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Finance Interview Question Tips


									                            Finance Interview Questions Tip Sheet

The questions below are commonly asked in interviews and the following are several thoughts on how
best to respond to these inquiries. Occasionally, you will also be presented with the technical questions
such as: the three distinct methods used to value a company, how to reconcile free cash flow from net
income, how to determine a company’s WACC (weighted avg. cost of capital). There are many other
technical questions which could be posed based on specific job functions. We encourage you to
examine some of the other question samples on this site to better understand some industry/job
specific questions.

Please describe situations in which you’ve excelled or succeeded.

Provide a short answer here that can set the stage for the interview that follows. Begin with your past
education and then focus on your work experience. Make sure to mention any achievements: GPA,
promotions, and other successes.

Also be prepared to explain a follow up question regarding why you choose Katz and the MBA in

What is your biggest weakness? Describe a time where you failed at something and how you reacted.

These are always difficult questions as you do not generally want to discuss weaknesses. However,
recruiters want to see that you are able to self-reflect and recognize areas for improvement. Point out
how this was a weakness earlier in your career, how you’ve recognized this was a weakness, and the
steps you have taken to overcome it.

How have your experiences prepared you to work as (insert financial job capacity here) with my firm?

Focus on skills that are relevant to the position. Be sure to note other things such as teamwork,
leadership, project management, and other finance skills.

The above question may not always be asked, so be sure to highlight your skills in your initial discussion
of your resume.

What motivates you?

Be honest in regard to this question. However, make sure that you keep the type of firm in mind when
answering. They are looking to see if you are motivated by the same things that motivate them to see if
you will fit in their teams.
Describe a group project you worked on in which the group had difficulty meeting goals. How did you
help the group meet their objectives?

Tell them about a time that you were able to help move a team (pre-MBA work experience or study
group) along after they got stuck. They are really examining if you are someone who can get things
done and can work with team members who are not cooperating.

Tell me about your experience working with a difficult person.

Make sure you describe the steps that you took to turn the situation into a positive conclusion. Exhibit
your maturity here in being able to handle challenging situations. Focus on the “difficult
worker/manager/client” and how you were able to understand their perspective and how you made it
easier for this person to work with you.

Give an example of your ability to successfully juggle many different tasks under a tight deadline.

They want to see that you have strong time management skills. They also want to see specifically how
you were able to be involved in several different projects or deals and how you were able to function in
that environment. Talk about how you prioritize your time and plan your work daily. You might also
consider how you delegated specific tasks to others.

Tell me about your academic qualifications?

This may come up in reviewing your resume with you. But, it may also be presented as a separate
question. Focus on your GPA (or if you received “A’s” in all of your MBA-level finance courses), GMAT
score, etc.

Be sure to present this information confidently and do not appear defensive if your GMAT score or GPA
isn’t as high as it could be. Make sure you are prepared to talk about individuals grades in specific

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