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									                                   TALENT’S HARVEST FESTIVAL
                                       RULES & REGULATIONS
Greetings Harvest Festival Participant!

You are invited to apply to participate in Talent’s Annual Harvest Festival, being held on Saturday,
September 10, 2011, 10 am – 4:00 pm. This is our 39 annual Harvest Festival and our focus is on
friendship, fun and hometown community spirit. Attendance in past years has been 3,000+ with over 70
booths. We expect, from the continued feedback we receive, a large crowd to come out again this year.
2010 was our largest attendance ever, estimated at 5,000. As we celebrate “Harvest,” we enthusiastically
welcome our local growers to show, sample and sell their abundant yield!

APPLICATIONS: Applications must be submitted by Wednesday August 10, 2011 to avoid a late fee.
Include a specific description of your product, a picture of your product and booth set-up and a check for
the appropriate booth size you are requesting. Include a SASE to have your photo returned. Late
applications may be considered on a “per application” basis. A few days before the event, you may access
the festival layout and your booth location at or you may call City Hall at 541-535-
1566. Your application is a request for booth space, not a particular space, nor a guaranteed acceptance.
Selection is based on quality, balance of types of art, craft or food, and available space. We require a
covering for your booth to protect from all kinds of inclement weather.

SPACE: We recommend that vendors set up Friday evening; September 9th from 5:30 p.m. - 8:00
p.m. This will greatly alleviate congestion Saturday morning. Vendors may set-up from 7- 9:00 a.m.
on Saturday. Prior to set-up please check in at the Registration Booth before unloading to get any last
minute information as well as directions to your booth. Volunteers will be around to check each booth.
Booth spaces will be marked on the street. Cars are permitted into the booth area for unloading only and
are then to be moved to the designated Vendor Parking until Saturday at 4:00 pm. Vendor breakdown
begins no earlier than 4:00 p.m. All cars must be out of booth area by 9:00am Saturday. Any cars left
in inappropriate areas will be towed. Please keep all merchandise, objects, and chairs inside your
assigned booth space. Again, all booths must stay up and open until 4:00 pm at which time you may begin to

ELECTRICITY/WATER: These are limited commodities and will be offered first to food vendors.
Appliances and their amperage must be listed on your vendor application or you may forfeit use of them.
Please bring your own outdoor, 16 gauge or larger extension cords. All electrical use will require proper
electrical equipment and Fire District No. 5 will be on-site for inspection. If you will require water, please
bring a garden hose. Your booth space will be determined by your electrical and water needs.

SECURITY: Overnight security is provided Friday night as a courtesy. The Festival is not responsible for
any problems, including stolen or damaged items.

SANITATION: All food vendors as well as growers conducting sampling must have a hand washing station
consisting of a 5 gallon container of warm water with a spigot that provides a constant flow of water when
opened. Provide dispensed soap, paper towels and a wastebasket. Do not use cloth towels to dry hands.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: You must remain for the entire Harvest Festival hours: 10 am – 4:00 pm. You
may begin bringing your cars into the booth area, cautiously, at 4:00 p.m. to load booth materials and
remaining products. Keep your area neat and dispose of trash and cardboard in the designated area.

The city is committed to reduce waste at the festival. Please think about the waste you might generate at
the event and take steps to reduce it. This will help to save money and conserve resources.

PROMOTIONAL EFFORTS: The Talent Harvest Festival’s promotional efforts include distribution of
Festival posters, mailings, newspaper press releases, calendars, ads, Talent Flash articles, community
newspaper articles, PSA on local radio and television and on the City of Talent website.

QUESTIONS: Contact Suzanne Heinrich at Talent City Hall:. P.O. Box 445, Talent, OR 97540;
541-535-1566 – or visit us at City Hall at 110 East Main.

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