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									                               2010                                                                    SkyTalk
         ROOKIE of the YEAR                                                                             2011
                      Tim Kasharian
                                                             By: Sam Pixley
                                                             Help a Beginner Chairman

                                                             like to thank all those who have given him advice on
                                                             the sport. Tim lives in beautiful North Western New
                                                             Jersey in the town of Hope. He is a logger by trade and
                                                             stated, “It was very hard to concentrate on falling trees
                                                             this summer when I would look up and see a flock of
                                                             trainers flying over.” Tim has made great friendships in
                                                             this sport by returning stray birds to their owners. He
                                                             also regularly corresponds with the breeders of the birds
                                                             he flew. Tim won his first 100-mile race on his birthday
                                                             and was thrilled.

2010 IF Rookie of the Year is Tim Kasharian. This            I, Sam Pixley, would also like to thank all the individuals
accomplishment was put in motion when Tim’s father           that donate their time and resources and birds to the
(Kash’s Farm Loft) discovered pigeons over sixty years       beginners. Your support in the sport is very important
ago, after seeing a homing pigeon walking down the           to our survival. Below are the 2010 young bird
sidewalk. Tim believes when his father caught the bird       accomplishments of the Shiloh Loft.
he got a case of racing pigeon fever. Tim’s father flew
racers in the Queen City Club around 1950-51 as a            1st Place Central Jersey Combine Overall Average Speed
teenager until he joined the Navy, where he started flying   1st Place North Section 5th Overall Champion Loft Central Jersey Combine
pigeons again in 1969 and he passed on the pigeon fever
                                                             6 of the Top 100 Champion Birds Central Jersey Combine
to Tim and his two younger brothers, Al (Whitehall
Loft) and Johnny (J. Kash Roofing). Tim and his              5 club 1st places between the two clubs
brothers fly in the Skylands Club and North West Jersey      8th Combine 1st place North Section 200 miles Central Jersey Combine
Club in the highly competitive Central Jersey Combine.       11th Combine 1st place North Section 250 miles Central Jersey Combine
                                                             1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Bound Brook Futurity 60 Lofts 620 Birds
Tim flew briefly with his father when he was a kid (14-15
                                                             1st, 2nd, 3rd Queen City Futurity 46 Lofts 340 Birds
years old). He always had interest in the pigeons over
the years and would often sit with his dad waiting for the   3rd, 4th LCM Band Race 133 Lofts 945 Birds
birds to fly in. Last winter Tim took his wife, Diane, and   8th, 9th Paterson Air Derby 40 Lofts 628 Birds
his two daughters to the National Show in Connecticut        9th Paterson 2 Bird Derby 24 Loft 48 Birds
and with his families support, two months later had a        1st Place Auction Bird Breeder and 1st Place Handler for Futurity races
12 x 16 shed delivered and thus Shiloh Loft was formed.        LCM,QCM,BBF
Tim’s girls love the pigeons and have named many of          5th, 8th,13th George Crum Memorial Auction Bird Race 31 Lofts 81 Birds
them. They were very sad when their pigeon “Lovely”          1st Place Elizabeth 1 Bird Derby Turkey Race # 2 21 Lofts 21 Birds
was lost on her first training toss, but are happy that
                                                             2nd Place Elizabeth 1 Bird Derby Turkey Race # 3 15 Lofts 15 Birds
their other pigeons, Phoebe, Sarah, Dominic, Cupid and
the rest of the flock are still with them.                   54th, 55th Tyson Challenge Cup 52 Lofts 551 Birds (Mike Tyson was 78th)

Tim was given birds from local breeders and breeders         Tim loves this sport and is truly honored to be selected
as far as California. He would like to thank them            2010 Rookie of the Year. He would love to see the
all, for without those great birds, he would not have        sport grow and is willing to help anyone interested in
been successful in his rookie year. Tim would also           getting started. •

                                                                                                                       SkyTalk 2011 — 37

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