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Who Is Northwest Family Life


									                                       Why Northwest Family Life?
                                                    The Lord call us to Micah 6:8-
                                           To act justly~ as Christians we have the responsibility
                                                   to respond on behalf of the oppressed.

                                            To love mercy~ as Christians we are uniquely poised
                                                  to provide protection for the abused and
                                                       hope for change for the abuser.

                                              To walk humbly with our God~ as Christians we
                                                 walk with Him and care for His children
                                                         as He has cared for us.

                                       Domestic Violence is the leading cause of death and injury to women ages 15-
                                       44 around the world. Northwest Family Life is a faith response, calling for:
                                       safety, accountability, mourning and reconciliation.
                                    From 1989-2007 we have met the needs of families through:

Advocacy & Support: offered free of charge to all women & children who have experienced domestic violence.
Intervention: state certified domestic violence treatment program.
Counseling: for depression, anxiety, grief & loss, eating disorders, mental health, spiritual direction, pre-martial & marital.
Education: through speaking, teaching, presentations, and events.
Prevention: through our not-for-profit shop, A New Yarn.
                                                       Who Is Northwest Family Life?
            “Assisting individuals and families in finding hope and healing when faced with the pain of domestic violence and related issues.”

Board Members
Active Board Members                           Former Board Members
Len Hoch-President                             Tom Bathe*Cindy Bohnett*Donna Brickman*Michael Bugni*John
May McCarthy-Vice President                    Burdick*Bill Burnett*Vivian Burnett*Glo Ceteznik*Jon Copley*Jack
Karla McElroy-Secretary                        David*Bob Davidson*Heather Flodstrom*Sharon Hayden*Kevin Henry*Bill
Jim Caldwell                                   Holmes*Sally Jo Holmes*Derek Holser*Sy Iffert* Tim Knapp*Dennis
Sara Laney Caldwell                            Knutsen*Jeff Krueger*Bill Laney*Sukie Laney*Stan Lander*Marian
Steve Lusa                                     Lanum*Teresa Lubovich*Penny Mercier*Willy Miller*Regina Morton*
Sue Lusa                                       Jon Nelson*Thomas Neumann*Rev. Thomas Pendlenton*
Gail Mullen                                    Steven Reed*Rebecca Steiner*Karen Winslow
Nate Mullen

Leadership Staff                               Administrative Staff
Nancy Murphy- Executive Director Emeritus      Daniela Cortes*Gabriela Cortes*Claudia Davidson*Kathleen Dutill*Melanie
Pamela Pollock-Managing Director               Gilgrist*Dana Goodman*Carolyn Hughes*Tom Murphy

Therapeutic Staff
Jim Crosby*Troy Fenlason* Paul Gess* Marie     Direct Services:
Hoddevik* Larry McIntire* Caleb Mitchell*      Number of People Served: 17,150
Nathan Nelson* Samuel Rainey* Julie            Number of Client Hours: 343,000
Stromel*David Swaty* Liza Ziliak               Total Earned: $6,621,333

Former Staff
Kevin Austin*Alan Basham*Mary Beaudry*Judith Berg*Terri Bicknell*Jill Bly*Donna Brickman*Beth Brooks*Bill Burnett*Vivian Burnett*Pam Byers*Colin Byer*Linda
Campbell*Luis Carriere*Cara Kerr*Judy Cheeny*Jennifer Land*Jennifer Cormier*MaxineCovington*Jen Crum*Kathy Dallman* Viki Dinasandy* Dr. Carl Epp*Janel Erchinger-
Davis*Artie Exum* Jim Gallatin* Cory Giffey* Dr. Glen Goodwin*Denny Gunderson*Megan Haase*Brian Hall*Betty Hartsfield*Priscilla Haskell*Jayme Helgeson*Fran
Henderson*Jessica Henderson* Kathleen Hisel* Bob Huey*Tessa Iffert*Dottie Jackson*Saskia Kidd*Becky Kirchner*Arlette Lamphere*Therese Larson*Ashley Laures*Angela
Maeda*Sharon Marshall* Lynne McMahon*Marsha Means*Willy Miller* Susen Musazade* Thomas Neumann*Dr. Mike Olson*Joy Pardo*Linda Paz* Juliana Pope* Randy
Ralston*Seth Riley*Steve Rinehart* Brooks Schomburg*Jodean Scott*Dr. Victoria Selser*Rosalie Smith*Veronica Smith*Amy Thompson* Jeff VanZant*Susan Walker*Linda
Walsh*Candie Warren*Pam Watson*Shannon West* Doug Wheeler*Linda Sue Wheeler*Dr. Dave Wight*Rachel Wilhoit*Lisa Wilkinson*Bettie Williams-Watson*Dr. Scott Wykes
Total Donated $4,386,536
Churches & Ministry Partners
Bethany Presbyterian*Central Wesleyan*Christ Memorial*Eastside Foursquare*Edgewood Baptist*Elim Baptist*Faith Fellowship*First Free Methodist*Four Freedoms
Chapel*God’s Battalion of Prayer*Journey Community*Korean Presbyterian Church of Seattle*Living Hope Church*Mercer Island Covenant*Mercer Island Presbyterian*Mercer
Island United Methodist*Mill Creek Foursquare *Neighborhood Church*New Horizons Ministries*Northshore Baptist*Overlake Christian*Priorities Ministries*Reformed
Presbyterian Church*Shoreline Free Methodist*St. Margaret’s*Victories Life Christian Center*Wedgewood Presbyterian*Wounded Healer Fellowship

                                      Albertson’s*AnchorPointe*Macy’s*Bugni & Associates*Charter Construction*City of Seattle*Day & Night Heating &
                                      Plumbing*Dominos Pizza*Express Docs, Inc*Family Fun Center*Federal Mortgage Company, Inc*Four Winds*Great Dog Daycare*Great
                                      Harvest Bread Company*Hansen, Bugni, & McConnell P.S.*James Alan Salon*John R. Frank Consulting Group*LandAmerica*Mars Hill
                                      Graduate School*Microsoft*Moyer’s Bookstore*Northwest Graduate School*Peet’s Coffee & Tea*Phil’s Jewelry*Phinney Ridge
                                      Florist*Pinnacle Services NW Corportation*Primebuy*Pro Refrigeration*Puget Sound Christian
                                      College*QFC*Reconveyance Specialist*Safeco Insurance Co.*Safeway*Starbucks*State of WA*The Kilted Quilters*The Seattle
                                      Times*The Standard*Trendwest Resorts, Inc*Tudor & Tudor, PS*Tully’s Coffee*USBandcorp*Viking Office Products*Vintage
                                      Escrow*Washington Mutual*Wesley Gardens*Western States Escrow*Western States Mortgage Corp.*Wizards of the Coast

Apex Foundation*Bank of America*Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation*Boeing Employee Community Fund*Bohnett Memorial Foundation*Dupar Foundation*E.K. & Lillian F
Bishop Foundation*Family Values Foundation*Fred Meyer Foundation*Gesner-Johnson Family Foundation*Horizons Foundation*Joshua Green Foundation*LandAmerica
Foundation*Laurel Foundation*M.J.Murdock Charitable Trust*Medina Foundation*Microsoft Corporation*Muckleshoot Indian Tribe*Mustard Seed Foundation*National Christian
Foundation*Norman Archibald Charitable Trust*Northwest Children’s Fund*PEMCO Foundation*Ronald McDonald House*Seattle Foundation*Servant’s Trust*Stewardship
Foundation*The Moyer Foundation*The Norcliffe Foundation*The Sunshine Lady Foundation*United Way of King County*United Way of Snohomish County*Washington
Women’s Foundation

Community of Hope Partners
Anita & Thomas Behrens* Donna & Larry Brickman* Michael & Linda Bugni* Michael & Leslie Dunn* Sukie & Bill Laney* Karla & Jim McElroy* Beryl & Clifford Moon* John
Nitardy* Ransom & Karen Porter* Northview Community Church* Jayne Ross* Janice Kautz* Jim & Alicia Raltz* Karen Winslow* Empower Foundation* Elim Baptist Church*
Mary Kilian* Jim & Robin Crosby

Luca Abernathy*Mike Adams*Linda Aga*Marilynn Ahlin*Elizabeth Alexander*Dan & Becky Allender*Kay Allmain*Doris Amundson*Ben * Theresa Anderson*Dawn
Anderson*Ed & Cheryl Anderson*Helen Anderson*Julianna Anderson*Kathleen Anderson*Kay Anderson*Paul & Maryann Andonian*Bobby & Kara Andrews*David * Cindy
Anselmi*Linden Applequist*Amie Armstrong*Lynne Armstrong*Meredith Armstrong*Jerry Arntz*Rebecca Askland*Judy Ayars-Templeman*Kathleen Baba*Sally Bacon*Eivor
Baille*Thomas & Jennifer Baker*Raymond & Corean Bakke*Laura Bammer*Loretta Bangert*Dick & Leslie Baranzini*Carrie Barnes*Tracie Barnett*Isabell Barney*Randy
Barsotti*Vivi Barton*Steve Bass*Abbie Bates*Tom & Evie Bathe*Janet & Ernest Batiste III*Brian Bauer*Ginny & George Baum*Julianne Baumann*Ed & Bobbie
Baumueller*Anna Beatty*Steve & Mary Beaudry*Joseph & Judy Becker*Lisa Beers-Kelly*Mary Begley-Ankeny*Anita & Thomas Behrens*Ashley Bell*Marilyn Bell*Robin
Bell*Deryl Bell-Davis*David & Helen Belvin*Brad & Julie Benbow*Phil Bence*Cindy Benedict*Jerry Berg*Kendall Bergman*Jonathan & Emily Bergstrom*Karen Bertroch*Jason
& Paula Best*Rick & Cathy Best*Alischia Besteman*LeRoy & Louise Bevan*Karen Biggs*Shanna Biggs*Jennifer Birch*Paul & Joyce Birkeland*Alan Black*David & Angie
Blackwell*Gary Blake*Betty Blanchard*Dan Blanchard*Renee Blattner*David & Donna Blaylock*Roy & Norma Bleikamp*Jill Bly*Kate Blyth*Lana Boatright*Howard & Kim
Bobbitt*Larry & Judy Anne Bodmer*Debra Boggio*Cynthia Bohnett*Jamie & Cindy Bohnett*Erica Boivin*Tamara Bolding*Wally & Betty Bostick*Marion & Katherine
Bowers*Mary Bowlby*Johanna Bradley*Ronald & Linda Braley*Donna Braunschweig*Larry & Donna Brickman*Randy & Marcia Bridges*Steve & Laura Brisbane*Zach &
Rebecca Brittle*Jeff & Michelle Brock*Marcia Brodehl*Beth Brooks*Rebecca Brown*Christy Broyles*Janice Brundage*Laura Brunk*Cedric & Virginia Bryant*Helen Teresa &
Michael Buckland*Mike & Linda Bugni*Priscilla Bunch*Shawn Burdick*Geoff & Julie Burg*Ron Burke*Aimee Burkenbine*Bill & Ruth Burnett*Charles & Nina Burnett*David &
Tricia Burnett*Shirley deLendrecie-Burnett*Willian & Vivian Burnett*Meghan Burt*Joanne Burwell*Judy Bush*Alischia Butler*Tanya Button*Colin Byers*Nancy Cahill*Jim &
Sara Caldwell*Lyn-Felice Calvin*Rod & Kelly Cameron*Jenny Campbell*Jerry & Linda Campbell*Ron & Penny Campbell*Steve & Cindy Capili*Robin Carey*Louis & Elsa
Carlo*Greg & Valerie Carlson*Steve & Jill Carlson*Patty Carnovale*Robert Carpenter*Marion Carson*David & Callie Castillo*Lorena Castillo-Ware*Glo & Frank
Ceteznik*Myrna & Robert Champoux*Donald Chandler*Sahila Changebringer*Terrence Charles*Judy Cheeney*Michele Chester*Glen & Susan Childers*Greg &Joanne
Chisum*Jonathan Chisum*Lancy Chisum*Ryan Chisum*Mike & Julia Christensen*Richard Christmas*Dave & Nancy Clark*Evelyn Clark*Lisa Clark*Christine Clarke*Laura Anne
Cloer*Lisa & Ron Coacher*Heather Coaster*Jason & Laura Colberg*Cathy Coleman*Debbie Coleman*Erv & Judy Collingridge*Gordon & Gladys Collins*Lisa Compton*Linda
Condit*Kathryn Connelly8William & Nancy Conner*Gina Cook*Sharon Cook*Robley & Michelle Corsi*Patricia Couch*Maxine Covington*Edward & Roseanne Cowles*Joe
Cox*Terry and Jane Craig*Frank & Ardyce Cranston*Sherry Crawford*Margery Cridland*Sheryl Criss*James & Robin Crosby*Steve Crowder*Gary & Jennifer Crum*Mary
Curtis*Evelyn Dallman*Roger & Kathy Dallman*Kevin and Lori Daniels*Jack & Joy David*Bob & Fran Davidson*Vern & Claudia Davidson*Glenn Davis*Pat De Vaney
MeghanDeal*David & Michelle DeHart*Catherine Del Fierro Anderson*Michele DeMaris*Steve & Janice Denton*Karen Derrig*Steve & Sandra Derus*Donna Deshazo*Pat
Deveney*Terry Deverse*Elizabeth DiCandilo*Edie Dietzen*Maureen Dightman*Leslee Dillard*Bill & Melissa Dillon*Sally Dion*Michael Dire*Phil & Ann Doerflein*Dan
Donaldson*Elaine Dondoyano*Debi & Martin Dopps*Janet Dorrell*Birgitta Dorrough*Diana Dougherty*Jim & Terie Drennan*Shawn & Carter Drew*Roslyn & Vincent Duffy
Andrew & Teresa Dul*Elaina & Steve Dulaney*Catherine Dunaway*Allan & Judy Dunbar*Kathryn Dunham*Ron & Allison Dunlap*Michael & Leslie Dunn*Robert & Debra Dunn
Tim & Kathleen Dutill*Christina Duvall*Jean-Marie Dymond*Mark Easton*Mark Eaton*Linda &Thomas Eckhart*Barbara Eckley*Rolfe &Beverly Eckmann*Rhonda Edwards
Ken Eliason*Brad Ellis*Glen & Dorothy Ellis*Ernest & Adair Ellison*Chris Emmett*Lily Eng*Eschelle English*Jeanette English*Melanie English*Mary Ann Engnell*Junichi
Enomoto*Josh Ensley*Dave & Marjee Entz*Janel & Hans Erchinger-Davis*John & Nancy Erickson*Albert & Nancy Erisman*Landon & Maureen Estep*Janice Esterly*Paul Eun
Ron & Artie Exum*Steve & Kathy Fader*Josh Farnsworth*Juliana Faulkner*Bruce & Deb Feagan*Patricia Federighi*Jim Feek*Jamie & Tim Fenimore*Carrie Fenlason*Judy
Fenlason*Troy & Vanessa Fenlason*Paul & Lyn Fenton*Gina Fernandez*Karin Finkler*Brandon Fix*Heather Flodsrom*Dave & Pam Flodstrom*Sandy Floresca*Carol & Robert
Fogarty*Larry & Sharon Fookes*Chase Ford*Shawn Ford*Katherine Foreman*David & Natalie Foskey*Melissa Fossum*Richard & Nancy Franck*Lisa FrancoiseJohn & Susan
Frank*Kathy Franklin*Michee Franz*Rachel Freed*Robert Fujioka*Rebecca Fuller*Byron & Patricia Gaither*Maria Luisa Galicia*Michael & Jessica Galvani*Jackie Garces
Sandra Garcia*Bethany Gardner*Lois Gardner*Harold Gauntlett*Terri Geary*Ray Gebauer*Cindy Geis*Richard Gerschwiler*Paul & Arlet Gess*Joyce Gettel*Lila Ghishing*Cory
& Diane Giffey*Melanie & Rob Gillgrist*Terri Glaser*Timothy & Susan Gleason*Bonnie Glenn*Kristine Goddard*Briano & Sonia Goertz*Josh Golden*Garry Golightly*Catherine
Goodrich*Jennifer Goodson*Laura Gowen*Jen Grabarczyk*Linda Graham*Laurie Gray*Regina Gray*Cyndi Green*Josh & Pamela Green*Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Green, III*Stuart
Greenburg*James & Lynn Greene*Linda Greening*Amanda Greer*Darryl & Heidi Gregory*Trish Grice*John & Ann Grigg*Edward Grignon*Harold Grimes*Christopher Grimm
Laurie Gudnason*Lisa Guenther*Gary & Jorie Gulbranson*Denny & Dodie Gunderson*Mary Gustason*Julie Gustavson*Jordan Gutierrez*G.A. & Marjorie Guy*Erica Guyton*
Megan Haase* Robert & Donna Hagerman*Jean Haigh*Katy Haigh*Rick & Bev Haight*Gloria Hall*Elizabeth Anne Parker Halvorsen*Phil & Janet Hamre*Marci Hanberg*Eric &
Janet Hansen*Kay Hansen*Sue Hanser*Sheila Haptonstall*Michelle Harder*Dan & Pat Hardman*Gary & Joanie Harper*Lisa Harrell*Clarence Harris*Debra Harstfield*Erynn Hart
Earl & Betty Hartsfield*Priscilla Haskell*Jeff Hastings*Dorothy Hay*Sharon Hayde*Marilyn Hein*Jerry Heinen*Sheila Helferich*Jayme Helgeson*Sheldon Helmick*Thomas &
Barbara Hemphill*David & Anne Henderson*Jim Henderson*Kevin Henry*Jim & Marie Hershberger*Adam & Jaime Hestad*Lawrence & Barbara Hile*Arlene Hill*Lance & Terri
Hill*Sharon Hille*Russell & Kasey Hitt*Leonard & Rachel Hoch*Maalfrid Marie Hoddevik*Judy Hoffman*Chip & Teresa Holland*Frank Holman*Anne Holmes*Kyle Holmes
Derek & Leah Holser*Bryn Holte*Phyllis Hopkins*Jim & Sonya Horsley*Jeff & Pam Horton*Keomarie Huffman*Carolyn Hughes*Melinda Hughes*Wentina & Nicholas Hurtado
S.C. & Karen Iffert*Teresa Iffert*Marianne Jackson*Trey & Dottie Jackson*Carla James*John James*Mary-Colleen Jenkins*Kristen Jensen*Red & Diane Jensen*Jack & Ruth
Jewett*Connie & Rosendo Jimenez*Elva Jodar*Joyce & William Johanson*Amanda Johnson*Becky Johnson*Cindy Johnson*Earle Johnson*Karissa Johnson*Marcia Johnson
Rachel Johnson*Rebekah Johnson*Velma Johnson*Charissa Jones*Coralyn Jones*Merrily Jones*Tony & Nyla Jones*Sharon Jones-Hayden*Joseph & Danika & Jornadal*Jason &
Jenny Jost*Robbie Joy*Kaitlin Kabrich*Dianna & Larry Kadeg*Don & Taylor Kalback*Don & Alice Kalso*Marianne Kastanas*Janice & Stephen Kautz*Valarie Keaton*Melody
Kegley*K.P. & Roberta Kehle*Margi Kehres-Ulrich*Jeff Kemp*Thomas & Brigitte Kenny*Rebecca Kent*Bob Kenyon*Molly Kenzler*Bill & Sandi Keogh*John & Cara Kerr
Todd Kester*John & Denni Kibelstis*Shelley Kiemele*Mary Kilian*David & Theresa Kinney*Arthur & Mignon Kirishian*J.S. Kiser*Ross Kit*Anne Kjallin*Penelope
Klauegray*David & Judy Klinger*Tim Knapp*Cathee Kneeling*Ted Knight*Donna Knorr*Dennis & Heidi Knutzen*Erinn & Jayme Koerselman*Pollyanna Kondis*Phil & Phyllis
Korb*Gary Korneliussen*Lisa Kosage*Carlene Krause*Emily Krause*Virginia Krause*Shonna Krecker*Jim Kress*John Kritser*Catherine Kroeger*Jon & Kate Krombein*Jeff &
Marit Krueger*Ingrid Kutsch*Roald & Ruth Kverndal*Melvin & Shirley Lacey*Carl & LaVene LaFontaine*Janice Laird*Yvonne Lam*Kathleen Lambert*Jenn & Gary Land*Stan
& Aleta Lander*Larry Landin*William & Sukie Laney*Akarie Laney Hodges*Loren & Mary Langland*Julie Larralde*Therese Larson*Ashley Laures*Julie Lawell*Patricia & John
Lawrence*Alvin Lawson*Diana Lawson*Conrad Lee*David & Crystal Lee*Frances Lee*Stephanie Lee*Wendy Lee*Penny LeGate*Diane Lemcio*A.C. & Pauline Leonard*Arthur
& Cindi Levenson*Franz Lewis*Greg Lewis*David & Deborah Lewy*Wesley Linam*Matthew Lindner*Mira Lindsay-Rebolledo*Shelia Lisson*Cathy Littlefield*Katie Lloyd*
Chris Loeken*Chris & Pam Longston*Gladys Loreen*Mark & Sylvia Lovitt*Valeria Lugo*Emily Luke*Reynald Luminarias*Mary Lynn Lund*Steve & Susan Lusa*Michelle Lusa-
Taylor*Gia Luu-Mui*Amanda Lynk*Mary MacDonald*Jim & Sue MacFarlane*Wayne & Debbie Macomber*Warren & Paula Madaj*Marilyn Madden*Matt & Angie Maeda*Marie
Mahan*Lavonne Mahugh*Greg & Kathleen Mains*Norm Maleng*Evelyn Manchester*Juanita Mander*Vanthong Manivanh*Mollie Knight Markey*Molly Marks*Bonnie Marsh
Ryan Marsh*Debra Marshall*Howard & Sharon Marshall*John & Mary Martin*Gerard & Terry Martinez*Rachel & Marlon Martinez*Rich & Linda Matthews*Melissa Maudsley
Daiso Maxcy*Lara Maxwell*Allen & Denise May*Ann Marie Mayhle*Phil & Gina Mazzaferro*Ellen Mc Lees*Tom & Marilyn McAleer*May McCarthy*Christine McCloud
Ben & Dawn McConaughy*Randy & Sue McCormack*Tom & Izzy McCormick*Kathryn McCoy*Cindy McCroskey*Dave McCullough*Lynda McDaniel*Dan & Janie McDonald
Jim & Karla McElroy*Dr. & Mrs. James Mcfarlane*David McGaffey*Francis & Ofelia McHugh*Carla McIntyre*Brian & Beverly McKenna*Theresa McKenna*Norma
McLaughlin*Sarah McMurray*Larry & LaMona McNabb*Mary Ann McPherson*Bill & Colleen Meacham*Ivy Meadors*Patrick & Marsha Means*Mildred Meberg*Kelli &
Thomas Mechelke*Melissa Medley*Bill & Lisa Meek*Charlene Meek*Marilyn Meier*John & Penelope Meisel*Rhonda Melnrick*Judi Melton*Richard & Penny Mercier*Frank &
Teresa Michiels*Steve & Pam Michiels*Greg & Melissa Milford*Mary Miller*Ronna Miller*Scott & Mary Kirsten Miller*Robert Minter*Caleb & Elisa Mitchell*Marvin &
Neshella Mitchell*Chad Mizee*Cindy Moeller*Galen Mohr*Don & Myrtle Moller*Frank & Christy Monahan*Doris Moneymaker*Tita Montero*Naomi Montgomery*Sharon-Lee
Mooers*Beryl & Clifford Moon*Bob & Dixie Moore*David & Lorie Moore*Lynn Moore*Verlan and Lois Moore*Janet Morek*Patty Morgan- Smith*William & Margaret Mori*
Marion Pelly*Moriarty*Jean Morrell*Judi & Mark Morrison*Jo Moses*Ron & Darla Mosher*Molly Moss*Jennifer Mount*Gia & Steven Mui*Steven Muise*Charles & Marilyn
Mullavey*Karen E.Mullen*Nate & Gail Mullen*George Muller*James & Marjorie Munn*Forest Murphy*John & Carol Murphy*John & Marjorie Murphy*Nadine Murphy*Thomas
& Nancy Murphy*Hana Mussa*Kristin Neidigh*Andy Nelson*Elaine Nelson*Kathy Nelson*Stan & Nancy Nelson*Helen Nicholaison*Dave & Denise Nichols Jeremy & Steffanie
Nichols*Marvin & Susan Nickerson*Ryan Nickols*Helen Nicolaisen*Jacqueline Nielsen*Kathleen Nielson*Leona Niksich*John Nitardy*Kim & Bette Nordberg*Katy Nordgaard
Tim & Dorothy Nordgren*Janice Northrop*Darlene Norton*Ron & Rita Nussli*Karen O'Brien*Robert & Twyla O'Callaghan*Emily Odegard*Wendi Okerlund*Irene Olason*
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Janet Omaits*David & Marlene Omsted*Bill & Arlene O'Neal*Sue Orrino*Paul & Patricia Oscar*Michael & Susan Otten*Brent Owen*Marianne Owen-Beattie*Heather Paar
Cynthia Pain*Darin & Holly Pankratz*JoyAnn & Ruben Pardo*Lois & Hilario Pardo*Scott Paris*Channing & Nicole Park*L.A. & Lani Parker*Heather Parkinson-Webb*Nancy
Parle*Charles & Sharon Pasma*Bob & Betsy Patton*Les & Donna Patton*Tamra & Tara Patton*Greg & Laura Paulson*Linda Paz*Elwin & Barb Pearson*Kelly & David Pearson
Shelley Pearson*Juanit Pellichet*Janis Pendleton*Karen Perrault*Tom & Sue Persinger*Rocky & Judy Peterson*Strom Peterson*Dan & Carol Petke*Betty Petrullo*Lisa Philabaum
Howard & Margaret Phillips*Valerie Phillips*Bruce & Cheri Phipps*Tyler & Dania Pickle*Valerie Pickett-Orr*Jim & Vickie Plante*Patrick Plante*Alfred Platt*Abigail Plawman*
Pamela Pollock*Sharon Polster*Joyce Poole*Randy & Juliana Pope*Allison Porter*Ransom & Karen Porter*Taylor Prescott*Nancy & Oliver Press*David & Kathryn Proff Shawna
Prussell*Dhan Pun*Sondra Purcell*Patty & Kevin Putnam*Jeff Quick*Ross & Jennifer Rader*Samuel & Stephanie Rainey*Alicia & Jim Raltz*Paul & Sharon Ramey*Cynthia
Ramsay*Tanya Randall*James & Carolynn Raney*Pam Raney*John Rasmussen*Mary Rasmussen*Gail Ratley*Jeanette Redlich*George & Norma Jean Reece*Bill Reeve*Debora
Reinhardt*Delilah Rene-Ortega*Leona Rennels*Richard & Pattie Reutimann*Barbara Rey*Laureen Reyling*Frankie Reynolds*Larry & Susie Rhodes*Christopher & Jane Richards*
JoAnn Richards*Genevieve & Mark Rideout*Steven & Chere Rinehart*Alan Rither*Irene Roberts*Randy & Daniele Robinson*Joel & Lauren Rodeheaver*Susie Rodriguez*Don &
Eva Rogers*Connie Roman*Sue Rooney*George Matsuda & E. Jayne Ross*Carol Rossmann*Randy & Nancy Rowland*Matt & Sarah Rudberg*Martin & Terri Rudy*Ann Rule*
Robin Russell*Stephanie Rydberg*Riza Ryser*Bob & Mary Sacco*Roberta Sachs*Halle Salas*Gretchen Salazar*Bonnie Samsel*Dale & Ruth Sanderson*Charlene Sanford*Ryan &
Kristina Sass*Rhonda Sather*Randi Sauerwein*David & Donna Saunders*Patsy & James Scallions*Linda Scarlett*Laura Schafer*Jon & Sherri Schierberl*Christie Schmid*Michael
Schoonover*Charles Schrank*Dorothea Schrier*Clifford & Kathryn Schroeder*Peter & Pam Schroeder*Suzanne Schroeder*Kevin & Joan Schultz*Starla Schwartz*Solveig
Schweiss*Susan Scobe*Gail Scott*Jodean Scott*Katie Scott*Jason Scully*Rickey & Jeanne Seger*Angela Seguel*Leopoldo & Mary Louise Seguel*Marin Seguel*Mary Selby
Marilyn Sell*Winsome Seraile*Milt & Coralie Sessions*Dale Sewell*Michael & Jo-Anne Shanahan*Sandra Shanahan*Jon & Laila Sharpe*Katrina Sharpe*Leslie Sheard*Judy
Sheller*Robert & Patricia Sheppard*Carolyn Shimabukuro*Dale & Patricia Shirley*Jack & Jan Short*Ellen & Robin Shuler*Meredith Shults*Dan & Linda Sieler*Pamela Sindall*
Ashish Singh*L.P. Singh*Alan Sinsel*Emma Skjonsky*Tom & Angie Skoog*Ron & Judy Skorka*Lorraine Skudler*Ersi Smith*Heather Smith*James & Barbara Smith*Karen
Smith*Marilyn & Bill Smith*Marty Smith*Richal & Karen Smith*Rose & Russell Smith*Hans & Doreen Snapper*Steve Snelling*Karen Snowden-Jones*Rebecca Snyder*Delores
Spann*Diane Specht*Tom & Alice Spencer*Barry & Lisa Spomer*David & Kaila Spring*Faith Stabbert*Larry & Marlene Stamper*Janet Stan*Greg Stanislaw*Jonathan & Julie
Stanley*David & Rebecca Steiner*Katie Steinle*Jeremy Stephens*Andy & Linda Stevermer*Emily Stevermer*J.L. & Helen Stewart*Evelyn Strode*Julie Stroemel*Jay Stuart*Glen
& Celeste Stuhring*Anna Suh*Tommy Sumi*AJ & Karen Sundstrom*Linda Sutton*Arland Swanson*Corky & Shirley Swanson*Sig Swanstrom*Teresa Swanstrom*Sally
Swendsen*Barbara Swenson*Rose Swetman*Dan Symington*Dorothy Taft*Pete & Vickie Talbott*Jeff Tanner*Richard & Pam Taplin*Jim Tarte*Gary & Wendy Taylor*Ron &
Michelle Taylor*Shirley Taylor*Steven & Marcia Taylor*Wendy Taylor*Michael & Trisha Teltoft*William & Mabel Temple & Brian Till*Mary Timmers*Sandra Tisdale*Kate
Tobey*Laura-Lee Karp Tolliver*Betty Tourville*Nancy Troy*Maureen Trullinger*Darcia Tudor*Ram & Sonya Tumuluri*Calvin & Ann Uomoto*Tonga Ural*Christy Urdal*Ward
Urion*Patricia Utter*Heidi Vage*Gretchen Valentine*Virginia Van Boven*A.P. & Mary Van Meter*Laurie & Kinson Van Scotter*Rip Van Winkle*Mike & Hillary Augustine
Vandenbos*William & Arlene Vander Meer*Shirley VanDuzer*Laurie VanScotter*Ross & Cindy Vick*Suzy Vidos*Peter Vincent*Michael Visaya*Arnie & Thelma Vogel*Jim &
Kim Wagner*Patricia Wagner*Beverly Walker*Don & Lorna Walker*Susan Walker*Burton Walls*Warren & Linda Walsh*John Ward*Janet Warford*Ralph Warford*Christine &
James Warjone*Candie Warren*Daniel & Caroline Wartman*Sharon Wartman*Jesse Warwick*Demitra & Josiah Wathel*David & Synde Watkins*Eric & Kathy Watson*Julia
Watterson*Bret & Marivic Weathers*Carol Weaver*Ward & Beth Weaver*Randy Webster*Walter Webster*Karen Wells*Robert & Kayanne Wendel*John Werzynski*Donna West
Harold & Michelle West*Rich & Carla Wharf*Doug & Lori Wheeler*Elizabeth White*Greg & Rachel White*Jeff & Joan Whitlach –Myers*Jeffrey Whitlatch*Stephanie Whitman
Gary Whittaker*Nancy Whittaker*Nita Wick*Randon & Carolyn Wickman*Dave & Holly Wight*Thomas Wilbur*Betty Wilder*Ruby Wilderson*Michael & Rachel
Wilhoit*Charles & Karen Wilkin*Robert & Deborah Wilkin*Steven & Sharon Wilkins*Lisa & Norm Wilkinson*Jan Williams*Kristie Williams*Nina Williams*Ronald & Janice
Williams*William & Sandra Williams*Bettie Williams-Watson*Dawn Wilson*James & Heather Wilson*Rod & Laura Winegart*Dale & Karen Winslow*John & Louise Winter
Sally Woble*Amanda Wolfman*Brooke Wood*Ruth Woodall*Phil Woodward*John & Sally Woodyard*Lisa Wooldridge*John & Linda Wright*Theodore Ta-Jen Wu*Georgia
Wylie*Sheri Yeatts*Forceman & Darlene Yen*Michael & Jill Yerkovich*Toni Young*Karma Zaike*Elynor Zimmerman*Yvonne Zimmerman*Victor & Otilia Zonnefeld

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Trainings and Presentations:
Community Education
“Learning to Live, Learning to Love” Clinic
“Toxic Faith” Seminar by Steven Arterburn
“Inside Out” Seminar by Larry Crabb
IMET Seminar by Keith Robertson
60 hour trainings for Certification in the field of Domestic Violence
“Presenter and Workshop Leader” Off the Map Live, Bothell, WA
“Knowing Your Story, Loving Your Story, Loving God” PASCH Conference, Portland, OR
“Jesus and Power” Off the Map, You Say You Want a Revolution Conference, Seattle, WA
“Impact of Domestic Violence on Children” International Conference on Prostitution, Green lake, WI
“Domestic Violence in the Church? Really?” PASCH Conference, Boston, MA
“A Religious Response to Domestic Violence” Tukwila Task Force to End Domestic Violence, Tukwila, WA
“The Power Trap: Patriarchy and Violence” The Generous Orthodoxy Conference, Washington D.C. and Seattle, WA
“The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children” Beyond Abuse Conference: Peace and Safety in the Christian Home (PASCH), Costa Mesa, CA
“Domestic Violence: A Christian Response” International Consultation on Ministry to Women in Prostitution, Green Lake, Wisconsin
“Finding Freedom From Domestic Abuse” Three-part radio broadcast Nationally syndicated radio program Family Life Today, Little Rock Arkansas
Weekly radio program on counseling issues on KGNW/KLIF
CAPS conference, presented research based on case file analysis of >1000 men in the NWFL treatment program, conducted in partnership with Dr. Nancy Nason-Clark, Professor of
Sociology, University Of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada

Colleges & Seminaries
“Family Violence & the Church” at Puget Sound Christian College
“The Intersection of Faith & Intimate Partner Violence” Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
“Domestic Violence: Global & Social Advocacy” Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, CA
“Knowing Your Story: Loving Your Story” Mars Hill Graduate School, Marriage & Family Class, Seattle, WA
“Trafficking” University of Washington Gender & Communications Class, Seattle, WA
“Obscenity in the Sex Trade” Seattle University First Amendment Class, Seattle, WA
“A Conversation on Domestic Violence and the Christian Church” Mars Hill Graduate School Global & Social Advocacy Forum, Seattle, WA
“Violence in Marriage” Marriage & Family Class, Puget Sound Christian College, Seattle, WA
“Behind Closed Doors” Seattle Pacific University Staff Luncheon
“Domestic Violence: What we can do to end it.” Latina Woman’s Sorority, Gamma Alpha Omega. University of Washington, WA
“Family Abuse Affects Us All” Alpha Beta Kappa, Seattle, WA
“Women in Global Leadership” Northwest Graduate School, Seattle, WA
“Responding to Family Violence & Sexual Abuse: Targeting Clergy, Counselors, and Other Helping Professions” Texarkana College & Domestic Violence Prevention, Inc.
Commencement Speech for Puget Sound Christian College
Presented NWFL and a case study on domestic violence Ministry summit, Seattle Pacific University
Churches & Ministry Partners
“Dynamics of Domestic Violence” Stephen’s Ministries at University Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA
“Engaging Your Heart: A Call to Action” Safe Haven Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI
“A Churches Response to Domestic Violence” Cascade Community Church, Monroe, WA
“A Story to be Told” Shoreline Free Methodist Seniors, Shoreline, WA
“Understanding Domestic Violence from the Victim’s Perspective” Shepard’s Door Women’s Shelter, Portland OR
“Safety: Toward A Beloved Community” Rainier Free Methodist Church, Seattle, WA
“Glocal: Toward Functional Unity” Alderbrook Resort with CCDR
“Living with Heartache” Young Life Regional Leadership Day, Everett, WA
“Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Addiction”, “Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Violence”, “Advocacy Based Counseling”, “Vicarious Traumatization and Self Care”
“What is Domestic Violence?”, “The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children” Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, Seattle, WA & Kansas City, MO
“Power and Control” First Free Methodist Church, Seattle, WA
“Violence in Marriage” Couples Group, Harvest Fellowship, Bothell, WA
“Above and Beyond the Beatings: Domestic Violence from a Survivor’s Eyes” Church of the Nazarene, Federal Way, WA
“Human Trafficking: A Modern Form of Slavery” Professional Women’s Fellowship, Seattle WA

International & Governments
“Introductions to Domestic Violence: 2 day trainings” Daughters of Mary Immaculate, Hue City Vietnam
“Dynamics of Domestic Violence” International Justice Mission, Phnom Pen Cambodia
“How to Identify Victims of Trafficking: for Foreign Ambassadors” Congressman Joseph Pitts Office, Washington DC
“Domestic Violence, Trafficking, Prostitution and Traumatic Stress” Central Asian Consultation, Turkey
“Reducing Traumatic Responses in Children Rescued from Trafficking.” International Justice Mission Staff, Cambodia
“Building a Response to Address Domestic Violence in Vietnam.” Woman’s Union, Vietnam
“Breaking the Silence…Building Lives, Building Up Families, Strengthening Families and Addressing Domestic Violence”
Capitol Hill Korean Leadership Forum, Washington DC
“Susceptible To Trafficking: Who of Us Is Not Vulnerable?” House International Relations Subcommittee on International Terrorism, Nonproliferation & Human Rights’
Congressional Hearing on Global Trends in Trafficking and The “Trafficking In Persons Report”
Represented A Woman’s Voice International at the United Nations Commission on The Status of Women
“Equality of Opportunity for Women and Men” State Department Warsaw, Poland on measures to address violence against women for the OSCE
“The History of Treatment for Domestic Violence In The USA” Helsinki Commission, Washington DC

Organizations & Workplaces
“Working to End Domestic Violence” ARMS Banquet Speaker, Eugene, OR
 “A Compassionate Response to Domestic Violence” Domestic Violence Intervention Services Tulsa, Oklahoma
“Impact of Domestic Violence on Children” A training for camp counselors at Royal Family Kids Camp
“Cops and Clergy” Bothell Police Department, Bothell, WA
“Domestic Violence and the Religious Community” Police Academy Chaplains
“Understanding The Impact Of Oppression On Families, Culture, And Self” Northwest Family Life’s Training for International Participants
“The Medical and Psychological Needs Of Victims Of Trafficking” Protection Project and Shared Hope International’s Conference on Providing Services for
Trafficking In Persons
Publications from Northwest Family Life

God’s Reconciling Love: A Pastor’s Handbook On Domestic Violence. FaithTrust Institute, 2003 (contributions from Cindy S. Bohnett, The Rev. Dr. Randy J. Bridges, The Rev. Dr.
Luis A. Carlo, The Rev. Keith Galbraith, Karla S. McElroy, The Rev. Nathaniel J. Mullen, Gail J. Mullen, Judge David A. Steiner, and forward by Dr. Dan B. Allender)

Research Papers
A Christian Response to Domestic Violence: D.Min. Dissertation, 2005

An Overview of the Characteristics of the Clients at a Faith-Based Batterers’ Intervention Program (co-authored with Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD, Barbara Fisher-Townsend, Ma, and
Lanette Ruff, Ma) Journal of Religion & Abuse, Vol. 5(4) 2004

Celebrating The Graduates: An Exploration Into The Nature And Extent Of Change In The Lives Of Men Who Have Graduated From A Batterers Program, 2003 (co-authored with
Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD)
When We Are Not Loved: Programs For Men Who Batter, 2003 (co-authored with Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD)
I Am Not Violent! Court Records Vs. Male Batterers Accounts Of Behavior That Led Them Into Treatment, 2003 (co-authored with Barbara Fisher-Townsend And Nancy Nason-
Clark, PhD)
Blest Be The Tie That Binds: Factors Associated With Successful Completion Of A Treatment Program For Male Batterers Run By A Faith-Based Organization, 2003 (co-authored
with Barbara Fisher-Townsend, MA, and Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD)
“Sharon’s Story.” Views From the Edge. 2005
“Speech to Congress.” The Other Journal. June 2004, vol.2, issue 1
“The Community Can Not Endorse Domestic Violence.” Family Times. February 2001, vol 13, issue 1
“National Declaration by Religious and Spiritual Leaders to Address Violence Against Women,”, 2006
“Working with Evangelical Women,” A Handbook for Shelter Advocates. FaithTrust Institute, 2005.
Creating Partnerships with Faith Communities to End Sexual Violence (C.O. Dopke, Ed). Washington Coalition of Sexual
Assault Programs, 2002.

Special Events
Walk-a-thon Fundraiser*First Annual Fundraiser 1999: Mini Auction and Dinner at Taproot Theatre* Christmas Party at Bellevue Hyatt* Silent Witness Auction at Golden Gardens*
Jennifer O’Neil at fundraising auction, Meydenbauer Center* Debbie Macomber opened A New Yarn* Ann Rule luncheon at Meydenbauer Center* Signs & Hope dinner and Auction
at the Meany Towers*Dinner & Auction at Pier 1

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