Coping of young girl with post abortion trauma (PowerPoint)

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					 Problems of adolescent pregnancy and
  induced abortion
 “Problematization” from mass-media
 Overlook of the meaningfulness and
  implications of these traumatic
  experiences done to them
 Need of localization: Inadequacy of
  local studies on post-abortion trauma on
  young female
 Play Safe Healthy Life Project: 56.8%
  female cases undergone abortion
 More than half (52.5%) had aborted two
  times or above
 Dec 06: Sexuality of Young Female with
  Unintended Pregnancy
 Dec 09: Continuation of study in the
  subject of adolescent pregnancy and
  abortion in HK
 Brought up in a chaotic family
 Found pregnant in the age of 19
 Myth of cannot get pregnant and
  substance abuse habit
 Rejection from her boyfriend to take
  care of her and her baby
 Mother’s decision to abort the baby
 Prolonged painful experiences
   Anger
    › Towards boyfriend
    › Towards mother
    › Towards herself
   Loneliness & Helplessness

    › Mother: ”Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
    › “I runaway from home and stay at my
      friend’s place for a week. I didn’t know what
      to do…”
   Ambivalence

    › “I was so ambivalent. I want to keep the
      baby, yet my present circumstances would
      not let me to do it”
    › “I kept asking myself a question, “should I
      keep the baby?” even when I was lying on
      the hospital bed”
   Pain
    › “It’s hard to describe, just like an angina
      (griping pain)
    › “When my uterus started to cramp, it was just
      like a “pain at the ten level”
   Helplessness
    › “(The nurses) won’t help me, she asked me
      to do it myself”
    › “I could only found a cell phone and talked
      with my mother over the phone. Only she
      taught me how to handle this…”
   Fear: Intensity and acuteness of horror

    › “The process of the abortion sometimes
      flashed back on my mind or dreams, and I
      was scared. It was so real!”
    › “One night I dreamt about I am sitting on the
      bed, and when I look at the living room, I
      saw a bloody baby crawling towards me…”
    › “I would have sweating hands and
      pounding heart when I was left alone in an
      enclosed area”
 “I really afraid to hear babies’ heartbeat
  from an ultra-sonar. It was just like a
  haunted experience for me. I would
  have a pounding hearts…”
 Forceps by gynecologist
 Having protected or unprotected sex
  with present boyfriend
 Further diffusion of fear and anxiety and
  lead to further psychological numbing

Sense of Insecurity
 Denial as coping
 Avoidance as coping
 Resilience as coping
    › Live day to day with her anxieties
    › Read Bible verses and sing hymns when
    › Find information of her symptoms on the net
   Coping and a search of meaningfulness
    › “A black spot in my life”
 Letting go of loss and guilt
 Spirituality aspects on her
 New identity from a new job
 Support group: you are not alone!
 Love and acceptance from family
 Could we hear the “voices” behind their
  silence and apathy?
 How could we recognize and articulate
  their strength after such a traumatic
 Gender issues: do we hear the voices of
 Sexual health service in HK
    › Specific enough in response to their needs?
 Caritas Youth and Community Service
 Repeated Pregnancy Prevention Service
  for young female
 To reduce the negative effects of the
  induced abortion done on young
  female’s sexual, physical and mental
 Post-abortion counseling service &
  teenage mother supportive service
 The wounds covered, yet the feelings
 The emotional suppressed, yet it
  manifested in fears and somatic forms of
 In the course of recovery, letting go,
  searching for spirituality aspect, giving
  her a new identity and support from her
  significant others are crucial

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