Golden Blades Womens Hockey League Approved Amended AGM Minutes Canlan York York Room 6 by 0Trq36


									                     Golden Blades Womens Hockey League
                       Approved Amended AGM Minutes
                            Canlan York, York Room
                                 April 30, 2008


GBWHL President          Jann Bower            Newtonbrook C            Trina Pirone
Aurora Predators         Ken Jenkinson         Sirens A & B             Janet Howard
Centurians               Karen Rooney          Tornadoes 7803           Jen Kuntz
Centurians               Johanne Rappoccio     Tornadoes 7803           Vicki Vanderburgh
Cougars A, B & C         Margaret White        Toronto Crush            Deborah Burke
Etobicoke Dolphins       Colleen Muise         Toronto Heat             Jennifer Nantais
Grimm Jesters            Katie Kinnear         Toronto Heat             Michelle Davidson
Icebreakers              Heather Butler        Toronto Phoenix          Dahlia Kasimer
Icebreakers              Jenn Rumsey           Toronto Phoenix          Sheena Wigglesworth
Icebreakers              Lisa Chartier         Toronto Stingers         Harvey Poulin
Leaside Wildcats         Jenny Cooper          Toronto Stingers         Stephanie White
Mississauga Chiefs       Bill Giesler          Toronto Thunder          Lisa Kroll
Mississauga Chiefs       Cliff Chaytor         Toronto Thunder          Lainie Sugar
Mississauga Chiefs       Deborah Chaytor       Toronto Titans           Sylvie Hoggarth
Newtonbrook A 2901       Pam Fairbridge        Toronto Vixens           Amanda McCurdy
Newtonbrook B / Wolves   Linda Starr

OWHA                     Fran Rider
OWHA                     Pat Nicholls

Cougars AA
Muskoka Bound
Newtonbrook A 2907
Scarborough Sharks
Tornadoes 7801
Toronto Ice
Toronto Mustangs
Toronto Rockets

1. Welcome/Introduction
Jann Bower called the meeting to order welcomed guests and team representatives.
Introduction of the Executive and Team Reps followed.

Fran Rider spoke briefly to comment on the Golden Blades organization and informed
the attendees that other leagues have commented they perceive it to be well organized.
Pat Nicholls spoke briefly to comment on how it is the hopes of the OWHA to see more
women actively involved in regards to coaching aspects in the future. A question was put
to the group to comment if all female coaches clinics were offered if this may perhaps
spur more female individuals to come forth and take more of an on hand approach. Pat
Nicholls suggested Stephanie White could possibly be involved with arranging clinics.
Stephanie White agreed to attend prearranged clinics.

Sylvie Hoggarth congratulated Colleen Muise on her new title of OWHA Regional
Director – Toronto which she is to assume duties as of May 24th.

2. April 25 / August 22 2007 Minutes
Bill Giesler moved to accept the minutes of April 25 and August 22 2007 unamended.
Seconded by Cliff Chaytor. Carried.

3. Financial Report - Karen Rooney
Karen noted that Golden Blades were still having ice issues and this was mainly due to
the zamboni not being prepared to flood the ice at the completion of the games. It has
gotten better but there is still room for improvement and Golden Blades is in constant
communication with Canlan to improve this situation. Sylvie Hoggarth noted delays
were also attributed to teams not being ready to take to the ice and game sheets being
completed on the ice. In addition, there were instances where officials were not ready to
start games on time.

She advised that league fees for the 2008-09 season will be increased to $4700 which is a
slight increase of 3.5%. This is largely due in part to the increased rates of gas, hydro etc.

Returning teams were to have their $100 team deposit forwarded to her prior to June 1
new teams a fee of $500 to be forwarded.

4. Discipline Report – Linda Starr
Linda spoke briefly in regards to suspensions for the 2007-08 season stating there were
numerous 10 minute misconducts assessed and 2 match penalties. Linda noted that teams
have calmed down and there is less complaining but improvement is still needed in both
these areas. Teams were reminded that injury reports must be filed within 90 days from
when the injury occurred.

5. Referee Scheduler Report – Trina Pirone
Trina informed the attendees there were a total of 458 games scheduled over the course
of the 2007-08 season. Changes brought in new officials as well as seeing some officials
phased out. Trina commented next season it was the hope to bring in yet again some new
officials but generally speaking there was a good core group that represents the Golden
Blades on a continuous basis.
6. Amendments to By Laws
Defaulted Games – To be implemented into the Golden Blades Constitution

Stephanie White moved that “A team defaulting within 24 hours of a scheduled game
time will be responsible for theirs and their opponent‟s officiating and timekeeping fees.
The defaulting team will be administered a $100 (one hundred dollar) fine at the
discretion of the Golden Blades Executive Committee.” Seconded by Sylvie Hoggarth.

It was requested that the due process of cancelling or defaulting a game be written into
the constitution so teams can follow procedures accordingly.

7. Ice Time – Karen Rooney
Karen advised game times would remain within the same time block 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Friday evenings and 9:00am - 4:00pm Sundays.

Practice ice would remain on Saturday evenings in the 7:15pm and 8:15pm time slots

Janet Howard questioned if information in regards to teams needing players and players
looking for teams could be made available. It was reiterated that as in the past players or
teams could contact the website co-ordinator to have information posted on the website.

8. Ice Scheduler Report – Sylvie Hoggarth
Over the course of last season it had been mentioned that Golden Blades did not have
sufficient ice time to accommodate all teams with their 2 hours practice ice included with
the league fees.

This was due to the fact that ice time was unused in the first half of the season as teams
prefer to practice closer to play off season.

Tania Mungo who was unable to attend suggested via email that a lottery pool be

Sylvie Hoggarth moved that practice dates and time slots be pulled from a jar/hat on a
random basis. Practice schedule to be posted on the website with date, time and team
using the ice in an effort for teams to exchange if necessary should a team not be able to
use their practice ice. Seconded by Bill Giesler. Carried

It was noted that teams should be polled so teams not having any intentions of using their
practice ice not be implemented into the draw.

Once all teams have been allocated their 1 hour of practice ice, if the remaining practice
ice availability does not warrant all teams to be issued another hour, it was discussed
practices could go with half ice, shinny’s, clinics etc…and this would be determined once
the ice time availability was confirmed.
9. Expansion of League/New Team Applications
AA teams were requesting longer games for the 2008-09 season in Tier 1. Team reps
were advised this would not affect costs in any other tiers. Games would have to be
scheduled at the end of the day to help minimize the disruption in flooding of the ice.
AA teams are to incur all the increased costs of the team entry, officials and timekeeping
fees. There can only be 4 teams in the Tier 1 division as the ice allocation does not
permit for any more.

Amanda McCurdy moved that Tier 1 AA games be increased in length to 15-15-15
periods. Seconded by Colleen Muise. Carried.

Within the league, Stingers advised they would like to be classified into Tier 2 as
opposed to Tier 4.

New team applications:
   Pink Panthers ‘AA’ Tier 1
   Barrie Blizzards ‘BB’ Tier 3
   Kings ‘C’ Tier 4

Linda Starr moved to accept Barrie Blizzards „BB‟ to the league. Seconded by Bill
Giesler. Carried.

Bill Giesler moved to accept Kings „C‟ to the league. Seconded by Colleen Muise.

Due to the longer game times for Tier 1, only 4 teams can be accommodated. The Pink
Panthers ‘AA’ are to be accepted into the league only if a ‘AA’ team folds or withdraws.

10. Old Business – Not Applicable

11. New Business

Katie Kinnear (Grimm Jesters) advised all team reps there was a motion to be brought to
the table at the OWHA AGM being held on May 24th implementing a rule that all
OWHA sanctioned players be required to wear an inter oral mouth guard. Katie advised
if reps were against this ruling and not attending the OWHA AGM, to forward the team
proxy to someone who would be in attendance to vote against this rule.
Golden Blades 5 Goal Differential Ruling
Amanda McCurdy (Vixens) stated instituting a running-time five-goal spread rule would
benefit not only the players, but also the officials. The rule would assist in maintaining
times as scheduled.

Amanda McCurdy moved that during regular season play the clock shall revert to
running time should there be a 5 or more goal deficit within the last 5 minutes of play. If
the goal differential is reduced by less than 5 goals, the clock will revert back to stop
time. Seconded by Bill Giesler. Carried.

Sportsmanship Trophies
Jann Bower noted the league is down to one trophy for this award. In moving forward
more trophies would need to be purchased and is the league interested in this or should
the procedure be dropped. The general consensus was to keep up the tradition.

Jann Bower moved that trophies be purchased to accommodate each tier and teams to
vote within their own division as to which team the sportsmanship trophy should be
awarded to. Seconded by Bill Giesler. Carried.

Year End Banquet
A playoff/banquet committee was struck to be headed up by Bill Giesler (Chair) and to
be assisted by Dahlia Kasimer (Phoenix) Deborah Chaytor (Chiefs)

Play off Schedule for 2007-08
Bill Giesler wanted to reiterate that due to the late changes in the playoff schedule for the
past season, it affected teams in regards to their roster and felt that in the future Golden
Blades should take into consideration that once the playoff schedule is set it should
remain as scheduled. Karen Rooney stated on behalf of the Golden Blades that in
hindsight there was not sufficient notice and Golden Blades would not be so quick to
react and alter schedules for the benefit of Canlan.

12. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held Wednesday August 27th at 6:30pm, Canlan York.

13. Adjournment
Bill Giesler moved the meeting be adjourned. Seconded by Sylvie Hoggarth. Carried.

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