BuzzFund Guidelines by 1140J2m


									                                    BuzzFunds Guidelines
                                        Revised May 21, 2007
To develop student leaders and encourage student involvement in the Georgia Tech community.

    BuzzFunds are moneys collected from the sale of official Georgia Tech licensed merchandise.
       Three Georgia Tech entities, Auxiliary Services, Athletic Association and Alumni Association,
       divide the annual disbursement of funds from licensing receipts.
    Official Georgia Tech licensed merchandise is merchandise that carries the Officially Licensed
       Collegiate Products logo and can be purchased at merchandisers anywhere licensed
       merchandise is sold.
    Major projects are those that require departmental management and can extend throughout an
       academic year.
    Auxiliary Services Communications Marketing Team is a group represented by each Auxiliary
       Services department (Bookstore, BuzzCard, GT Dining, Health Services, Housing, Parking &
       Transportation, Student Center) and chaired by the Director of Communications. The Team
       meets monthly for the purpose of increasing awareness of Auxiliary Services departments.
    Fund-raiser is an event organized to raise funds.
    Collateral pieces are supporting documents to enhance presentation of proposal.

Operations of Auxiliary Services BuzzFunds
   Funding for Auxiliary Services BuzzFunds is made available from the sale of Officially
     Licensed Collegiate Products. The amount available for distribution is, therefore, based on
     annual merchandise sales.
   Auxiliary Services receives requests from Auxiliary Services departments, student
     organizations and campus departments.
   While other programs may be considered, priority is given to programs that develop student
     leaders and encourage student involvement in the Georgia Tech community.

Eligible Organizations
    Auxiliary Services departments that submit a request for a major project or program.
    Chartered student organizations, both undergraduate and graduate, recognized by the Student
       Government Associations.
    Georgia Tech campus departments that submit a request for a major project or program.

Eligibility Criteria
    Each organization or department must submit a proposal via this web site to the Auxiliary
       Services Director of Communications.
    The proposal must include how the program or event (1) fosters leadership or (2) involves the
       Georgia Tech community or (3) demonstrates another eligible purpose.
    The proposal must include benefits and who will gain from the program or event.
    The proposal must be submitted on this form, denoting the organization’s name, address, e-
       mail address and telephone numbers.
    The proposal must include the duration of the project (one time or continuing support of a
       program similar to the Impact Scholarship Program).
    The proposal for a continuing support program must include an evaluation that shows the
       successful completion of the previous project term.

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      The proposal must include a budget for the event or program with line items for proposed
      The proposal must specify which of the budgeted line items is requested for funding.
      The proposal must include other available funding and what attempts have been made to
       secure other funding.
      Electronic presentation (e-mail) is preferred.
      A previous BuzzFund award to annual events does not guarantee funding. Proposals are
       considered independently each year.

Eligible Activities
    Programs or events must be in “good taste.” If events or programs are questioned as to good
       taste, the Auxiliary Services Communications Marketing Team will determine good taste
    Fund-raiser events and programs will not be considered for BuzzFunds.

Funding and Verification
   The Auxiliary Services Communications Marketing Team will verify that proposals fall within
     the guidelines and will forward proposals to the Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services
     for final approval.
   Proposals that do not fall within the guidelines will be returned to the Associate Vice President
     of Auxiliary Services with deficiencies noted.
   The Communications Marketing Team will submit a recommended approval amount to the
     Associate Vice President for final determination.
   Once approved and upon receipt of invoice, funding will be dispersed directly to the vendor or
     Georgia Tech account.
   Auxiliary Services reserves the right to fund all or a portion of a program or event.

Application Process
   Proposals, together with budgets and any other collateral pieces, must be submitted
      electronically to Melissa Moore, director of communications, Auxiliary Services
      (, no later than one month prior to the event or beginning of
      the program.
   Recognition must be given to Auxiliary Services BuzzFunds on every program and event
      receiving BuzzFunds.
   Within one week after the event, a short report will be submitted electronically to Melissa
      Moore, director of communications, Auxiliary Services (
      Failure to submit this report may nullify proposals for future BuzzFund funding.

Release Waiver
    Upon approval of program or event, each department and organization acknowledges that
      Georgia Tech Auxiliary Services may publish the program or event in any of Auxiliary Services
      publications, news releases or articles.

Guidelines and Publication
   These guidelines will be reviewed and updated as needed. The on-line version published at will be the official document. Future publications will include a
      revised date.
   Dates and times will be determined as to real time on receiving computer or time received by
      hand delivery or interoffice mail to the Auxiliary Services Director of Communications.
            Please submit your proposal electronically to Melissa Moore at

BuzzFund Proposal

Contact Information

            Michael                      Last Name                    Lane                           MI   S
Title      President (pro tem.)          Organization/Department      Active Minds at Georgia Tech
Address    331692 Georgia Tech Station   Address 2
Phone:     770 653 4231 Email 1:            Email 2:

Proposal Name            It’s Deadweek! Throw Paint not a Tantrum (TPnT)

        Description of Proposal (including how this program or event fosters leadership or
Georgia Tech community involvement):
        According to the American College Health Association - National College Health Assessment
(ACHA-NCHA) Web Summary stress is the number one impediment to academic performance. With
this in mind Active Minds is teaming up with the Counseling Center, Health Promotion, & Auxiliary
Services’ Craft center to host: “Throw Paint not a Tantrum” (TPnT). TPnT will be a fun, stress
relieving activity to honor Active Minds national commitment to the Anxiety Disorders Association of
America’s National Stress Out-Day in April (for more info see
AboutNationalStressOutDay.asp). Active Minds is essentially student mental health awareness
organization with a purpose to provide information and awareness of mental health issues through
information and awareness activities, such as TPnT. In this manner, Active Minds also serves as an
information and resource liaison between the students and GT health community. Essentially TPnt
will be a community painting event where student can throw paint on a canvas to form any design -
for free. This serves the student/faculty community by
        (1) Providing relaxing outlet for stress relief after studying for finals or faculty grading;
        (2) Making the community aware of the dangers of stress; and
        (3) Making people in the community aware of the campus art and teambuilding resources the
craft center provides.
         (4) Finally, TPnT will do anti-stress activities, to include making stress balls and costume t-
shirts with only newspaper and can fabric die, so leadership organizations and leaders of other
student organizations may benefit and use anti-stress activities as a recruitment tool.

Date of Event/Program
April 21st, 2009 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m. and April 23rd 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m.

Benefits (who will benefit from this program or event)
       Active Minds, with permission, intentionally moved the date from April 19 th to the dates given
above in order to optimize the number of students and even faculty leaving class that benefit from this
relaxing, enjoyable experience. We expect roughly about 200 people based on the number that
came last spring. We will not be charging any admittance fees for the event (or selling anything),
and will be encouraging students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty, and staff to all participate.
The time just before finals is one of the most stressful times of the year (if not the most stressful time)
for everyone on campus. We intend to receive co-sponsorship from the Health Center, the
Counseling Center, and Auxiliary Service’s Craft Center. Therefore, the aforementioned co-sponsors
will benefit through the handouts and any handout items (such as free magnets, pens, etc.) we
receive from them and give to the Georgia Tech Community. After the event is over, we will donate
the canvas library, in order to display for an undetermined period of time in order to raise awareness
about mental health, and to generate interest about upcoming events. At the request of the library
from last year, Active Minds will make a name sheet with the option of check anonymous if they
chose; so the library can use this along with the brief report due two weeks after the event to the
library on the Monday or Wednesday of Finals. In the end, Active Minds will receive nothing from this
event except for growing awareness of our organization by the Georgia Tech community. If
necessary, Active Minds can internalize the cost of paper handouts and any other specific expenses.

         Distribution of Cost by Organization             Amount Requested                               Total
                Item                        Description Non Capital Capital
Active Minds (using Buzz Funds )
            Handout     Copies of Cosponsor Handouts**            60                                          $2.40
              Poster         Poster promoting the event            1                                          $6.00
             Banner Tyvek Banner w/ tabs (5 ft x 3 ft)             1                                         $38.00
             Acrylic           Red, Blue, Yellow Acrylic           3                                         $10.50
               Spray                   Can Fabric Paint            5                                         $32.65
            Stencils                Stencil Letter Packs                   3                                 $12.00
             Varnish         Clear Acrylic Gloss Varnish           1                                          $4.06
           Balloons Make outside of the stress ball               24                                           $2.00
              Beans box of beans rice (ball filling)               1                                           $6.00
             Canvas       Cotton Canvas Roll (53inx6yd)            2                                         $95.38
            T-Shirts                  T-shirts (small-XL)         50                                          $99.00
   Wooden Brushes            Paint Brushes (wide bristle)               15*                                   $0.00
               Cups                           Foam Cups                 15*                                   $0.00
                Tarp      Heavy Duty Tarp 20(ft) x40 (ft)                 2*                                  $0.00
             buckets                         5 gal bucket                 4*                                  $0.00
*This symbol indicates items that Active Minds has collected over the course of the                   Total $307.99
semester and from past events. For example, the cups actually come froms Brittian           Total for Event $307.99
Cafetria who provides them for coffee and every time the washer breaks down.

**I assumed the cost of making 1 copy of one of the handouts we receive from our
cosponser based on .04 cost of printing at the library. Since there are 3 handout (1 per
organization), this mean that Active Minds would be making 20 copies of each handout.

Amount and Items Requested
Item                                                                             Amount       Cost
            Handouts             Copies of Cosponsor Handouts                          60              $2.40
               Poster                Poster promoting the event                         1              $6.00
              Banner            Tyvek Banner w/ tabs (5 ft x 3 ft)                      1             $38.00
               Acrylic             16 oz. Bottles of Acrylic Paint                      3             $10.50
                Spray                Canned Fabric Spray Paint                          5             $32.65
              Stencils                       Stencil Letter Packs                       3             $12.00
              Varnish           Clear Gloss Paint Varnish Spray                         1              $4.06
             Balloons                 Make outside of stress ball                      24              $2.00
              Beans             Make the filling of the stress ball                     1              $6.00
              Canvas             Cotton Canvas Roll (53inx6yd)                          2             $95.38
              T-Shirts          T-shirts with Aux. Service Logos                       50             $99.00
                                                                                 Total               $307.99

Brief Report due no later than 2 weeks after event

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