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					                   Oral Surgery Postoperative Instructions

                             Lauren Whenry, D.D.S.

                        7717 E. 91st St. Tulsa,OK 74133


• It is normal to have pain, swelling, bleeding and bruising after any surgical
• Continue to bite on gauze for the next hour. Change gauze every 15 minutes. Some
   people will experience prolonged bleeding. If your mouth continues to heavily
   bleed after two hours. Bite on a dry tea bag for 15 minutes. Change bag until
   bleeding stops. Oozing is normal for the first 48 hours.
• Use ice packs on your cheeks, 15 minutes on and 15 off minutes for the first day.
• To avoid getting a dry socket, be gentle with your surgical site. Avoid smoking,
   drinking through a straw, spitting and using mouthwash for 10 days following
• Dr. Whenry recommends using an irrigating syringe (provided by our office) to
   clean your surgical site beginning on the third day after your procedure. Dr. Whenry
   also recommends brushing your teeth in the shower and allowing the shower to
   rinse your mouth out. Remember, try not to spit.
• For patients taking prescription pain medication please be aware that it is common
   for these medications to upset your stomach. To avoid this, be sure to take your
   medicine with some solid food. It is also a good idea to take a chalky antacid such as
   Tums or Rolaids with your pain medication. Please call the office if you need
   additional nausea medicine.
• Get plenty of rest and feel better soon!

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