Protocol of the schoolyard meeting of 24 October 2006-10-30 by umo2jN


									Protocol of the schoolyard meeting of 24 October 2006


Report on the on-the-spot meeting dated 19 October 2006

Trees on the schoolyard have to be cut down. Trees of different types have to be
planted if and when necessary.

Preferred plants or trees are walnut or hazelnut trees. In summer the trees offer
shade because the schoolyard is strongly exposed to the sun.

The roof of the recess hall is intended to be pulled down. A sailcloth is going to be
put up as a replacement.

The back schoolyard wall should be re-plastered. In order to protect the wall, a
climbing wall is being planned (3 metres high). This wall is projected as a climbing
wall in the form of lined-up coloured pencils. In order to provide protection against
falls the climbing wall is going to be surrounded by sand soil.

For the back escape route of the schoolyard the path has to be laid with a
wheelchair-friendly even soil / must have an easily accessible flat and even surface.

TOP 2 Presentation of the schoolyard concept

Based on the architects’ outlines further opinions and ideas concerning the
schoolyard design are being gathered.

TOP 3 Presentation of the new school logo and the schoolyard portal

   -    On the occasion of this presentation the mutual linking of the Shape up portal
        with the schoolyard portal was talked about.

   -    This linking claims to appeal to a broader public.

TOP 4 Report on future sponsors

   -    ideas and proposals are being gathered to find appropriate future sponsors
   -    e.g. health insurance companies, aid info service (non-profit association
        publishing information on health-based nutrition), etc.
   -    concepts and suggestions are discussed how to actively involve parents,
        pupils, the promotion group, etc in the schoolyard design. A “join in letter” was
        drafted, but further revision is required
   -    with their Local Promotion Group (LPG) Shape up supports the search for
        future sponsors
   -    next step will be the making-up of s list of sponsors.

TOP 5 Further activities and dates

     a) Leaflet

     b) Development of a leaflet giving information on the schoolyard project

     c) – the leaflet contains a permanent front and back page for the recognition
        effect. In the foldable inner part of the leaflet the reader will currently be
        informed on new progress, on-going activities, etc.

     d) the school logo and the project partner Shape up will be included in the leaflet

b) Bazaar scheduled for 29 November 2006

     -   for the kick-off of the schoolyard project a partition wall will inform about the
         schoolyard project and the project partner Shape up

On the bazaar day a stand is intended for further information on the project. Style
and design will be discussed.

     -   The following proposals were made:

     -   Tables on which parents’ letters are displayed, they will encourage people to
         join-in activities

     -   A wall will be put up where parents and teachers can draw their ideas

     -   A lottery for children will be offered

     -   Experiments of the subject nature and movement will be implemented

     -   Suitable decoration related to the subject schoolyard, movement and
         landscape will be planned

     -   Cake and coffee corner will be offered;


            –   Showcase (partition wall) is planned to inform on the current schoolyard
                project and the project partner Shape up

     -   The showcase (partition wall) at the entrance of the school provides the
         necessary transparency of the project

Punkt 6 Miscellaneous

     -   The discussion on the last protocol will be TOP 1 of the agenda for the coming
         schoolyard meetings
     -   Future date for the next schoolyard meeting. The coming schoolyard meeting
         will take place on Monday, 4 December at 19.30 h on the premises of the

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