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 N                                                                Strategic Action Plan

ASCLS Mission/Vision:
ASCLS serves as the voice of all clinical laboratory professionals, creating a vision for the advancement of the clinical laboratory practice field, and advocating
the value and the role of the profession ensuring safe, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient centered health care.
                       Core Values:
                             Promoting the value of the profession to healthcare and the public;
                              Uniting the profession to speak with one voice;
                              Advocating on behalf of the profession;
                              Promoting professional independence;
                              Enhancing quality standards and patient safety;
                              Ensuring workplace safety;
                              Providing professional development opportunities;
                              Promoting expanded roles and contributions of clinical laboratory professionals to the healthcare team;
                              Increasing the diversity in the profession and expanding the voice and role of under-represented individuals and groups.
2009-2010 Charge #1: Membership recruitment                                                     Charge Outcome (if defined): Increase membership by 5%, 10%
Background & Current Established Activity(s) related to charge:
Student Representative Application and Student Scholarship Applications were sent to the New Prof. Chair, Student Representative and area CLT and CLS program Directors for
distribution. Recipients will be chosen at the Spring ASCLS-ND meeting in Grand Forks. Membership Dev. Chair and Area Contacts currently follow up with lapsed members.
Strategic Actions: (Year/Action)                    Step Summary to Accomplish Action:                 Assigned Responsibilities:           Completion Time Frame:
2009-2010-Increase student members                  Increase connectivity with students              
                                                                                                        CLS, CLT Programs Directors,                Mid semester and prior to
                                                    Send students in their last year CLT or CLS       Student Representative, Area                 spring meeting
                                                      rotation a copy of the ASCLS-ND Student Rep.      Contacts, Membership &
                                                      and Student Scholarship applications              Leadership Chair
                                                    Send graduation cards upon graduation
                                                     Hold informational meetings at schools
                                                     Revamp Student Rep. and Student                       New Professional and                 Spring ASCLS-ND Meeting
                                                         Scholarship Apps.-point system, 1/3 Essay             Student Representative                2010-Fargo
                                                         1/3 Transcript, 1/3 bench instructor
                                                         recommendation (or Program Director?)

          Increase Professional Members-               Increase non-member registration fee at the      State meeting planning          
                                                                                                                                           Spring ASCLS-ND meeting Fargo-
          (Membership concentrated in                   State meeting                                     committee                        2010
          and eastern ND-increase                       Follow up with lapsed members, request        Mem. Dev. Chair, Area             Ongoing
          membership in western ND)                      they renew, find out reasons for not            Contacts, general membership
2009-2010 Charge #2: Increase membership participation                 Charge Outcome (if defined): New and uninvolved members taking on leadership roles
Background & Current Established Activity(s) related to charge:
Beginner’s Handbook, a welcome e-mail and a copy of the current newsletter is currently sent out to new members. S.A. Chairs and Area contacts for 2008-2009 were established
Strategic Actions: (Year/Action)              Step Summary to Accomplish Action:                      Assigned Responsibilities:           Completion Timeframe:
2009-2010 Increase participation in state      uninvolved members to moderate or be on a 
                                                Ask                                                    State meeting Chairs(s), ASCLS-     Planned for 2010 ASCLS-ND State
           meeting planning                     meeting planning committee, run for elected            ND Board, Area Contacts, S.A          Meeting-
                                                office, etc.                                           Chairs, Nominations Chair,
                                               non-members to get involved. E-amil sign
                                                Ask                                                    ASCLS-ND general membership
                                                up sheet for non-memebrs to get newsletter at
                                                ASCLS Booth at State meeting
           One ASCLS-ND member                Solicit Keys to the Future candidates for                     ASCLS-ND Board,
           apply to Leadership                  Leadership Academy                                             ASCLS-ND Leadership
           Academy/Year                                                                                        Dev. Chair, Area contacts,
                                                                                                               ASCLS-ND general
           Mentor program and new             ASCLS-ND Mem. Dev. Chair contacts new                 
                                                                                                       ASCLS-ND Leadership and             Done on a continual basis as new
           member welcome                       member, call is followed up by Area Contact or         Mem.Dev.Chair, Area Contacts,         members join. New Mem. Dev.
                                                volunteer member from the same area.                   general membership volunteers         Chair will continue beginning 7-26-
                                               ASCLS Beginners Handbook, welcome e-                                                          09
                                               Mail and copy of current newsletter sent to
                                               New members, New member Bios update

           Manual for new                      
                                                Copy of SOP, Bylaws, Reimbursement                  
                                                                                                     Dawn Michelson                        
                                                                                                                                            Spring ASCLS-ND Meeting 2009
           ASCLS-ND Board                       Guidelines, New Member Handbook, Job
           members                              Descriptions, current member list

           Scientific Assembly Chairs          
                                                Assign S.A. Chairs and Area Contacts                
                                                                                                     President-Elect, ASCLS-ND Board       
                                                                                                                                            State Rosters due 6-1-09
           and Area Contacts                                                                         , general membership

           ASCLS-ND Logo                       
                                                Develop ASCLS-ND Logo                               
                                                                                                     Contest for general membership to     
                                                                                                                                            Spring ASCLS-ND Meeting 2009
                                                                                                     design logo. Winner chosen by
                                                                                                     general membership.

           ASCLS-ND State Meeting                      Get members from outside host city to        ASCLS-ND Board, State meeting                ASCLS-ND State Meeting
           planning                                     help plan-possibly adopt something            Co-Chairs                                     2010
                                                        similar to new Region V meeting grid.
                                                        Have planning CD developed at the 2009
                                                        State Meeting passed on to future Co-
                                                        Chairs so planning doesn't have to start
                                                        from scratch.
 2009-2010 Charge #3 Increase membership connectivity                                           Charge Outcome (if defined):
 Background & Current Established Activity(s) related to charge: SOP and Bylaws are currently being updated. Links to job descriptions continue to be posted on the
 website. Government Affairs Liaison post important legislative information on the website and submits articles to the ASCLS-ND newsletter
 Strategic Actions (Year/Action)            Step Summary to Accomplish Action:                    Assigned Responsibilities:            Completion Timeframe:
 2009-2010                                  General membership has access to main ASCLS         Website managers, ASCLS-ND           Ongoing
                                              membership lists?                                     Board and general membership.
                                            Develop Listserve?
                                            Continue website development-Update Bylaws,
                                              SOP, Job descriptions
                                            Continue to post pertinent information affecting
                                            Links to National, Regional and State ASCLS
                                              websites posted on the ASCLS-ND website

2009-2010 Charge #4 Increase ASCLS-ND Visibility                                            Charge Outcome (if defined):
Background & Current Established Activity(s) related to charge 2: Delegates from ASCLS-ND are sent to Legislative Days in Washington, DC every year. Several
ASCLS-ND members are judging a Science Fair at NDSU April 3. ASCLS-ND donates a $50 prize every year. An ASCLS informational meeting is being planned for April at
Rasmussen College in Morehead, MN,

Strategic Actions (Year/Action)            Step Summary to Accomplish Action:                 Assigned Responsibilities:            Completion Timeframe:
2009-2010                                  Conduct P.A.C.E. approved continuing              Contacts, S.A. Chairs
                                             education sessions throughout the state
                                           Entice members and non-members to attend         
                                                                                               Everyone!!                           
                                                                                                                                     Ongoing for ASCLS-ND 2009
                                             ASCLS-ND State meeting                                                                  Spring meeting

                                            Attend job fairs; speak to high school and        
                                                                                               Student Representative, New
                                            college students. Conduct ASCLS informational      Professional, general membership,
                                            Send 2 delegates to Legislative Days              
                                                                                               President-Elect or Leadership        
                                                                                                                                     Every March
                                                                                              Academy participant, New
                                                                                               Professional Chair
 Have Leadership Academy participant conduct    Leadership Academy participant    ASCLS-ND State Meeting-Fargo-
  informational session at the State Meeting.                                        2010

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