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					                         Pinnacle Internet Viewer – Parent/Student Instructions

                            Follow these instructions to access student grades on the Internet.

           To Login:

                   On the Internet, go to:

                                                                                    1. Enter your 8-digit Student ID
                                                                                        in both locations

                                                                                                            2. Select the school

                                                                                                         3. Click Login

           Main Screen

           All grades on this screen and throughout this site come directly from teachers’ gradebooks. As teachers update
           and save their gradebooks, the changes appear immediately on this site. If any grades for a class appear to be out
           of date or incorrect, check with the teacher.

           To view individual class reports, follow steps 1, 2, 3 below using the dropdown menus, then click the
            button. There are a number of reports listed. One of the most informative reports is the Class Grades Report,
           which shows individual class assignments and grades. Since this report includes a variety of information with
           codes, some explanation is provided on the back of this page.

1. Select Class
2. Select Report
3. Select Term

           To Log Out: Close the browser
                                                Class Grades Report
Report Information

The Class Grades Report for a class shows every assignment and grade that the teacher
entered for a student. Some explanation is needed for several of the columns in this report.

         Due Date – This column may be blank. It’s up to the individual teacher to decide
                     whether or not to include due dates for assignments in their grade books.

         Category – If you see only one category called “Assignments”, then that teacher does
                     not categorize assignments. (Ex: homework, classwork, test, quiz)

         % Grade – Several special codes are used in this column:
              Dash (-). A dash means one of the following:
                   1. The student did not yet turn in the assignment.
                   2. The assignment was turned in, but has not yet been graded.
                   3. The assignment was added to the teacher’s grade book, but not yet
                      assigned to the class.
              X – The student was exempted from the assignment.
              Z – The assignment was not turned in and the student earned a zero.

         Max – This column show how many points the assignment was worth.

Communication to Parents/Students

Teachers can communicate information to parents/students using the various Grade Reports
on the Parent Internet Viewer. A teacher can display a classwide note at the top of the
Student Assignments Report, Class Grades Report and the Class Progress Report.

In addition to the classwide note, a teacher can display individual student notes on the bottom
of the Student Assignment Report.

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