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					May 20, 2008

Dear Mike Humphrey,

The following includes a monthly report of participation data; summary of services, workshops
and events; program development and direction; and a few of the comments we received from
staff and faculty regarding the Health in Action Wellness Program. If you have any suggestions,
feedback or questions, please let us know.

Thank you for this opportunity. We look forward to meeting with you again soon.

Your WIN for Alaska, Inc. Wellness Team

                                 Wellness Initiatives Network for Alaska, Inc.
                                      P.O. Box 91393, Anchorage, AK 99509
        Toll Free: 1-866-248-0797 • Phone: 907-248-0797 • Fax: 907-248-0751 • E-mail:
UA Health In Action Report—2008

 Health In Action Services                                   Jan   Feb       Mar   Apr
 Incoming Email*                                             204   329       259   592
 Telephone Calls*                                            52    197       182   104
 Event Participation – (see below)                           204   226       349   449

 Health Activity Tracker Registration (total to month end)   793   893       943   990
 Get the Point Participants
                                                                   235       279   323
 (total to month end)
 IHP Participants                                                  184       261   302
*This includes only incoming emails from UA staff and faculty.

                                                                         # of
 Event and Participation Report – April Only
 Wellness Breaks—Counts taken at the end of each session.
 Participants could have attended more than one session.
 Massage and Cholesterol Analysis have limited registration.
 UAS Staff Councils                                                      31
   Massage                                                               10
 UAS School of Education                                                 43
   Massage                                                               7
 UAA School of Nursing                                                   47
   Cholesterol Analyses                                                  7
   Massage                                                               12
 UAA OPS and Grants and Contracts                                        62
   Massage                                                               14
 Ketchikan                                                               40
   Cholesterol Analyses                                                  8
   Massage                                                               12
 Sitka                                                                   61
   Cholesterol Analyses                                                  9
   Massage                                                               11
 Kodiak                                                                  25
   Body Composition Analysis                                             9
 Dillingham                                                              25
   Blood Pressure                                                        8
 Biometric Screening Events limited registration (BP/Body

  Blood Cholesterol Numbers, above the Healthy Range, April = 24 participants
    Total Cholesterol          Glucose      Low Density Lipoprotein      Triglycerides
       12 (50%)               2 (8.3%)            3 (12.5%)               8 (3.33%)

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April Services - Individualized Health Planning Sessions (IHPs)

IHP Biometric Screenings
WIN for Alaska provides biometric screenings for IHP participants at either the first or second IHP
session. The following results are shown for all readings through April 30.

                                                              A blood pressure result that was 140/90 or
                      Blood Pre ssure                         higher was considered a high reading.
                     202 total BP ta ke n
                                                              If a participant had a systolic result of over
                                                              140 and a diastolic result of under 90 it
                                                              was still considered a high reading as was
                                                              a systolic result of under 140 and a
                                  T otal H igh B P            diastolic result of over 90.

                      T oal B P

                                                     Page 3
                                                                                                  We used the National Heart and Lung
                                           Body Mass Index
                                                                                                  Institutes guidelines for body mass index
              No rm a l (1 8 .5 -24 .9 )    O ve rwe igh t (2 5 -2 9 .9)   O b e s e (>3 0 )      (BMI).

                                                                                                     Normal = 18.5-24.9
                                                                                                     Overweight = 25-29.9
                                                                                                     Obesity = 30 or greater


                                     Out of 213 Readings

                Total Cholesterol - 178 readings
                                                                                                  Since the beginning of the IHP sessions
                                                                                                  we have provided the following
                                                                                                  screenings: 128 cholesterol analyses,
                                                                                                  202 blood pressure screenings, 213 body
                                                                                                  composition screenings, and 214 BMI
           TC over 200
              41%                                                                                 Of the 128 Cholesterol Screenings, there
                                                                                                  were 52 readings (40.63%) that showed
                                                                               TC Normal
                                                                                                  TC greater than or equal to 200.

IHP Wellness Consultants Report
Our IHP Wellness Consultants report that staff and faculty want to share their thoughts and goals.
Most are ready to change. Some have already started. Guidance and navigation is really what
they are seeking. This program is fulfilling their need.
   Through the end of April, IHP Wellness Consultants met with 302 clients for an Initial IHP
    Session, 38 in Juneau and 264 in Anchorage, respectively.
   Called or emailed all of the IHP Session ―no shows‖ and offered to reschedule them.
   The trends for participating seem to be to improve their overall health and weight
   Continued calling the Deans and Directors requesting a short time slot to promote the IHP
           From these contacts we have provided presentations to:
                          College of Health and Social Welfare, IHP program, Wellness Breaks, etc. (100)
                          College of Technical studies, IHP program, Wellness Breaks, etc. (20)
                          College of Education, IHP program, Wellness Breaks, etc. (10)
                          School of Engineering, IHP program, Wellness Breaks, etc. (25)
                          Student Affairs Conference, Office Ergonomics, Stress, Nutrition, IHP (50)

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   Student Advancement, IHP program, Wellness Breaks, etc.

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   Managed IHP registration, modification, and cancellation emails.
   Updated our best practices for the IHPs to keep sessions consistent and help meet established
   Maintained all the established processes for cancellations and management reports.
   Provided follow up calls for all cancellation or no shows appointments.
   Provided two team networking meetings in Anchorage and one in Juneau.
   Continued to answer questions about why UAF and rural locations are not currently getting
    IHP sessions.
   Reset user names and passwords for the IHP registration system.
   Promoted the IHP Sessions and the IHP Networking Sessions.
   Continued walk thrus of departments to discuss the IHPs whenever we had a no show.
   Began issuing the one month certificates to anyone who completed their one month session.
   Began issuing The Alaska Club one month passes to anyone who completed their three month
    session in Anchorage and Juneau and also the Juneau Rec Center passes to participants in

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April Services - Get the Point Incentive Program
   Revised GTP Reward email to include an option to choose your prize.
   Distributed GTP Tracking email mid April.
   Distributed GTP Reminder email end of April.
   Mailed pedometers and gym bag prizes for the Fairbanks UA Joint Health Care Committee.
   Responded to general questions about GTP as well as specifics on the points and prizes.
   Continued walk thrus of departments to discuss the GTP Incentive Program.
   Reset user IDs and passwords on HAT.
   Continued work on the logistics of HAT with the incentive program, breaking down the point
    totals for each group.
   Promoted the GTP incentive program.
   Evaluated requests from staff and faculty for new health events added to HAT.

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April Services - Wellness Breaks

   Provided a Wellness Break for UAS Staff Councils, UAS School of Education, UAA School of
    Nursing, UAA OPS and Grants and Contracts, Ketchikan, Sitka, Dillingham, and UAA Human
   Started organizing Wellness Breaks for Bethel, Kenai/Soldotna/Homer, Kodiak, Nome, and
   Worked on travel arrangements with the rural coordinators.
   Received emails, phone calls, and faxes from Bethel, Dillingham, Kenai, Homer, Soldotna,
    Ketchikan, Kodiak, Mat-Su, Nome, Seward, Sitka, and Valdez regarding Wellness Break
   Coordinated with massage therapists in Anchorage, Juneau, and Fairbanks, as well as rural
    locations for Wellness Breaks.
   Prepared for and met with Wellness Break coordinators. Worked on Wellness Break topics,
    faculty and staff questions, room preparation, etc.
   Continued working with out-of-town staff and faculty on spring visits for presentations and
   Followed Wellness Break promotion schedule: Save the Date flyer sent one month in advance
    of the Wellness Break, invitation sent two weeks in advance, reminder emails sent two days
    before, and appointment confirmation/reminder the day before.

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April Services - Program Development and Miscellaneous Reports

WIN for Alaska works consistently to identify and develop relationships with UA staff and faculty.
Below are a few of the strategies and programs we are working on:
   WIN for Alaska’s team attended and presented to the UA Joint Health Care Committee. We
    provided information on our current programs as well as the direction we would like the
    program to go.
   Began working with Sandy at UAA on the SDD planned for May. We will be hosting a mini-
    health fair and will provide body composition, blood pressure, cholesterol screenings, as well
    as partnering with other department on campus to provide additional screenings and
    presentations. We are planning to incorporate the Culinary School and Nursing School.
   Working with Kirk and Jeri in Juneau to provide a presentation at the UAS SDD.
   Continued to garner support for Individualized Health Planning (IHP) sessions and the Get the
    Point Incentive Program.
   Learning about campus-run programs and developing ways to help support them.
   Developing targeted email communication based on the feedback from faculty and staff
    evaluations, interest surveys, and emails and telephone conversations.
   Started designing a new, more targeted department-requested event called Wellness Checks.
    These are for departments interested in only biometric screenings and analysis.
   Working towards the Well Workplace Award.
   Annual report compilation for June.
   The IHP consultants continue to encounter staff and faculty who are having a lot of difficulty
    with the registrations for Kate Wattum's, Everest Expedition and many have given up. Others
    find that running two programs simultaneously is confusing.
   Worked with the various campuses on room schedules for our events and presentations.
   Began scheduling body composition and blood pressure screening events in Anchorage,
    Fairbanks, and Juneau for May. Worked on locations, advertising, and scheduling.
   Spoke with the Weight Watchers facilitator, Michelle Littell in the Fairbanks campus. The group
    has lost a total of 436 pounds as of mid April. Series #2 will begin May 27 th for 17 weeks.
   People continued to ask about the walking program and when it is going to begin again.
   Promoted the UA Health In Action Website, IHPs and the Get the Point Incentive Program.
   Communicated with staff and faculty by telephone and email on a regular basis. A majority of
    the calls and emails were from faculty and staff who had questions about the IHPs, Get the
    Point Incentive Program, Wellness Breaks, and resetting user IDs and passwords.
   Continued adding to our internal resources document.
   Added new audiocasts to the Health Link eNewsletter and UA Health In Action website.
   Worked with various people throughout the state to find locations that will allow more staff
    and faculty to participate in workshops and events.
   Continued to promote the Health Tip of the Month and invited staff/faculty to sign up. The
    number went down to 97 after the mailing list was cleaned up.
   Presented at the Department of University of Advancement regarding the IHP Program.
   Provided various departments information on our massage therapists so that they can use
    them on their own for stress reduction events after our Wellness Breaks.

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April Services - Staff and Faculty Feedback
This information was provided to us via emails and evaluations.
Wellness Break Comments:
•   Snacks and walk were great!
•   Thanks for sponsoring the Chair Massage.
•   It was good and I found some things I hadn’t tried.
•   Good presenter, but needs to be interactive.
•   Thank you!
•   I attended all sessions-enjoyed them all. Snacks were great too! Would like to see this happen
    each semester. Thank you.
•   Stephanie ROCKS! Jenna’s massages were great and it was nice getting her input on the
    topics as well.
•   Stephanie is delightful. . .
•   It was great. I look forward to seeing you again.

Wellness Break Suggestions:
•   When talking about and demonstrating body dynamics and positions, have students stand and
    do them!
•   Clone Stephanie!
•   Have water available 

IHP Program Comments:
•   I appreciated Heidi's positive and non-judgmental attitude, even in the face of my less than
    stellar effort. This is very helpful when one is trying to get 'back on track' in a fitness and
    nutrition routine. THANKS!
•   I look forward to seeing you at the UAA Community Celebration.
•   Judy is fantastic.
•   Thank you again for this additional help from WIN and UA for offering this valuable program to
    the employees to achieve a healthy life style. In only two months, I feel I am well on my way
    to achieving my goals and I look forward to continued help and feedback in my remaining
•   The get the point stuff is very specific, it needs to be broadened a bit. For example, "I ran a
    marathon this month" is an option, but what about all the months of training for the marathon
    that I can't mark down?
•   I think this is a very valuable program and really want to see it continue.
•   I found the IHP Initial session to be very informative and comprehensive. I feel I received
    information and an overall health plan that is very tailored to my lifestyle and life
    circumstances, which makes the plan easy and realistic to me.
•   I am looking forward to the walks around Goose Lake starting in June.
•   Great idea to be a part of the University Celebration May 15th with the Health Fair! Thanks!
•   Heidi is wonderful! :o)
•   Heidi was fabulous and I think she and this plan will be very helpful to me in reaching my
•   This is a great program. Thanks.
•   Thank You
•   Heidi is so nice and personable. I just love going to my IHP sessions.
•   Very nice benefit, great support, good motivational tool.
•   Thanks for the opportunity!

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IHP Program Comments—continued:
•   These sessions with Brook has been extremely helpful in getting me motivated and setting
    new goals. He is great at giving me new goals and ideas for making small but valuable
    changes in my eating and exercising habits. I really like meeting with him; he has definitely
    helped motivate my desire for weight loss and adding more diverse exercise.
•   People should be made aware of the value of knowing their body PH. Perhaps include in the
    testing the saliva PH strip test as a gauge. Also there was no discussion of water
•   They need a larger room! However, having him so close is wonderful.

IHP Program Suggestions:
•   Perhaps a weekly, automated email reminder of the goals set during the session.
•   Target information would be helpful. When we did the testing I am too big for the charts so
    we just guessed.
•   More free screening tests - Vit D, blood sugar, liver function, ...
•   I thought the session went very well and I feel like things are off to a good start.
•   My only suggestion would concern the set-up of the room. Wi-fi was not working this
    morning. A location with a dedicated hard line Internet connection would reduce that sort of
•   more interactive activities, like trips to the gym to show equipment.
•   Thought it went well, Judy had a great deal of knowledge and I really appreciate the help.
•   You need a bigger office.
•   Not such cramped rooms. Not very private.
•   Would be easier to attend sessions at the University Center also.
•   a more user friendly website
•   A private room for consultations.
•   Continually offer this service.
•   This is a great program!!! Many people are struggling with health issues and this program,
    with the individualized attention, is working great for me and others.
•   its a good process - I’m looking forward to getting some bench mark measurements
•   A little more time each session. There isn't enough time each session for the questions that I
•   Longer than 6 sessions, maybe more often? Also, have it continuous year round! ; )
•   Longer session time. Provide eating plan tailored to individual.

Wellness Consultant Feedback:
This information was provided to us from our Wellness Consultants.
•   (Body Comp / BP Event in Fairbanks) During the last few minutes, an employee walked in to
    browse around because his female coworkers urged him to. Since the scheduled appt was not
    there, we had a conversation about the program, and he filled me in on some personal
    changes he was going through. He voiced a concern about his health, especially his eating
    habits and chewing tobacco. He was interested in tobacco cessation classes, and getting
    support for making lifestyle changes. Told him we might have one on one coaching coming to
    Fbks, and let him know about the Alaska Quit smoking Hotline. About an hour later, I arrived
    at my Vet's office to pickup one of my dogs, and ran into him again as he was also picking up
    his dog! He's had his dog for 14 years so now I know his family! Just thought I'd comment
    on this because it really demonstrates how, as part of the same community, we can connect

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with people and have additional unplanned opportunities!

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