intervals. They are noted      should be powerful and wedge-shaped,
it out.                                      for their sweet dispositions and make a        with a broad flat skull, muzzle of medium
   The Samoyede dog is the dog bred by       great children's pet. They have never          length, and a tapering foreface. Ears
the Samoyede people, a nomadic tribe of      been known to attack a man, but at night       must be alert and slightly rounded at the
Finnic origin, inhabiting the Yalmal or      will bark on the approach of strangers.        top, set well apart and well covered with
Samoyede Peninsula, a vast stretch of        They are one of the oldest breeds known        hair inside and out. Eyes should be dark,
Tundra which extends along the shores        to mankind and must not be confused            set well apart and deep, with alert and
of the Arctic Ocean from the White Sea       with the Esquimeaux, or Huskie, dogs that      intelligent expression. His lips should be
to the Yenesei River. These people keep      have a certain amount of wolf blood and        black. Nose and eye rims should be either
herds of reindeer, and these dogs are used   are not reliable. They should not be con-      black or brown or flesh colored, black
in rounding up and driving the animals.      fused with the Spitz, a dog of smaller         preferred. He should have strong jaws
  The rigorous climate of his native land    size, originally bred in Germany, and not      and level teeth. His body should be well
makes the Samoyede a dog of activity,        a working dog.                                 covered with a thick, close, soft and short
strength and toughness, and he is conse-        Samoyedes were introduced into Eng-         undercoat with harsh hair growing through
quently basically healthy and breeds pure.   land in the late eighties by a member of       it, forming the outer coat, which should
                                                                                            stand straight away from the body and
                                                                                            be quite free from curl. His soft inner
                                                                                            coat is shed in the springtime, enabling
                                                                                            the dog to go through the warm summer
                                                                                            months in comfort. The back should be
                                                                                            medium in length, broad and very muscu-
                                                                                            lar; the chest, broad and deep; ribs well
                                                                                            sprung; the hind quarters, very muscular;
                                                                                            and stifles, well let down. Cow hocks or
                                                                                            straight stifles are very objectionable.
                                                                                            Legs should be straight and muscular, of
                                                                                            good length and good bone. Short legs
                                                                                            are objectionable. Feet must be long,
                                                                                            flattish and slightly spread out; soles,
                                                                                            well padded with hair; the tail long and
                                                                                            profuse, carried over the back or side
                                                                                            when alert, sometimes dropped down when
                                                                                            at rest. Tight curl or double hook is a
                                                                                            fault. The disposition should be alert,
                                                                                            intelligent, and markedly affectionate.
                                                                                               The Samoyede is particularly a child's
                                                                                             pet and takes to hauling a sled naturally
                                                                                             with little training. In the puppy stage
                                                                                             the Samoyede closely resembles a white
                                                                                             Teddy bear and is a fascinating little
                                                                                             creature with soft, fluffy coat. At the age
                                MAMUSIA'S SCHOOL
                                                                                             pf from one year to eighteen months, his
Page Four                                                              THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927
coat loses much of its silkiness and at-                                           times a very striking and handsome dog,      the very choicest native strains, as can
tains an icy sheen or glitter and repels                                           and is still somewhat of a rarity.           be seen from their photographs, and are
rather than attracts dirt. He is at all                                              Maynesboro Samoyedes are bred from         shipped in sound and healthy condition.


                                                                  BROWN CORPORATION

                                                                                      MADELEINE RIVER FROM THE POINT

          MADELEINE RIVER                                                         cleaned. When dry they are barrelled and      into a gale with the result that the raft
   Except for work everything is quiet.                                           shipped to Italy, where they seem to be       that has been used for probing has
Greig and Burgess have left for other                                             in great demand as a delicacy. The smell      dragged her anchor, and looks like coming
climes. We had a recent visit from Mr.                                            at this time of the year is chaste, and we    ashore in the breakers. If she does, she
W. R. Brown with Mr. Perrin and some                                              will all be glad when the run is over.        will break up.
walk. Good they all are in training. The                                             During the past month everybody has
fishing scientists have left for Berlin, and                                      been busy. The St. Anne Paper Co. has           Pete Hall had the honor of catching
there are still a few salmon left.. The                                           finished and shipped their last cargo of      the first salmon in the Company's waters.
photographs will explain better than we                                           pulp, closed their office, and departed. We
can the beauty of the district and give                                           miss them as it has reduced the English-         B. J. Keenan and Dave Lawrence visit-
some idea of the mountainous heights, and                                         speaking population by two, but it now        ed us from La Tuque. Barney had the
as some of the panoramas are taken from                                           gives us a chance to get on with our own      shock of his life, when he caught a large-
off the railway track it is easily seen to                                        work, as they have been more or less in       sized eel. Dave spent quite a lot of time
what heights it has to climb. Flies are                                           the way. Daw and his gang are busy            "tickling" for trout under the boom. You
plentiful in the bush, but very few are                                           drilling holes in the bottom of the ocean,    could hear the "tee hees" of the little
found on the sea shore. Cod fishing is in                                         but so far have not discovered anything       trout all over the Valley.
full swing now, and for miles along the                                           worth diving for. At the time of writing
shore there are racks on which the cod                                            it looks as though a disaster is imminent,     The Government road from Matane to
are dried after being split open and                                              as a strong wind has got up and developed     Gaspe is approaching completion and

                                                                                      LITTLE RAPIDS FROM THE RAILWAY
                                        THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927                                               Page Five


quite a lot of cars have been through          Douglas McMurtrie were visitors here          The road into La Tuque is now in very
from Quebec already.                           during this last month.                     good condition, and the following trips
                                                                                           are reported: H. Clifford and family to
                                                 L. "Ross of the engineering department    St. Johns, Que.; W. Arnott and family
                LA TUQUE                                                                   to East Angus and other places in the
  Whilst indulging recently in day dreams      and R. Smith of the tube plant were
                                               home over the 4th. They motored back        Townships; B. Bjornlund to Ogdensburg,
of his childhood on the farm (many moons                                                   New York; S. Robertson, M. Purcell, G.
ago) Ed Moore absent-mindedly tied up          to La Tuque and reported a good trip,
                                               having made from Gorham to La Tuque         Matte, H. Braithwaite, W. Creighton and
the Storehouse Office Burroughs to the                                                     M. Creighton to Ottawa and Montreal
steam coils with a piece of cord—evident-              hours.
                                                                                           over the 1st.
ly under the impression that it was old
"Bossy." Result: When Kenneth needed              We were surprised to hear of the mar-      B. J. Keenan and D. A. Lawrence are
the machine, the stand advanced, leaving       riage of Alex Walker to Miss Muriel         enjoying a business trip down to Made-
the Burroughs suspended in the air for         Sloan. Through the pages of the Bulle-      leine River on the south shore of the St.
a short length of time, when old man           tin, we wish them much happiness in         Lawrence.
Gravity got to work and caused its down-       their new life.
fall, leaving it in a much battered con-                                                     M. V. Ross and P. J. Martinson have
dition.                                          Mrs. Stark Wilson and daughter are        been transferred to the efficiency depart-
  The Burroughs repair man expressed           here visiting Mr. Wilson of the engineer-   ment.
his opinion forcibly to Ed. He told him        ing department.
to use a sledge hammer next time and
                                                                                             Don Dresser has been transferred tem-
make a thorough job of it.                                                                 porarily from Berlin to the electrical de-
                                                 A very successful celebration was held
                                               here on July 1st and 2nd. On Friday         partment.
  It is with regret that we record the         there was a field day followed by a base-
death of E. J. Butler, who passed away on      ball game between Shawinigan and an            On the week-end of the 17th the Zouaves
July 5th, after an illness of several years.   all-star team, La Tuque coming out on       of La Tuque were hosts of the Zouve
He is survived by a wife and three child-      the right end of an 8-6 score. On Satur-    Convention. The town was decorated for
ren.                                           day a dance was held in the Community       the occasion with arches and colored
                                               Club with everyone present reporting a      lights, flags and streamers. A banquet
  Messrs. Geo. P. Abbott, Paul Brown and       good time.                                  was held in the Community Club on Sun-

                                          VILLAGE OF MADELEINE RIVER FROM RAILWAY
Page Six'                              THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927
                                              will reside on Roy Street.     Good luck,     des fanfares tambours et clairons. C'etait
                                              Matt.                                         le detachement des Zouaves du district de
                                                                                            Montreal qui faisait son entree dans La
                                                The Elks gave a social evening on Aug.      Tuque. La ville etait decoree pour la
                                              10th, in the Community Club. The at-          circonstance comme on peut le voir par
                                              tendance was not as large as usual, but       la photographic ci-jointe. Le campement
                                              those present certainly enjoyed them-         etait pret a recevoir ses holes et bientot
                                              selves and the music supplied by the          tout fut vie dans notre localite. A 1'arrivee
                                              Melody Orchestra.                             des Zouaves du district de Quebec, a
                                                                                            quatre heures A. M., 1'on peut dire que
                                                                                            les trois cinquiemes de notre population
ABOVE THE BRIDGE AT MADELEINE RIVER             We notice Georgie Matt is all smiles
                                                                                            assista a lur defile de la gare au Camp.
                                              these days. What is the reason, George?
day evening. On Monday afternoon they                                                          Accueillis avec enthousiasme, les Zouaves
gave a drill exhibition. At 5.30 p. m.,                                                     se sentirent bientot chez eux. La gaiete
they boarded their special to return to         George Braithwaite is at present tour-      regna jusqu'a neuf heures et demi, heure
their respective homes.                       ing God's Country in his Chevrolet sedan.     a laquelle sonna le rasseniblement pour
                                              We will not tell who is accompanying          la messe en plein air, spectacle magnifique
                                              him. You guess.                               auquel il nous a ete donne tres rarement
  H. Murch and family motored to De-
troit with their son, Stanley, who was here                                                 d'assister. Pendant la Messe, Monsieur
for a few days.                                 Norman Barraclough spent a week-end         le Cure Corbeil, en quelques bonnes
                                              in Grandmere recently visiting friends.       paroles tirees de son coeur, souhaita, en
                                              Never mind, Norman, we know who she is.       son nom et au nom de toute la popula-
 Our superintendent motored to New                                                          tion de notre ville, la bienvenue a tous
York recently to visit his family.                                                          les Zouaves, a leurs officiers, et a leurs
                                                      LA TUQUE, QUEBEC
  On July 26th, 90% of the population            Desormais le Moulin de la Brown Cor-          Dans 1'apres-midi du meme jour, il y
of La Tuque journeyed to Grande Anse          poration a La Tuque aura sa part de           cut parade du regiment dans les rues de
to witness the famous Stillman wedding.       Bulletin en francais; telle est la nouvelle   la ville, presentation des armes aux au-
It is indeed a great pleasure to report no    que Ton nous donnait le mois dernier, a       torities religieuses et civiles; Monsieur le
casualties, although     our old friend,      condition que Ton trouve des collabora-       Maire F. X. Lamontagne elu depuis moins
Buckoo, nearly bid us adieu.                  teurs pour ce travail. Comme la chose         de quinze jours profita de la circonstance
                                              n'est pas encore connue et qu'il nous faut    pour offrir les clefs de la Ville au regi-
                                              cependant quelque chose pour remplir          ment des Zouaves privilege tout special
  The death of Mr. C. G. Cox, our head        1'espace mis a notre disposition, nous en
storekeeper, occurred on July 27th, as a                                                    qui fut accepte.
                                              profiterons pour raconter en quelques
result of a severe heart attack. We wish                                                       Le soir a sept heures, il y eut banquet
                                              lignes la Convention generale annuelle
to extend our sympathy to Mrs. Cox and                                                      offert par les Citoyens de La Tuque aux
                                              des ZOUAVES PONTIFICAUX CAN-
family.                                                                                     Officiers du Regiment des Zouaves dans
                                              ADIENS evenement dont notre ville a ete
                                                                                            la Salle du Community Club gracieuse-
                                              remoin tout recemment.
                                                                                            ment mise a la disposition des Zouaves
  By the time that this appears, Matt           A deux heures, dans la nuit du 16 au        par Monsieur Simmons Brown. A cette
Purcell will have joined the ranks of the     17 juillet dernier, les citoyens des rues
                                                                                            agape toute fraternelle et des mieux re-
Benedicts. Upon their return the couple       St-Louis et St-Joseph s'eveillaient au son
                                                                                            ussie, Ton porta les santes de circonstance
                                                                                            dans de courtes allocutions des mieux
                                                                                            goutees. La Mechanic's Band de La
                                                                                            Tuque remplissait la partie musicale de la
                                                                                            soiree, role dans lequel elle nous fit passer
                                                                                            d'etonnements en etonnements, grace a la
                                                                                            parfaite execution des morceaux au pro-
                                                                                               Le lundi 18 juillet, dans l'avant-midi, il
                                                                                            y eut revue militaire du Regiment par le
                                                                                            Colonel F. X. Jules Dorion. Dans 1'apres-
                                                                                            midi il y eut demonstration de gymnas-
                                                                                            tique et de culture physique par les Corps
                                                                                            athletique de Quebec et Grand'Mere.
                                                                                               Les Zouaves etrangers arrives par trains
                                                                                            speciaux nous quitterent de la meme man-
                                                                                            iere, le lundi a cinq heures et demie, lais-
                                                                                            sant derre eux une bonne renommee t
                                                                                            emportant avec eux les regrets de toute
                                                                                            notre population, fascinee par leur devise:
                                                                                            "AIME DIEU ET VA DROIT TON
ARCHE DE FEUILLAGE DUE A L'HABILITE DE MONSIEUR ROCH COURTEAU,                   ZOUAVE                                      "ANREC."
      THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927                 Page Seven-

Page Eight                                                         THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927

                                                              RIVERSIDE                                                               SMOKE
TiimiiuiiimiuiiiiiiimimiuiiuiiiiiimiiuiiiiiimiimiimuiiiuiiiMiimmimiiuimiimiiim1 iimimiiiiiHiMmiiiiimiiiuiimimiimimiiiiiuiiimiiiiiminiimimiimimimimiimmiimiiiMiimiMimi

                                                                              and 5 p. m., any day except Saturday,                                           Julia Oleson had a permanent wave
                                                                              when Joe, like the rest of us, is invited                                      which lasted six months,
                                                                              to stay home.
                                                                                                                                                              Edna Erickson says she will not be
                                                                                The writer is going to spend a couple                                        working in the towel room long.
                                                                              of weeks studying astronomy on the banks
                                                                              of the Connecticut, which in a sort of                                           Esther is still on the job, making a lot
                                                                              commercial way is used to float empty                                          of money,
                                                                              syrup cans from Canada to Long Island
                                                                              Sound. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they                                          Margaret Coulombe has injured her
                                                                              were only full.                                                                finger.
A 126-TON MACHINE                     AT POWELL RIVER
  The matrimonial bug has bitten again.                                         I hope you don't feel hurt, but that                                           A diver is wanted as Florence Anctil
Our mill is fast getting a reputation of                                      particular roll of paper weighed fifteen                                       lost her vanity case in the river.
being a regular matrimonial bureau. The                                       pounds more than it should have instead
latest heroes are Reginald Hughes and                                         of two ounces and a half, like you say.
                                                                                                                                                               Denaige Paquet is out of work on ac-
Joe Vallis, both of the machine room.                                                                                                                        count of injuring her arm in the standard
The blushing bride of Mr. Hughes was                                                      TOWEL ROOM
                                                                                If Zine keeps her latest hair cut, she'll                                    machine.
Alice Dion, one of our towel room queens.
The bride of Mr. Vallis is a very esti-                                       freeze her ears.
mable young lady, we hear. All their                                                                                                                           Bertha is keeping good track of the
friends wish them a happy and prosperous                                        Rosilda Hamel likes to work near the                                         short-count packages.
journey through life.                                                         door as she gets a lot of fresh air.
                                                                                                                                                               A radio or a victrola has nothing on
  Vacationists are going and coming, those                                      Yvonne Dion hates to work on the                                             Bill Therrien and Bill Cote for talking.
going happy in the thought of getting                                         junior machine.                                                                They are just like a couple of old women.
away, those coming back happy in telling
some of their experiences.                                                      Olive claims she would like to live on
                                                                              a farm in Milan.                                                                 Tony has gone training. He claims it
  We did get an order for a case of                                                                                                                          is a good vacation.
dental bibs. Many thanks! and do try                                            Eva Michaud hates to lose 10% on cut
and get us one for crepe tissue.                                              towels.                                                                         Learning English Was One Too Much
                                                                                                                                                                A Frenchman was relating his experi-
  We had a pleasant call during the                                             Alice Dion passed a good grade of                                            ences of learning the English language.
month of two of our old reliable cutter                                       chocolates.                                                                    "When I discovered that if I was quick
girls, Mrs. William Cote and Mrs. Wen-                                                                                                                       I was fast," he said, "and that if I was
dall Murray, now of Powell River, B. C.                                                                                                                      tied I was fast, if I spent too freely I was
                                                                                Ida Marois is promoted to the cutter                                         fast, and that not to eat was to fast, I
  Joe Mercier is in need of a                               private           room.                                                                          was discouraged. But when I came across
secretary to write down all the                             difficult                                                                                        the sentence, 'The first one won one one-
units of work he tries to do in                              a day.            Eva Marois is out of luck on the bonus.                                       dollar prize,' I gave up trying to learn
Apply in person any time between                            8 a. m.,          Her machine plugs all the time.                                                English."—Pulp and Paper Magazine.

                                                        THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927                                                       Page Nine

                                       PORTLAND OFFICE

  Clarence Eaton is taking his annual                            sized. If it had not been for the timely           some event or other over to his house.
vacation this year at Wilton, Maine.                             actions of our co-worker, both men
                                                                 would have been lost. As it was one man              H. L. Bradbury, department of sales
  W. T. Callahan, financial department,                          was drowned even though much was done              statistics, has returned from his vacation,
was one of the principals in an automobile                       to rescue him. We would like to see you            which was spent very pleasantly motoring.
accident recently. His many friends were                         get a medal, "Bob."
glad to learn that nobody was injured.                                                                                We were glad to see Geo. Brathwaite
His daughter and her friend were with                              We were glad to see Mr. Flint, Mr.               and John Martin from the La Tuque
him.                                                              Brinig, and Dr. Rice.                             office.

  Mrs. L. G. Gurnett has returned from a                            Recently Ralph Dyer decided he was                Hudson Taylor has returned from his
long trip in Europe.                                              in need of a hair cut. There was a                vacation.
                                                                  stranger on duty and instead of a hair
  The ball players of            the Portland office              cut he very nearly got a shave. For some            W. A. Forrest is training another mus-
seem inclined to let             the Portland New                 days he was worried for fear the roots            tache, which gives every sign of being a
England League Club               play for them this              had been taken too.                               success.
year. The cup is still            in its cabinet.
                                                                    Carroll "Erphala" Dudley of the pulp              Geo. A. Beesley is on his vacation which
  Mr. Ek has returned from a trip to                              sales division is spending his vacation at        he is to spend in the wilds of New Sweden.
Alaska.                                                           his home in Bangor.                               George says that between the blueberry
                                                                                                                    picking and the beautiful country girls
  Miss Butler of the purchasing depart-                             Ralph E. Dyer spent a very pleasant             he will not have a dull moment.
ment, Quebec office, made us a visit lately,                      two weeks' vacation at his camp on Little
accompanied by Mrs. Smith.                                        Sebago Lake and at Bridgton.                       H. C. Van Dyne is contemplating a
                                                                                                                    motor trip to Canada during his vacation.
  Looking very fit and as brown as an                                Clem Phinney startled the natives
Indian, Glenn N. Merry returned August                            around the Cash Corner village store by             Phil Grover has returned from his va-
15th, after spending two weeks' vacation                          appearing out in a brand new necktie              cation and reported that the fishing was
at Panther Pond, Raymond, Maine.                                  right out of the fresh stock of Joe               not so good as years past.
                                                                  Schwartz's emporium, Congress St., East.
  John A. Fogarty, manager chemical                               It's lucky you're married, Clement, or the          The month of August finds the follow-
sales division, has just returned from a                          single queens would be after you.                 ing enjoying their annual vacations:—
four weeks' business trip through the                                                                               Hanson, Harris, Montgomery, Orne, Rich-
South, where he has been promoting the                              The birthday of Isabel of the mailing           ardson, Skillin and Waterhouse.
sale of calcium arsenate.                                         department was celebrated royally by the
                                                                  "M. D.'s" At five sharp the door was                 Harr y Todd is the reporter for this
  Ralph MacGregor Prescott and Robert                             closed with a bang and there was a sud-           month, and Clarence Eaton will receive
J. Spear, Jr., have just returned to the                          den dash for the cars which were waiting          items for next month's issue.
office after a successful flight from Port-                       outside the door.
land, Me., to Quebec City and return, in                                                                              Clayton Wentworth, who was substitut-
the now famous "Spirit of Biddeford."                               The girls are all sorry to hear that            inS  during vacations on the invoicing, has
                                                                  Velia is confined by illness to her home          left to resume his duties on the stage.
  Clinton H. Bishop, fibre conduit depart-                        in North Berwick.
ment, left August 13, on a gypsy tour                                                                                 Carroll Mountfort underwent a slight
through Maine, New Hampshire, and                                   John Vanier is on his two weeks' vaca-          operation on August 1.
Canada with his wife and children.                                tion.
                                                                                                                       Richard Grover and Wilbur W. Win-
                                                                     AIvan R       Googins of the credit depart-    slow have left the employ of the com-
   We are triad to see Robert Soear the                                                                             pany. Grover has gone with Cook, Ever-
           of s L o Lake Id Thorvald                              »'ent    has    been b^ refinishing a house

tanned and ready for work.
                                                                  «**. he *«*«* >ast °r* He is
                                                                  P lannin S     to be married on    September 3.
                                                                                                                    ett & Pennell Co., and Winslow with
                                                                                                                                 Petroleum Co.

                                                                                                                     W. C. Lord of the Florida operations
  We want to go on record the above-                                 James       Powdl held out S0 cents on hls     made a call at the office last week.
mentioned affair of Mr. Spear. On his                             w f e the other         Pay-dav-
return from Canada, he went to Sebago                                                                                 The fire that occurred on Holyoke
Lake where he spends the summer and                                 Tommy Dame, known as Big Heart,                 wharf recently might have been serious
a part tragedy took place. A couple of                            treated the boys to a two-pound box of            to the company's office but for the good
men were out in a boat and same cap-                              chocolates the other day to celebrate             work of the P. F. D.
Page Ten                                                    THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927
   The August number of "The Magazine                                 requirements. A potent influence immedi-                                    annual reports to its stockholders. This is a new
of Business," which was established in                                ately following the war was the fact that                                   idea, I believe. And these reports will be more
                                                                                                                                                  effective than reports published in newspapers be-
 1900 as "System" and is edited by A. W.                              expenditures for improvement were cur-                                      cause they will be kept for reading while a news-
 Shaw, made a special illustrated feature                             tailed during the war.        There was a                                   paper page will be neglected.
of an article written by Comptroller W.                               nation-wide effort in 1921 and 1922 to rush                                   Modern criticism of government is due to its
 B. Brockway of the Brown Company and                                 public works with the two-fold purpose of                                   failure to change as the people have changed.
                                                                                                                                                  Business, being alert, has made itself over in 10
entitled "Is There a Bright Side to Our                               catching up on postponed work and of                                        years; government must do the same. The old
$5,000,000,000 Local Tax Bill?" The core                              reducing the unemployment.                                                  idea and the old experience that the people will
of this article is undoubtedly the material                             Mr. Brockway feels that it is pretty                                      not be interested in the functions and cost of
that Mr. Brockway gathered for his talk                                                                                                           government have in my judgment passed away.
                                                                      nearly time to stop spending borrowed                                       They are becoming interested. The clerk, the
before the Conference of Governors of                                 money. The edge is now off the pressing                                     barber, the truckman, are making a place for these
last year.                                                            need, and it is time to start to pay as you                                 subjects in their lives. They should be told and
   The article must be read as a whole in                             go. In conclusion, he states:                                               taught until they get a working understanding.
                                                                        No one should expect the 1913 cost of government                          And when they learn that a highway and a
order properly to appreciate it. Some of                                                                                                          hydrant, a street light and a postoffice, are re-
                                                                      to return. The times have changed, the people and
the striking facts in it are the following.                           their wants have changed. The people rule, and                              flected in the grocery bill, petitions for bond issues
About 15% of the total income of the                                  they will have eventually pretty much what they                             will not be so numerous or so popular as they are
country is now spent upon taxation. One                               think they want. And right there lies the answer                            today.
in eleven of the population is an employee                            to this question of rising local taxes—and the
or the dependent of an employee of the                                  There must be awakened in the minds of the                                A CENTRAL'S EVENING PRAYER
government, either federal, state, county,                            people an economic consciousness about government                          O Lord, for all I done today
municipality, or precinct. Of this total tax                          equal to their political consciousness. Every voter                        To cause annoyance and delay,
bill in 1925 34.0% was absorbed by the                                has some idea of his political contact with govern-                        To make a person rant and rave,
                                                                      ment, but from personal experience, I can say
Federal government. 13.4% was paid to                                 that few have much of an idea of their economic                            For all wrong numbers I have gave
the states, and 52.6%, more than half,                                contact with government outside of their direct                            And gave and gave when I'd be cryin'
was local taxation.                                                   taxes.                                                                     For five three seven, thrrree seven ni-yun,
                                                                        The cumbersome financial and other reports of                            For all the needless irritation
   Among the influences that have tended                              cities and states must be taken out of the wholly
to increased taxation since 1914 are the                              defensive frame of construction, and made short,                           When I cut off a conversation.
increase in population, the changed value                             interesting and understandable to the people. All                          The cusses—calls for information
of the dollar occasioned by the war, the                              of the important reports should be summarized                              Because of me—the slaps and slams,
                                                                      into an eight-page pamphlet within three months                            The smashed receivers—darns and damns
cost of soldiers' bonus and relief, and the                           of the end of the year, each year, and a copy
growth of the automobile industry, which                              should be mailed to each registered voter in each                          I've caused this day—O Lord, for these
has completely revolutionized our highway                             voting precinct, exactly as a corporation mails its                        And all my sins, excuse it, please.

                            BROW1N COMPANY SALES                                                                                                 OFFICES
= 1111   uin   i   iiiiiijiimmimiiiiiiiiimimimiimiiiiimimimiiiiimiiimi!   i      iiinnii   i   iiiiiiiiiin   iiimiiiimiiiiiiiiiimiimimmiimmimiiiiiiiiiimiimiimimiiiiiimiii   inn   mi   m   miimimiiiiimiimimii;

                 BOSTON                                               while purveyor of Nibroc towels to the                                       We hear from Frank Smith regularly
  Leslie Leavitt, our order clerk, for the                            Boston trade, called on us last week.                                      and he seems thoroughly accustomed to
past three years, has resigned and re-                                Ralph made the first sale of Nibroc towels                                 his new surroundings.
turned to his home in Saco, Maine. We                                 of any of the woods crew. They were
were sorry to have him leave us. Natalie                              noticed all over Boston Harbor.                                                          PITTSBURG
Hall of Brookline is taking the position                                                                                                           Mr. Brinig left the middle of August
left open by Leavitt's resignation.                                     We enjoyed a pleasant day with D. P.                                     for the east where he plans to visit the
                                                                      Brown and Col. Richter.                                                    main office and the mill, and to spend his
  Eugene Hanson is enjoying his annual                                                                                                           vacation at Lake Winnepesaukee.
vacation this season at Pequawket Lake,                                           NEW YORK
located somewhere in Maine. We hope                                     We have welcomed Messrs. Burke and                                          Messrs. Skirm and Root are busy laying
he gets a good rest. Carl Werner is                                   Taylor from Portland, and McMurtrie                                         the groundwork for a big drive on fibre
taking over his duties during his vacation.                           and Van Arsdel from Berlin, during the                                      pipe when the opportunity is favorable.
                                                                      past month.
  The Portland office reporter appears to                                                                                                          J. M. Kimball and J. F. Watlet both
have Carl Werner's intentions pretty well                               Harold Molcy and Joe May have de-                                        took their vacations in July. Kimball
built up, but maybe the lady involved has                             serted us for their annual two weeks com-                                  went to Minnesota and Canada, and had
something to say about it.                                            munion with nature.                                                        the pleasure of visiting both our Chicago
                                                                                                                                                 and Minneapolis offices. Watlet got hi.>
  Eugene Dupont says, "If there were any                                Now that the summer is nearly over,                                      health back in the hills of Pennsylvania.
"bos weasels" in the Boston office, they                              we are getting ready for the World's
would soon get stepped on because every-                              Series, which seems to be an annual event                                                 "Dis Anglish"
body keeps hopping around here."                                      in New York City. We may lose some                                            "Vot diable lankvich iss diss Anglish!"
                                                                      of the big prize fights but "Old King                                       cried the frantic Frenchman. "Dose goods
    We were glad that Ralph Sawyer, erst-                             Baseball" never deserts us.                                                 you send in a sheep iss a cargo, and dose
                                                             THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927                                                                                                               Page Eleven

you send in a car is a shipment. Vy, vy,                                    made his initial visit here a few weeks
vy do you not spik ze sense and call him                                    ago.
shipgo and carment?"
                                                                              According to repo.ts received from Mr.
            MINNEAPOLIS                                                     Berglund, he is having a pleasant vacation
  We recently had a few days' visit from                                    at Barberton, Ohio.
J. A. Taylor of the core department at
Portland, Maine. Come again, Jim, and
                                                                              Anyone desiring to locate our towel
bring your golf sticks.
                                                                            man, Mr. Johnson, will surely find him
                                                                            on the Country Club Golf Course for his
      H. E. Gumbart of our Chicago office                                   two weeks' vacation.                                                            COVERED BRIDGE AT MADELEINE                                       RIVER

=!'       iiiniiiiii   inn   HIM   i   iinmnnn       i   i   IIMIIIII   i      i       nmimimiiinim       i   minimum           niMiii     inn     nil   iiiimim    MM     mini       in               nnmimnmnmiiiinmiiiniM        i

                                        CHEMICAL MILL EXPLOSIONS

  Fred Begin is on his annual two weeks'                                    are off at the chemical mill to J. Stewart,                                     venture at Portland. May they move
vacation, visiting his birthplace and other                                 the sand-pit king.                                                              and move more frequently, Joe.
points of interest in Eastern Canada.
Reuben McCutcheon is back to work after                                       The race between the "Buster" and the                                           Denis Driscoll knocked his headlights
a month's vacation spent in St. Johns,                                      "Babe" affected Hairless Fred Maloney                                           and bumper off his "Rolls Delight," but
N. B. Hugh Meehan has just returned                                         to such a degree that he went to Montreal                                       for a wonder says he himself was to
from an inspection of his farm at Cano-                                     to stage a solo celebration when the                                            blame.
joharie, N. Y., and reports a heavy crop                                    "Babe" tied the "Buster" at 38.
of wheat. The unexpected has happened.                                                                                                                        Conversation heard while loading car of
Al Pouloit, the assistant cell-repair fore-                                   Rene Gagnon spent his vacation in                                             chlorine:
man, has gone on an extensive trip                                          New York and reports a wonderful time,                                            Laffin—"Where is Mt. Tom, Mass.?"
throughout Canada. Wm. Hove is back                                         but failed to find an orchestra as good                                           Lapointe (extending his right hand)—
after an extended vacation, haying on his                                   as the old Reid-Thompson Orchestra of                                           "Right over here."
farm.                                                                       Berlin.
                                                                                                                                                              Alfred Watt spent the last week of his
  Henry Vazina is out with "water on the                                      Hed Parker and Capt. Jim Barnes                                               vacation at Old Orchard with his family,
knee."                                                                      visited St. Johnsbury Fair and looked over                                      the first week being spent in New York.
                                                                            the fatted calves and young chickens.
  Squeaky Santy, Henry Pelky, Willie                                                                                                                           Ralph Clough has kept Jack Reid quite
Rivard and Matt Ryan, our sturdy boys                                         Amedee Morin spent his two weeks' va-                                         busy these days trying to keep track of
in khaki, have returned from two weeks                                      cation sawing cord wood and putting up                                          him between Berlin, Portland, East Ro-
in camp at Rock and Rye Beach.                                              hornpout for the coming winter.                                                 chester and New York. Would suggest,
                                                                                                                                                            Jack, that you communicate with the
  Eldon Story has returned to work after                                      Ernest Turgeron of the liquefaction                                           traffic department and put a tracer on him.
being out two weeks nursing his injured                                     plant has been motoring in Canada, visit-
thumb.                                                                      ing Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa during                                            George Lafleur a:ul Chas. Anderson of
                                                                            the past two weeks.                                                             the laboratory and office respectively, have
  Joe Vallis, Sr., had the misfortune to                                                                                                                    returned from a week's vacation spent at
lose his brand new store teeth in a brine                                                                                                                   Lafleur's cottage at Cedar Pond.
tank.                                                                         Joe Richards of the carbon bisulphide
                                                                            plant has the good wishes in his new                                              Wm. Keough has left for a period of
  Great improvements have been noted                                                                                                                        three weeks, visiting his former home at
in the boiler house. George "Going-to"                                                                                                                      Blackville, N. B.
Gale installed a new light under the
boilers at last. No wonder he can drive                                                                                                                       Ulric Gilbert has returned to work after
from Berlin to New Jersey on one quart                                                                                                                      a month's absence caused by an accident.
of oil and three gallons of gas, for he
surely is the economical kid, but then he                                                                                                                     Pete Cantin is bci.-.g missed at the
is from the highlands of Scotland.                                                                                                                          chlorine plant while en route to New York
                                                                                                                                                            with his family.
   Joe Bussiere is motoring in Canada on                                                                                                                      Joe Paradis is picking blueberries again,
 his two weeks' vacation.                                                                                                                                   and is canning them in his wood shed.

  Pittsburg may have its steel king and                                                                                                                       Jack Reid visited Rockland, Bath, Port-
 New York its financial king, but all hats                                             WARD 3 WAS ON THE MAP                                                land, Boston and points north and en
Page Twelve                            THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927
joyed his sea trip immensely.                   Constructive criticism: Oscar David-      be he is getting old or maybe he is sick.
                                              son would sell more papers, if he could
  Jos. Gobeil, the over-sized ash puller,     only make change a little snappier.           Fred Roberge spent a week at Akers
has given up the idea of getting married,                                                 Pond and caught all the hornedpout
and is now traveling between Forbush            Our idea of nothing at all: George        therein. So others intending to fish the
Park and Western Avenue.                      Gale and R. Bouchard telling each other     pond hereafter will be out of luck ac-
                                              how much money they are losing selling      cording to his story.
  Horseshoe pitching has become a very        butter and eggs.
popular noon hour sport. Several elimina-                                                   Eugene Dupont visited the office recent-
tions have been held, and the survivors          Mike Griffin has returned from Mon-      ly and looked very prosperous.
are Leonard Ells, Victor Mortenson, Fred      treal and Quebec, and is the only man
Silts and Jos. Filion, who challenge          so far as we can ascertain that did not
any other four-man team throughout the        sample the wet goods.                          "Shorty" Lemlin was in Hartford, Conn.,
Brown Company plants.                                                                     recently, and while there indulged in a
                                                                                          little deep-sea fishing. He claims he
                                                Lawrence Dyer has reconstructed his       caught lobsters weighing eight pounds,
   Victor Dutil is selling Oaklands, Pon-     Packard and is now ready for his annual
tiacs, wheelbarrows, hayracks, and other                                                  clams as big as his cap, weight 2l/2
                                              run to Bangor and return.                   pounds. Too bad he did not get another
cars in his spare time.
                                                                                          another jab, as he surely would have
  E. Chauvette is running a taxi between        John Bicotte visited Montreal, Three      caught a whale.
Forbush Park and Akers Pond. Anyone           Rivers and Quebec. After sampling the
desiring transportation in this easy-riding   water there he decided there was just as      The boys raised a little money recently
Super Ford 8, please call 264 automatic.      good in Berlin, so he cut his visit short   for a very worthy cause. When all sub-
                                              by four days.                               scriptions are in, it is the intention of the
  Lost, strayed or stolen: A one-cylinder                                                 committee to buy an expensive .alarm
bicycle from the caustic plant. If found,       What's the matter with "Duke" Manton      clock and present it to Doc Merrigan,
please notify Geo. Frost and receive suit-    lately? The last three months he has        so he may get to work before one when
able reward.                                  been very quiet and industrious. It must    on the 12-to-8 shift.

     THE TRAGEDY IN QUEENS                    ness; many business men go out of their       When this company made arrangements
   The throb of pity caused by the story      way to provide insurance for employees; a   with the Metropolitan Life Insurance
of the young widow in Queens who killed       main object of many fraternal bodies is     Company for the protection of its em-
herself and five children is instantly suc-                                               ployees under a plan of Group Insurance,
ceeded by the question: Could not some-                                                   it had as its aim the protection of em-
thing have been done to prevent this?                                                     ployees' dependents- in case the bread
We hunt in vain for evidence that or-                                                     winner was taken away. Your group in-
ganized society was at fault. We learn                                                    surance certificate is your family's defense
that a State Senator had applied with all                                                 against the uncertainties of life. See that
promptness for a widow's pension for the                                                  the person whom you wish to get your
family, and that its grant was probably                                                   insurance in case anything happens to
but a few days off; that friends had                                                      you is named your beneficiary.
offered shelter and funds; that a Masonic                                                    In addition, you owe it to yourself and
lodge had volunteered to care for the                                                     your family to take out as much other
children. The community skirts seem                                                       insurance as you can conveniently carry.
clear. Then we come back to The                                                           Savings are good, but you may die before
World's account to the sentences telling                                                  you accumulate enough to put your family
how the father had been well employed;                                                    on its feet—whereas your insurance is
how he had bought luxuries—a radio set,                                                   a positive, stated sum from the day it
an eight-cylinder car; and how he had                                                     goes into effect.
been hurt in an automobile accident.
     "Freeman, a stock salesman for a                                                       Emmanuel Jacksou, mule tender, ap-
   Wall Street firm, lived long enough                                                    peared one morning on crutches.
   to spend $2,000 in hire of specialists                                                   "How come?" asked a friend. "Ah
   and nurses. There was no insurance."                                                   thought yo' was one o' de best mule skin-
   Five small children—and there was no                                                   ners in de business."
 insurance. It is commonplace enough, no                                                    "So Ah is," affirmed Emmanuel proudly,
 doubt. Yet in this instance what a differ-                under our
 ence in six lives a few thousand dollars
 of insurance would have wrought! Year
in and year out civic leaders, social work-
                                              GROUP INSURANCE PLAN                        "but we got a new mule dat didn't know
                                                                                          mah repitation."

 ers and others talk about insurance          insurance. Many cannot save, but practi-       Some men arc born to trouble; some
 against disaster as almost an obligation.    cally all can insure.—Editorial in The      have it thrust upon them; others look for
 The State supervises the insurance busi-     World, N. Y., June 30, 1927.                it by violating the safety rules.
                                        THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927                                             Page Thirteen

    ROFESSOR GEORGE N. CROSS of                   To tell more of the story would be to      in some parts of the United States, es-
P      Randolph has performed a distinct
       service to every visitor at the Dolly
                                                infringe Professor Cross' copyright and
                                                to deny our readers the pleasure of read-
                                                                                             pecially in rural New England."
                                                                                                                           G. L. C.
Copp Camping Ground of the White                ing his absorbing narrative of Dolly Copp,
 Mountain National Forest. His little           of whom he writes in one place, "Between                 EASY PAYMENT
pamphlet of 31 pages upon "Dolly Copp           the lips of her small, firm mouth, is held      "What were all dat noise gwine on ovah
and the Pioneers of the Glen" maintains         a short-stemmed clay pipe, the comfort       to yo house las' night?"
the same high quality as his more exten-        and solace of many toilsome hours."             "Dat was nothin'; jest de genman from
sive "Randolph Old and New," which was            In one minor particular, we will pre-      de furniture store tryin' to collect his
written for the Randolph centenary of           sume to cavil at Professor Cross. Con-       easy payment."
three years ago. The new essay should           cerning the charges for stopping at the         Are we carrying this "easy payment"
also be read by all lovers of the mount-        Copp farm, he states: "The price of en-      idea too far? Only a few years ago if
ains.                                          tertainment was not exorbitant—a shill-       a man lived from day to day he was
  Woodrow Wilson has somewhere re-             ing all around, that is twenty-five cents     somewhat looked upon as a Ford car—
marked that the history of a nation is but     for a meal, the same for a bed for each       shiftless. He consumed today what he
that of the small communities written          person, and a quarter for the feed and        earned today.
large. Judged from this point of view,         care of a horse." In reality Dolly Copp          Just think how different we look upon
the Glen with its four or five families,       is being done an injustice. Our New           things today. We do not even criticize
those of Daniel Pinkham, Thomas Cul-            England shilling was 162-3 cents—not         a man if he consumes today what he will
hane, John Bellows, Frederick Spaulding,       the present Victorian shilling which ap-      be paying for six months from today.
and Hayes Dodifer Copp and Dolly Copp,         proaches 25 cents in value.                      "One dollar down and fifty weeks to
takes on a new interest. An intelligent           Perhaps, it is just as well that Pro-      pay the balance," sounds easy. This plan
understanding of their struggle amid the       fessor Cross made this mistake, for the       has helped folks to enjoy many of the
rocks and forests in Glen Peabody adds         automobilious tourist of today would have     comforts of life they ordinarily could not
to our appreciation of what we have today.     little patience with the long-winded ex-      enjoy. They can buy, on easy payments,
  Hayes D. Copp came to the Glen from          planation that is necessary to tell the       fur coats, radios, automobiles, washing
Stowe, Me., by way of Fryeburg and             truth. Some months ago, in running            machines, phonographs, and many other
Jackson, about 1827. In 1831, he married       through an old account book of the period     luxuries. The installment plan certainly
Dolly Emery of Bartlett. Early in the          of 1800, we were startled to find shillings   has done some good.
thirties the legislature of New Hampshire      converted on the basis of six for a dollar.      But the question is has the easy pay-
contracted with Daniel Pinkham, whose          We were puzzled, and spent some little        ment plan been overworked? Once an
people originally came from Madbury, N.        leisure upon the question raised. We          addict to this plan, it is hard for the
H., to build a graded wagon road along         thought to find a solution by tracing the     average man to stop. In some homes the
the old blazed trail to connect Jackson        ratios of the value of silver to gold dur-    pay envelope each week is spent the
and Randolph. In return he received a          ing the last century and a quarter. We        minute it is opened. There are sometimes
grant of land on both sides of the road,       searched the history of changes in mint-      twenty "easy payments" waiting for the
which gave the name to Pinkham Notch.          ing at the time of the Napoleonic wars.       hard-earned coppers to drop from the en-
For 40 years the Pinkham Notch Road            We found much of interest, but the tangle     velope. These completely eat up the
was the one highway between Jackson            grew. Finally we did what we should have      money and are all for extra comforts.
and Randolph and the north country, and        done in the first place, for the older        The necessities, such as rent, food, and
the Copp home was the one large dwell-         generation knows a lot of the solutions       clothes, are forgotten for the moment.
ing between those places.                      of modern research problems. We turned        Then see what happens. The landlord is
  The road from Gorham to the Glen             to our mother and asked the value of          put off as long as possible. Grocery bills
came later. Gorham was not incorporated        the New Hampshire shilling of the seven-      are run up on the poor grocer. Clothes
until 1836, twelve years after Randolph.       ties. The answer was instantanteous,          are bought and charged. Soon the door-
Although a trail must have grown up be-        162-3 cents.                                  bell is worn out by collectors. The land-
fore that time, we do not find any in-                                                       lord files attachments on some of the
                                                  As a matter of fact, the proprietors of
terest in the present Glen Road until 1843,                                                  "comforts" and they are taken in pay-
                                               many, if not all, of the English colonies
when the town of Gorham "Voted to lay                                                        ment. Husband and wife become nervous
                                               in America possessed the right of coinage
out a road up the valley of the Peabody                                                      and irritable under the constant barrage
                                               from the beginning. This resulted in a
River and raise one hundred dollars to                                                       of creditors. They accuse each other of
                                               number of Colonial shillings with various     poor management, trouble starts, and the
be laid out on said road, provided the St.     values. The Century Dictionary states:
Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company                                                       first thing you know the divorce court
                                               "At the time when the decimal system
will make a passable wheel road up to                                                        chalks up another victim.
                                               was adopted by the United States, the
the south line of Gorham, beginning at                                                          We admit that easy payments have
                                               shilling or twentieth part of a pound in
the main road somewhere between A. J.                                                        helped to raise the standard of living, and
                                               the currency of New England and Vir-
Lary's in said Gorham, and Shelburne                                                         have helped people to enjoy life. The
                                               ginia was equal to one-sixth of a dollar;
Line." When the railroad came to Gor-                                                        sad part of it is that too often the family
                                               in that of New York and North Carolina
ham in the early fifties on one side and                                                     slips into taking on too many "easy pay-
                                               to one-eighth of a dollar; in that of New
was at Conway on the other, daily stage                                                      ments" at one time, and these are not so
                                               Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and
coaches were put on running through the                                                      easy to meet.—Exchange.
                                               Maryland to two-fifteenths of a dollar;
Glen to connect these two points. The
carriage road up Mt. Washington was            and that of South Carolina and Georgia           Driving a car at night without head-
organized and built between 1853 and           to three-fourteenths of a dollar. Reckon-     lights is bad enough; it's worse when the
1861.                                          ing by the shilling is still not uncommon     driver is all lit up.
Page Fourteen                                             THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927

                                                         SULPHITE                    MILL               GAS

   Lockes Mills has been found by many                          Omer Laing spent his vacation in Mon-       games, his vacation must have been a
Berlinites to be an ideal place for a vaca-                   treal, Three Rivers, and Grand Mere. He       success.
tion. It is not far from home. Many                           says the weather was good and the fishing
fresh vegetables can be procured when in                      was good.                                        Why grouch and grumble at the heat.
season. The scenery is wonderful. Good                                                                      It is only summer weather. Get out in
water is available both for drinking and                        Laferriere—Elizabeth, did you notice        it. Play or work. Sweat and feel the
swimming. The beach on the south pond                         that Louise got fat on her vacation?          refrigeration of the south wind against
will accommodate all campers and many                           Elizabeth (looking at Louise)—Where?        your ribs. Last but not least, thank God
more. For boating you may start at the                          Laferriere (walking away)—Bangor.           for it.
end of South Pond and through small
canals you can enter Round Pond and                             Jim, we understand that you are plan-         Helen Buckley was vacationing in Mon-
then proceed to North Pond or down to                         ning to dress up for your trip at Pat         treal and Boston the last two weeks of
the village where you can procure your                        Martin's auction sale.                        July. Montreal seemed to be the more
provisions. The mileage from starting                                                                       interesting.
points around the three ponds and back                          Henry Legere, Fred Snyder's wired-hair
is about nine miles. For fishing, pickerel,                   boy, was visiting in Acadia. He says that       Critics are finding fault with Gus Haw-
black bass, perches, sunfishes, and bull-                     the great sport there is fishing smoked       kins' method of fishing. This is normal
heads can be procured. For dancing there                      herring.                                      and natural. You never saw a fish land-
is Rayner's Pavilion, which gives an as-                                                                    ed in your life and failed to make mental
sortment of dances for young and old.                           Charlie Jesky had the pleasure of tak-      note of the fact that, if you had been
Near the Pavilion you can see a large                         ing Miss Moran of Bangor through our          handling the rod, you would have per-
field where many an organization from                         plant. The boys claim this gave him           formed the feat more dexterously and
Berlin and vicinity has had a pleasant                        quite a thrill.                               with more certainty that the fish would
outing. It is only three miles from Bryant                                                                  not escape.
Pond and five miles from Bethel.                               Edward Chaloux and family spent two
   The people of Lockes Mills are very                        weeks' vacation at Lockes Mills.                Wilbur Sullivan motored through New
active but quiet and assume their daily                                                                     York State recently visiting many points
tasks with a smile. They are very courte-                       Patsy is now sporting a Nash instead of     of interest.
ous and accommodating. If you go by                           an Essex car.
train you will meet the station agent, Mr.                                                                    After all those fliers have crossed all
King Bartlett, with a very appropriate                          Elizabeth Hinchey enjoyed her vacation      the oceans and have done all the im-
first name, and a heart as big as his body.                   at Old Orchard Beach.                         possible things, Charlie McKenzie is going
Mr. Bartlett has been in Lockes Mills for                                                                   to furnish us with some thrills in a dairy.
the last 25 years and is very pleasant at                       We wish to thank the boys of the
all times.                                                    digester house for the beautiful floor lamp     Joe Steel is off on account of sickness.
                                                              that you gave us and assure you all that
                                                              we appreciate it.                               An idea is like an egg. You have to
  It is said that permanent waves account                                 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Teare.         open it and get at what's inside the shell
for a considerable portion of the market                                                                    to tell whether it is good or not.
for borax. It offers an opportunity for                         Howard Powers and family motored to
the budding columnist to write a squib                        several cities in New England during their      Clem Petrie has returned to work after
entitled "From Mule to Mule!"                                 vacation. As Howard saw a few ball            a two weeks' vacation in the wilds of

                                                  MADELEINE RIVER VALLEY FROM RAILWAY AT LITTLE RAPIDS
                                        THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927                                                 Page        Fifteen
New Brunswick with the old Ford.                Band started the concert assisted by John     Aldei Dion                                   14.80
                                                                                              Michael Michaud                              38.00
                                               Laffin, vocalist. Cars from different parts    B. Gilbert                                   78.50
  Charlie McKelvey says the nearest            of the Union filled with passengers were       Odelon Gilbert                               66.00
                                                                                              Frank Cote                                   48.00
thing yet to making both ends meet is          very cheerful and blew their horns after       Alfred Routhier ..                           86.00
                                                                                              William Roach                                14.50
the new bathing suit now on display at          every number. The Band had to repeat          Alex Villeneuve ..                           44.00
Cedar Pond.                                    some numbers. The crowd was estimated          Tohn Cason                                   12.00
                                                                                              William Kelley ..                            24.00
                                               at about 700.                                  Henry Vezina                                 52.80
                                                                                              Gedion Couture ..                            53.10
  Jack Marcoux has accepted a position            We want to thank most sincerely all         Maurice Savoie                               26.65
in the sulphite mill laboratory.               those who helped to make this outing the       Ovila Bonsant                                 18.00
                                                                                              Harold Brown                                 22.92
                                               success that it was.                           Andres Doiron                               114.00
                                                                                              Heliadore Nolet                              34.00
  Renee Gagnon visited New York on his                                                        Sylvio Moreau                               127.20
vacation.                                        Two City Band Concerts had to be             Edward Lamontagne                            72.00
                                                                                              Matthew Griffin                              24.99
                                               canceled because of rainy weather.             Adelard Rainville                            13.60
                                                                                              Joseph Lemieux                              215.80
 Bernard Covieo is now sporting a new                                                         Louis Savard                                 34.40
Dodge closed car.                                Burgess Band had election of officers,       M. Stewart                                   17.30
                                                                                              Edward McGee                                 14.00
                                               Friday evening, July 29th, at the Y. M. C.     Levite Martel                                18.75
                                                                                              Joseph Lacroix                               48.00
  Leonard Ainsworth of the recording           A. Meeting was called to order by Presi-       M. Stewart                                   17.30
gauge is sporting a new sweat shirt. He        dent J. MacKinnon.                             Walter Taylor                                12.00
                                                                                              Arthur Lemieux                               36.40
must be trying to make a hit with the            The following officers were elected or       Remi Parisee                                 28.00
                                                                                              Ernest Drouin                                24.00
girls.                                         re-elected: Joseph MacKinnon, presi-           Octave Duschene                              54.40
                                               dent; John Lavoie, vice-president; Stan-       Albert Plante                                72.00
                                                                                              Jos. Blais                                   14.00
  All newlyweds and others who plan to         ley Blankenship, manager; George H.
                                                                                                 Total   .                              $1,987.91
buy a new stove this winter, please apply      Fowler, treasurer; Paul G. Grenier, sec-
to Alma Powers, as we hear she has re-         retary; and George E. Stevens, band-                 When there comes a rainy day,
cently become a saleslady for a "new-          master and librarian.                                 Then Bill picks up his slide;
fangled" stove, and she guarantees it will                                                          Then old Fido slips away,
                                                                                                     And all us guys will hide.
heat up all the house. Knowing what a                                                               Then he'll take his easy seat,
"line" our Alma has, we know she ought                                                               Keeping time with both his feet,
to make good.                                                                                       And he never stops to eat;
                                                                                                     When Bill plays the slide.
                                                                                                    When Bill takes the trombone,
    Mildred has a permanent,                                                                         He gets full of wind inside;
    This we know so well,                                                                           We know he's better off alone,
    But just why she got it—                                                                         With tunes he's never tried.
    She doesn't seem to tell.                                                                       Then the dog pricks up an ear,
                                                                                                     For his notes are so severe;
    We know it's for date-nights,                                                                   For the door he now will steer,
                                                                                                     When Bill plays the slide.
    When tresses the winds do rout,            BURGESS BAND OUTING AT DOLLY COPP
    But she will be comforted,                                                                      You can't find a music sheet,
    Her wave will not come out.                   The following Board of Directors was               That Bill has not tried;
                                               also elected: Joseph MacKinnon, John                 He will give the same old beat,
                                               E. Lavoie, S. Blankenship, G. H. Fowler,              With throttle opened wide.
              BAND NOTES                                                                            With his bellows full of air,
                                               P. G. Grenier, George Stevens, and Her-               Another ounce it will not bear;
  Sunday, August 14th, will be remem-          man Reichel.                                         Everyone will stop to stare,
bered by the Burgess Band men and their          The Burgess Band has been in operation              When Bill plays the slide.
wives. The trucks and private cars left        since January 26, 1917, and has played in            It always seemed strange to me,
Berlin for Dolly Copp Camping Ground,          approximately 200 engagements, including               When over rests he'd glide;
Sunday at 10.30 with one of the merriest       city band concerts, circuses, political              Bill's music never changed a key,
crowds that has been seen in this vicinity.    rallies, golf tournaments, funerals, out-              Over everything he'd slide.
                                                                                                    Of all the music ever wrote,
Ukelele Leon was very busy with John           ings, B. F. Keith's entertainments, agri-              Bill will never sharp a note;
Laffin, who was leader of the vocal cele-      cultural fairs, lawn parties, winter carni-          How he .does it gets my goat,
bration during the day. The weather was        vals, dances, etc.                                     When Bill plays the slide.
uncertain as heavy clouds rolled by but          We wish to thank all former officers               With music in his rack,
this did not seem to worry this merry          and band members who were once active                  Bill will work the slide;
crowd as they performed their acrobatic        in our behalf, but owing to other duties             Till the cat would bow her back
acts and played horse shoe.                    were obliged to leave our organization.                Then hunt a place to hide.
                                                                                                    But he will practice every day,
  At 12.30 Frank Seguin arrived in his         We especially regret the passing of the                Till no dog or cat will stay;
Ford with a pot of beans and rolls. John       last three, who have left.                           It sounds like a donkey's bray,
Lavoie gave them the trumpet mess call.                                                               When Bill plays the slide.
Every one was hungry enough to eat the                                                                              FRANK C. REDFERN.
                                                 BURGESS RELIEF ASSOCIATION
bark off the trees. So the baked beans,          The indemnities for accidents and sick-
baked in the ground were opened, and                                                                        REMEMBER .
                                               ness for the month of July were as fol-           Between now and next issue, we expect
with bread, rolls, butter, pickles, dough-     lows :
nuts, ice cream, and coffee, this meal saved   Thomas Murphy ...                    $ 60.00
                                                                                              you will send us in a couple of your snaps
the forest.                                    Arthur Gagnon                          96.00   taken during your vacation. We woul'i
                                               Fannie Hickey                          60.00
  After dinner some sang, others visited       Charles Allen                          60.00   like a whole page or more, and one typical
                                               Assunta Sabalone                       48.00   of vacation for a front cover.
campers, and others smoked. At 2.30 the        Isadore Thebarge                       72.50
Page Sixteen                                                               THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927
j'HiJiiiiiiimimmimiii            immiiiiiimiiiimiiiimiiiiimimmiiiimiimiimmiiiiiiim

                                                                UPPER PLANTS NOTES
ftlllimimimilllllllllllllllillimillllimillllllllim    mmiiiHimimiiiiiimimuimm        IIIMIIIIIIIMIII   MIIIMIIIIIIIIMM   IMIIIIIIIIIMIIMMIMIIIIIIIMMIIMIIIIIIMIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIMIMIII    IIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII   miiiiiimmiiimimiimiimiiimmi   Illllllimillllllllll

      RESEARCH DEPARTMENT                                                                We wish to express our appreciation                                                           letter in the Berlin Reporter of July 14.
   Early in the month of August, we had                                                and sincere thanks for the beautiful wed-                                                       He was among the guests at the Savoy
a good letter from James Hurley, who                                                   ding present given us by the members                                                            Hotel on June 1, when the Associated
sent us a copy of Hi-Lites, a chronicle                                                of the research department.                                                                     American Society of London, England,
of weekly social and business activities of                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oleson.                                                           gave a farewell dinner to Colonel Lind-
which Hotel Peabody at Memphis is the                                                                                                                                                  bergh.
center. In it we find the following note:                                                 David Yandow of the bureau of tests
"Mr. John Fogarty of Portland, Me.,                                                     broke his wrist while cranking a Ford.                                                           There has been no scarcity of carnivals
representing the Brown Company of New                                                                                                                                                  and circuses in the vicinity of Berlin this
York City had a meeting of his sales force                                              Mr. H. J. Brown of Portland and                                                                year. One has had only to pursue a
at Hotel Peabody this past week. A very                                                Messrs. Wharton and Gilman of Boston                                                            policy of "watchful waiting" and then go
interesting crowd of young men they                                                    were visitors this last month.                                                                  to sleep some night with a circus in the
were too, and we hope it won't be long                                                                                                                                                 back yard. Cascade Park drew the Pine
before they will be with us again. These                                                 Hugh Burgess, Bowdoin 1927, of Dover-                                                         Tree Amusement Co. for two weeks late
men were: Mr. Maurice Thomas of At-                                                    Foxcroft, Maine, one of our new em-                                                             in June and early in July, and during the
lanta, Georgia, Mr. Eugene Kane of Dal-                                                ployees, was burned quite painfully with                                                        week of August 8 had M. J. Lapps Great
las, Texas, Mr. Francis Smith of St.                                                   hot pitch on August 16, but came in cheer-                                                      Shows, which were eager to come to fill
Louis, Missouri, and Mr. James Hurley of                                               fully the next day to get some books                                                            in the dates before the opening of the
Berlin, New Hampshire. Mr. Fogarty                                                     to study.                                                                                       agricultural fairs. The American Legion
seems more like a 'big brother' than boss                                                                                                                                              sponsored Travers Amusement Chautau-
to these boys. No wonder they work so                                                     B. O. Hoos is working on next season's                                                       qua at Y. M. C. A., field during the week
hard for him when they are here!"                                                       program of the Philotechnical Society.                                                         of July 18. The three-ring circus of
                                                                                                                                                                                       Walter L. Mains was at Berlin Mills,
  We are glad to welcome Dr. Philip                                                       J. H. Graff has been in great demand                                                         July 16, and Charles Sparks Circus came
Scherer of Brooklyn, N. Y., as a new                                                    as a linguist the past few days. He in-                                                        to the same field on August 9.
employee this month. Graduating from                                                    terpreted for a gentleman from Czecho-
Brown University in 1915, Dr. Scherer has                                               slovakia, who had business in Berlin, and                                                        Readers of the Manchester Union have
had a broad training including service                                                  then hastily turned to the Englishing of                                                       had a grand succession of treats this past
with the gas defense during the World                                                   some Swedish that was needed.                                                                  month in the special articles that have
War, teaching at Denison and Western                                                                                                                                                   featured the anniversary period. On July
Reserve Universities, and work for the                                                    A. C. Coffin has returned f/om business                                                      28 came the celebration at Portsmouth of
doctorate upon metallo-organic com-                                                     at La Tuque. Judging by a glimpse of                                                           the 150th anniversary of the Continental
pounds under Dr. Krause at Brown.                                                       his expense account, we should say that                                                        Sloop of War, Ranger, launched from
                                                                                        the Company ought to have its travelling                                                       Badger's Island May 10, 1777, and sailed
  M. O. Schur was called to Boston by                                                   done by a man with a smaller appetite.                                                         for France November 1, 1777, with John
the serious illness of his father, who                                                                                                                                                 Paul Jones as captain and carrying dis-
passed away on August 14th.                                                               We now have fly paper to keep the                                                            patches of Burgoyne's surrender. On
                                                                                        boys away from Gertrude's desk.                                                                Feb. 14, 1778, the Ranger received the
  Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Jones of Natrona,                                                                                                                                                 first salute to the Stars and Stripes from
Pa., visited friends in Berlin during the                                                        HERE AND THERE                                                                        the French fleet. On April 24, 1778, she
latter part of July. Mr. Jones was form-                                                   Doc Hayden, well known to many Ber-                                                         capteured the British Sloop of War,
erly employed in our department.                                                        lin and Gorham people, had an interesting                                                      Drake.

                                                                                                              GRAND ANSE VALLEY
                                         THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927                                         Page Seventeen
   On August 15, Governor Spaulding of        tended to me in my late sorrow, the death     draw in the opener.
New Hampshire presented to the state of       of my beloved mother, and for the beauti-       The management announced that Felix
Vermont a marker placed on the "site of       ful flowers.                                  King, local middleweight sensation, will
Dimick Tavern where John Stark and his                                C. J. Andrews.        meet Young Wills of Lewiston in the 10-
New Hampshire Volunteers camped be-                                                         round main bout. Wills already has a
fore the engagement of Walloomsac             GEORGIE PAULIN SHAPES                         12-round decision over King. King is out
Heights, where they led in the winning of               UP LIKE COMING CHAMP                for revenge.
a decisive victory of the American Revolu-      Little Georgie Paulin, local flyweight
tion, the Battle of Bennington, August 16,    king, shows the most promise of any           FELIX KING MEETS YOUNG WILLS
1777." On the following day a second          boxer developed here in years.                  IN B. A. A. TOP BOUT SEPT. 2nd.
marker was dedicated on the field itself,       George now tips the scales under 105          Felix King, local ring pride, gets his big
"a memorial commemorating the record of       Ibs., and has beaten all comers to date.      chance to square accounts with Young
New Hampshire troops under the com-           He has spotted some of his opponents          Wills, rugged Lewiston middleweight, in
mand of John Stark in this important and                                                    the 10-round feature bout at the B. A. A.
decisive engagement, August 16, 1777."                                                      show scheduled for Friday, Sept. 2nd, at
   On August 12, a tablet was dedicated                                                     City Hall. Wills beat King in their 12-
at Concord to Walter Kittredge, who in                                                      round bout at Rumford early in the sum-
his native town of Merrimac, near Reed's                                                    mer, so Felix is out for revenge. He in-
Ferry, in 1863 wrote "Tenting on the Old                                                    tends to be in top form and will try hard
Campground."                                                                                to win by a K. O. Wills is a rough and
                                                                                            tough mixer. Having wins over King and
  On August 5 occurred the death at the                                                     many other leaders, he feels very con-
age of 72 of Mrs. Harriet Bridgeman                                                         fident that he will again beat Felix.
Andrews, mother of C. J. Andrews of                                                           In the semi-final of six rounds, Georgie
Tube Mill No. 2. She had resided in                                                         Paulin meets Danny Noonan of Lewiston.
Berlin for over 50 years and had had a                                                      and it is sure to be a red-hot mix. Noon-
part in many things making for the im-                                                      an boxed K. O. Herman Prince to a draw
provement of the community. At one                                                          here recently and made a real hit with the
time she taught in the old red school-                                                      local fans.
house near Green Square. She brought                                                           Bow Wow Finsen of the Norwegian
the first piano to Berlin and taught music.                                                 Village hooks up with Irish Mickey Fin-
She was organist at the religious services                                                  nen of the Irish Acre in the top 4-round
held for a long time in the hall over the                                                   prelim. This go has the fans on edge.
store of the Berlin Mills Company, and                                                      Kid Rivard, East Side bearcat, meets
always had a class in the Sunday school.                                                    Young Pomerleau in the 4-round opener.
She was a charter member of the Con-                                                          This show shapes up as the best to date.
gregational church, and a member of the
Eastern Star and of the W. C. T. U.                                                                      A CONFESSION
                                                                                              I like lots of attention.
  Lt. Col. O. P. Cole of the main office                                                      Coax me and I will do most anything.
                                                          GEORGIE PAULIN
presided at the Annual Meeting of New                                                         You must not handle me with strong
Hampshire Department of the American          as high as 115 Ibs., and knocked them         arm methods or with kid gloves.
Legion, held at the Weirs, August 22-24.      kicking. He has been boxing only two            Treat me rough and I will have my
With this meeting he completed his term       years, is at the top of his class, and is a   pound of flesh.
as State Commander of the organization        greatly feared little chap.                      Revenge is sweet to me and I will get
and like Calvin Coolidge did not choose          He is but 18 years of age, is a clean      it when you least expect me to.
to run again.                                 living athlete and very popular, having          My greatest delight is to get my victim
                                              a host of followers who are willing to        on a high scaffold, give him the slip and
           TUBE MILL No. 2                    back him against any ringster of his          watch him fall to the ground.
  I desire to express my most sincere and     pounds in the country.                           Some men get me into a tight corner,
heartfelt thanks to my friends in the            Georgie has hopes of putting Berlin on     curse me, and when they try to pull me
Brown Company for the sympathy ex-            the map in the near future by bringing        to pieces I get slippery as an eel, fly off
                                              a real ring title to the Paper City.          my nut and kick them hard. Most times,
                                                                                            though, I let them bump themselves.
                                              CLARK LOSES BOUT                                 I am the black sheep of my family.
                                                           TO LAMBERT ON FOUL                  Surely you know me. I am Miss Mon-
                                                 Dick Lambert, local boxer, was awarded     key Wrench.—The Look Box.
                                              the decision over Clark by referee Wm.
                                              Wardwell on a foul in the 4th round of          Scott Lockyer and H. I. Baldwin are
                                              ';heir scheduled 10-round bout. In the        back from Europe looking a little skinny
                                              spmi-firal K. O. Herman Prince, local star,   but smiling. We haven't had much time
                                              boxed six fast rounds to a draw with          to talk with them, but the latter mentioned
                                              Danny Noonan, Lewiston, Me., flash.           seeing the famous stand of larch planted
                                                 Kid Dallas and Young Rivard, local         for naval purposes by the Russian govern-
     BATHING    BEACH, SOUTH     POND,        battlers, went four speedy rounds to a        ment before 1800.
               LOCKES MILLS
                      BATTERY F ON TOP AGAIN

                                              4.—THE "COLORS." 3.—EVENING PARADE.

  Battery F returned home Saturday.          history of New Hampshire National           spectors, who have already inspected over
August 20th, from Rye Beach, N. H., after    Guard.                                      40 regiments in 40 different states, the
putting in 15 days' field training at Camp     The 197th Regiment was given a rating     New Hampshire National Guard, of which
Huntley Spaulding, which proved to be        of "Very Satisfactory" by the Federal       Battery F is a part, headed the list.
one of the most successful camps, in the     Inspectors, and in the opinion of the in-     In the rating for sanitation, Battery F
                                        THE BROWN BULLETIN, September. 1927                                               Page Nineteen

hearted the list from the start of camp,       in the regiment. On a mound of dirt, in          wedding trip to New York and Washing-
and finally won by over 33 points. The         •.\hich boxes of flowers had been placed,        ton. After their return to Berlin they will
credit for this great showing belongs to       a large sign was installed which read,           reside at the new home Mr. Kramer has
1st Sgt. Butean, Supply Sgt. Ryan, and'                          BATTERY F                      recently built at 141 Church Street, Berlin.
Acting Mess Sgt. Piper and his cooks.                                                           They will be at home to friends after
                                                                BERLIN, N. H.
    Iti the firing at hydrogen balloons, the         NORTH COUNTRY INDIANS                      November first.
Battery again proved t h a t the "North                                                           The Bulletin is glad to add its best
                                               General Jackson, of the 1st Corps Coast          wishes for a long and happy married life.
Country Indians" had their shooting eyes
                                               Artillery District of the Regular Army,
with them. The Battery was not so
                                               personally commended Sgts. Buteau, Ryan,
successful in shooting at the target towed                                                      BROWN COMPANY
                                                Piper, and the cooks, for the fine appear-
by the airplane, because each organiza-                                                                       RELIEF ASSOCIATION
                                               ance of t h e i r Battery Street, quarters and
tion was allotted only a half day at the                                                         Orders drawn on the treasurer for the
towed target and on the day that F                                                              month of July were as follows:
                                                  And so ends another 197th Camp. On
Battery was on the firing point, the tar-
                                               its arrival home the Battery was met at          Marcel Lepage ....                    $ 24.00
get broke away from the airplane when                                                           Leo Villeux                             48.00
                                               the train by a large crowd of people, and        (Milon Boivin                           2.00
it was being let out. The time being                                                            Kenneth Harvey                          2.11
                                               paraded to the Armory led by the Knights
short, it was impossible for the aviator                                                        Albert Labrecque                        63.50
                                               of Columbus Drum Corps. The route of             Wilfred Pouilliot                       60.00
to return to Boston for another target,                                                         Alph. Leborgne                         93.10
                                               march was up Main Street, to Mason, to           Archie Kouthicr                         68.80
so the Battery was out of luck.                                                                 Nap. Mattel                             96.00
                                                Pleasant, and to the Armory on Green
  " Battery E of Nashua made the best                                                           Albert Leimon                          111.50
                                                Street, where the men were dismissed.           Alfred Vachon                           88.00
score of the three batteries that did fire,                                                     Andrew MacDonald
                                                           From a buck private's diary.         Gusseppi     Dumonti
and were given the banner for Excellent                                                         Terry Burns
Gunnery. The officers and enlisted men                                                          Louis Lemieux
                                                                                                Frances Hinchey                         45.00
of the Berlin Battery congratulate them                                                         G. A. Westman                           34.99
on their wonderful performance.                                                                 Henry Babson                            58.93
                                                                                                Chas. Morency                          450.40
    On Tuesday, August 16th, the Cup                                                            Jos. Namey                              14.00
                                                                                                Amie Talbot                             20.00
awarded for the best all around pro-                                                            Ida Smith                              19.40
                                                                                                George Roberge                          4.66
ficiency at the 1926 Camp was awarded                                                           Con. Murphy                             66.00
to the Berlin Battery. The men surely                                                           Cal. Hapgood ...                        10.00
                                                                                                Val. Addario ...                        20.00
looked like a million dollars, marching up                                                      Arthur Houle ...                        84.00
                                                                                                Lena Roberge                            66.00
the field amid the tooting of automobile                                                        Sam Delphonse                           14.00
horns and the applause of the many                                                              Ralph Roberge                           40.00
                                                                                                Tohn Travers                            37.26
spectators gathered there. :                                                                    John Kailey                ,           499.80
                                                      SOUTH POND, LOCKES MILLS                  Alex Hanson                             12.00
    Battery F won the Baseball Champion-                                                        J. J. Whalen                            77.50
ship and the Tug of War Championship                      KRAMER-TRYON                          Anwrcw Caouette ....                    17.06
                                                                                                Arthur      Bolduc                     112.00
of the- Regiment,' Private George Paulin          On August 25th. at high noon, the mar-        Ernie Gpddard                           24.00
                                               riage of Louis C. Kramer of Berlin and           Joe Lavigne                             54.00
was awarded a gold medal for the Fly-                                                           Adjutor Otis                            16.66
weight Championship in Boxing. On              Miss Sylvia Tryon, formerly head of the          Joseph Lamontagne                       55.93
                                                                                                Martin Burns                            50.00
Thursday. August 25th, Lt. Col. J. H.          English department, Berlin High School,          Glenn Hart                              20.82
                                               was solemnized at Grace Episcopal Church,        Mark Murray                             37.50
 Harrington, who is regular Army In-                                                            Ovid Lessard                            64.00
structor for the Regiment, read a very         Medford, Massachusetts.                          Paul Bernier                             4.16
                                                                                                Richard Waterhouse                      12.00
interesting History of the National Guard         The bride is a graduate of Vassar Col-        Frank Oaks                              72.00
                                               lege, which sent her abroad a few years          Patrick Doyle                           72.00
in New Hampshire. .                                                                             J. J. Wheeler                           72.00
    Dover, N. H., now represented by Bat-      ago to study English literature at Oxford        William Gauvin                         106.80
                                                                                                Robert Mountain                         82.00
tery B, had a company of militia as far        University, England. She was later award-        Geo. E. Oswell                          72.00
                                               ed the Master's degree at Vassar.                Isaire Tanguay                          60.00
back as the Revolutionary \Var. Berlin's                                                        Joe Morin                               94.60
 first company of militia was organized in        For the past three years she has been         Geo. Lessard                            81.25
                                                                                                Eldon McGivney                          56.00
 1878.                                         head of the English department at Berlin         Cyrus W. Paulson ..                     36.20
                                               High School, where she was especially in-        Arthur St. Pierre ...                   10.42
    The regiment gets credit for service in                                                     Edward Bedard                           25.00
the War with England in 1812, in the           terested in high school dramatics. Her           Clifford Perry                           8.05
                                                                                                John Conroy                             22.00
 Civil War, and for service in France.         poetry on the White Mountains attracted          toe Robichaud                            8.32
                                               attention, notably "The Crucible," and           Adelard Demers                          11.59
The shields to be worn by the officers                                                          Wilfred Garand                          37.50
and men of the Regiment will soon bo           "Mountain Vespers," which were published         Joseph RiTeY""..'.'..'.                 34.00
                                               in this magazine.                                Edward Gibbons ....
issued. On these shields will be symbols,                                                       William Ryan                            25-°°
a, Ted background with a projectile and           Last October her father, Dr. James L.         William Morin
two broken wings, showing that the Regi-       Tryon, admissions officer and lecturer on        Roland Dupont
ment is now Coast Artillery (Anti-Air-         international law at the Massachusetts           Wilfred Fortier                       - 16.21
                                               Institute of Technology, spoke in Berlin         Phillip Larivee
craft). On the lower part of each shield                                                        Alfred Tuicotte                       • 35.00
is a blue background, all prior service of     at the Philotechnical Society and the            Denis Jacques
the Guard having been infantry. On this        Rotary Club.                                     John Baldwin                            37.10
                                                  Louis C. Kramer has been with the             Arthur Roberge                        .. 19.32
 blue background is a lion for the War of                                                       Augustine Roy
 1812, a diamond-shaped figure for the Sth     Brown Company for 20 years, ten years            Adrian Vaillancourt                      20.00
Corps in the Civil War, and a fleur de         at the sulphite mill and ten years at the        W. Gregoire                             14.00
lis for service in France.                     Heine, as foreman of the boiler plants.          Alberic Gagnon                           28.00
     Battery F had the best Company street        Mr. and Mrs. Kramer have left for a               Total    .                       $4,240.98
Page Twenty                             THE BROWN BULLETIN, September, 1927
          JULY ACCIDENTS                        Your guests from New Hampshire at that           "I am aware, Governor Weeks is aware,
              Upper Plants                      time were many and distinguished. I re-       and the state treasurers of Vermont and
Serious accidents                         0     call that Gov. Benjamin F. Prescott led       New Hampshire are very well aware, that
Minor                                    23     the company; that a former governor and       the United States Supreme Court has been
Without loss of time                     49     Civil war general, Walter Harriman, made      called upon to decide where New Hamp-
                                               one of the most eloquent of the many           shire ends and Vermont begins. But
    Total                                72     speeches of the occasion; and that the        wherever that boundary line may turn out
              Sulphite Mill                    orator of the day was a New Hampshire          to be, we can rejoice that its toll bridge
Serious accidents                         0    man, President Samuel C. Bartlett of           barriers are fast disappearing. More people
Minor                                    16    Dartmouth college.                             by the tens of thousands are going back
Without loss of time                     66       "You do not expect me, today, to make       and forth across the Connecticut every
                                               any appreciable addition to the floods of      year.
    Total                                82    oratory and the loads of learning that the       "We are coming to know each other
              Cascade Mill                     battle of Bennington has called forth on       better, to see more clearly how identical
Serious accidents                         0    so many occasions. Deeds, not words, is        are our interests, how much we can do
Minor                                    16    our New Hampshire motto this week and          to help each other.
Without loss of time                     55    it has been our pleasure and privilege to        New Hampshire and Vermont, fighting
                                               unveil, yesterday and today, -enduring         side by side here at Bennington turned
    Total ..                           .. 71   memorials, in bronze and stone, to the         the tide of war and made possible the
                                               men from the Granite State who helped          United States of America. Vermont and
          SULPHITE MILL                        to win one of the world's decisive battles.    New Hampshire, working side by side in
  Jimmie Hickey revived an old custom             "But I would like to call your attention,   the ways of peace, can do and will do
and brought the assistant editor, Aug.         very briefly, to one public service of John    much for our country in the years to
18th. a mess of full sized new potatoes.       Stark, in peace, rather than in war, which     come.
Thanks. Jim is ahead as far as heard           seems to have been overlooked in this            "We of New Hampshire have much en-
from, and he says they are Irish.              connection.                                    joyed the privilege of taking part in this
                                                  "After the successful termination of the    historic occasion. From our hearts we
GOVERNOR SPAULUING'S ADDRESS                   Revolutionary war, when both New York          thank you of Vermont for your kindly
    BENNINGTON, AUGUST 16, 1927                and our own state claimed ownership of         courtesy and sincere hospitality."
  "Just before I left Concord, the Capital     the New Hampshire grants, and when its
City of New Hampshire, to come to Ben-         people naturally and properly desired to
nington, I looked once more at the five        be in themselves a sovereign state, the         1. He is a man who helps others while
bronze statues in our State House grounds.     condition caused much anxiety in the                helping himself.
  "There is Daniel Webster, expounder          minds of President George Washington            2. He considers himself part of the whole,
of the Constitution, greatest American or-     and the other great men of the new and              not the whole show.
ator. There is Franklin Pierce, President      far from stable nation.                         3. He is a man intelligent enough to
of the United States. There is John P.            "Both the New York and the New                   know that friends are assets and en-
Hale, first of the anti-slavery senators.      Hampshire Legislatures tried to impose              emies liabilities.
There is George H. Perkins, gallant naval      taxes upon the people of Vermont, most          4. He knows that a swelled head is a
officer of the Civil War.                      of whom refused to pay both or either.              disease.
  "And there is John Stark.                    There was talk of Vermont joining Can-          5. He knows that there are others who
  "On the base of his monument is the          ada. There was an actual union of Ver-              also know something or other.
name, 'General John Stark.' On one side        mont with a strip of New Hampshire              6. He knows that the best fellow to kick
is inscribed, Bunker Hill; on the other,       towns across the Connecticut river; a               when he begins to feel important is
Bennington. No more; but that is enough.       slice of rich and fertile territory which           himself.
Any man, woman or child who knows              our state could ill afford to lose.             7. He knows that the boss is the boss.
anything about the birth of our nation            The zealous Sullivan was all for estab-      8. He respects the business he is in, the
thrills with pride at these three names,       lishing what New Hampshire thought were             firm he works for, and the people who
Stark, Bennington, Bunker Hill.                its rights by force; and our Legislature            run the business.
  "There have been other great soldiers        voted to raise a thousand men to be led         9. He is cooperative realizing that co-
from New Hampshire. In the Revolution-         by him against the Green Mountain boys.             operation is a 50-50 proposition.
ary war, alone, we had the ardent Sullivan,    But the influence of Stark and others was      10. He plays for the team to win.
the cultured Scammell, Dearborn, Cilley,       against this threatened warfare. Presi-          All of which boiled down means that
Poor and Reid.                                 dent Washington interposed. A com-             the greatest men are as a rule the sim-
  "No great battle ever was fought in New      promise was effected. The new state of         plest; that they are well balanced; that
Hampshire.      No invader's foot ever         Vermont entered the Union under peace-         they realize the rights of other men; that
touched her soil. But in all the wars of       ful and happy auspices.                        they serve as they would be served; and
our nation and in the most of its great           "And General Stark wrote to Governor        that a regular feller is God's most beloved
battles New Hampshire men have had             Chittenden ; congratulated him on what he
                                                                                              creature. Sic semper unanimous.
worthy part.                                   called the 'happy determination of Con-
  "So it means much when I say that, for       gress'; and predicted that Vermont and
New Hampshire, valor and victory are           New Hampshire would 'live in perfect                           LOCATED
typified by Stark and Bennington.              friendship as sister states.'                    "Let's see, your son graduated last year,
  "Fifty years ago you had here a great           "I am glad and you are glad that the        didn't h e ? What's he working at now?"
celebration of the centennial of the battle.   old hero's prophecy has come true.               "Rare intervals."—Life.

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