kindergarten lesson plan nov 8-12_ 2010 by niusheng11


									                                   Kindergarten Weekly Lesson Plan for Co-Teaching
Week of:    Nov. 8-12, 2010             Target Students:                                     Co-Teaching Structures:            Referrals:
Subject     speech-language             AshleyB,DawsonO,SadieD             Speech            (O) One Teach, One                 Sophie
Class:      Kindergarten                DaltonR                                              (S) Station Teaching               follow-up on
                                        AronH,MaridythH                    Language          (P) Parallel Teaching              Kylie, Miranda
                                                                                             (A) Alternative Teaching           Bryant
                                                                                             (T) Team Teaching

                                                                             Assessment/        Co-         Academic/             Materials/
Day/Date:    Objectives and Standards          Lesson Activities                Data          Teaching       Behavior             Support        IEPs
Monday                                  PROFESSIONAL

Tuesday  healthy habits, adjectives,    Make Way for Ducklings             aware of vocab? O, A, S       move on rug prn        Ducklings bk
         nutrition, kinds of food       V: molt, drake, hen, duckling,     attn to story?                                       Bird song
         "he", "for", sequence          swan,                              fill in blanks?
Wednesda Whose Garden is it?            review ord #s w ducklings          # ?s correct    T             modify/choose ?s       PM lessons    Aron H
         seasons, letters I,F           PM 73-74 classify anim/plants                                    to fit abilities prn   duckling cards 12:00
         #s 11-15 (recog & count)       Time4Kids "Migrate"                                              choose teams           Tree Map
Thursday 1st,2nd,3rd…                   Label diagram about Mallard        follow dir to each O, P, T    1:1 dictation of       Diagram
         animal homes, manners          ducks.                             area of diag                  their words on         Hapn spr p 22
         (review from last week)                                                                         papers                 computer info
Friday   possessive (My garden)                                            follow dir w/o    O           repeat/shorten         LS
         "Thanksgiving"                 List sheet p 69 behind/in front of blurting?                     dir prn
         rhyming words

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