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					2007 EFT: Rataplan Ghost Rides the WWI Ambulance Packet 5
Packet by: Dennis Jang

1. During this event, its attendees were told that they would not be molested with “philosophical experiments with
stocks, pants, and… Russian belts.” In its last session, Thomas McClintock read from Blackstone, and an article was
read describing a group of people as “sleeping as quietly as the babes in the wood” while others must “renew the
treadmill tasks of yesterday.” Hunt and McClintock joined a meeting in Waterloo, where they planned a meeting in
the Wesleyan Chapel and replaced “King George” with “all men” in the a document of grievances called The
Declaration of Sentiments. FTP, name this 1848 convention, headed by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott,
which sought to give rights to women at its namesake location in New York.
ANSWER: Seneca Falls Convention

2. Two Waltzes in C and Impromptu in Two Keys are two posthumously published works of this composer. He
specifically noted that the bongos, gourd, claves, and maracas were to be positioned directly in front of the
conductor for his Cuban Overture, while the timpani ushers in nervous themes in the opening of his Concerto in F
for piano. His better known works a jazzy piano piece commissioned for “An Experiment in Modern Music,” as
well as an opera that opens in Catfish Row and features the arias “A Woman is a Sometime Thing” and “It Ain't
Necessarily So.” Also the composer of An American in Paris, this is, FTP, which American composer of Porgy and
Bess and Rhapsody in Blue?
ANSWER: George Gershwin

3. After his wife and father-in-law are burned to death, this figure ties torches to the tails of three hundred foxes and
lets them run through vineyards and fields. This occurs after he kills thirty men from Ashkelon to award his prize for
those who were able to solve a riddle about eating honey from bees that had nested in the carcass of a lion. This
man, having been born to Manoah and his barren wife with the promise that he will abstain from alcohol and
unclean meat, cannot be bound by ropes nor fresh bowstrings, but his capture takes place after the actions of a
servant break the Nazarite oath. The last of the judges, this is, FTP, which Biblical figure whose death at the hands
of the Philistines is due to the betrayal by Delilah?
ANSWER: Samson

4. In this work, one character explains his use of the words “azures” and “ceruleans” instead of “blue” in his poem,
which takes second prize to a work by Dr. Aita. In its postscript, the narrator explains that Captain Burton’s
manuscript suggests that the title entity on Garay Street was actually false. Opening with the narrator recalling that
April thirtieth was the birthday of his former lover, this work sees its narrator visit his cousin, who leads the narrator
into his cellar to lie on a sack, where he is able to see, in a “small iridescent sphere,” the multitudes of America, a
sunset in Querétaro, the bones of Beatriz Viterbo--in short, the unimaginable universe. However, the narrator tells
Carlos Argentino Daneri that he saw nothing at the end of, FTP, which short story by Jorge Luis Borges?
ANSWER: “El Aleph”

5. One section of this work compares Copernicans and Ptolemaics, who may hope to produce a conviction, to
Pyrrhonians, whose acknowledgment of the beneficial influence of their philosophy would mean that all human life
must perish. In another section, its author states that the definitions of “liberty” and “necessity” have been a
controversy about words, while, in another section, he distinguishes between “ideas” and “impressions” and argues
that all creative power is nothing more than compounding the materials afforded by the senses. Yet another part of
this work differentiates between “relations of ideas” and “matters of fact,” citing the example that a claim that the
statement that sun will not rise tomorrow is no less intelligible than its affirmation. FTP, name this empiricist
philosophical work by David Hume.
ANSWER: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

6. The use of both Sn-119 [Tin 119] Mossbauer and NMR spectroscopy has found direct correlations between the
value of this property and chemical and isomer shifts, respectively. Kabachnik parameters can be used to find its
value for a group, while Allred and Rochow used an estimation from Slater’s rules and the square of the covalent
radius to find it. A more absolute measure takes the arithmetic mean of the first ionization energy and the electron
affinity, as proposed by Mullikan, but the dissociation energies between two atoms are used to calculate the
difference in this quantity via calculations proposed by Pauling. Fluorine has the highest value of, FTP, which
chemical property which is a measure of an atom’s ability to attract electrons?
ANSWER: electronegativity

7. King Hemming of Denmark signed the Treaty of Heiligen with this ruler, whose conquest of neighboring
Nordalbingia was due to the efforts of the Slavs under Witzin. Those people helped this ruler defeat a rebelling
group led by Widukind; he had earlier ordered the beheading of others from that duchy at the Massacre of Verden.
This ruler deposed Tassilo to seize Bavaria, and he would gain Lombardy with a victory at Pavia. His defeat by the
Basques at the Battle of Roncevaux Pass was immortalized in the Song of Roland, and he would crown the king of
Aquitaine, Louis the Pious, as his successor shortly before dying in 813. The brother of Carloman and eldest son of
Pepin the Short and crowned by Pope Leo III, this is, FTP, which Frankish ruler and first Holy Roman Emperor?
ANSWER: Charlemagne [accept Carolus Magnus, but prompt on “Imperator Augustus”]

8. The Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre forms the basis for a largely-lost work by this author, titled The Massacre
at Paris. That work, along with his first play, Dido, Queen of Carthage, was among his historically based plays,
including one where the title character burns the Koran and another about "The Troublesome Reign and Lamentable
Death of" this close friend of Piers Gaveston. Two lovers are separated by the Hellespont in Hero and Leander,
which was written by this author, who also wrote the aforementioned Tamburlaine the Great and Edward II. His
other dramas include one about the machinations of Ithamore and Barabas, as well as another about the title
character's pact with Mephistopheles. FTP, name this 16th century English dramatist, author of Doctor Faustus and
The Jew of Malta.
ANSWER: Christopher Marlowe

9. The Jarzynski equality gives the upper bound on the bounds provided by this statement. The fluctuation theorem
is sometimes used to reconcile Loschmidt’s paradox, which was formualted as a criticism of this statement. Claude
Shannon and Louis Brillouin resolved an apparent violation of this statement by applying it to information theory,
thereby showing that Maxwell's Demon had to obey this law. Clausius first formulated this law, which is equivalent
to Kelvin's formulation that heat cannot transfer from a cooler body to a hotter one. For ten points, identify this
scientific law which states that the entropy of the universe is always increasing.
ANSWER: Second Law of Thermodynamics

10. In a section titled “Our Debt to the Savage,” this work describes how it is only ordinary men who cannot “play
fast and loose” with “old-world maxims” and the “venerable saws” of “savage philosophers.” This follows sections
about tabooed acts, persons, things, and words, while another section refers to the Shilluk tribe when discussing
“Succession to the Soul.” Several chapters are dedicated to both Adonis and Osiris, and it opens by discussing the
deities at Nemi in the section “The King of the Wood.” Taking its title from the gift presented by Aeneas and the
Sibyl to enter the underworld, this is, FTP, which “study in Magic and Religion,” a work by James Frazer?
ANSWER: The Golden Bough

11. Richard Medville and Robert Turgeon discovered that symplastic loading of this entity against a steep
concentration gradient occurs in species like the cucurbits. In some other species, albuminous cells, which are
specialized parenchyma cells, serve similar functions to those of companion cells, which help control movements of
particles into and out of sieve cells found in this entity. Ernest Munch proposed that the apoplastic and symplastic
pathways are used for translocation of it, via turgor pressure causing source-to-sink movement, with his pressure
flow hypothesis. Found just inside the tree bark, this is, FTP, which type of living tissue which serves to transport
sugars and nutrients in vascular plants?
ANSWER: phloem

12. Bertrand Russell's essay “The Ancestry of Fascism” argues against this person's point of view in a certain work,
which stated that Hitler accepts or rejects doctrines on political grounds. In addition to that work, “The Will to
Believe,” this person argued that Walt Whitman is an example of one who cannot feel evil due to his healthy mind
in another work. In addition to The Varieties of Religious Experience, he wrote The Meaning of Truth as a sequel to
another work which defines its title concept as whether a man chasing a squirrel around a tree goes around the
squirrel or not. FTP, name this American philosopher and psychologist who wrote The Principles of Psychology and
ANSWER: William James

13. One section of this work states its author’s view that humans are, by nature, the world’s most imitative creatures,
citing man’s fascination with the most realistic representations of painful objects, such as dead bodies. Signs and
marks, as well as poor reasoning on the side of the other party, are discussed as means of recognition, in one section,
while another section discusses the meaning of peripety in the context of Theodectes’s Lynceus. This work also
discusses that the perfect plot has its protagonist goes from happiness to misery only from hamartia, which allows
the audience to experience catharsis. Discussing mimesis and separating the namesake form of writing into tragedy,
comedy, and epic verse, this is, FTP, which treatise by Aristotle?
ANSWER: Poetics

14. The 95 articles in its main text were based on recent unsuccessful peace treaties, while 56 of them, signed less
than a month later, were “particulars” or secret articles. It established a special chamber to settle disputes as well as
66 places de sûreté, such as Montauban and La Rochelle. However, soldiers were billeted in homes under the
system of dragonnades, and its political clauses were removed by the Peace of Alès. While it ended the Wars of
Religion, it was revoked by Louis XIV’s enactment of the Edict of Fontainebleau, which declared that Protestantism
was illegal. FTP, name this 1598 decree, where Henry IV of France granted religious freedom to the Huguenots.
ANSWER: Edict of Nantes

15. Recurring images in this film include ones that appear on the top of every doorway and as a Fallopian tube
structure seen in the bathroom by the protagonist. One scene in this film sees one character believe that a pair of
pliers will symbolize a bond like those between brothers with another character, who he allows to try to count to
three without stuttering. This follows a scene where another character eats two grapes, which results in the death of
two fairies, since neither the title character nor the Book of Crossroads instructed her to eat from the Pale Man’s
table. Despite not sacrificing the blood of her brother, she still returns to her kingdom as Princess Moanna after
Captain Vidal shoots Ofelia at the end of, FTP, which 2006 Guillermo del Toro film?
ANSWER: Pan’s Labyrinth or El laberinto del fauno

16. In one work in which this character appears, he calls his son to instruct his friend to call Jerry Gaffney for a
private detective. He later tells Major Bowes about his plan for an invisible plane that goes both faster and slower
than sound. In an earlier work, this character tells his friends to go with eight-year-old virgins when they land in
Palermo, where he learns about artichokes in a barbershop. Mayor of Palermo, he flies crates of artichokes up to
Milan, but, like many of his other business endeavors, including an attempt to sell chocolate-covered cotton, this
plan fails for, FTP, which mess hall officer of Yossarian’s who works for M & M Industries in Joseph Heller’s
ANSWER: Milo Minderbinder [accept either]

17. A blank-faced woman sitting against a red and ocher background is the subject of this artist’s The Plum
Blossoms, while the subject of his Zorah on the Terrace is sitting under sunlight with a goldfish bowl next to her. He
drew a portrait of his wife with the title entity serving as an artificial shadow line in one work, while he depicted a
group of people holding hands in a circle against a blue-green background in another. In addition to The Green Line
and Le Danse, this artist painted a work with various paintings, sculptures, and ceramics in The Red Studio, as well
as a work subtitled “Souvenir de Briska” was burned at the Armory Show in 1913. The Red Studio and The Blue
Nude were among the works of, FTP, which French Fauve artist?
ANSWER: Henri Matisse

18. It is either his brother-in-law’s gluttony or success at fishing which causes this mythological being to trod on
him and stretch his backbone to turn him into a dog, according to one story. Another story claims that he rescued his
wife from Pea-pea the Eight-eyed by flying in a bird made of leaves and feathers. After Ru helps him lift the sky, he
turns into a bird to entangle Ru among the stars. This figure made a particular hook from the jawbone of his
ancestress to fish up islands. Some myths claim that he caught the sun by stealing cooked bananas from his
grandmother, who lived in the crater of Haleakala, according to Hawaiian mythology. FTP, name this trickster god
of various Polynesian mythological pantheons.

19. Wilhelm Anderson and E. C. Stoner each calculated their own approximations for this entity, while it arrived at
its current state thanks to previous work done by Landau. It is directly proportional to the 3/2 power of the product
of the speed of light and Planck's constant, and it is inversely proportional to the 3/2 power of the universal
gravitational constant. Tolman, Oppenheimer, and Volkoff found its analogous version for neutron stars, and in
2003, it is believed that it was surpassed by the Champagne Supernova. Usually computed as roughly 1.4 solar
masses, this is, FTP, which bound on the maximum mass before electron degeneracy pressure will gravitation
collapse, named for its namesake Indian physicist?
ANSWER: Chandrasekhar limit

20. The strategic placing of Joshua Chamberlain’s 20th Maine Infantry Regiment before the defeat of Daniel Sickles
prevented the eventual wining side from almost certain defeat. An opening skirmish to this battle saw John Buford
hold his own for two hours against a larger force led by A. P. Hill, but he was forced to retreat upon the arrival of
Richard Ewell. James Longstreet disagreed with General Lee’s decision to punch a hole in the opposing line on
Cemetery Ridge led by George Meade, who had just replaced Joseph Hooker after his defeat at Chancellorsville.
FTP, name this July 1863 Civil War battle that saw Union victory due to an ill-advised charge led by George
ANSWER: Battle of Gettysburg

21. Joan Miró created a 1940 painting about this creature in the morning rain, while it is the title creature of a
Stravinsky opera and given a gold slipper to wear around its neck, after which the Japanese give the Emperor a
mechanical replica. This type of creature kills itself to stain a rose red for a student to give to his love in a fairy tale
by Oscar Wilde. In the third movement of Otto Resphigi’s Pines of Rome, a recording of this creature is played, and
Procne turned into one after feeding King Tereus his son in a stew. T. S. Eliot wrote that they were near the Convent
of the Sacred Heart in a poem where Sweeney is among these creatures, while John Keats wrote that this “Immortal”
creature was “not born for death” in an ode to it. FTP, name this bird renowned for its singing prowess.
ANSWER: nightingaleBonuses

1. It is the constant of proportionality for the direct relationship between the shear stress between layers and the
velocity gradient. FTPE:
[10] Name this measure of a fluid's resistance to flow.
ANSWER: viscosity
[10] Viscosity figures in the calculation of this dimensionless constant, the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces
or the ratio of the product of mean fluid velocity and characteristic length to the kinematic fluid velocity.
ANSWER: Reynolds number
[10] Reynolds number figures in the formulation of this law, which states that the volume, per unit time, of a fluid
that passes through a capillary tube is directly related to both the pressure difference between the ends of a capillary
tube and the fourth power of its internal radius; it is also inversely related to the tube's length and the fluid’s
ANSWER: Hagan-Poiseuille’s law

2. Answer the following about financial instruments, FTPE:
[10] American and European are different types of this financial instrument, which allows its holder the ability to
buy or sell a certain security on or before the expiration date.
ANSWER: option
[10] Cash flow from derivatives can be based on this economic entity, which is the percentage of principal that is
paid, in addition to the principal, on a loan. Swaps of the same name are usually of the “fixed against floating”
variety, such as the one between IBM and the World Bank in 1981.
ANSWER: interest rate [accept interest rate swaps]
[10] Robert Merton published a paper about this options pricing model, which earned its developers the 1997 Nobel
Prize in Economics.
ANSWER: Black-Scholes model

3. After graduating from Edinburgh, this man served on the Shadow Cabinet, including becoming Shadow
Chancellor in 1992. FTPE:
[10] Name this Labour party leader who, in 2007, replaced the outgoing Tony Blair as prime minister of the United
ANSWER: Gordon Brown
[10] Before becoming prime minister, Brown had held this position for ten years, serving in that position for the
longest time since the 19th century. He appointed Alistair Darling to replace him.
ANSWER: Chancellor of the Exchequer [accept Second Something or Other]
[10] Brown appointed this woman to succeed John Reid as Home Secretary. Formerly the Minister of State for
Schools, she became the first female to hold said position.
ANSWER: Jacqueline Jill Smith

4. The first of these proposed to reform “theorika” as proposed by Eubulus, while the third one correctly predicted
the attack on the Propontine cities and advocated less disunion between the states. FTPE:
[10] Name this group of speeches directed against a particular ruler of Macedon.
ANSWER: Philippics
[10] The Philippics were delivered by this great Athenian orator, whose other orations include On the False
Embassy, Against Meidias, and On the Liberty of the Rhodians.
ANSWER: Demosthenes
[10] This judicial oration by Demosthenes defended Ctesiphon against Aeschines by referring to the disaster at
Chaeronea and the Peace of Philocrates.
ANSWER: On the Crown

5. Name these mythological beings who owned horses, FTPE:
[10] The union of Loki and Svaldifari gave birth to Sleipnir, who became the eight legged-steed of this chief Norse
[10] Gringolet was the horse of this nephew of King Arthur's, the son of Morgause and King Lot and brother of
Gareth and Mordred. He lends Gringolet to Sir Kay to joust against Erec, but he still loses.
ANSWER: Sir Gawain
[10] This goddess of Welsh mythology owns a white horse, which always rides ahead of the men Pwyll sends to
stop her.
ANSWER: Rhiannon

6. She meets her husband after he sets her father’s broken leg, and after Heloise dies from a hemorrhage, Charles
marries this character, after which they attend a ball thrown by the Marquis d’Andervilliers. FTPE:
[10] Name this title character of an 1857 novel whose affairs with men like the bachelor Rodolphe Boulanger and
law student Léon Dupuis cause her downfall.
ANSWER: Madame Emma Bovary
[10] The Temptation of Saint Anthony, Salammbô, and Sentimental Education are other works by this author of
Madame Bovary.
ANSWER: Gustave Flaubert
[10] Madame Bovary swallows arsenic after both Léon and Rodolphe refuse to help her pay off her debts to this
man, from whom she had earlier bought many extravagant items like scarves and a large cloak. Surprisingly, she
ANSWER: Monsieur Lheureux

7. Below a tree with an owl in this painting is a person holding a lute, a monk and a nun singing together, and a large
bird about to be cut down. FTPE:
[10] All of mankind is traveling on the title object in which 15th century painting, formerly grouped with Allegory of
Gluttony and Death of the Miser?
ANSWER: Ship of Fools
[10] Ship of Fools is among the works of this Dutch painter, who also painted The Last Judgment, St. Jerome, and
The Temptation of St. Anthony.
ANSWER: Hieronymus Bosch
[10] Bosch is probably best known for this triptych, whose left panel depicts the Tree of Knowledge and the Garden
of Eden, while the right panel depicts Satan in hell; the exterior depicts the title locale.
ANSWER: Garden of Earthly Delights

8. Headed by Harry Hopkins, this entity helped create the Federal Theatre Project, which, headed by Hallie
Flanagan, helped artists survive in a time of trouble. FTPE:
[10] Name this organization that became the largest relief program in American history as skilled and unskilled
workers were employed with large construction and art projects.
ANSWER: Works Progress Administration [do not prompt on “Federal Works Agency” or “Work Projects
Administration,” as Hopkins was no longer in charge]
[10] The Works Progress Administration was among the “alphabet agencies” that made up this program, began by
the 32nd U.S. president, to provide relief, recovery, and reform after the Great Depression.
ANSWER: New Deal
[10] This 1939 act prevented federal and civil service employees from participating in partisan political activities. It
was passed largely in part to WPA employees allegedly working for the Democratic Party.
ANSWER: Hatch Act

9. Identify the following characters created by Arthur Miller, FTPE:
[10] Although she and her friends deny witchcraft while dancing in the forest, she accuses Elizabeth, the wife of her
lover John Proctor, with whom she had slept with once, of witchery. The bugger.
ANSWER: Abigail Williams
[10] During serious bouts of depression and hallucinations, Willy Loman calls upon this man, his brother, for
advice. He often asks him (or so he thinks) how he struck it rich in Alaska.
ANSWER: Uncle Ben Loman [prompt on “Loman”]
[10] Kate Keller still believes that her son Larry is still alive and that he will return from WWII to marry this
woman, whose father, Steve Deever, was falsely imprisoned for shipping cracked airplane cylinder heads.
ANSWER: Ann Deever [prompt on “Deever”]

10. Answer the following concerning glaciers, FTPE:
[10] The deposition and accumulation of rock debris carried by a glacier is known by this term. Various types of
them include lateral ones, which have parallel ridges, and medial ones, which are formed when two lateral ones join.
ANSWER: moraine
[10] When glaciers melt in valleys which connect to the sea, these narrow inlets form. While they exist at the Faroe
Islands, they are best known for being found in Norway.
ANSWER: fjord
[10] These typically short but steep mounds of poorly sorted sand deposited near the ends of glaciers are associated
with depressions formed from the melting of blocks of ice buried in outwash, also known as kettles.
ANSWER: kame

11. Identify these piano sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven, FTPE:
[10] An early edition of its middle movement was published separately as the Andante Favori movement; it was the
subject of a quarrel between Beethoven and his friend Ferdinand Ries. The whole sonata’s nickname comes from
Count Ferdinand Ernst Gabriel, to whom this work is dedicated.
ANSWER: Piano Sonata No. 21 in C, Op. 53 or “Waldstein” Sonata [accept any underlined part]
[10] “The Farewell,” “The Absence,” and “The Return” are the titles of the three movements of this sonata, which
was inspired by the Archduke Rudolph and his flight from Vienna. Beethoven felt the title, usually given in French,
was a poor translation of his German title.
ANSWER: Piano Sonata No. 26 in E flat, Op. 81a or “Les Adieux” Sonata or Lebewohl Sonata
[10] Composed on the Brunswick family’s estate in Hungary in 1801, this sonata, dedicated to Beethoven’s pupil
Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, was given its nickname by Ludwig Rellstab while on the banks of the Lucerna River.
ANSWER: Piano Sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 27 No. 2 or “Moonlight” Sonata

12. Some stories claim he is a son with Zurvan, along with his brother of Angra Mainyu, or Ahriman. FTPE:
[10] Name this god of prophecy and wisdom who created the universe and fathered Atar, a manifestation of fire.
ANSWER: Ahura Mazda
[10] Ahura Mazda is the supreme deity of this religion, once the prominent religion in Greater Iran, and whose main
scriptures include the Avestas.
ANSWER: Zoroastrianism
[10] These divine attendants to Ahura Mazda helped with the creation of the universe and were opposed by the
ANSWER: Amesha Spentas

13. Identify some shows on the Cartoon Network, FTPE:
[10] The title group consists of Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad; they oppose Dr. Weird and Steve. According
to the theme song, they’re “number 1 in the hood, g”.
ANSWER: Aqua Teen Hunger Force
[10] This work of claymation is a parody of “Davey and Goliath”. Characters include Revered Putty, Principal
Fakey, and the title character’s family, the Puppingtons.
ANSWER: Moral Orel
[10] Also on the Adult Swim block is this show that uses action figures and puppets in short comedic sketches.
They recently aired a Star Wars special.
ANSWER: Robot Chicken

14. Proposed by Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould, it argued against Darwinian evolution and the theory of
phyletic gradualism.
[10] Name this theory of evolution which states that most change occurs in short, rapid periods of time.
ANSWER: punctuated equilibrium
[10] Under the theory of punctuated equilibrium, the periods of time where adaptive evolution quickly occurs is
known by this name. A lineage is split in these events, rather than evolution occurring within a lineage.
ANSWER: cladogenesis
[10] This man’s theory of peripatric speciation, where a new species may form from living in an isolated, smaller
population, helped support the theory of punctuated equilibrium.
ANSWER: Ernst Mayr

15. As a result of this event, several leaders met in the Rivonia farm, which was eventually raided and saw some of
its members put on trial on Robben Island. FTPE:
[10] Name this March 21, 1860 shooting which saw the death of 69 people with 180 others injured in the Gauteng
ANSWER: Sharpeville Massacre
[10] The Sharpeville Massacre, along with the Soweto uprising, was a protest against this system which prevailed in
South Africa. It came from the Afrikaans for “separation.”
ANSWER: apartheid
[10] Apartheid came to an end in South Africa with the ascension of this man to the South African presidency. He
would later win the Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela for his efforts.
ANSWER: F. W. de Klerk

16. Answer the following concerning chemical kinetics, FTPE:
[10] This equation utilizes the activation energy, along with the universal gas constant and the temperature of the
reaction, to determine the reaction’s rate constant.
ANSWER: Arrhenius equation
[10] Arrhenius justified his namesake equation by finding that the activation energy can be found using this
probability distribution, which describes the speeds of a gas’s molecules.
ANSWER: Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution [prompt on partial answer]
[10] Based on its namesake's transition state theory, this equation also relates the reaction rate to temperature, but it
is theoretical, compared to the experimental basis of the Arrhenius equation.
ANSWER: Eyring equation

17. Its forty-six cantos in ottava rima describe the adventures of the title character, a paladin of France, who goes
mad searching for Angelica, who flees Rinaldo of France and is eventually chained to a rock on the island of Ebuda.
[10] Identify this epic poem whose title character saves Rogero, who defeats Bradamant in a duel and becomes king
of the Bulgarians.
ANSWER: Orlando Furioso or Orlando Enraged [accept close equivalents]
[10] This author wrote Orlando Furioso, as well as the dramas La Cassaria and I Suppositi, after he left the tutelage
of Cardinal Ippolito d’Este.
ANSWER: Ludovico Ariosto
[10] Matteo Maria Boiardo wrote this work, of which Orlando Furioso is a continuation. It opens with the knight
Uberto offering his sister Angelica as a prize in a joust, but he is secretly protected by a magic ring. Suckers.
ANSWER: Orlando Innamorato or Orlando in Love

18. A member of Parliament for Huntingdon in his younger years, this man would become governor of Ely after
impressive work at the Battle of Gainsborough, and he would become Lieutenant General by the Battle of Marston
Moor. FTPE:
[10] Name this general who would end the First Anglo-Dutch War and encourage Jews to return to England as Lord
Protectorate from 1653 to 1658.
ANSWER: Oliver Cromwell [prompt on “Cromwell”]
[10] During the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell led these Parliamentary forces to victories at Naseby and
Langport. Prince Rupert, fighting for Charles I, gave them their nickname of “Ironsides.”
ANSWER: New Model Army
[10] After the capture of Charles I, this event left 83 members from the Long Parliament to form the Rump
Parliament after non-supporters were barred. In becoming Lord Protectorate, Cromwell disbanded the Rump
ANSWER: Pride’s Purge

19. In some versions, Benno does not exist, and various versions have Prince Siegfried committing suicide by
leaping into the title body of water. FTPE:
[10] Name this ballet where Prince Siegfriend’s acceptance of Odile, who he mistakes for Odette, as his wife may or
may not lead to his suicide, depending on which version you see.
ANSWER: Swan Lake or The Lake of the Swans
[10] Swan Lake is among the works of this Russian composer, whose other ballets include Sleeping Beauty and The
ANSWER: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
[10] Odette is imprisoned by this magician, who casts a spell on her to keep her as a swan form. In some versions,
his spell is broken when Odette and Prince Siegfriend leap into Swan Lake.
ANSWER: Von Rothbart

20. Its protagonist meets Thorpe Athelney in a hospital, with whom he stays after his housekeeper leaves him. He
eventually marries Sally Athelney, becoming content when he finally settles down in a little fishing village. FTPE:
[10] This is what novel that has Weeks and Hayward meet and Miss Emily Wilkinson have a relationship with its
clubfooted protagonist, Philip Carey?
ANSWER: Of Human Bondage
[10] Of Human Bondage is the most famous work of which British author of Cakes and Ale, Liza of Lambeth, and
The Moon and Sixpence?
ANSWER: W. Somerset Maugham
[10] This waitress serves as Philip's housekeeper. They had met in London and had a relationship, but when Philip
takes her in again with her child, she leaves him penniless and rips up his apartment in the process.
ANSWER: Mildred Rogers

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