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					                                      The Successful

                         Homeopathic Treatment of HIV/AIDS


                                    An Appeal for Help

By Peter Chappell Homeopath

Authors note

All the information that follows is amplified in greater depth on the web site


Two year there was a force building in me, a very overpowering sense that I could do
something to help with HIV/AIDS in Africa. Initially I resisted it for a year because my
logical mind said ‘you must be off your head’ and because of having no HIV experience.
After a year I conceded power to this invisible inner force and I reluctantly supposed that
my thirty years of homeopathic experience, my talent at creative problem
solving/inventing things (I had five patents to me name prior to becoming a homeopath),
and my experiences in putting homeopathy on the ground in fifteen or so countries
somehow uniquely equipped me for the task. Prior to starting I read what was published in
the homeopathic world and some in the conventional field.

I knew from all my experience that I had to do this work in a country with strong, vital
people free from drug regimes. I needed a clean sheet, clear effects, and no complications.

I went to Ethiopia for the year October 2001 to August 2002 to treat people living with
HIV/AIDS with homeopathy. I immersed myself in solely HIV patients and after a few
months I started to make progress and to make some observations and discoveries.
I have to say that this was extremely challenging and a very hard grind. This is not a
complaint; it became the greatest experience of my life to date. I had little support,
financial and otherwise, and enormous challenges to face seemingly daily. I had to work
intimately in the consulting room under trying circumstances and to think globally all the
time. It was also harrowing. I had to attend funerals and the desperately sick in hospitals.
I had to refuse dying patients where there was no alternative to offer. I had to be very
compassionate and highly reflective. I had no mentors within reach by phone or in person.
Very, very tough. I asked for funds from all sort of places, but none responded. I ran out
of money twice, down to the wire, the last $100, and my friends rescued me.

I list a series of observations that are given below, which were mostly hard won and may
look simple, but took a lot of effort to come to.

My First observation is that when you really need funds, for something that’s radical,
incredibly uncertain, amazing in potential, yet unbelievable, and homeopathy, you don’t
get it except from your own bank account and that of friends.


Notes about AIDS

AIDS is the name for what happens to you after you get infected by the HIV virus – In
Africa that’s usually through sex or poor medical hygiene in hospitals (abortions, war
wounds, surgery). The virus gradually weakens your immunity and you get increasingly
acute and chronic symptoms that you can’t recover from. It is a ten year, slow motion,
gradual onset process. It is incredibly well documented due to the millions of victims. HIV
is the problem; AIDS is the gradually increasing consequence.

HIV/AIDS is not a gay plague. There are no admitted gays in Ethiopia, the concept has yet
to exist there and there are only heterosexual HIV/AIDS cases.

For every person who dies of AIDS, add one orphan to the consequences. Life expectancy
is around forty years so the grandparents are often dead.

My next observation is that HIV/AIDS is a disease that can affect everybody in a
community. Children, parents, male and female equally, grandparents all can have
Is it a disease?

Firstly there was the problem – “is it really a disease at all” since this point was loudly
disputed at presidential level in South Africa.

After taking 70 or so cases I got an overwhelming gut reaction. This disease is all that is
wrong with these people and it is always the same collection of symptoms. If you could
magic it out of them they would be well. It is a highly specific disease.

So my next observation is that this really is a very specific contagious disease.

Does Homeopathy work for HIV/AIDS?

It took me three months to work this out. It you treat people with HIV/AIDS with their
individual homeopathic remedy they get much better and stay well.

For example a Sepia patient, with the Sepia bridge and the classic shape and key
generalities and modalities responded perfectly. Likewise Natrum Mur (arms folded).
However if you give the wrong remedy that I did often, it does not work. Later they say
things like the first remedy was good but the second (the remedy – see later) was brilliant.
I also tried the AIDS Nosode but I found it brutal, proving easily and ineffective. I
experimented with many different approaches but my conclusion was very simple. Good
old individualistic polychrests are highly effective. I have written before extensively about
homeopathy in peasant cultures where high vitality still exists and simple polychrest

So my next observation. Simple individualistic homeopathy works fine for HIV/AIDS in vital
people. They get well fast, stay well and remain well even 10 months after the first dose.

And my next observation comes from the fact that since individualistically treated people
get well is that homeopathy must enhance the immune system sufficient to allow it to
effectively manage the virus. Maybe even throw it out, to cure so to speak (I’ve seen it
The Pandemic

There are predicted to be around 70 million people infected with HIV before it peaks, and
in my opinion that’s a gross underestimate. It is still like the early days of climate change
estimates, or asbestos death estimates. No one is allowed to print the worse case
scenarios, that’s too alarmist. People in the know are, I suspect in their heart, secretly
praying for a solution while pretending they can bring it under control.

If you have ever been a fifteen to twenty-five years old (this is the major age of HIV
infection) with raging hormones and absolutely driven to sex, you will understand the
difficulty of condoms (the major way advocated as effective protection) and sex five times
a night. Especially after drinking alcohol, taking drugs (endemic in parts of Africa), if you
have innate modesty, an inability to express your fears and ignorance of the disease, you
could easily end up having unprotected sex. Even the free condoms are like rubber gloves
and the better ones are a day’s food supply.

My next observation: this pandemic is here to stay and will surpass all estimates.
Education will help but not contain it. It is a pandemic like the Great Plague of a few
centuries ago in Europe will spread and kill and return and spread and kill etc. Unless….

Individualistic Homeopathy

Most of those infected are in Africa countries and other countries where homeopathy
barely and mostly does not exist at all. I was involved in training local homeopaths in
Ethiopia. It was difficult and would take longer than in the UK and other countries with
better basic education to reach a good level. Many years.

My next observation is then that individualistic homeopathy requires too high a skill level
to be widely implemented in HIV/AIDS in Africa.

The HIV Virus
A few facts

HIV on average takes ten years to kill you off whereas malaria can kill you in three days
and often does. I visited places where 6 or 7 people die every day of malaria. Patients and
people I met on the street often told me of sudden deaths of close relatives from malaria.

The immune system processes 10 Billion HIV viruses a day. Gradually it looses its
efficiency at doing this over the years and a residue level of the virus builds up, because
the virus attacks the CD4 T cells.

People infected with HIV often shake it off soon after infection and never know they had it.

Children born to HIV parents often shake it off after infection.

My next observation: This is a very weak virus that is 99.9999% contained by the immune
system and which only looses out very slowly.

What is HIV/AIDS in reality?

If you stack up a hundred confirmed HIV cases, as I did, and then look at those infected
there is one inescapable observation. If you were to strip out the HIV/AIDS effects there
would be nothing importantly wrong with them. Or what was wrong would pass as ordinary
things like emotional upsets, diarrhoea, tuberculosis etc.

If you look carefully at HIV/AIDS patients their symptoms can be listed in these categories.

       Those SYMPTOMS due to AIDS - weakness, inability to walk far, loss of appetite,
        weight loss, reduced recovery powers - which leads to chronicity in all infections.
        Plus a set of common symptoms as follows in the earlier stages of AIDS

            Burnings internally everywhere, systemically, and localized anywhere. The
            digestive system is a common site.
            Itching and crawling causing irresistible scratching and leaving abundant and
            very noticeable surface wounds, lesions. The face, arms, lower legs, body are
            prominent sites. It can be disfiguring.
            The weakness can focus in the knees especially and in the joints generally as
            well as being systemic.
            There can be peculiar localized paralytic effects which affect any single part
            and seemingly have no medical logic to them.
            Dimmed vision and a feeling of a film over the eyes.
            Fungus affections of the tongue and vagina are common. The tongue can have
            the most amazing coatings, going deep into the throat, and every known and
            conceivable disfiguration.
            There is herpes often initially, which is very indicative of HIV/AIDS.
            (Diarrhoea is frequently an opportunistic infection.)
            Headache is very common, again, as all the above, permanent is its main
            modality. Also associated with fever and sweating or digestive burning.
            Fever and sweating can exist independently or together.
            Silking and loss of hair is very common as the disease progresses.
            Frequently there is lymphatic congestion.
            Loss of weight is a consequence of both the loss of appetite and the social
            consequences of the disease - loss of job, home, social isolation, absolute
            poverty and consequential starvation.

       Those SYMPTOMS due to the diagnosis (post traumatic stress) and having the
        disease and its implications – deep panic from the diagnosis, and more naturally
        hopelessness, fear of dying, great concern about their children’s future etc.
       Those SYMPTOMS due to opportunistic infections due to weakened immunity and
        which have little or nothing to do with them as an individual, just what they have
        been infected/exposed to recently or in the past. Tuberculosis, for example, is
        rampant in HIV/AIDS patients as the primary calcified infection from childhood
        unravels as the immunity drops. It is often the first symptom of AIDS.
       Personal responses to the HIV virus exactly as a homeopath would expect as
        responses to any disease process.
       (Later dying stages are characterized by severe skin markings, inability to walk
        due to weakness, great loss of body weight, absolutely no appetite, only able to
        take liquid food, and a host of severe symptoms with intense pain and suffering).

So my next observation is that if you were to strip out all the opportunistic infections, all
the personal individual responses you are left with two basic sets of facts.

The symptoms of AIDS and the panic/emotions from the diagnosis: that’s what is wrong.
Nothing else.

My next observation is that if HIV/AIDS were removed from the patient they would be well
or would respond to any suitable medical treatment for their common diseases. The
trauma would also cease to exist.

Antiretroviral Drugs

I looked into the antiretroviral drugs. They attack the virus and create collateral damage to
the immune system. Nasty. These have numerous other well-known characteristics and a
well-defined protocol for use. There are separate drug cocktails (some require
refrigerators) that you take in two-year sequences after which on average you get immune
to them, or resistant to them, or your HIV virus does. This is if you obey the rigid protocol
which might include waking up to take doses in the night and have reliable supplies etc
etc. After six years the cocktail runs out. Maybe you start again.

It needs very high quality testing facilities to effectively monitor these antiretroviral drugs
for resistance. In Ethiopia, for example, with a population of the size of the UK in a
territory the size of Germany and France combined, or all the west coast states of the USA,
with as many road miles as I guess they have in Antwerp, has one such laboratory, and
the tests cost a year’s income even at stripped down prices.

It is then very unrealistic to expect people who live beyond roads, electricity, batteries,
alarm clocks, refrigerators, and doctors (I found a place where there was one doctor for
180,000 people) and without free health care to take antiretroviral drugs. The drug
companies and the attendees at the 2002 Barcelona AIDS conference (who refused to
invite me) attendees more generally think likewise. Free or low cost anti-retrovirals is not
the answer in Africa.

The next observation is then that antiretroviral drugs are not well suited to Africa.

Super HIV Virus

If these antiretroviral drugs do get used and widely misused in Africa as seems likely,
quick resistance is highly likely and as a consequence mutations in the virus itself is very
likely. This is what happened with malaria due to the prophylactic use of anti-malarials.
The mutated virus is then very likely to become more contagious and more rapidly
damaging and re-enter the community and create a second wave of increased devastation.
Nor will we escape. Refugees, immigrants, tourists and business travellers will reseed it

My next observation is then that antiretroviral drugs used widely in Africa would lead to a
super HIV virus that would easily invade the whole world and lead to the devastation of
populations on all continents. Currently only Africa is staring social and economic
devastation in the face.

So it is in no ones interests to give these drugs cheaply to African countries. Though I
expect it will happen along with these above consequences. God help us all. This is how
the Great Plague wiped out two thirds of the population of Europe in three waves over 100
years and others besides. Can we not learn from the past? Are we doomed by well
meaning, good but stupid intentions, to repeat this insanity?


The Homeopathic Approach to HIV

The symptoms that run through every case I have seen of HIV/AIDS are the same, exactly
the same.

Weakness, inability to walk far, loss of appetite, weight loss, reduced recovery powers -
which leads to chronicity in all infections, and commonly a selection of chronic symptoms
related to common acute problems becoming chronic.

My next observation is that there are two ways then to approach HIV/AIDS, the
individualistic or the epidemic/pandemic (meaning world wide epidemic) and that either is
an option. All that’s needed is a remedy that meets the above symptoms and the panic
reaction from the diagnosis.

The realistic Approach

My next observation is that because of the lack of homeopaths and the inability to train
tens of thousands of them quickly, needed for the vast numbers of patients, the only
realistic approach to HIV with homeopathy is via the epidemic route. You might question
this assumption. Maybe with great resources you could do this the individual route. But is
that likely? Frontline Homeopathy and Homeopathy Without Borders have the know-how.

Finding the epidemic remedy
I then thought about the way to find this homeopathic remedy that matched the disease
and came to the conclusion that there was no way to do it that was known. Assuming that
as yet the remedy was not known or proven, (my colleagues had had twenty or more
years to explore that; therefore I think its safe to assume it’s not known) the only logical
way is to prove millions of substances and hope that within this is what is needed. That
might take 1000 years to do. People are dying at 1000s per day. It does not seem
appropriate. It is the same in conventional medicine and HIV. They have no modus
operandi to finding the remedy/drug they seek. It is just a random chance process. See
the history of the first antiretroviral drug.

My next observation here then is that there is no systematic way of finding the
homeopathic remedy for a new disease if the remedy has not been made yet and
searching randomly for it might not solve the problem in a thousand years.

Finding the Epidemic Remedy

My next thoughts were about how to discover the homeopathic remedy for HIV/AIDS that
addressed the problem as an epidemic. Having concluded that there is no system to this
bequeathed by the genius of Hahnemann or any of his followers beyond random
exploration (though the systems of classification are now pointing in the right direction for
this to be less random) I realised that I needed to think/operate outside the conventional
mind sets of our civilization. I personally think Hahnemann did this unconsciously in the
selection of the remedies he developed. This powerful set of polychrests may yet prove to
mirror the core archetypes in the human race with sufficient similarity to be ‘good enough’
for healing purposes. The current efforts to prove everything, great as they are, may prove
somewhat unfulfilling by comparison.

I sat down, thought it all through, drew upon all my life experience, all the unusual as well
as the well worn paths I had trod. I consulted the great computer in my inner sky, what
might be called my deep intuition, or the font of all knowledge, and found the remedy that
completely addresses the HIV virus. I had already equipped my self with the full
homeopathic remedy making technology (fully equipped kitchen sink laboratory, mortar
and pestle, sugar of milk, bottles, pure 96% alcohol, distilled water etc). I had already
done some research on how to make more powerful homeopathic remedies years ago. I
finally decided what to do. I did something almost completely new to me, and produced
the Homeopathic Remedy.
It is an imponderable like magnetic north pole is (it is not similar to it however). I want to
keep it free to everyone so I am keeping the name/source secret. It is a viable alternative
to a patent to keep it secret. I am thus keeping it secret until all this is resolved.
Fortunately no one can discover what is in the Homeopathic Remedy nor the new
technology from analysing the Homeopathic Remedy! (It would be so good for
homeopathy if they could!)

My next observation is that there is no logical, analytical way of discovering the new
homeopathic remedy to match the materia medica you seek.

However my next observation is that there is a way to do just this, beyond logic, reason
and analysis.

Testing the Remedy

I have tried it out on 250 proven HIV/AIDS patients, and incidentally some of my patients
gave it to others of whom I have never seen myself and reported back the effects -
prisoners, children, relatives of patients. I studied 100 cases carefully and thoroughly and
concluded it works in most cases. It is logical as well as evident clinically that it works in
most cases since if the disease is reliably 100% diagnosed, and the remedy covers the
entire picture of the disease, how can it fail?

That’s my next observation. It reliably works.

My next observation is that the diagnosis is the reason for choosing the remedy. Diagnosis
equals Similimum when treating and contagious, epidemic, and pandemic disease. I
extended this idea to other genetically determined diseases like diabetes.

However in some cases the remedy is insufficient, for example when people in severe
poverty (living well below the WHO definition of absolute poverty) and are starving
(common in people with HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia) or when they are close to death – they
can’t walk or eat solid food, when they have severe opportunistic infection and for other
unknown but knowable factors. Longevity of HIV also reduces the chances. Other than
these factors the homeopathic remedy is effective.
People with HIV/AIDS without such disadvantages and not very strong AIDS symptoms
recover in typically two weeks, and this is sustained. After three months of taking the
remedy and then stopping taking the remedy, the remain well for many more months to
come, which is as far as I have got.

Fuller details are given on the web site. I was fortunate in having access to first class,
world class medical laboratory facilities and could accurately measure Viral Load –VL (the
number of HIV viruses in the blood) and CD4 (the number of one type of T cells that fight

Selected medical tests backed up the clinical findings.

So my next observation is that there is a single homeopathic remedy for HIV that works.

Simplification of Application

I simplified it down to one potency that you take every day for three months. Mostly this is
sufficient to enhance the immunity. This simplification was based on my experience of LM1
which I have written extensively about (my book Emotional Healing with Homeopathy, and
The Potent One).

This is my next observation: Potentisation is essential, although Potency is not so
essential, but dose repetition is and one can adjust the dose effectively. There are likely to
be exceptions and this needs further study.

Measurement of recovery from HIV/AIDS

Having got thoroughly enmeshed in HIV/AIDS I finally came up with what for me is a very
useful set of criteria for defining a recovery from HIV/AIDS. Here it is directly off the web

The way to know you are better when you have HIV/AIDS is:

        1. Having your old strength back.
        2. Having your appetite return to normal.
        3. Your recovery powers from acute illnesses are good; you get better without the
        need for medicines.
        4. Getting back to your normal weight, and gaining weight, this is a great sign of
        5. Reduction of all your AIDS complaints, problems, pains, symptoms, when these
        gradually fade away.
        6. Feeling well again, hope, happiness, sense of increased inner peace/calm, and
        losing those feelings of helplessness, panic, fear you will die, and despair.
        7. Medical tests to monitor your health are:

            -      Total Lymphocyte Count TLC / WBC - this indicates the strength of the
                immune system, its like the CD4 test except its 5 Birr/$0.5
                - Iron Level in the blood - hemoglobin HgB 5 Birr/$0.5

            -      (these are both WHO criteria along with weight gain)

If all these are improving and you are getting better.

(In 3 above there are four levels easily understood.

    -      They hardly every get sick and recover immediately if they do

    -      The get sick and get well again without any help

    -      They get sick and need medicines to get well

    -      If they get sick they never get better even with different medicines)

(In 6 above after the diagnosis, the shock of it often resonates with primitive family or this
life early traumas such as womb, birth and near death experiences in illnesses etc. In such
cases it remains and seriously weakens immunity- see my book Emotional Healing with
Homeopathy, currently out of print but a free download on website). You will observe/they
will tell you that this fear/panic/hopelessness has gone. It is often the first sign the remedy
is working. Such feelings will not be relieved by counselling, as they are too deep and
beyond consciousness.)

Next observation. The above is a complete set of criteria for the recovery from HIV/AIDS
and the only one I have seen.

Prescribing note

The exact ways to use the remedy that addresses people with HIV/AIDS (don’t call it the
HIV remedy as that’s wrong- see the proving/materia medica on web site) is fully detailed
on the website. Basically you take it daily, ½ a teaspoonful (it is put in mineral water) for 3
The advantages of this approach

This remedy is an effective solution to HIV because it

       covers the entire symptoms picture of the disease (as well as other look alike
        diseases and states)
       is free of side effects.
       does not cause the virus to mutate.
       has no important protocol except to take it.
       is free of cost if needed to be.
       requires low or no technology.
       can be self monitored and self applied (useful here due to the intense stigma).
       enhances the immune system.
       requires virtually no skill in application.
       is very easy to deliver.


It is Unbelievable

There are very many reactions to this new approach being believed.

            1.     No one expects a problem that the world has put 6 billion US$ towards
                 to be solved this easily and this effectively.

            2.     It is homeopathy. No money in that and its does not work anyway,
                 placebo etc. Even my patients regard banging the remedy as mumbo-
                 jumbo (racist) and hocus-pocus. Even Hahnemann is still not believed, so
                 what chance has this got? In a world detached and in denial of God we
                 have this collective schizophrenia apparent on all levels. It is like a
                 collective wall of silence that is almost impenetrable. We live outside it as

            3.     I did it on a miniscule budget and consequently the proof is good but
                 insufficient. I am saying the proof is sufficiently strong to merits further
            4.     Many people in Africa and elsewhere have claimed local cures for HIV.
                 Most if not all are dismissed as quackery. Probably some are. There is a
                 knee-jerk mind set response in the media, scientific community etc that is
                 immediately dismissive. Every new idea for HIV then gets so categorised
                 and binned unless there are super brains and lots of money behind it.

            5.     About 99% of the HIV/AIDS research budget is spent in the west which
                 is where the problem isn’t and the solution maybe isn’t. Research is

            6.     And there is a common perception that Africans can’t do useful research
                 (racism barely disguised).

            7.     And there are unequal standards. The scientific mind set expects the
                 evidence for new approaches to anything to be cast iron whereas theirs
                 don’t have to be.

            8.     Etc.

Consequently this homeopathic approach is unbelievable/ people don’t want to believe it/
can’t believe it. That’s the next observation. It is unbelievable. Even good friends of mine
say, ‘If I did not know you personally I would not believe it’. You might feel the same.
That’s the problem exactly.

Needing to know the remedy source

Homeopaths naturally want to know what the remedy is. A few tell me they can’t/won’t
use it because I’ve kept it secret (see above for the reasons why). My patients rarely
asked me what it was. What really concerned them was that they got better. There are
some observations you can draw from all this.

The best help you can give

I think the best way forward is for small informal trials around the world to take place with
a few people locally. If these show reliably that it produces good results, good anecdotal
evidence, backed up by medical tests, this will build a platform for its believability. If then
you can try it out, then many, many people will benefit.
Karmic Thoughts

I wondered about the facts of potentially saving the lives of millions of people. Unkind
people in the west say things like maybe they are supposed to die. Obviously it is not their
child, parent, spouse or sibling. I reasoned it this way. If vitalistic homeopathy can restore
people to health on mass, they get more opportunity to complete their life’s journey in this
incarnation. I sure G-D approves of that and it seems to me to speed up the human
journey of consciousness. So my next observation is that this epidemic homeopathy is not
just good for the individuals but it is also good for the evolution of the species.

Vitalistic Thoughts

If you accept the premise of the single epidemic remedy for a fixed picture disease then
you have to think about the implications of this.

If you can solve the problem of finding the epidemic similimum (which I have done) then
you can apply homeopathy to any chronic disease process that is truly a specific disease
with any route of transmission (genetic, contagious etc). Like tuberculosis, malaria,
leprosy, candida, chlamydia, diabetes etc (I tried it for diabetes, it seems to work).

Which means the highly developed skills of diagnosis can be honoured by homeopathy and
offered a holistic way forward.

As far as I can see it, homeopaths often have no objection to a true diagnosis, it is just the
suppressive, damaging and crazy treatment they objected to.

So this approach could open the way to two homeopathic approaches -

    -      The individual - like cures like individually

    -      The disease – like cures like disease, it is like treating one super person made
        up many peoples combined symptoms- epidemic, endemic, pandemic, genetic.

In my thinking the individual approach will be superior generally and in non-specific and
complex disease processes, and prior to diseases being recognised.

The epidemic/diagnostic approach will be superior when the disease is known ahead of its
symptoms being apparent, as prophylaxis, and the opposite, where the disease is well

There would be overlap and the combination/alternation one after the other could be
The next consequence could be that homeopathy moves directly onto the world stage.

These thoughts might leave you gasping, or seem totally reasonable; I have witnessed
both in my colleagues.

My next observation is that homeopathy has more possibilities than I had expected.
Vitalistic homeopathic medicine can apply across the board. Individualistic homeopathy is
just one option. Diagnosis can be honoured as a way to the similimum. Medicine can be
united under one umbrella.

Further research

I am planning to design a research program to iron out any difficulties of application and to
provide further proof. Even though I doubt any testing I do will be believed.

This needs about Euro/US$1 million I estimate. Help in finding this will be appreciated.

For example if the patient is not improving, finding out why and rectifying the protocol if
that is needed. Potency might need upping in some cases. It needs very detailed studies
and expensive testing to monitor people closely and to investigate thoroughly.

Using the remedy in Europe and the West

People ask me about this remedy in use in the West.

As a general comment, here in Europe HIV/AIDS is contained within very small numbers
using the retroviral drugs and expensive monitoring. It’s well managed.

There are people not taking antiretroviral drugs, both those who have not started and
those who have stopped. Both can benefit and my little experience so far is very positive.
Rapid responses happen. Again it’s a no lose situation. Since VL and CD4 can be
monitored easily, you can safely watch it all happening with no risks.

Those still on retrovirals can’t be monitored effectively as far as I see it. I might be wrong.
It will work but you wont know. There will be no evidence to show this.

There is now a homeopathic epidemic remedy that covers the symptom picture of

The best time to use this remedy is prior to getting AIDS symptoms. It could stop the
patient ever getting sick. It is a no-lose situation; all other options remain open.

Currently it is unbelievable and more anecdotal experience of its use, backed up by blood
tests (VL and CD4) is needed from around the world to build up enough evidence for it to
be taken seriously. If you can do this it will make a contribution towards saving the lives of

That’s my final observation - you can help!

With Love to You

Peter Chappell.

Peter Chappell was one time principal of the London International College of Homeopathy
and helped put homeopathy on the map or enhance it in fifteen countries. He is author of
Emotional Healing with Homeopathy, printed in many languages and back in print next
year. Currently he wanders the planet trying his hand at difficult situations. Consequently
he earns nothing and gives his patients money so they can eat. His no fixed abode is

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