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									                                                            University of South Florida
                                              College of Education Graduate Level Program Contacts
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Specialization                    Degrees Offered                      Contact Person          Room       Phone              E-Mail
Adult Education                   M.A.                                 Suzanne Kirkman         EDU 151L   (813)974-1972
Adult Education                   Ed.S., Ed.D., Ph.D.                  Robert Sullins          EDU 151E   (813) 974-3455
Business & Office Ed.             M.A.                                 Janet Scaglione         EDU 149B   (813)974-0038
Career and Technical Education    M.A.                                 Bill Blank              EDU 151D   (813)974-0314
College Student Affairs           M.Ed., Ph.D.                         Wilma Henry             EDU 380    (813)974-9793
Counselor Education               M.A., Ed.S., Ph. D.                  Herbert Exum            EDU 380    (813)974-8395
Early Childhood                   M.Ed., Ph.D.                         Christine Miranda       EDU 202    (813)974-3463
Educational Leadership            M.Ed.                                Jeff Hall               EDU 158M   (813)974-1344
Educational Leadership            Ed.S., Ed.D.                         Bill Benjamin           EDU 158E   (813)974-3422
Ed.LeadershipCommunity College    Ed.S., Ph.D., Ed.D.                  James Eison             EDU 151I   (813)974-4697
Elementary Ed.                    M.A.                                 Christine Miranda       EDU 202    (813)974-3463
Elementary Ed.                    MAT                                  Nancy Williams          EDU 202    (813)974-5912
Elementary Ed.                    Ed.S., Ed.D., Ph.D.                  Susan Homan             EDU 202    (813)-974-1059
English Education                 M.A., M.Ed., Ed.S. MAT               Pat Daniel              EDU 302    (813)974-7310
English Education                 Ph.D.                                Jane Applegate          EDU 302    (813)974-0383
Foreign Language Ed.              M.A., M.Ed. MAT                      Tony Erben              EDU 302    (813)974-1652
Gifted Education                  M.A.                                 Elizabeth Shaunessy     EDU 402    (813)974-7007
Higher Education                  Ed.S., Ph.D.                         Robert Sullins          EDU 151E   (813)974-3455
Instructional Technology          M.Ed.                                Frank Breit             EDU 302    (813)974-1632
Instructional Technology          Ph.D.                                James White             EDU 302    (813)974-1629
Interdisciplinary Ed.             Ed.S., Ph.D                          Erwin Johanningmeier    EDU 380    (813)974-9495
Math Education                    M.A., M.Ed.                          Richard Austin          EDU 302    (813)974-2852
Math Education                    MAT                                  Helen Gerretson         EDU 302    (813)974-2172
Math Education                    Ph.D.                                Gladis Kersaint         EDU 302    (813)974-1644
Measurement and Evaluation        M.Ed., Ed.S., Ph.D.                  Lisa Adkins             EDU 360    (813)974-3220
Physical Education                M.A.                                 Stephen Sanders         PED 214    (813)974-3443
Reading Education                 M.A.                                 Nancy Williams          EDU 202    (813)974-5912
Reading Education                 Ed.S., Ph.D.                         Susan Homan             EDU 202    (813)-974-1059
School Psychology                 Ed.S., Ph.D.                         Linda Raffaele Mendez   EDU 380    (813)974-1255
Science Education                 M.A., MAT, M.Ed.                     Elaine Howes            EDU 302    (813)974-2816
Science Education                 Ed.S., Ph.D.                         Dana Zeidler            EDU 302    (813)974-7305
Secondary Education / Soc.Scie    Ph.D.                                Michael Berson          EDU 302    (813)974-7917
Second Language Acquisition       Ph.D.                                Carine Feyten           EDU 105    (813)974-3504
Social Science Education          M.A., MAT, M.Ed.                     Barbara Cruz            EDU 302    (813)974-2817
Special Education                 M.A.,MAT, Ed.S., Ph.D.               Easter Curry            EDU 402    (813)974-9941
Vocational Education              Ed.S., Ed.D. Ph.D.                   Bill Blank              EDU 151D   (813)974-0314

Other General Graduate Student Contacts
College of Education             Associate Dean/Academic Affairs       Dr. Carine Feyten                  (813)974-3400
College of Education             Director, Student Academic Services   Dr. Diane B. Briscoe               (813)974-0544
College of Education             Certification Specialist              Ms. Sherry Evatt                   (813)974-3311
Graduate Studies                 Admissions/Registrar Officer          Ms. Judy Oltz                      (813)974-5264

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