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           MONTH SYSTEM

                       -A Special Free Guide-


                             Patrick Ogidi


You‟re free to share this guide with others, on the condition that every
               information contained here remains intact.
Hey there!

We‟re glad to have you as an affiliate of The 150k Per Month System.

In this quick start guide, we‟re going to provide you with the necessary
tools, resources and materials to make your promotion an easy ride.

Like we mentioned here, working with us as an affiliate is as simple as
ABC. You don‟t need to worry about receiving your payments, you
don‟t wait for donkey years for checks to clear – You can withdraw
your commission as soon as you make sales straight into your bank

And what‟s best;

  - You don‟t bother about creating a product and sales copy/website
    of your own.
  - High affiliate commissions telling your friends, colleagues and
    acquaintance about this product.
  - You don‟t get disturbed by customer service concerns.
  - You work at your own time and pace.
  - You don‟t get to crack your brain on the best tactics to use as
    every tool has already been provided for you.

Wao… at last, affiliate marketing works in Nigeria.

Imagine promotion our product that pays you N3,000 per sale, you
only need to make 50 sales to bank home N150,000!

Can I hear you ask; “How many banker earns that much?”

I tell you, it‟s doable if you read through this guide carefully and GET
TO WORK immediately.

Okay, let‟s look at the steps involved in the processes.

   Sign up with FasteCash
   Locate The N150k Per Month System Product & Generating your
    affiliate link from
   Clone/Shorten Your Affiliate Link.
   Promote!
   Profit! Profit!! Profit!!!

Let‟s quickly walk you through the processes in detail.

Signing up with FasteCash

FasteCash takes care of taking the payments for sales of products and
paying you your commission at the end of the deal. It‟s a reputable
Nigerian version of Clickbank. I know and respect the owner; Mr.
Gbemy so much.

So, the first thing you do is to go over to FasteCash website here and
sign up for a merchant account. It‟s FREE!
Upon successful submission of the form, you‟ll be prompted to check
your email (check both inbox and spam/bulk folders).

Click on the link in the email to verify your registration.
Click on the link and you‟ll be prompted to login with your details.

Once you‟re logged in, you see a page like this one below:
As you can see from the above account overview, the earning is still at
zero. If you start making affiliate commissions, that‟s where you‟re
going to see the analysis. From here also, you can withdraw to your
bank account stresslessly!

That‟s all about signing up with FasteCash. You‟ll only need to come
back here if you want to check your affiliate earnings and whenever
you want to withdraw.

Now let‟s look at the next step which is;
Locating The N150k Per Month System Product &
Generating your affiliate link from

Now, you need to login to with your FasteCash

Yes, both FasteCash and are owned by one company,
TechClick Limited, hence they allow the use of same login details for
both sites.

So, head over to and hit the „My Account‟ button
by your top right, and login.

Login, agree to terms and you are as good as go!

Now is time to locate the product we want to promote, and for our
purpose and for the purpose of promoting a HOT product that‟s sure
to generate us fast cash fast, we are going to be promoting The
N150k Per Month System which pays you N3,000 ($20) per sale.

That‟s awesome!

I‟m yet to find a product on info-mart that pays that much…

What‟s more, I‟m ready to help you climb the success lather fast. I‟m
gonna go out of the way, and offer you the extra professional help you
will need to make a hell of cash from promoting products here.

No other product owner is doing this mind you!

I bet you, if you do it right like I‟ll teach you; your income potential is
limitless. Believe me!

Take a look:

5 sales through your affiliate link = YOU make N15,000

10 sales through your affiliate link = YOU make N30,000

15 sales through your affiliate link = YOU make N45,000

20 sales through your affiliate link = YOU make N60,000

50 sales through your affiliate link = YOU make N150,000

And here comes my CHALLENGE, if you hit 20 SALES (that is N3,000
X 20 = N60,000) at anytime through your affiliate link, I‟m gonna
shock you a great deal…


Do 20 SALES, shoot me an email with proofs, email me your
FasteCash username and I‟ll hit your bank account with another
N10,000 within 48 hours! That is; you smile home with N70,000
(N60,000 affiliate commission + N10,000 largesse)

That‟s my challenge and I‟m damn serious about that. Try me!
And if you want me to shock you like I‟ve never done before… try
doing 50 sales…

And you‟re wondering what I‟m gonna do?

I‟m not gonna send you any money… Not even N100,000!

REASON: I‟m gonna show you how to dash people 100k each time
they promote and sell your own product…

And here‟s how…

I‟m going to admit you into my friends of inner circle and literally show
you the “Patrick Ogidi’s Unique HOT Information Marketing
Business Red Buttons”.

Believe me, as I type this, no one has qualified yet to join me in this
cycle in Nigeria, even though I‟ve been offered as high as .5Million
Naira to let them in. I only have two friends in there; my good
Singaporean teenage millionaire and Mark of the famous FB Auto

And what‟s happens in there, you‟re wondering?

Never-heard-before-secrets myself and my 2 other friends use to rake
in mega cash from information publishing business, while others make
do with the left overs. Don‟t doubt me, I‟m not pulling your legs!

I want you to doubt me though… but don‟t stop at that, try me as well
by attempting 50 affiliate sales, and then leave the rest for me.

For now, can we proceed to generating our affiliate link and start
making cash ASAP?

Like I mentioned earlier, the product we‟re going to be promoting is no
other than the very one that‟s sure of helping you generate over 20 or
50 sales as the case may be in no time, so you can either qualify for
my N10,000 largesse… or join the “Patrick Ogidi’s Unique HOT
Information Marketing Business Caucus”.

So, since it‟s my desire to see you realize this dream fast, I‟ve gone all
the way to make the journey easier for you…

I‟ve removed for you, the stress of searching through info-mart
database for The 150k Per Month System. That will sure take some of
your productive time… and I don‟t want that! I bet you don‟t either.

I‟ve made it possible for you to go right straight to the product page,
generate your affiliate link and start promoting immediately for instant

Here‟s how:

Go to the link below (that‟s The N150k Per Month System Affiliate Page

Click HERE to GO to the Page Directly!

You can also type this into your browser –

When you get to the page, you see something like this:
Hit the „Promolink‟ button to generate your unique affiliate link, a
window pops out prompting you to login your FasteCash details.
Login with your FasteCash details and you‟ll see a screen like this:

Note the resultant long link, that‟s your affiliate link. Copy and save it
on a notepad. Any click on the link, takes the person to the product
sales page and once the person buys, your FasteCash account gets
credited with N3,000.


So, how many eyes can you get to see your link?

I guess your answer to that question explains how much you want to
make from this… and if you want to either grab my N10k largesse or
join my caucus... It‟s up to you!

NB: The link used in the above screenshot is for illustration purposes.
Do not copy it; generate your own unique affiliate link with the help of
the above illustrations. No two persons‟ links are the same. Mind you!

As you may have noticed, the link above is not just too long, but also
not appealing to the eyes, hence we need to shorten it and make it
easily memorable and appealing. That brings us to…
Cloning/Shortening Your Affiliate Link.
Cloning your link simply means making it shorter!

What we do here at this point is to clone our affiliate with any of or

While both are free and works great, I‟d advise you stick to the first
one ( for some good reasons you‟ll find out in a moment.

So, we head over to and sign up a quick account. You can
actually use their service without signing up, but the reason I suggest
you sign up is to be able to track clicks to your link, you get to know
the referring sites you are getting your clicks from and also customize
your link the way you like it (more on this in the screenshot below..)

This is the same reason I‟ve chosen over

You can even login with your twitter and FB account also if you find
the sign up process a kind of cumbersome.

Upon successful sign up, login to your account, copy your long
affiliate link, paste it into the big box and hit the „shorten‟ button
under the box. You‟ll notice your long affiliate link changes to
something shorter.
You don‟t stop at that. Make it memorable!

Now, click on the button under the box that says „customize‟ to choose
an alias for your link. Type in your desired alias, I suggest you type in
something very related to the product name. Examples:
150kPerMonthBiz, 150khomebiz etc.

Such that, at the end, your link becomes

Chances are that some aliases may not be available, keep twisting it
and adding variations till you get one that„s available.

Whatever link you end up with becomes the final result of your affiliate
link. To be sure you‟re on the right track, try visiting the link and see if
it leads to the sales page.

For example, I just visited the link I created here; and it redirected me to The N150k Per
Month System official home page.

If yours does the same, then you‟re as good as go!

At this point, you have successfully registered as an affiliate with our
HOT and BEST seller; „The N150k Per Month System‟, you‟ve also
generated and shortened your affiliate link, it‟s now time to promote it
for affiliate unending commissions.

So, that brings us to;

How To Promote Your Affiliate Link For Mega Affiliate
Commissions From The N150k Per Month System.

There are 1001 ways to do this if you ask me… but I‟m going to
quickly enumerate few here and leave out the rest for my Special 10
Man Mega Affiliate Club who may want to join me to do this affiliate
business in a bigger way!

Okay, let me take you through some of the ways you can promote
your affiliate links for profits.

HINT: I‟ll be dropping links where you can get access to banners, ads
copy and some classified ads samples you can use to promote The
N150k Per Month System.

Some sure ways you can promote your affiliate links;

  1. Offline Posters & Handbills: - I‟ve used this medium a number of
     times and it works great. How does it go?

     You simply make one original A4 paper with some messages on
     them, and then photocopy it into a good number for distribution.

     Okay, you can do something like this one here

     All you need is to make like 500 photocopies of it, and paste
     around centers of great human concentrations like schools,
     churches, cyber cafes etc. Do it right, and be sure to send
     unlimited traffic to your affiliate link. It works!
  2. Forum: - Forum is a great marketing medium. You can join
     relevant forums and post your affiliate links in appropriate
     sections for exposures.

     Also get a good signature for your profile, and try to make useful
     post in relevant sections.

     Examples of such forum are:,,,,, etc

  3. Buy Ads Placements on High Traffic Blogs/Sites: A very powerful
     technique few Nigerians know about. You can actually place small
     ads on some high traffic blogs and in turn send good traffic to
     your affiliate link. Say, you pay N3,000 or thereabout for a
     month placement on a website that gets over 50,000 visitors
     monthly, even if only 1000 people clicks on your ads and lands
     on your affiliate link, and say 20 persons orders for the product
     via your link in a month, you make 20 X N3,000 = N60,000…

Can I hear you say… wao!!! Is that how easy it is to make this money?

Okay, I‟ll give you 2 good websites you can approach for ads
placement right away. I know these guys very well and their sites
have got some cool traffic to them daily.

They sites are:

  - OgbongeBlog (N3,000/month for 125 x 125) and
  - MakeMoneyOnlineNG (N1,000/month for 125 x 125)

Here‟s an ad specimen you can use.

  4. Newspaper Ads: - Newspaper ads work best in promoting your
     affiliate link. Some Newspapers that work best for classified ads
     include Sun Newspapers, Vanguard, and Punch etc.
  5. Facebook Ads: This works superb but requires some kind of
     mastery. If you must use this, contact me first for guidance.

  6. And so on…

  Profit! Profit!! Profit!!!:- If you have done every other thing
  correctly, you can now sit back and enjoy the cash flow.

  And if you ask me, I‟d advice that you re invest the first money you
  make into more targeted promotions…

  All the best!

Conclusion: In the course of this guide, I made mention of some
Special 10 Man Mega Affiliate Club!

Yea! I know you may be wondering what I meant by that…

I‟ll explain…

I‟ve decided to work with 10 special affiliates that will want to promote
The N150k Per Month System in a great way.

Did you just read great way? Yea, great way…

I must admit that this club is strictly going to be for serious guys and
those that have at least N45,000 to invest in promoting this offer. If
you don‟t meet the criteria, not to worry, you can still make some
handsome income promoting it in your capacity via FasteCash affiliate

At least, I‟ve given you more than enough materials you need to
succeed. Go and soar!

Back to the Special 10 Man Mega Affiliate Club, if you think you‟re
ready and hungry to join me rake in this millions in the coming days,
here‟s what I‟ll do for you, click HERE to read up the rest of what it
takes to join this noble club, plus the goodies that comes with it.

If you‟ve got any question, keep them coming at

You can also reach me on phone also, (Mondays to Fridays 8am to
5pm) on 08090769056

Wish you all the best in your affiliate marketing sojourn!

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