Algebra Series Lesson 3 by stariya


									    Lesson Plan 2010/11

Unit Title                                         Lesson Focus                             Class       Lesson date                          Period             Name
Sequences and Series                               (and number in sequence)                 name/year
                                                   3. Pascal’s triangle and it’s            9
                                                   link to number patterns

Links to targets identified from previous Lesson Evaluation and/or Weekly Review

Learning Objectives                                                                                     Learning Outcomes
 Be able to build Pascal’s triangle                                                                    All
                                                                                                        Have constructed Pascal’s triangle to the 7th or 8th row
 Be able to generate some of the sequences evident within Pascal’s                                     Have seen the triangular numbers within Pascal’s triangle
   triangle.                                                                                            Most
 Recognise how the sequences are generated.                                                            Have seen the square numbers within Pascal’s triangle
                                                                                                        Have derived the formula for triangular numbers
                                                                                                        Be able to list the Fibonacci series
                                                                                                        Have seen how to get to the Fibonacci series and understand that obtaining a general formula for the nth term
                                                                                                        requires a different approach.
The ideas/concepts, skills and subject material you aim to teach                                        What the students will have learned during the lesson
Equality, diversity & inclusion strategies                                                              Health and safety and wellbeing
Accept that possible rephrasing and reinforcement may be required for
learners of all abilities to be able to engage.
Different level worksheets provided.
Different homework set.                                                                                 Resources checklist
                                                                                                         A Projector
                                                                                                         Rulers
                                                                                                         A PC with PowerPoint
                                                                                                         Relevant Worksheets
Groups or individuals with specific needs (initials only), differentiation, TA deployment                Mini whiteboards

    Lesson Plan 2010/11

Time     Learning                                            Management                                            Differentiation                                      Assessment for Learning

         What do we want the pupils to learn?                How will I organise the class and resources?          For the main tasks, how will I adapt the task to     How do I know if they have learnt? What
         For each task what are the main learning points     What key instructions are needed? What will           make sure that all pupils are challenged?            strategies will I use to check this?
         (skills, Knowledge, understanding)?                 the class be doing?

0        Introduce Pascal’s triangle to the class
         demonstrate how it is constructed.

5-15     Encourage the class to continue constructing        Class will be working singly to construct the         Simply suggest the more able construct it            Walk around and look at everyone’s triangles.
         the triangle                                        triangle with quiet talking allowed to help one       further and if they are particularly quick suggest
                                                             another if necessary.                                 they look for patterns in the triangle.
15-25    Consolidate some of the sequences that have                                                               Show the more able some of the more complex
         been studied so far by showing that triangular                                                            patterns including Fibonacci.
         numbers, square numbers and many other
         sequences can be obtained from the triangle.
25-40    Set the learners on the worksheets containing       Class will generate the formula for triangular        Some will purely need to go through and
         questions on series with second order common        numbers.                                              demonstrate that by getting the next number in
         differences obtained from Pascal’s triangle.                                                              the sequence they also match the number that
                                                                                                                   should be in that line in Pascal’s triangle. The
                                                                                                                   more able can deduce the formula for triangular
                                                                                                                   For those that need more work ask them to fill
                                                                                                                   out the first 7 powers of 11 and review what
                                                                                                                   they have found, what then happens to the 8th
40-50    Go through how to obtain the triangular                                                                   Tetrahedral would only be looked at time             Concept loosely understood more to encourage
         numbers formula and move on to explain how                                                                allowing as if some of the concepts are hard to      interest than expect any to take it away and do
         the tetrahedral formula is also obtained.                                                                 grasp this would be left.                            it on their own.
50-end   Go through some of the other interesting                                                                  All learners given a link to the website with the    Set the class a task to briefly describe Pascal’s
         properties of Pascal’s triangle. Explain the                                                              application that generate triangle patterns when     triangle with pictures and the amazing
         history of the triangle and explain that it has                                                           colouring multiples.                                 properties therein.
         many uses and was mainly used by Pascal for
         probabilities not number sequences. Show
         briefly the properties of different multiples and
         the patterns they can make. Does this
         generate an interest in taking Maths further?

   Lesson Plan 2010/11

   Lesson evaluation - to be completed after teaching this lesson. Reflect on what you did that either enabled or hampered learning.

Pupil progress
Did you achieve your SMART targets? Did the pupils meet the learning outcomes? How do you know?

Action to take next lesson with the class a) to improve my teaching and b) to improve the classes learning. Please refer to the Profile Characteristics.

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