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									                                 MINOR SURGERY
Mr Michael Mouse

PROCEDURE                                           REST
   The doctor will:                                   Whichever part of the body is
     ... freeze the area with local                    involved, you need to rest it until the
          anaesthetic                                   sutures are removed and for several
     ... make an incision to remove the                days thereafter.
     ... diathermy small blood vessels                This means:
     ... stitch the wound with a nylon                    on the leg sit with the leg
          suture (and sometimes with a                      elevated, avoid standing
          dissolvable deep suture as well)
   Apart from some minor discomfort                       on the arm avoid any heavy work
    when the local anaesthetic is                          on the trunk avoid bending and
    injected, the procedure should be                       twisting movements
    painless.                                          The older you are,         the   more
                                                        important it is to rest.
DRESSING                                               Immediately after the sutures are
Our usual procedure is:                                 removed the wound is at its most
                                                        vulnerable because it is no longer
   first dressing applied immediately
                                                        held together artificially and a strong
    after surgery. This dressing must be
                                                        scar has not yet formed. Additional
    kept dry.
                                                        skin support with Micropore tape may
   second dressing applied after 1-2                   be advised.
    days. It is usually left in place until
    the sutures are removed. You can
    shower with this dressing – pat it dry          SIGNS OF TROUBLE
    after showering.                                   The wound may bleed a little in the
   if there are particular concerns about              first few hours. You should be able to
    the wound or if the sutures are to be               control this by gentle, continuous
    left in for more than a week, you may               pressure using a folded hankie. If
    be asked to return for inspection.                  bleeding continues phone the
                                                        surgery or duty doctor.
                                                       The wound may be a little
                                                        uncomfortable for the first day. If
                                                        necessary take two paracetamol
                                                        tablets when you go to bed.
                                                       If pain gets worse at any time, the
                                                        wound may be infected; phone the
     YOUR APPOINTMENT IS                                surgery for an appointment with the
     .....................                             If after a few days the wound begins
                                                        to discharge through the dressing it
       The charge will be $ . . . .                     may be infected; phone the surgery
                                                        for an appointment with the nurse.

MILLSTONE FAMILY PRA CTICE                   Parnell Auckland
REMOVAL OF SUTURES                                       POSSIBLE DIAGNOSES
   The time taken for the wound to heal                 The more common lesions removed
    depends on the site. Generally the                   from the skin include:
    times for removal of sutures at                         Harmless moles.    If these have
    various sites are:                                       unusual features it may not be
       face, head & neck .....4-5 days                      possible to exclude melanoma
       scalp ..........................6-8 days             without removal and laboratory
       arm ............................7-10 days            inspection.
       palm of the hand .......8-10 days                   Solar keratoses. These are crusty
       back of the hand .......12 days                      lesions on the skin caused by
       leg ..............................10-14 days         exposure to the sun. Some develop
       trunk ..........................10-14 days           into skin cancers. They are generally
                                                             treated by freezing but if there is any
EXAMINATION OF THE                                           suspicion that they have become
                                                             cancerous then they are best
SPECIMEN                                                     removed.
   All skin lesions are sent to the                        Basal cell carcinoma. The lowest
    laboratory for examination.                              grade of skin cancer and very
   The laboratory makes a microscopic                       common. Caused by sun exposure.
    examination and reports on the                           It is extremely rare for patients to die
    nature of the lesion and confirms it                     from this cancer unless it is
    has been fully removed.                                  neglected over a long period of time.
   By the time you attend for removal of                   Squamous cell carcinoma. The
    sutures the laboratory report should                     next grade of skin cancer, also
    be available; if it is not, then please                  common and caused by sum
    phone the surgery a few days later                       exposure. Can lead to widespread
    and speak to the practice nurse to                       cancer if neglected.
    get the result.                                         Malignant melanoma. The most
   If there are any worries about the                       serious form of skin cancer. Well
    lesion, the doctor will explain fully.                   over 90% of early melanomas are
                                                             cured by removal but more advanced
                                                             lesions may not have such a good
                                                             outcome. If melanoma is detected,
                                                             the doctor may advise further surgery
                                                             to remove a wide area around the
                                                             initial scar.

There is an extra charge for minor surgery. A fixed fee covers the surgery, any
subsequent dressings and removal of sutures. The charge is stated on the front page

                                  ASPIRIN and WARFARIN
                      If you are taking aspirin or warfarin, ask the doctor
                           about the dose to be taken before surgery

MILLSTONE FAMILY PRA CTICE                        Parnell Auckland

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