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EMS Studios London


									For Immediate Release: M3 Global Research and EMS Opens State-of-the-Art
Studios in London

London, UK, May 10, 2011 – M3 Global Research’s London based EMS Research, a leading market
research firm, has relocated and expanded its studios to meet the growing demand for its worldwide
qualitative market research solutions for clients in healthcare and other vertical markets.

The new location is conveniently located in Hammersmith, midway between Heathrow and
Knightsbridge, and has 3 viewing rooms equipped with state-of-the-art SONY HD (high definition)
capture and broadcast capabilities and 2 interview rooms for smaller groups. The studios are also
outfitted with FocusVision so researchers around the world can receive a real-time webstream of the
research in progress. “We upgraded the studios so our clients can have the best in class research
experience, utilizing the latest technology to capture all the sights and sounds of qualitative research in
a very comfortable studio or abroad,” said Neil Jarvis, Managing Director of M3 Global’s EMS.

As part of the studio relocation, the London based call center and pan-European project management
offices were also expanded to meet the growing demand for market research services in Europe. M3
Global Research provides the highest quality research, utilizing its proprietary panels, online survey
tools, call centers, fieldwork studios, in-house moderators, translators, and project managers in 9
offices and facilities around the world.

About M3 Global Research and EMS

M3 Global Research is the market research division of Tokyo-based M3 Inc. (JP:2413), a SONY
Group Company, operating globally with a proprietary healthcare professionals panel of 1.3 million
respondents in more than 60 countries. The division was created by uniting the worldwide panels of
MDLinx in the USA, EMS Research in Europe, and M3 companies across Asia. M3 Global Research
offers a broad range of capabilities including quantitative, qualitative, and omnibus surveys utilizing
call centers, fieldwork studios and viewing facilities, and in-country project managers. M3 has
provided solutions for every top 20 pharmaceutical company in the world. For more information, visit or email requests to

Veronica Franks for M3 Global Research and EMS
+44 (0) 208 741 6200

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