Strategy to Provide Relief

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					Strategy to Provide Relief
Relief Operation Sparsh by Sankalp India Foundation
for the people suffering from floods in North
      Floods 2009
   Sankalp India Foundation has initiated a massive relief Operation Sparsh for the
    people suffering from the floods in North Karnataka. People have been rendered
    homeless and they are housed in relief camps.
   Our goal will be to ensure that we reach out to these relief camps and participate in
    the activity that aims to provide immediate assistance to the people by mobilizing
    resources that are needed the most.
   We have been in touch with local groups who have been actively participating in the
    relief work since one week. We have also been in touch with relevant government
    officials who will be able to give us dependable information on the happenings.
   According to inputs received from these sources, food, blankets, household products
    and sanitary products in the same order of importance are the things needed in an
    immediate sense.
   Our attempt will involve to mobilize these resources and use the knowledge of the
    mentioned sources of information to choose the most worthy and needy recipients
    of the supplies and make sure that they are handed over to them.
    Furthermore, starting Tuesday, 6 October, 2009 one of our volunteers will be
    present at Ground0 to understand the ground realities better and participate in relief
Identifying the places to
provide relief
       Sankalp has been in touch with the District
        Administrator, Deputy Commissioner and the
        Relief Commissioner to understand which area
        requires maximum help.
       Our Volunteer from the Organization visited the
        selected areas and prepared a first hand report of
        the situation. Village Sarpanch, Revenue Officer and
        local leaders are consulted to come up with most
        needed materials.
       This way by taking the macroscopic directions from
        the Government and the microscopic requirement
        specification from the local community, we are able
        to ensure best assessment of the need and the
Plan to scale up activity
        While relief is being provided in some
         areas, assessment is going on in other
         areas. Based on the supply of funds, we
         will be able to provide systematic help to
         more areas, within a duration of 48
Purchase of Goods
 Extensive market research has been made
  to identify materials of reliable quality and
  cheap prices to be provided as relief
 Many of our suppliers have joined in the
  relief process by providing goods at par
  with the cost price.
What is being supplied?
       Food and water has mostly been taken care of by the
        Government. Political parties have also ensured sufficient
        supply of blankets.
       With the inputs we have got, we are currently looking at
        clothes (dhotis, sarees, towels and floor mats (daris)) and
        utensils (1 rice cooking utensil, 1 dal cooking utensil, 1 rice
        spoon, 1 dal spoon, 2 glasses and 2 plates) as our focus
       Apart from that our on-field Volunteer has been provided
        with enough contribution to be able to immediately supply
        food and water if there is an immediate need.
       As per the advice of District Administrator, difference in
        socio-economic setup and experiences from the past, we
        are not carrying used clothes to the affected area.
       On a daily basis, we are reviewing this list in order to
        ensure best utilization of available funds.
Contributing to the cause -
      We invite organizations to come forward
       at this hour of need and join hands with
       us to provide relief. We recommend the
       organizations to collect the contributions
       internally and make a bulk transfer to the
       organization. Receipts will be provided for
       all contributions.
      Please note we will not be able to offer
       any Income Tax exemption for the
Contributions from Individuals
      Individuals are also requested to join and contributions.
      Electronic transfer of funds to Sankalp Account
       Sankalp India Foundation. SBI Account Number 30246145829. Please do not forget
       to leave your name and mobile number when you execute the electronic transfer.
       Once the transfer is done please let us know about it on the following link:
       If this does not work for you then confirm the transaction by a mail to
      Note:
       - Food grain will be purchased from the local markets in the cities around the
       affected area. Hence we recommend making a monetary contribution for the same.
       - We do not encourage cash contribution. No volunteer of Sankalp will request you
       to contribute cash!
       - The contributions and their usage will be kept public in order to assist
       transparency unless the donor categorically instructs otherwise.
       - Please note that we are not offering income tax relief of any financial contributions
Are we focusing only on
 We have chosen the flood affected areas
  between the rivers Tungabhadra and
 Once we have done enough in these
  areas and have necessary funds we will
  provide relief to other flood affected
  areas as well.
A Promise
 We as an Organization are focused towards ensuring
  the best possible and optimal utilization of the
  contributions that you make for the victims.
 In order to assist transparency, we will be providing a
  comprehensive report on funds’ utilization at the end
  of the mission.
 Daily updates about the program are being posted on
 Inline with the Organizational philosophy, all the
  logistical costs including expenses for transportation,
  packaging, labour charges and Volunteers’ travel and
  accommodation is funded by the Volunteers
  themselves. Contribution made by you are converted
  100% to relief supply.
Our many Thanks to..
 KSRTC for providing transportation facilities
  for the relief material.
 MSRIT: MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  has always stood by Sankalp. Yet again the
  institute is encouraging the staff and students to
  contribute generously towards the relief
  mission. Being the first organisation to
  participate in this effort, MSRIT got the ball
  rolling for Project Sparsh.
 Dhariwal        &     Sreenivas       Chartered
  Accountants: Dhariwal & Sreenivas Chartered
  Accountants were early front runners from the
  corporate sector where the fund collection is
  proceeding in full swing.
About Sankalp – In the field of
      Sankalp India Foundation is a Voluntary
       organization which has been working for the
       cause of blood and disasters from 23rd May 2003.
      We have been helping people looking for blood
       for the past 6 years.
      We network the blood banks around Karnataka
       via a single helpline number 94800 44444 which is
       a state-wide helpline for any person looking for
      We also organize standardized blood donation
       drives in Companies and Colleges, and organize
       blood awareness weeks in schools.
Our past missions related to
        Sankalp India Foundation is a registered organization under the Society's Registration
         Act 1960. Reg No: BLU-S297-2007-08. The organization has participated in the
         following relief missions in the past:
        Tsunami: Sankalp was the only organization outside Tamil Nadu to be reaching out for
         relief for the victims of the Tsunami in December 2004 at Nagapattinum within 36 hours
         of the disaster. We provided assistance in managing the ambulance services at base
         hospital and clothes and food for the victims at Nagore.
        Kashmir Earthquake: Sankalp reached out to the victims of the massive earthquake
         that struck on 8th October 2005 in Kashmir with 600 blankets. The blankets were
         delivered to the victims suffering from extreme cold 3 kms from the Line of Control in
         the Tangdhar District of J&K.
        Flood Relief in Tanjavur: Sankalp organized relief for the flood affected Tanjavur in
         November 2005. On request of Tanjavur Red Cross, food supplies were distributed in the
         affected area.
        Bihar Floods: Sankalp contributed to teh relief efforts after Bihar Floods by providing
         the    food     grains,   medicines    soaps,    milk     powder,    baby   food    etc.
         Terror Attacks: Sankalp had been instrumental in mobilizing blood donors in the wake
         of the terror attacks in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Jaipur in 2008. We ensured that
         there was no shortage of blood for the victims of these attacks.
Contact Us
 Please get in touch with us for any more
  details by calling us on 9880132850 |
  9886522376 | 9886064563
 Mail:
 Visit:
    Links on the site
   Project Sparsh:
   Updates:
   Images of affected areas:
   Contributing Organizations:
   Individual Contributions:
Latest Update
   About 500 sets of utensils have been sent
    over on October 8th, Thursday, to flood
    affected areas near Raichur, namely
    Chicksugur,       Chickmanchur        and
    Tungabhadra village.
Some Images from the affected

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