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        Graphical Design of a Model Agency Website

Purpose and scope of the site:

We are building a website where all the models (models and actors – female
and male – for photography, fashion, catwalk, movie, casting etc) meet and
find their jobs, shootings, casts etc. (photographers, model agencies, movie
makers and so on).

The site will have:
model gallery, sedcards, model profiles, model directory/listing, model search,
booking functions, casting service, blogs, forums, guestbook, messaging,
news, newsletter subscription, seminars, subscriptions, member area, premium
members, calendar, help, ads and so forth.

Needs to have two types of membership for the models: Free and Premium
(paid). The offerer of jobs (photographers, model agencies, movie makers and
so on) don't need to pay for memberships.

The site must be clear and easy to understand for the users. Should have a
Web-2.0 look and feel. Must seduce the user to come back almost every day,
getting premium membership and recommend it to others.

The revenues we will get from:
  – Premium memberships
  – Affiliate marketing (ads)
  – paid ads from sponsors (examples see

Template details:

The website is to be used for a model community website where photo models,
fashion models, artists and agents from modeling agencies can come and
make profiles, as well as communicate between one another. It is important to
keep this theme in mind when designing the template for which the site will be

The look we require is both fresh and clean. It must look unique and stylish
while being as clean and simple as possible. Keep the design focused with a
small amount of different colors and try to attain the “Web 2.0” look and feel
(as seen in some of the sites below). The site should have a “young” feel to it,

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as young models will be the site users and customers.

To summarize, the site should reflect a unique, clean and simple feel
while looking fresh and modern. You must keep in mind the users of
the site are going to be models whom are young, stylish and modern.
A sense of glamour should be felt with this sites graphical design.

You must be aware that this is going to be a for-profit website.
Registered members of various membership levels will be paying
monthly for use of this community site. It must reflect a certain
professionalism because of this aspect, as well as being very unique in
its presentation.

When designing the template, please refer to the Dolphin community system.
You must create a template as if it were a screen shot of the main Dolphin
homepage. This means that you must create the template as if it were already
implemented on the Dolphin site. This is required so that the coder who
implements the template knows how each piece of the site should look.
Furthermore, incorporate a little of each possible situation into the template.
For example, how the site should be styled graphically when there is
information available for a certain component and it how it looks when there is.
Should you require site changes to view this, please contact us.

Header Banner:
The site template should have a main banner for the top of the site. This
Banner will reflect the above mentioned attributes as well as remain a small
enough image to load quickly. The uniqueness of the banner and how it fits
into the rest of the sites template is very important. The banner must feel as
though it is part of the site, rather than a separate image displayed at the top.
Feel free to create a banner that has some overlap with graphics from other
portions of the site to make it feel integrated giving the “web 2.0” feel (things
such as drop shadows under component borders etc). It is extremely important
that the banner reflects heavily what the site is all about, which is a
community website for models.

The template should be optimized for a 1024 pixel width.

The languages of the site will be selectable: German & English.

When saving this Photoshop file and sending it in when complete, please
ensure to include a JPEG version as well as the layered version of the .psd file.
It is extremely important that you include the full layered, vector version of the
.psd file as minor modifications may be required for implementation onto the
site. Furthermore, the work you are submitting becomes our property after
submission and we reserve the right to do with it was we wish.

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As far as the design of the template goes, the following list of sites give a raw
idea of what we are trying to achieve with the site:

The following attributes are very important:

      fresh, clean and simple,
      modern, stylish, unique,
      focused, easy to read,
      clear and well structured,
      young and glamorous.

Here are some examples of existing german model sites. But these are only for
reference about general functions. They are no references at all for design:


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