TERMS & CONDITIONS
    The following terms and conditions are the sole basis by which Josh Skehan
   Productions hereinafter referred to as “JSP” accepts this assignment, and client
      hereby accepts said terms and conditions on all pages as evidenced by
                             their signature of approval.

1. In any event of a postponement or cancellation of this contract by client, the deposits
and/or payments made are not refundable; length of time in giving notice of cancellation
is not a factor.

2. After Deposit, remaining balance is due on or before the date of the wedding.
Payment of any additional post-edited services requested by client after event will be
due upon final delivery.

3. JSP staffs only professional, highly qualified videographers, however, JSP will not
guarantee any specific videographer/videographers.

4. JSP takes utmost care with respect to the taping, editing, duplication and delivery of
the video products and services offered. However, if JSP fails to comply with the terms
of this agreement due to any event or act beyond the control of JSP, including, but not
limited to illness, accidents, labor disputes, acts of God and other catastrophes, or
uncontrollable and unforeseeable events or equipment failure, JSP’s liability is limited
only to refund of payments made after the deposit. Client further hereby releases JSP,
its associates, successors, agents, licenses, customers and assigns from any and all
claims for damages, libel, slander, invasion of the right of privacy, infringement, or any
other claim based on the use and/or production of said material. Client owns, takes
responsibility for and holds all liability for all copyrighted footage, raw footage, media and
any other copyrighted material entered into the production on their behalf or acquired
during the production of their video. JSP retains the right to place its company
logo/trademark/copyright/slogan discreetly on/in the content of any video or material and
the right to use any video material appropriately for its own marketing purposes.

5. JSP will make every effort to ensure the safekeeping of any tapes, personal property,
pictures, etc. associated with any project. However, unless loss or damage is inflicted
intentionally or by neglect, JSP will not be responsible for any damage or loss that incurs
while in JSP possession. All property is given to JSP at the complete and total risk of
client. This is to include any material that is delivered to client, be it by hand, U.S. Mail,
Fed-Ex, UPS or any other delivery contractor or method. JSP is not responsible for any
lost and/or damaged property while out of JSP possession.

6. It is understood that JSP is the exclusive official videographer retained by client. Any
conflicts with any other professional videographer, contracted by any parties associated
with the event are the sole responsibility of client.

7. Client assumes all responsibility for obtaining any necessary permission, clearance,
permits, etc. which may be required for JSP to videograph each event, public or private.
Client is solely responsible for any parking, travel fees, administration fees, passes,
tickets, etc. necessary for JSP to gain access to and videotape each event. Client
assumes all responsibility for obtaining and retaining permission for access to any
requested camera positions and is solely responsible for the quality of the final
production resulting from the use of or inability to use, such requested camera positions.

8. JSP reserves the right to remove equipment and personnel from any event for any
reason when, in the opinion of the JSP crew chief, there is sufficient potential to cause
equipment damage or personal injury to the JSP crew.

9. JSP is not responsible for damage or malfunction to any video tapes or discs after
they leave JSP’s studio, unless we determine it was defective before it left the premises,
whereas we will replace said video tape. There are no refunds, but exchanges will be
made for the first 30 days in the event of a malfunction or defect in workmanship or
parts. Master tapes given to client are the full responsibility of the client. Signing of this
contract by client removes JSP of any liability regarding Master tapes.

10. Client hereby releases and authorizes JSP to use images, names, sounds, etc. of
each event and any reproduction and/or recordings of same in connection with any
contest, exhibition, display, advertising promotions, inclusion in demonstration tape or
other purposes. In return, JSP agrees to use the same in good faith and good taste.

11. JSP will do its best to complete all projects within four to eight weeks from the latter
date of either the event date or date client delivers all materials necessary to complete
the project. This completion period is only an approximate length of time and any shorter
or longer periods necessary for completion will not void this contract. JSP will notify
client of such circumstances.

12. JSP retains possession of raw footage and edited master tapes, unless they are
purchased by client or included in the clients purchased package.

13. JSP can add your favorite music to your DVD. Client agrees that music provided to
JSP has been purchased and is owned by client and applied to the video on their behalf
according to the fair use act. If you do not provide music JSP will use stock audio to
prevent any issues with licensing and/or copyright infringement.

14. JSP is hereby granted full production control by client regarding all aspects of the
production and postproduction. In the event a particular segment of the event is not
recorded, partially recorded, or overlooked by JSP crew, JSP is not held responsible for
any deductions or discounts on contract. JSP is exclusive producer of the event video
recording. Of course, JSP will acknowledge any reasonable special requests by client.

15. This agreement supersedes and replaces any previous document, correspondence,
conversation, or other written and/or oral understanding.

BRIDE: Print___________________________ Sign______________________ Date_______

GROOM: Print___________________________ Sign______________________ Date_______

JSP REP: Print___________________________ Sign______________________ Date_______

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