Login procedure EBC new by N7UfW4


									                        Login Procedure – Employee Benefits

For employees logging in through L&T’s Intranet.

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Disable proxy by following the steps highlighted in the red brackets { }.
        Tools -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Advanced -> Exceptions

Click ‘OK’ and go to step 3.

Step 3: Open Internet page and type the following address on the address bar and enter: /loginscreen.asp

For accessing the system through INTERNET, you may go to the site
The following screen will appear :

Id         : Your PS No (Only numerical part)
Password   : Your existing password for payroll.
Domain Name : lnt
Role Name   : ebc
Press         OK

With this you can fill in the claims for Medical / Telephone/Mobile Reimbursements.

Click on the required option .
It is recommended that you change the password on your first login. Click on SYSTEM
and you will get screen shown the following screen. You may change the password here.

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