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Quiz – Epithelium and glands


									Quiz – Epithelium and glands

In which of the following would you look to try to find stratified columnar epithelium?
    a. Striated duct
    b. Intercalated duct
    c. Intralobular duct
    d. Interlobular duct
    e. Canaliculi

Which one of the following epithelia would form a serosa?
  a. Simple cuboidal
  b. Stratified squamous
  c. Transitional
  d. Simple squamous
  e. Columnar

Which one of the following has a holocrine mode of secretion?
  a. Sebaceous gland
  b. Mammary gland
  c. Salivary gland
  d. Exocrine Pancreas
  e. Endocrine Pancreas

This type of epithelium would most likely function in ALL of the following EXCEPT
one. Which one?

   a.   Gas exchange
   b.   Nutrient exchange
   c.   Barrier function
   d.   Lubrication
   e.   Product synthesis
This type of epithelium is which of the following?
   a. Stratified cuboidal
   b. Pseudostratified columnar
   c. Stratified columnar
   d. Transitional
   e. Keratinized stratified squamoua

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