Guidelines for the Commercial project in windows movie maker

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					Guidelines for the Commercial project in windows movie maker
Project :      To create an commercial to sell a product

Aim :          To learn the software WMM.


The students will take up a project to make a commercial to sell a product to learn Movie maker.

During the project the students should get familiar with basics of movie maker.

They will be given an introduction class for WMM. Also URL of an tutorial.

Design Cycle Folder

The students will organize the folder as-

    1. They will make the front page for their design folder.
    2. They will write the introduction for their project.

In introduction they will write

    i)        What is the problem?         ( To learn the software Movie maker)
    ii)       How they intent to solve it? ( By taking up a project to create a commercial)
    iii)      What are they going to create?
              ( I am going to create a commercial using WMM, to sell -----------------------)

    They will write Areas of interaction involved in the project with proper explanation about
    choosing that area .

Investigate: In this section the students will answer following question.

    1. What is movie maker?
    2. Terms used in WMM-
                1. Storyboard
               2. Timeline
               3. Video transition
               4. Video effects

           Write down the source of information.

3. The students will choose a product of their choice to create a commercial to sell that product

Plan how the student intends to do the commercial. Here they can tell if they are going to take a
camera and shoot or just take images . What music they will use and from where they will get that
music. Are they planning to narrate in their project ? If yes, draft of the plan should be included.

The students will make a timeline for the project

Start date :

Date of submission:

They will note down different stages along with dates


The students will make 3 different designs for their commercial. They will choose one and justify
their choice.

They will draw / sketch their designs with pencil and paper and file it under the section Design.

They will refer to the sample design posted on the school wiki.


The students will create the commercial according to the design chosen.


         Main idea of the commercial is made clear.
         Dialogue and/or written explanations are placed where appropriate (slogans, captions,
         Storyline includes a clear reference to product and purchasing information.
         Sequence of events is clearly illustrated or written out.
         Commercial is presented in about 30 seconds.
         All elements needed for the commercial are included.
    CATEGORY           4                      3                     2                           1
Required Elements      Storyboard included Storyboard included Storyboard included              One or more required
                                            *                     *
                       all required elements all required elements all required                 elements* was
                       as well as a few       and one additional    elements .                  missing from the
                       additional elements. element.                                            storyboard.

Use of Time            Used time well,       Used time well,          Used time for the         Used time poorly for
                       commercial was        commercial was 2         commercial was 3          the commercial. It
                       exactly or within 1   seconds off the 30       seconds off the 30        was 4 or more
                       second of the 30 time time frame for the       time frame for the        seconds off the 30
                       frame for the         commercials.             commercials.              time frame for the
                       commercials.                                                             commercials.

Clarity and Neatness   Storyboard is easy to Storyboard is easy to    Storyboard is hard to     Storyboard is hard to
                       read and all elements read and most            read with rough           read and one cannot
                       are so clearly written, elements are clearly   drawings and labels.      tell what goes where.
                       labeled, or drawn that written, labeled, or    It would be hard for      It would be
                       another student could drawn. Another           another person to         impossible for
                       create the              person might be able   create this               another person to
                       presentation if         to create the          presentation without      create this
                       necessary.              presentation after     asking lots of            presentation without
                                               asking one or two      questions.                asking lots of
                                               questions.                                       questions.

Creativity             Commercial                Commercial           Commercial                Commercial
                       demonstrated a high       demonstrated a       demonstrated some         demonstrated little or
                       level of creativity. It   moderate level of    level of creativity. It   no level of creativity.
                       was exciting and          creativity. It was   might have been           It was not interesting.
                       interesting. The          interesting. The     interesting. The          The commercial did
                       commercial made           commercial almost    commercial did not        not make you want to
                       you want to buy the       made you want to     make you want to          buy the product.
                       product.                  buy the product.     buy the product.

  elements- Video effects, video transition, audio , narration


 The students will evaluate their commercial, work on the suggestions if any.

 They will write how they could have done better. Which part of the design cycle they should have
 focused more, etc.

 What did they learn at the end of the project?

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