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					                                      ST. JOHN’S MESSENGER
                                            APRIL 2008
                              St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church
                           821 Denver Street Schuyler, Nebraska 68661
                            Worship: 6 PM on Saturday, 9 AM on Sunday
                          Holy Communion Services are April 5/6 and 19/20
                Ministers: All the People       Pastor: The Rev. Ruth Boettcher
                                          Parsonage 352-3276
                                 Church secretary: Suzie Benson
                       She is in the office Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
                                  from 11 AM -1 PM and 2-5 PM.

                                       Special Services
                 Sunday, April 6 at 9 AM      Service of Holy Communion
         Shaylee Williams, Brenna Parry, Kyle Muehlich, and Preston Hall
               will receive their First Communion at this Service.

         Saturday, April 26 at 6 PM Special guest preacher: Pastor Norman Porath
                He has been a special friend of the St. John’s congregation.
           He and Kathy will be moving to Denton, near Lincoln, at the end of May.
                 Pastor Ruth is helping the Dalton (NE) Presbyterians celebrate
                             their 100th Anniversary that weekend.
                  Sunday, April 27 at 9 AM     Sunday School led worship service
                      The 6th Sunday of Easter is also Rogation Sunday,
             a time when the Church asks God’s blessing on seed, soil, and water
                     as farmers and gardeners are preparing for planting.
               You are asked to bring seeds and a half cup of soil for a blessing.

                                           Worship Leadership for March
Look for inside for
                          Head Usher & Communion Deacon—Gail Fickle
                          Greeters and Ushers—Vicki Drueppel, Rick and Gail Fickle
  Birthdays           3   Lector—Jon Knutson
Calendar              2   Altar Committee—Lemay Anderson, Pauline Huber, Gayle Ladehoff
Camp               4, 7   Banner Committee—Lori Benesch
Confirmation          4
Faith Lessons         3
Sunday School             April 6            Nathan Kracl     Communion
  News              6-7   April 13           Brad Benesch
Thank You             5   April 20           Jonny Wade       Communion
VBS              5, 6-7   April 27           Derek Roberts
Women of ELCA         3
Yard Sale           4,7
2           noon Reformation Cluster lunch meeting at Midland/Fremont
            4 PM First Communion Class
         6:30 PM Women of ELCA Salad Supper
 3       8:45 AM Schuyler Ministerial Association meeting at Alegent Hospital
         6:30 PM Christian Education Committee meeting
 4           day Pastor at Rural Ministry Task Force meeting First/Kearney
 5   9-11:30 AM Confirmation Class
           6 PM Evening Worship Service with Holy Communion
 6          9 AM Worship Service with Holy Communion incl. First Communion
        10:15 AM Sunday School
            6 PM Youth Group meeting
 8          1 PM Dorcas Circle meets to quilt
            7 PM Council meeting
 9          2 PM Faith Lessons for Adults
            7 PM Faith Lessons for Adults
10       6:30 PM VBS meeting at First Presbyterian Church
11          2 PM Ruth Circle – Pauline Huber
12      Women of ELCA Midlands Conf. Spring Gathering at Salem/Fremont
           6 PM Evening Worship Service
13          9 AM Worship Service
        10:15 AM Sunday School
        10:30 AM Faith Lessons for Adults
                 Worship and Music Committee meeting
16   11 AM-1 PM Pastor at Alegent Hospital luncheon meeting
        1:30 PM Naomi Circle
           7 PM Faith Lessons for Adults
18-20     Women of ELCA Saved to Serve Retreat at
                Camp Tomah Shinga, Junction City KS
19   9-11:30 AM Confirmation Class
           6 PM Evening Worship Service with Holy Communion
20          9 AM   Worship Service with Holy Communion
        10:15 AM   Sunday School Practice for worship on April 27!
        10:30 AM   Faith Lessons for Adults
            6 PM   Youth Group
22           day Pastor at meeting in York and then CNCS meeting Loup City
26      9:30-3:30 Camp Carol Joy Holling Grades 1-3
             6 PM Evening Worship Service with Pastor Porath preaching
27          9 AM Worship Service **Sunday School to lead this service**
        10:15 AM Sunday School

Our Lenten series took us to Gethsemane and the cross, but we know our story
with God does not end with Jesus’ death. The Faith Lessons on the Death and
Resurrection of the Messiah will continue on Wednesdays and Sundays after Easter.
        April 9/13 “Power to the People” (Pentecost)
       April 16/20 “Total Commitment” (first Christians at Caesarea)

                               April Observances
                 1   Layne Petersen               22     Shaylee Williams
                 4   Lucille Burkholder           23     Lori Benesch
                 6   Auston Hall                  24     Ashley Fendrick
                 9   Lolly Kroeger                29     Linda Prochaska
                     Brian Vavricek               30     Layne Tielbar
               18    Dustin Fickle                       Cody Prochaska
                     Monica Hull

                22    John and Lemay Anderson

          We apologize for any omissions! Let us know and we’ll print your name and
          date in the bulletin.

All women, their mothers, daughters and friends are invited to
Salad Supper – April 2 at 6:30 PM in the Social Hall. Please
bring a salad to share. Drinks will be provided. Wear something
yellow, if possible.
The theme this year is “Let the Son Shine.” An entertaining
evening is planned.

             Midlands Conference Spring Gathering is April 12 at Salem
Rejoic       Lutheran Church in Fremont. Workshops include Holy Spirit
   e         spa, Stress, Women’s Prison Ministry, Sing-a-long, Bible Study
 Renew       Techniques and Telling Our Faith Stories.
Revive                2008 Saved to Serve Retreat Opportunities
A flyer and registration forms are on the bulletin board in the Social Hall.
   April 18-20, 2008 – Junction City, Kansas
Refresh and refurbish Camp Tomah Shinga
   June 13-15, 2008 – Wayne, Nebraska
Create Banners and a Prayer Garden at Campus Ministries Welcome Center

Saturday, April 12, at 6:30 PM in Lincoln at Sheridan Lutheran is a benefit
dinner for Nebraska Synod Prison Ministry and Community Re-entry. For
more information, call Melissa Redding at 402-978-5603 or go online to:

                           SUNDAY, APRIL 27
                                    9 AM
Everyone from the congregation is invited to this G.R.A.N.D. service.
Bring the seeds for your garden/fields and some dirt from your garden/
fields for a special blessing. Learn about the 11th Commandment! This
family-friendly worship requests your attendance.
Practice for the Worship Service will be on April 20th during the Sunday
School hour. If you are one of the Sunday School students or teachers and
not able to attend practice or the Worship Service, please contact Dawn
Syring or Jalaine Vavricek.
     God renews the earth with Spring Time. Help us celebrate!

                      THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND
                       Carol Joy Holling Camp
   Saturday, April 26 – 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM – Grades 1-3
Spend the day at Carol Joy Holling Camp celebrating God’s creating and
exploring the wonders of spring with nature games and activities, hiking, songs
and a closing devotion. The day runs from 9:30-3:30 and is a great opportunity
for 1st – 3rd graders to get to know camp. Cost is $6 per child. There must be
one adult for every eight youth if your congregation is attending as a group.
Register by Monday April 21st by calling the camp office at 1-888-656-6154
or going on-line to Lori Benesch also has the permission slips.
Please remember to dress for the weather, bring a sack lunch and wear shoes
for hiking!

                Sunday, May 11th is the Rite of Confirmation for Derek
             Roberts. Pray for Derek as he completes his instruction and
             prepares to affirm his faith as a baptized child of God.

              St. John’s Annual Hamburger Feed and Yard Sale
The 2008 Hamburger Feed is scheduled for Friday, June 20,
beginning at noon.
The Yard Sale is June 20/21. Start saving items now! Anything from
clothing, house wares, holiday decorations, furniture, large and small
appliances & electronics (in working order), sports equipment, and toys
and books will be accepted.     Contact Mike or Lori Benesch with any


                 Elaine Wolta and Randy Plummer for helping spring clean the
                 Church kitchen. Also to Amanda Hartman and Riley Borman
                 for helping inventory the dishes and silverware. Your help
                 was greatly appreciated! –- Karen Henry

                 to youth and parents who prepared the breakfast following the
                 Easter sunrise service. Thank you to all who supported the
                 youth group through your gifts for the breakfast.
                                                                  -- Pastor Ruth

               We would like to extend our appreciation to everyone from
               St. John’s that has kept our family and friends in their
               prayers for the past several months. Cathy and Phillip
                Krzycki and John Gruber have been successfully treated for
                their cancer. Each is feeling well and their cancer is in
remission. We appreciate your prayers and support. Thank you so much.
                                              -- Jalaine and Dean Vavricek

                          “Women of the Bible”
                      Performance by Anita Gutshick
                     Saturday, May 3 – 10-11:30 AM
                      St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church
                      510 N. 93rd Street, Omaha, NE
This is a performance for men, women, children, youth groups, confirmation
and Sunday school classes, Bible study groups and families.
Coffee will be served at 10 AM and the program will start at 10:30.
There will be a freewill offering to help with expenses.
For a sampling of Anita Gutshick’s art, please visit her website at

Augustana College will host a week-long extensive (and intensive!) summer
music camp for students who have completed grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12
in the spring of 2008. This camp will be held June 15-20. Scholarships are
Application deadline is May 16. Please see the flyer posted in the Social Hall
bulletin board.

          Beach Party Vacation Bible School
       July 20-24, Sunday – Thursday evenings
                  Mark your calendar!


Diane Fendrick     Co-Superintendent           352-5357
Tracey Kracl       Co-Superintendent/Treasurer 352-2508
Dawn Syring        Staff Helper                367-8118
                            Calendar of Events
April 3     Christian Education Committee/Sunday School Meeting 6:30 PM
April 6     First Communion for Preston Hall, Kyle Muehich, Brenna Parry &
            Shaylee Williams during the 9 AM Worship Service.
April 20    Practice for the Sunday School Worship Service
April 27    Sunday School Worship Service
            Teacher’s Appreciation Brunch
            No Sunday School/Confirmation Classes
May 11      Confirmation for Derek Roberts during the 9 AM Worship Service
            Last day for Sunday School Classes
July 20-24 Vacation Bible School at the Presbyterian Church with Christ
           United Methodist Church hosting

Sunday School Worship Service
April 27 will be the Sunday School Worship Service. If your child will not be
present during the Sunday School Worship Service on April 27, please let
Dawn Syring, 367-8118 or Jalaine Vavricek, 352-5883 know as soon as
possible. Parts will be handed out soon and we want to make sure those
who will be present have a part in the Worship Service. Practice for the
Sunday School Worship Service will be Sunday, April 20 from 10:15-11:30

Collecting Items
The Sunday School continues to collect pop can tabs, commemorative
canceled postage stamps, greeting card fronts with no writing on the back of
them and "Labels for Education" on the back of Campbell’s condensed soup,
all Campbell’s Microwave Soup, all Campbell’s Bakes Meal Kits, all
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers and all V-8 Splash Beverage caps. The
commemorative canceled postage stamps, greeting card fronts and pop can
tabs have a basket in the narthex. If you have any "Labels for Education,"
please give those to either Tracey or Diane.

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School will be July 20-24 at the Presbyterian Church with
Christ United Methodist Church hosting. Please mark your calendars for this
important week. They will serve family suppers at 5:30 PM with the three
churches taking their turns hosting. If you are available to help teach, be a
helper, help with crafts or help in the kitchen, please contact the St. John’s
Lutheran coordinators Penny Drueppel, 352-4231, or Dawn Syring, 367-
8118. If you have any suggestions, please visit with these ladies.

If your child needs a ride to the 9 AM Worship Service or 10:15 AM
Sunday School, please contact Tracey Kracl, Diane Fendrick or the
church, 352-3550 and we will make arrangements to pick them up
and bring them back following Sunday School!

St. John’s Camper’s Fund
Camp Ambassadors Mike & Lori Benesch have changed their policy. The
Campers Fund will pay for the full registration fee for campers attending any
of the sessions offered at Camp Carol Joy Holling near Ashland, NE with the
exception of the deposit, which may range from $30-75. Anyone interested
in attending camp, please contact Mike or Lori. Camps fill up fast so don’t
wait till summer! You can check available dates at .
One of the fund raisers is the Camper’s Yard Sale, which is scheduled for
Friday, June 20 noon - 7 PM and Saturday, June 21 8 AM - noon. Please
start going through your closets, garages, etc., for items you no longer need
that you could donate for the Yard Sale.
Sunday School ends on Sunday, May 11, so you can start bringing your
items after that to the church and put in the middle Sunday School room on
the west side. If you could mark your items, Lori would really appreciate it!
If not, that is OK also. Questions, please contact Lori Benesch, 352-3853.

Hamburger Feed
During the Camper’s Yard Sale, St. John’s Lutheran Christian Education
Committee will host a Grilled Hamburger Feed on Friday, June 20 serving
from 12 noon-7 PM. Please mark your calendars for this delicious
Hamburger Feed. Please help us spread the word on this Hamburger Feed.
Invite your relatives and friends to join you. You will be able to eat your
meal at the church or take your meal to go. S t. John’s Lutheran Continuing
Education Grant Fund is a grant for seniors who are graduating from high
school and who are members of St. John’s Lutheran Church. This is one of
the main fund raisers for the St. John’s Lutheran Grant Fund.

                           CAMP CAROL JOY HOLLING

Camp sessions are filling fast! There are wonderful opportunities for campers of
all ages at Camp Carol Joy Holling. Pick up a camp magazine in the narthex or from
the Sunday School bulletin board for information on the various camps available.
*The St. John’s Camper’s fund will pay the full registration fee (with the exception
of the deposit) for any St. John’s member attending any of the camp sessions. For
families sending more than one camper only one deposit will be required. Please
contact Lori Benesch at 352-3853 to register!


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