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									                                                                                             Fall 2007
                                                                                     Published twice annually

                                                               The Ronald McDonald House
                                                         Charities of Eastern Iowa provides
                                                      comfort and care to children and their
                                                       families by supporting its cornerstone
                                                             program, the Iowa City Ronald
                                                        McDonald House, as well as making
                     Iowa City Ronald McDonald House grants to local non-profit organizations
                                                             benefiting children in need and
                                                         providing scholarships to local high
                                                                               school seniors.

“Shootin’ Clays for Better Days”
 Charity Shoot Benefits the House
                 On Sunday, September 9, shooters from           Kids & Clays Foundation is committed
                 across Iowa gathered at Highland Hideaway       to improving the lives of children
                                                                 and their families by partnering
                 Hunting in Riverside to benefit the Ronald
                                                                 with shooting sports enthusiasts to
                 McDonald House. The 2nd Annual                  develop programs that generate funds
                 Sporting Clays Charity Shoot helped raise       to support Ronald McDonald Houses.
                 a net of $14,000 for the Iowa City Ronald       Kids & Clays has helped Ronald
                 McDonald House, a “home away from               McDonald Houses in cities such as St.
                                                                 Louis, Chicago, Columbus, and Omaha
                 home” for thousands of families each year
                                                                 with their Charity Shoots.
                 while their children are being treated at the
                 Iowa City Hospitals & Clinics. 20 teams
                 of 5 shooters took aim at 150 targets on a
                 beautiful Sunday afternoon. Thank you to
                                                                 Special thanks to:
                 all of the sponsors, shooters, and volunteers
                                                                 Gold Sponsor – Johnson Controls
                 who made this event a wild success!             Highland Hideaway Hunting
                                                                 – Riverside, IA

  Ronald McDonald House
 Charities of Eastern Iowa
                2006–2007 Annual Report Inside
                                                                      Actual cost to provide a room per night is $58. Room in

                                                                                      Easton Mai Family
                                                                                      Prepares Meal for
                                                                                      Families at the House
                                                                                      The family of Easton Mai prepared and served a
                                                                                      meal earlier this month for the families staying at
                                                                                      the Ronald McDonald House.

                                                                                      The Mai Family found themselves in a similar
                                                                                      position when Easton was born a year ago with
                                                                                      Severe Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension.
                                                                                      Easton’s family stayed at the Ronald McDonald
                                                                                      House for 27 days while he was at the University
                                                                                      of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Easton was 5 months
                                                                                      old before his feeding tube was discontinued and
                                                                                      9 months old when he was allowed off oxygen
                                                                                      assistance. Easton is now a happy, determined boy
                                                                                      who loves to make new friends and play, just like
                                                                                      any little boy his age.

             After removal of a brain tumor in late April 2007, Chris Johnson and family
                                                     stayed at RMH for over ten weeks.

     “The staff and other guests have been such a blessing during
    our stays. Our heartfelt ‘Thank You can only begin to express
    the gratitude we have to everyone for all the acts of kindness
       and expressions of love you have shown us. May God bless
                                                         you all.”

                                                 In His love and ours,
                                       Rick, Nancy, and Chris Johnson

     Wish List
     We have the same needs as your family—times 31—everyday!

     Priority Needs
     • Non-perishable food items for our kitchen panty
     • Gift cards for food and household supplies: Lenoch & Cilek, Fareway, Target,
       Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart                                                                                We Remember
                                                                                                 March 1–August 31, 2007
     Additional Needs
     • Hawkeye athletic event tickets / Hancher tickets                                                       Sela Gibson
     • Aluminum foil, waxed paper, Handi-Wrap                                                                  Levi Voigt
     • First Class stamps, $0.41 postage                                                                     Kaylee Welch
     • Milk, butter, eggs                                                                                    Shelby Woods
     • Fresh fruit / vegetables
     • Copy paper: 8.5 x 11

2                                                                                                               Iowa City Ronald McDonald House
m income per night per room was $6.51 last year.

             Welcome New Board Members!                                                            Staff Spotlight
                                                           Tara Clark
                                                           Tara Clark, originally from
                                                           Atkinson, IL, has worked in the
                                                           Dept. of Social Service at the
                                                           University of Iowa Hospitals &
                                                           Clinics for the past eight years.
                                                           While away from the office, Tara
                                                           enjoys spending her free time
                                                           with her husband, Steve, and their
                                                           16-month old son, Gabriel. Tara
                                                           also enjoys working outside in
                                                           the family’s garden and attending
                                                           Hawkeye football games. Tara is
                                                           excited to offer her professional
                                                           expertise in this new role of serving
                                                           on the RMH Board of Directors.

                                                           Left: Steve, Gabriel and Tara

                                                      Lori Winfield
                        Lori Winfield, her husband Howard, and two sons
                 Matthew and Benjamin, live in Iowa City. Lori became
              involved with the Ronald McDonald House last year by
                 participating in the Family Meal Program, enlisting
                 the help of her friends and a local business to help
                    prepare and serve meals to our guests. She also
                  helped organize the UIHC Urology Department
                to participate in the annual 5k run/walk fundraiser
                                                                                                   Beth and Charlie
                  and coordinates donations of household goods to
                    the House. Lori’s education is in Psychology and
                Elementary Education, but for now she is enjoying her                              Beth Pfohl
                                          full-time job of mother and wife.                        I’m Beth Pfohl, the new Grants and
                                                                                                   Scholarships Coordinator for the
                                                                                                   Ronald McDonald House Charities.
              Benjamin (left) and Matthew (right) Winfield set-up a lemonade                       My husband, Chad, son Charlie, and
                    stand on a hot, summer day and received over $50.00 in
                                                                                                   I have recently moved back to Iowa
                                       donations for the House. Thanks guys!
                                                                                                   City from Knoxville, TN where we
                                                                                                   lived for 4 years while Chad completed
                                                                                                   a residency in Oral and Maxillofacial
                                                                                                   Surgery. Before moving to Knoxville, I
                                                                                                   worked at the Ronald McDonald House
                                                                                                   as a Night Manager for almost 5 years. I
                                                                                                   have a masters in civil engineering, but
                                                                                                   this amazing opportunity has allowed
                                                                                                   me to return to the Ronald McDonald
                                                                                                   House. I am extremely excited to be back
                                                                                                   in Iowa City and to be working at the
                                                                                                   Ronald McDonald House once again.

        Fall 2007                                                                                                                             3
                                                            28% of our families stayed free of charge last year. No one is

                                                                                             Annual Family
                                                                                                 Save the date:
                                                                                                 May 11, 2008

                                                                                            New for the 2008
                                                                                               Create your own (free!)
                                                                                                 personal webpage to
                                                                                                 help collect, organize,
                                                                                                and track pledges from
                                       Taylor Hage                  Ryan Tedrow
                                                                                               friends and family. Go to
    Show Raises Funds for House                                                                iowacityrmh for more
                   Taylor Hage, Homestead, Iowa, showed his steer in the 2007
                   Governor’s Charity Steer Show at the Iowa State Fair. The show
                   raises money for the Ronald McDonald Houses of Iowa.

                   Ryan Tedrow, a 12-year-old from Sioux City, was the celebrity that
                   showed Taylor’s steer. Ryan and his family have used the Ronald
                   McDonald House in Iowa City over 80 times while Ryan was
                   receiving treatments for a chronic medical condition.

                   Twenty-six steers were shown and sold this year, raising $118,125.
                   Since its inception in 1982, the show has raised almost $1.5
                   million for Iowa’s three Ronald McDonald Houses.

    Top 2 Piano
    Text to come

                                             Gold Wing Riders visit the House
                                             Over 100 members of the Gold Wing Riders Association delivered Wish List
                                             items, pull-tabs, and over $1,100 to the House on their 4th Annual Charity Ride.
                                             Special thanks to Kenton & Char Cole for organizing this fun, unique event.

4                                                                                                     Iowa City Ronald McDonald House
ne is ever turned away due to an inability to pay our $15 fee.

              Volunteer Spotlight                                                                  Family Meal Program
                                                                                                   March 1–August 31, 2007
                                          Sam Culwell
                                          Sam Culwell, fromTroy Mills, IA, has volunteered         Delta Sigma Pi
                                          at the House for the past few years while attending      Delta Kappa Gamma
                                          the University of Iowa. She is currently a second-year   The River Community Church
                                          student at the UI College Of Pharmacy. Sam plays         Alpha Phi Omega
                                          lacrosse for the Iowa club team and is training for a    Jo Ann Cramer
                                          marathon. Here’s what volunteering means to Sam:         MOPS
                                                                                                   Sugar Creek Mennonite Genesis
                                          “I have volunteered in various ways throughout my
                                                                                                   Sunday School
                                          life. When I moved to Iowa City, I chose the Ronald
                                                                                                   Society of Women Engineers
                                          McDonald House because it was something my
                                          mother had always highly praised. My older brother       Tippie Optimist Club
                                          was born several weeks early and weighed a little        Target Stores
                                          less than 3 lbs. He had several health problems and      University of Iowa Circle K
                                          my mother stayed at a Ronald McDonald House              Alpha Delta Pi
                                          multiple times. That is why I always make time in my     Kappa Psi
                                          schedule to help out at the house.”                      Lisbon Schools
                                                                                                   Wilton FCCLA
                                                                                                   Burge Hall
                                                                                                   Honors Program
                                                                                                   The Moenning Family
                                                                                                   Mt. Mercy College Department of
                                             Rodney Steckly                                        Nursing
                      Rodney Steckly has volunteered at the Ronald                                 Basket of Hope
                 McDonald House for the past year. Rodney’s most                                   University of Iowa Campus Girl
                 memorable experience at the House was when the                                    Scouts
                  Gold Wing Riders visited the House this summer
                                                                                                   Our Savior Lutheran Church
                 to drop off their pull-tabs and donations from our
                                                                                                   Phi Eta Sigma
                   Wish List. Rodney says, “I think all the love and
                   effort that goes into a project like that every year                            UIHC Urology
                   shows what kind of heart people have. All of the                                Church of Christ
                      support that people give to us is outstanding!”                              Mt. Mercy Circle K
                  Rodney also enjoys meeting some of the children                                  West High Student Senate
               and their parents, and hopes that in some small way                                 Brownie Troop #8729
               he might help them. In his free time, Rodney enjoys                                 Tess Feldman and Friends
                    working in his cabinet shop and volunteering at                                North Liberty Optimist Club
                        other organizations around the community.                                  The Gunsolly Family
                                                                                                   Hoover Elementary
                Rodney’s best advice to potential volunteers: “If you                              Jodi Cooper and Lori Winfield
                have time to watch TV, you have time to volunteer.”
                                                                                                   Byron Green Leaves 4-H Club
                                                                                                   Olds Lions Club
                                                                                                   Lydia Circle
                                                                                                   The John Mergen Family
                                                                                                   IMEI Groups
              Volunteers	help	us	reduce	costs	                                                     Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
              and	operate	efficiently.	                                                            Day Saints
                                                                                                   The Van Dyke Family
                                                                                                   Monday Moms
              •	Volunteers	scheduled	per	week:	70
                                                                                                   Sheltered Reality
              •	Total	volunteer	hours:	7,878                                                       The Graber Families
                                                                                                   Moss Country Friends
              •	Community	Service	Project	hours:	3,317

         Fall 2007                                                                                                                    5
    Kids Helping Kids
      Rachel (age 9), Kenna (8),
     Reese (6), Mitchell (9) and
     Cody (7) are neighborhood
       friends in North Liberty.
        Over the past year, they
      have been doing odd jobs
           around town with the
     intent of giving the money
    they earned to help children
                        in need.

        They donated ALL their
      earnings of $130.00 to the
      Ronald McDonald House.

      Thanks for thinking of us!

    Family notes

6                                  Iowa City Ronald McDonald House
               Annual Report

               President’s Message
               It has been my sincere pleasure to serve as your board chair for
               the past two years.

               The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others,
               particularly at a most difficult time for families and their
               children, is something special that I treasure.

               It’s been an eventful two years filled with challenges and
               accomplishments including:

               •   Facilities expansion at the University of Iowa Children’s
                   Hospital created occupancy challenges for the House,
                   and some new opportunities. We are pleased to now be
                   a participant in orienting new pediatric employees at the
                   House, and to now be included in the hospital’s Enrichment
                   program, another opportunity to familiarize hospital
                   employees with the House.

               •   We have a new friendly, informative website:

               •   Many physical improvements and renovations were
                   completed including a renovated Great Room, library,
                   Guest Bathrooms, registration office, new carpeting for all
                   corridors and office, new washers and dryers, a new House
                   shuttle van, and the addition of a sixth suite.

               •   We expanded the breadth of our charter to advance our
                   core mission, the House, as we provide new grants and
                   scholarship programs for the benefit of deserving area youth.

               •   House finances remain solid.

               •   The House is blessed with a very talented volunteer corps, a
                   diligent, proud board, and a devoted staff.

               It has been an honor to have served this very special organization!

               Jeff Disterhoft, President
               Board of Directors

2006–2007 Annual Report                                                              7
    Adults and Children Served by County of Residence                                                                         July 1985–June 2007
                                                                                                  Residence of Families Served
                                                                                                  Iowa                                 37,765   (75.1%)
                                                                                                  Other States and Countries           12,499   (24.9%)
                                                                                                  Total Adults and Children Served     50,264    (100%)

                                                                                                  Adults and Children Served by Leading Counties
                                                                                                  of Residence, July 1985–June 2007
                                                                                                  Black Hawk                        2,951
                                                                                                  Polk                              2,778
                                                                                                  Scott                             2,407
                                                                                                  Dubuque                           2,237
                                                                                                  Clinton                           1,366
                                                                                                  Lee                               1,241
                                                                                                  Woodbury                          1,166
                                                                                                  Wapello                           1,042
                                                                                                  Webster                           1,003
                                                                                                  Story                               997
                                                                                                  Des Moines                          950
    Did you know?
    • The Iowa City Ronald McDonald House opened in 1985. We have                 • If a family is unable to afford our $15 a night fee, our Share-A-
      room for 31 families each night and we are usually full.                      Night program helps them stay here free of charge. Last year, 28%
                                                                                    of our families stayed here free of all charges. (It costs us $58 a
    • We have 25 standard guest rooms and 6 family suites. All guest                night to provide a guest room.)
      rooms have private bathroom and private phone. Suites have full
      kitchens, separate bedrooms and living room area.                           • Shared facilities: 3 free laundry rooms, 4 guest-accessible
                                                                                    computers, 3 public lounge areas, 4 kitchens, 1 large dining area,
    • Admission to the House is prioritized on the basis of severity of             playroom, recreation room, 2 libraries, 2 Medela breast pumps,
      diagnosis and distance traveled to Iowa City.                                 large exterior deck, playground, fitness equipment, a playhouse,
    •	 No	one	is	turned	away	due	to	an	inability	to	pay	our	nominal	fee.            a large, beautifully landscaped back yard, and free shuttle van to
                                                                                    hospital and community.

    Resident Families Served by State of Residence                                                                          July 1985–June 2007

                             It is common to have international families in the House. Families   Residence of Families Served
                             come from across the world for the highly specialized, tertiary      Iowa                                 37,765   (75.1%)
                             pediatric services at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.    Other States and Countries           12,499   (24.9%)
                                                                                                  Total Adults and Children Served     50,264    (100%)
                             75% of our families are from Iowa, 15% from Illinois, 10% from
                             around the U.S. and international
                                                                                                   20,687 Families from 50 States and 43 Foreign
                             Total family members served last year: 4, 125, a 9% increase over the Countries Including:
                             prior year.                                                           • Austria                      • Japan
                                                                                                   • Azerbaijan                   • Kenya
                                                                                                   • Bolivia                      • Martinique
                                                                                                   • Bosnia                       • Mexico
                                                                                                   • Brazil                       • Panama
                                                                                                   • Canada                       • Peru
                                                                                                   • Cayman Islands               • Portugal
                                                                                                   • China                        • Puerto Rico
                                                                                                   • Columbia                     • Portugal
                                                                                                   • Costa Rica                   • Romania
                                                                                                   • Dominican Republic           • Russia
                                                                                                   • Ecuador                      • Scotland
                                                                                                   • El Salvador                  • Singapore
                                                                                                   • Finland                      • Slovakia
                                                                                                   • France                       • South Africa
                                                                                                   • Germany                      • Spain
                                                                                                   • Guatemala                    • St. Lucia
                                                                                                   • India                        • Sudan
                                                                                                   • Indonesia                    • Switzerland
                                                                                                   • Iraq                         • United Kingdom
                                                                                                   • Israel                       • Venezuela
                                                                                                   • Italy

8                                                                                                    Iowa City Ronald McDonald House
   Dollars and sense
   Where Our Money Came from in 2006
   Total Revenues 2006 = $697,862

       12% Room Rent $84,218

11% Interest/Dividends
                                                                                 Our donor lists are
     -4% Loss -$25,333                     81% Fundraising $562,135              RMHC – Eastern Iowa
                                                                                 does not share, sell, lease
                                                                                 or purchase donor lists.

   Source: IRS Form 990                                    FEIN: 42-1189783
                                                                                 RMHC – Eastern Iowa
                                                                                 practices the Donor’s Bill
                                                                                 of Rights as established
                                                                                 by the Association of
                                                                                 Fundraising Professionals

   How We Spent Our Money in 2006                                                Gifts are tax deductible.
   Total Expenses 2006 = $662,177
   (Depreciation, a non-cash expense, was $163,820)                              RMHC – Eastern Iowa is
                                                                                 not owned or operated
                                                                                 by The University of Iowa
                                                                                 Hospitals and Clinics,
                                                                                 nor the University of
                                                                                 Iowa Children’s Hospital,
5% Fundraising $34,778                                                           nor the McDonald’s
    5% Administration
             $31,519                    90% Program Services $595,880            RMHC – Eastern Iowa
                                                                                 relies 100% on private
                                                                                 giving. We use no state or
                                                                                 federal tax dollars.

   Source: IRS form 990
   Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Iowa is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit
   charity (FEIN: 42-1189783).

   RMS McGladrey Pullen, LLP audits our financial operations annually. Our
   board receives and reviews monthly budget, income and balance sheets.

2006–2007 Annual Report                                                                                        9
     Ed’s Notes                               Staff                                      Board of Directors
                                              Ed Zastrow, Executive Director             Jeff Disterhoft, President
     Activities summarized in this 2006                                                  Doug Paul, Vice-President &
                                              319 – 356 – 4578
     – 2007 annual report result from                  Development Chair
     the efforts and commitments of a                                                    John Beasley, Treasurer
     team – board, volunteers, donors,        Jake Sommer, Operations Director           Mary Ann Peters, Secretary
     families and staff.                      319 – 356 – 4417                           Kathy Bierl, Operations Chair
                  If you have questions                                                  Jerry Arganbright
                                                                                         Michael Artman, M.D.
                  or comments for us,         Carson Eggland, Development Coordinator    Tami Barrett
                  please do not hesitate      319 – 384 – 5852                           Greg Jensen
                  to contact any staff              Lois Karpinske
                  member.                                                                Katie McElligott
                                              Jill Happel, Family Services Coordinator   Michele McErlane
                  We are also pleased         (80% time)                                 Roger Muselman
                  to host tours of the        319 – 356 – 3912                           Kevin O’Brien
                                                   Tony Ryan
                  House. We’re here
                                                                                         Jeff Smothers
                  every day so it’s easy to                                              Joe Steinke
     find a time that works for you.          Beth Pfohl, Grants & Scholarships
                                              Coordinator (75% time)                     Bob Sierk
                                                                                         Raymond Tannous, M.D.
                                              319 – 356- 3939
     Thank you again for your
                                                    Board members serve without
     generosity and thoughtful support
     for the Ronald McDonald House                                                       compensation. The term of office is three
                                                                                         years. The Board meets quarterly.
     Charities of Eastern Iowa.
                                              Our Night Managers (part-time)
                                              Front Row from L to R: Heidi Golden        Board members represent our major stake-
                                                                                         holders including: at-large members, House
                                              (sitting), Kyle Smothers, Sam Burke,
                                                                                         volunteers, House families, McDonald’s
                                              Annie Kriegel
                                                                                         owner / operators, and University of
                                              Back Row from L to R: Jenny Vitzthum,      Iowa Children’s Hospital medical and
     Ed Zastrow, Executive Director
                                              Nate Nicholson, Bryce Hawk                 administrative staff.

                                                                                         Thank you!
                                                                                         We are grateful for the service of two
                                                                                         retiring, long-term board members,
                                                                                         Bob Sierk and Greg Jensen.

                                                                                         Both Bob and Greg served two-
                                                                                         terms as board president. Bob and
                                                                                         Greg were presidents during a time
                                                                                         of growth for the House in terms of
                                                                                         professional staff, increased revenue,
                                                                                         and overseeing the capital campaign
                                                                                         for the subsequent expansion and
                                                                                         renovation of the House.

                                                                                         Bob and Greg devoted countless
                                                                                         hours assuring the security of
                                                                                         House’s mission and contributed
                                                                                         mightily to its growth.

                                  Night Managers

10                                                                                                       Iowa City Ronald McDonald House
      Thank You!                                                     to our many generous, thoughtful donors
                                 Donor listings are for September 1, 2006–August 31, 2007. Please notify us of any corrections.

     Donations of                   Brian & Cheryl Baum       Dianna Burnett             Kathryn Davis               Mark and Karen Evers       Judy Greko                Marianne Hufford
     $500–$1,000                    Jon and Tina Baum         Scott and Roxanne          Barbara Davis               Carrie Faber               Dan Grinstead             Terry Hughey
     Donations over $1,000          Mondell & Mary Jane            Burzlaff              Cindy Dayton                Erin Farrier               Brenda Gritsch            Darla Hulseberg
                                         Beach                Claudia Bustamante         James Michel, DDS           Michele Farrington         Lori Gritton              Deborah Hurd
                                    Gary and Susan Beadle     Audrey Butler              Kate Dean                   Jan Fassler                Rose and Roy              Judith and Richard Hurtig
                                    Jacalyn Beard             Kiley Bybee-Francque       Chris Denison               Michael Feiss                   Grotekuschen         Ann Huss
     Individuals                    Loren & Cynthia Beck      Brad and Delilah Cahoon    Thomas & Raelene            Jodi Felderman             James and Tamara Guest    Jeff & Judy Hyland
                                    Karen Beck                Colette Cain-Goettsch           DePorter               Lenore Filip               Paul and Sheila Guse      Stephanie M. Hynes
     Rick Abbott                    Joel Becker               John Calacci               Tyler and Alison Desotel    Steven and Elizabeth       Todd & Wendy Hagen        Merry Ibsen
     Evelyn Acosta-Weirich          Dr. Douglas Behrendt      Lendol & Kathy Calder      Sara Detweiler                  Finch                  Alice Hager               David & Margaret
     Viola Adams                    Virginia Bellrichard      Joe and Trish Campanelli   Bob DeWitt                  Earl and Julianne Fitz     Todd and Debbie Hahn           Iglehart
     Doreen & Matt Adlfinger        Rick Belville             Don and Phyllis Canfield   Ralph Dickinson             Kenny Fleming              Jennifer Hahn             Jeff Ira
     Nancy A. Adrian                Emily Bennett             Marjorie Cantor            Rita Diemer                 James Fleming              Susan Hall                Julie Isely
     Roshanak Ahmadi                Randy Berg                Tom and Lori Cardella      Steve & Lisa Diercks        Terry and Dianne Foley     Gerald and Mary Ann       Elizabeth Isley
     Richard Aikin                  Micah Berg                Kent Carlson               Cynthia & Martin Jr.        Linda Ford                      Halverson            Carl C. Jackson
     Elizabeth Albaugh              Jeff Berg                 Tim and Peggy Carroll           Diercks                Barbara Ford               Wendy Hamilton            Joseph Jacobs
     William Albrecht               Darrel Bernhardt          Peggy & Don Carstensen     Anna DiMeo                  Paul & Rosie Ford          Stephen Hamilton          Ted Jacobsen
     Lois Albrecht                  David and Kathy Bierl     Sue Carter                 Don Dixon                   Jim & Sharon Fortney       Randy Newburg &           Mark Jacobsen
     Marcy Albright                 Mary Beth Billerman       Jane Carver                Anthony Dlouhy              Rechal Foster                   Michelle Hammond     Todd Jacobson
     Ed and Denise Aldeman          Jay and Melissa Black     Caleb Castro               Phiip & Jeong Doh           Ernest Found               Jacob J. Hanken           Jeff Janic
     Steve and Tanya Alford         Katherine Van Blair       Cosmo and Jo Catalano      Kristine Dolezal            Sylvia Mejia and Joe       Patrick and Nancy         Greg Jensen
     Donald and Linda               Mitchell & Reese Bobitt   Stephen and Lori Cave      Gary Dolphin                    Fowler                      Hanson               Chris Jensen
         Allebach                   Keith & Marsha Bock       Ron and Kathie Chaney      Eileen Dore                 Susan and Daniel Franz     Beverly Hanson            Jan Jensen
     Eileen Allen                   Jessica Boess             Colleen Chapleau           Donald Dougherty            Sheila B. Frascht          David and Diane Happel    Carolyn Johnson
     Martin and Rosemary            Dick & Norma Bogner       Mary Cherrico              Debora Downey               Jean Frazer                Phyllis Hardy             Ronald & Donna
         Allen                      Maria Lukas and Culver    Gary Christensen           Colleen Downie-Galindo      Tane Frederickson          Anne Hargrave                  Johnson
     Layne Anderson                      Boldt                Michael J.                 David Drake                 Chris Freel                Nancy Harney              R. Ellen Jones
     Marc & Nora Anderson           Ramona Bolen                   Ciemnoczolowski       Emma Dravis                 Matt & Kris Freese         Jeffrey & Tracy Harris    Jo Lavera Jones
     Alma Anderson                  Calvin & Brenda Bolkema   Mike and Judy Cilek        Driff’s                     Ashlee Frese               David Hartman             JoBeth Jones
     Kathi Anderson                 Amber Bonlander           Julie Claus                John and Judith Driscoll    Lee Friell                 Leslie Hartvigsen         Richard Jordan
     Donald & Jennifer              Naedrie Bonucchi          Arleigh & Sue Clemens      Lyle and Catherine          Ken Frost                  Jane & Russell Hartwig    Ivan Hall, Jr.
         Anderson                   Susan Booton              Jennifer Cole-Baker             Driskill               Gary Frost                 Regina Hatcher            Ann Jurgensen
     Terry Anderson                 Roy and Carol Boshart     Ruth Coleman               Armando Duarte              David Fry                  Marilyn Hauer             Gene & Sue Kallaus
     Katie Sweeting and             Steve and Jo Bowers       John Colgan                Suzanne Dumont              David & Pamela Fuller      Sheri & Todd Heber        Erik & Randi Kallaus
         Matthew Anderson           Mark Bowman               Phil and Julie Connelly    Kenneth Durst               Kristine & Ronald Fuller   John and Deeann Marie     Maxine Kalvig
     Harlin Andresen                Lillie and Chloe Bowman   Alisha Conrad              Roland and Julie Eberline   Cecily Gabel                    Hebrink              Tim and Carol Kane
     Gregg Andrews                  Susan Box                 Roxy Consoer               William and Caroline        Marilyn Gaffey             Rebecca Hegeman           Beverly Karagin
     Sarah Andrews                  Gail R. Boyle             Marv and Tracy Cook             Ebert                  Dan Garcia                 Kristopher Heilmann       Marie Kasparek
     Anonymous                      Maxine Brammer            Howard and Marianna        Brandt and Harriet          Minnetta Gardinier         James and Cynthia Heims   Donna Katen-Bahensky
     Mary Aquilino                  Kathleen & Alex                Cooper                     Echternacht            Jennifer Garrett           Richard Hellwig           Hiroto Kawasaki
     Dale and Lynette Arens              Brandtner            Pat Cooper-St. John        Stephanie Anne Eckhardt     Gabriella Gerken           Sarah Ann Hemming         John & Julie Kedley
     J Clark and Linda Arons        Bill and Ann Brashier     Carmen Coss                Barbara Eckstein            Seth and Seema Gersten     Harlan and Betty Henely   Helen Keefe
     Diana and Nick Arpey           Tim Brennan               John and Wanda Cowling     Carson Eggland              Jerrold Lee Gilmere        Maxine Herrmuth           Aidan Keen
     M. Elizabeth & John Arter      Robert L. Brennan         Tamra Craft                Jolene Ehler                Mr. and Mrs. Nelson        David & Erin Herting      Belinda Keever
     Chris Atchison                 Mary Brizzee              Susan Craig                Rebecca Eike                    Gingerich              Ruth Hesseltine           Stanley and Linda Keiser
     Dianne Atkins                  Russell & Diane Brooks    Walt and Joan Cram         Rachel & Cody Eimen         Jean Gingerich             Gail Hobart               Maureen Kelley
     Philip Bailey                  Robert Brooks             Robert and Cynthia         Betty J. Elder              James and Stephanie        Twila Hobbs               Sara L. Kendall
     Joseph and Kathryn             Mark and Julie Brown           Cramer                Shari & Alan Elfline            Gipple                 Eugene Hobby              Mike and Dee Keninger
         Bainbridge                 Dr. and Mrs. Robert       Gary Crowley               Jeffrey and Teresa Elgin    Trevor Glanz               Doris K. Hobson           The Kessler Family
     Stephen Baker                       Brown                Kenneth and Holly Culp     Beth and Max Ellicott       Jim and Laurie Goodrich    Paula Holland             Gail and John Kessler
     Edward & Michelle Baker        Bonnie Brown              Pamela Culver              Stephanie Ellingson         Roger and Donna            Shelly Hopper             Debra Killion
     Brad Baldes                    Marilyn Broxey            Lynn Dahm                  C.W. Elliott                    Goodwin                Shae Hoschek              Victor Kimberling
     Karen Baldwin                  Steven Bruell             Christopher & Jamie        Jennifer and Eric Endahl    Tom Govela                 Brenda Hoskins            Gary King
     Stephanie Balke                Herbert Brunk                  Dake                  Susie Engelhardt            Mary Grabe                 Marvin Hotz               Frank Jr. & Angela King
     Janne Balsamo                  Brandon and Candi         Helen and Carl Dallmeyer   Kimberly Ephgrave           Shirley Green              Ben Hotz                  Julie Kinnan
     Ed and Ethel Barker                 Buffington           Joleen Dalton              Amy Van Epps                James & Chris Green        Rose Houston              Ken Kinsey
     John Barrett                   Jim & Lisa Bunn           Diana Dalton               Mike Van Epps               Martha Greer               Judith & James Howell     Bonnie & Larry Kirgan
     Sheila Barron                  Jan and Kirby Burhop      R. Scott & Julie Daniels   Beth Erkonen                Lynx Gregoire              Marolyn Hoyt              Toby Klauenberg
     Colleen Bauer                  Susan Burlingame          Warren Darling             Mike Evans                  Laurie Greiner             Lawrence Huber            Susan Klein

                                                                                                                     Beth Patton, East Moline, Illinios

Fall 2007                                                                                                                                                                                             11
                                        The House is not owned or operated by McDonald’s, the Children’s Hospital of Iowa, or the U

     Katherine Kleinow           Tiffany Marie Leppert      Ron and Mary Rae Meyer    Deborah Oswalt             Janet Roe                  David & Sherry Staub         Larry and Mary Wehr
     Susan Kline                 Judith and Philip Levitt   Tom & Trudy Meyers        Steve and Joanna Oury      Glenn & Audrey Van         Jim and Barbara              Chelsea Welp
     Gina Kline                  Steven and Barcey Levy     Christopher & Barbara     Kenneth & Connie                Roekel                     Stehbens                Donna Welter
     Dylan Kling                 Daniel Lew                      Milke                    Owings                 Angela Roemerman           Karl Stern                   Gloria Wenman
     Jerry and Lorri             Allen & Carolyn Lewis      Michael & Joy Miller      Chih-Lin Chi and Tzu-      Bryan Roll                 Rachelle Stewart             Chuck Weno
         Klungseth               Michele & Alan Lewis       Barbara J. Miller             Ying Pan               Marilyn Rollberg           Janet Stoefen, RN            John Westefeld
     William and Judith          Courtney Lewis             Cynthia Miller            David & Shannon            Romulus & Lourdes          Michael Stoken               Bruce and Sara
         Knabe                   John Linder                Travis Miller                 Panjwani                    Rosario               Timothy & Tamee Lee              Westemeyer
     Kevin and Connie Kney       Ellen Link                 Jim & Lisa Miller         Jean Panther               Blaze Rosene                    Stone                   The Whipple Family
     Kristin Knight              Linda Lococo               Heidi Mittag and Family   Gwen Parker                Marla K Ross               Kim Stout                    Kristin and Brian White
     Steve & Jenny Kollasch      Debbie and Don Loecke      Pamela & Brian Mohr       Norman Parker              Jamie Rucker               Duane Strawn                 Margaret Wick
     Randy Koppes                Jeanna Loeffelholz         David & Carol Mokhtar     Martha Parker              John and Barbara Rueter    William and Margaret         Karna Wieck
     Scott Koppmann              LaVerne & Mary Logan       Carol H. Moliterno        Roger & Barb Parmenter     Erin Rugg                       Street                  Jennifer Wilcox
     Jason Korrell               Anne Lohaus                Ray Monson                Rachel Parmer              Kathy Rush                 Jerry and Melody Strom       Michael and Nanci
     The Kramer Family           David & Martha Lubaroff    Rex Montgomery            Glenn and Mary Parrott     Karen Russell              Julie P. Struzynski              Wilharber
     Tracey Kramer               John Lundell               Dennis and Denise         Jo Ann Parsons             Mark Sadewasser            Elisa Stumma                 Tom & Michele Wilkerson
     John Kramer                 Charles Luth                    Moore                Pam Passmore               Thomas Saluri, Jr.         Janelle Sturtz               Richard and Beverly
     Vicki Kraus                 Diana Lynch                Patricia Moore            Delores Paulsen            Elaine Sammons             Sonia Sugg                       Williams
     Sandra L. Kray              Louise Lytle               William Moorhead          Tom & Dawn Paxton          Laura Samuels              John Sullivan                Carla Williams
     Becky Kreutner              Tara Myerly Hata, M.D.     Chris Morehead            Debra Pearson              Deborah Sanders            Suzanne Summerwill           Bailee Williams
     Lynn and Kevin Kroeger      Marguerite Macek           Donald and Miriam         Floyd Pegump               Heather Sanderson          Judy Swafford                Louis Williamson
     Linda Kroeger               Bernard & Catherine             Morgan               April Peoples              Katherine & David          Rob and Teri Swank           Darrell Wilson
     Matthew Kroeger                  Mack                  Kevin Morgan              Kerrie and Kelsey Peters        Sandstrum             Nick Swanson                 Lori Winfield
     Terry and Patricia          Robert Manthe              Mike and Cristan Morgan   Kurt Peterschmidt          Dr. and Mrs. Franklin L.   Anika Jacobs and Jeremy      Dr. Patricia Witinok
         Kroemer                 Edward Maranda             Douglas & Brenda          Don and Anne Peterson           Scamman                    Swanson                 Marc Wold
     Michelle Krummel            Jean Marquart                   Morgan               Margaret M. J. Ping        Robert Schaaf              Carroll or Jeanette Syfert   Lee Wolf
     Brian & Bobbi Kruse         Tyler and Kristen Marsh    Patricia Morrissey        Sharon Pinnick             Stacy & Rodd Schick        Richard Tauchen              Brian and Laura Wolf
     Deb Kucera                  Lawrence & Debra           Sally Moseley             James & Laura Ponto        Darrell Keith Schleif      L. & Delores Teasdale        Mary Ellen Wolfe
     James Schneider & Joni           Marshall              Shelly Mott               Vicki Porter               Duronda Schlue             Raymond Terronez             Lora Lea Womochil
         Kuehl-Schneider         Jean Martin                Lillian Moyer             Dennis and Mary Possehl    Todd Schminke              Jerry Thill                  Brandon Wood
     Heather Kuenster            Heather and Claude         Michael Mueller           Clair Powers               Dave Schmitt               Becky Thill                  Les & Linda Worley
     Samantha and Sidney              Martinez              Susan J. Mulder           Karolyn Preston            Missy Schuberth            Michael J. Thomas            Jocelyn Wright
         Kueter                  Paul and Joy Maske         John Murphy               Pam Prindle                Ed & Joyce Schultz         Amy Thomas                   Francesca Wright
     Ted oand Rebecca Kurt       Jeff & Mary Maske          Diane L Murphy            Joan Pringle               Katie Schultz              Nancy Thomas                 Greg and Pam Wulf
     Anthony & Anna Kurth        Rex and Mary Masterson     Sam Murphy                Jesse Proctor              Shelby and Joe             Michael & Kimberly           Darin Wurzer
     Jody Kurtt                  The Matison Family         Jeffrey Clark Murray      Dr. Ignacio V. Ponseti &        Schumacher                 Thompson                Elizabeth S.Yakish
     Dorothy Lamb                Irene Mawson               Ray Muston                    Prof Helena Percas-    Adam Fullbright &          Faye Thompson                Ruth Yakle
     Lynette Lancial             Barb Mayberry              Iordanka Nanovsky             Ponseti                     Jennifer Schwers      Dennis & Cheryl              Steve and Patty Yeater
     Brenda Lange                Ronald G McAvoy Sr         Linda Van Natta           Robin and Gene Pudil       Carol Scott-Conner              Timmerman               Rebecca Yoder
     The Larson Family           Francis and Ann            Kenneth & Sandi Naylor    Joan Racki                 Lisa Searls                Sheryl and Loren             Mary Yotty
     Karlyn Larson                    McCarthy              Gayle Nelson              Team Purple Hayes          Edward Sebastian                Tjernagel               Ed and Sherri Zastrow
     Jacob Larson                W.D. McCausland            Brenda Nerney                 - RAGBRAI              George Sehl                Robert Tomanek               Aimee Ziegenbein
     Jennifer and Jason          Deanna McDanel             Mary Nevills              Tom and Linda Randklev     June Severson              Ted Tompkins                 Ekhard Ziegler
         Lassner                 Dan McGivern               Wendell and Beverly       Dale Rankin                Jim and Amy Seward         Linda Tompkins               Pat Zousel
     Bob Lathrop                 Larry McGranahan                Newberry             Kurt Ranshaw               Wilma Shadle               Anthony & Julie Tonn         Nick Zumsande
     Mr. and Mrs. Donald         James McGregor, IV         Bob Newgard               Todd Ransom                Rick and Joanne            William & Dorothy
         Lauder                  Marsha McKnight            Brianna Newlon            Robert Rasley                   Shelman                    Tookey
     Libby and Robert Laughlin   Beverly Mead               Carol C. Nichols          Donna Rath                 Noah Shepker               Angela Marie Trenkamp
     Laura Frey Law              Elizabeth Meegan           Jennifer Nicholson        Rita Reasor                Kolleen Shields            Daniel Conway / The          Memorials
     Elizabeth Lawler            Kevin & Rhonda Menne       Ellen Nickel              Jonathan and Sara Reed     Sarah Shindel                   Dutchman Triathlon
     James and Joanne Laxson     Tom Mentz                  Marv and Cherie Nicola    Cynthia Reed               Neil & Joy Shipley         Ben Truitt                   Twila Anderson
     Rod Lehnertz                Christine Mentz            Rick Nielsen              Dennis Reese               Joellen Shoemaker          Patricia Tucker              James & Lorna Adkisson
     Bob Lehnertz                James and Mary             James and Colleen         Steven Reichardt           The Short Family           Tracy Tud                    Frank & Karen
     H.D. Leighty                     Merchant                   Nieman               Joe Reisdorf               Kenna Short                Marty Tunning                    Anderson
     Alice Lengemann             Marilyn Messer             Heidi Nobiling            Yolanda Renteria           Donna Shumaker             Bob and Joni Turnquist       Van & Gail Ault
     Amanda Lenz                 Randall & Kim Mester       Patricia Nolan            James Ribbeck              Jason & Julie Sienko       Joyce Francois Tvedte        Melanie Banfield
                                                            Brent and Emily Noorda    Margaret Rich              Sandra Sievert             Sally B. Tye                 Janice & Richard Brewer
                                                            Leonard Nowosel           Kathleen Richard           Michael & Danette          Todd and Diana Van Hal       William & Marcia Brooks
                                                            Nancy Nygaard             Daryl Rideout                   Simons                Michelle Venturella          Mark & Celia Buss
                                                            Teri Oberman              Steve and Jodie Ries       Laura Sinn                 Jay Verhorevoort             Harry & Konnie Bycroft
                                                            Don Ochs                  Jan M. Rigotti             William & Karen Sivitz     Wendy Verschoore             Charles & Elaine Byers
                                                            Tammy Ogden               Lisa and Bryan Ringen      Greg and Kathy Skopec      Mark Vitosh                  Dawn Casteel
                                                            Jennifer O’Hara           Joan Victoria Rinner       Greg Smith                 Brooke Vittetoe              Denise & Michael Clark
                                                            Greg and Barbara Oldsen   Joseph Ritland             Jeff Smothers              Jenny Vitzthum               Victor & Ann Corman
                                                            Bill and Bertha Olin      Marie L. Robbins           Ed and Gina Snyder         Diana Vollbeer               Terry & Cindy Davis
                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert       Jack A. Roberts            Tess Sommer                Mary Lou Wahl                Robert & Cathryn
                                                                 Olney                Chris, Jim, Christa, and   Renee Sorenson             Jack and Nancy Walker            Dwyer
                                                            Dorothea Olsen                Andy Roberts           Brian Soucinek             Sarah Walker                 Donald & Carole Earp
                                                            Jim Olson                 Cecil and Maxine           Kimberly Spading           Anne Wallis                  Tim & Denise Edwards
                                                            Lucas Olvera                  Roberts                John Spitzer               Tian-You Wang                Dale & Darlene Gibbs
                                                            Monica O’Neil             Larry Robertson            D.C. Spriestersbach        Wei Wang                     Steven & Angela Gibbs
                                                            Chad, Marla and Hunter    LuAnn Robinson             Carl and Laura Stahler     Jan Waterhouse               Lynn & Richard Grant
        Donate online!                                           O’Neill              Wesley & Georgene          Barb Standish              Linda Watkins                Steven & Nancy Hall
                                                                                                                                                                         Gary & Donna Hayes                                  Steve Ongie                   Rock                   William and Marlene        Marc Weaver
                                                            Carla Osborne             David Roe                       Stanford              Ann Weber

12                                                                                                                                                          Iowa City Ronald McDonald House
he University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, although we enjoy close working relationships with these organizations.

              M. Janelle & George M.
                                         Brody Connelly
                                         Lancaster High School
                                                                    Stephanie Kessll
                                                                    Carolyn Kessell
                                                                                              Jean Glancy
                                                                                              Lyle and Konnie
                                                                                                                          Eric and Heather
                                                                                                                                                     National Donors
              Frank & Deanne Kane           Student Council                                        Goldensoph             Tim and Mary Walsh         to Iowa City Ronald
              Sharon Lindahl                                        Nicholas Ryan Lawson      Harold and Nancy Good       Paul and Carolyn Walters
              Gordon & Dorothy           Doroty I. Davolt           Michael & Lisa Lawson     Douglas and Jamie           C. K. Wilkinson
                                                                                                                                                     McDonald House
                   Melvin                Evelyn Davolt                                             Greiner                Gerald and Mary Wilwert
              James & Mary Lou Oliver    Kent Davolt                Robert Levy               Clifton and Marian          Steven and Debra Winter
              Galen Olson                Gene and Ruth Myhre        Mr. and Mrs.Tom Reisser        Harkness               Frank and Michelle         BISSELL, Inc.
              David & Rheta Paisley      Anthony Sciumbato                                    Mary Hauck                      Zucker                 Perlman-Rocque
              John & Judith Perry                                   Harold Lindahl            Ronald & Kathleen                                      Georgia Pacific
              Steven & Linda Pigg        Tammy Lynn Delaney         Mr. and Mrs.Tom Reisser        Hawley                 Cade Pleggenkuhle
              Bill & Mary Jane Pollock   Sally and Ray Ceynar                                 Douglas and Jennifer        Kim and Sue                Select Comfort
              Gary & Donna Powless                                  Mark R. Lindquist              Hayes                     Pleggenkuhle            Nestlé
              Ronald & Robin Riebling    Jonathon Deutsch           Lee and Carol Lindquist   Dale and Karen Huston                                  Unilever
              Harold & Anna Mary         Sacred Heart School                                  Iowa State Association      Al Pontius
                   Ruble                                            Margaret Martin                of National            Rickie Freihage
                                                                                                                                                     Carus Publishing
              Lloyd & Mary Sandstrum     Elissa Anne Erion          Rene Martin                    Campers & Hikers                                  Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
              David & Malia Ann          Terry and Carol Erion                                Stanley Kabat               Robert F. Ray
                   Sullivan                                         Michael Ort               Steven and Gretta           Dottie Ray                 These businesses and
              Paul & Linda               Mary Lou Fairchild         Richard & Faith Cole           Knight                                            organizations support the House
                   Thistlethwaite        Don and Jo Copeland                                  Brad and Dawn Knutson       Wyatt Smith Reddy          through very generous gifts
              Pat & Cherilyn Thomas                                 Bert Paull, Jr.           Richard and Irma            Aimee Reddy                including: in-kind donations of
              Duane & Edna Mae           Richard Fuller             John Malcolm Searles           Koestner
                                                                                                                                                     products, volunteers, and / or
                   Thompson              Michael and Shelley                                  Robert and Patricia         Gayle Rhinehart
              Roberta D. Kleinkopf          Krumm                   Helen Paull, Jr.               McCoy                  Paul and Dorothy Miller    cash gifts.
                   Trust                                            John Malcolm Searles      Larry Mecham
              Robert & Judith Worman     Chad Gates                                           Sally Mechem                Katie Stickel
                                         Bill and Rita Krall        Jan Peiffer               Delbert and Martha          Wayne Hafeman
              Janet Louise Artman                                   Donald & Marilu                Menke
              Samuel J. Strada           Jordan Grosclaude              Anderson              Ardelle Millane             Spenser Stoll              Magna Corp
                                         Marlena Manternach         Bald Eagle Chapter        Dan and Jennifer            Linda Stoll
              Tucker Bates                                              NCHA                       Molyneaux                                         The House received a gift
              Tony and Michelle Ryan     Keith Haight               Evelyn Barton             Juliana Nieman              Joy Swab                   for more than $12,000 from
                 and their friends       Lyle Van Vranken           Lois Beckman              Ken and Helen Nix           David & Natalie Frutiger
                                                                    Marianne Bell-Overholt    Fred and Karol
                                                                                                                                                     Magna Corporations riders on
              Marion Bierl               LaVera Happel              Mr. and Mrs. George            Oelschlaeger           Madison Tallman            this year’s RAGBRAI. Magna
              James and Helene Hood      Don and Donna Happel           Blough                Ronald and Theresa          Sacred Heart School        employees selected the House
                                                                    Dick & Norma Bogner            Osborne                   - Monticello
              Eric Bierl                 Jerry Hardy                Ramona Campbell           Wendell Peiffer
                                                                                                                                                     on the basis of a testimonial
              James and Helene Hood      Carl and Judy Beaird       Mary Campbell             Roger and Victoria Perk     Jon Michael Van Hove       from an unnamed family from
                                                                    Mary Campbell             Carolyn Peterson            Mike & Laurie Christians   the Independence area. Thank
              Leonard J. Boehm           Iva Isabel Hartzell        James and Marietta        Dennis and Kathleen                                    you to Magna employees for
              Rev. Byron & Betty Ayers   Lou and Dorla Paaske           Campbell                   Pikuza                 Jason Voss
              Mr. & Mrs. Charles J.                                 Nancy Carroll             Mary Ann Prichard           James & Ruth Voss          selecting the Ronald McDonald
                  Beck                   Val Hilby                  Edward and Constance      Michael and Kelly Rashid                               House for this wonderful gift!
              Mary A. Boehm              Charles & Rebecca              Cervantes             D. and Jayne Rouse          Velma Waldschmidt
              Darlene Chmelicek              Adams                  Pat Cooper-St. John       Mary Ruddy                  Kay McGuire
              Bernice Fejt               Larry & Nancy Boleyn       Mary Ann Costello         Ray and Marilyn Rydberg
              Frank Kuchta               Sherry Etreager            Janice Di Iulio           James and Julie
              Kelly Ort                  Patty & R.P. Judas         Paul and Cynthia               Schnoebelen
              Connie and Terry Suma      Monat Financial Services       Dobroski              Donald and Janice
                                         Charles & Janet            Ira and Dolly Dunsworth        Schroeder
              Jason Brown                    Schupbach              Stephanie Anne            William and Trudy
              Tim and Patricia Brown     Denise & David Sterner         Eckhardt                   Shockey
                                         Jean Trainor               Mr. and Mrs.Vernon        Mary Spriet
              Jessie E. Burton                                          Ehrecke               Joann Swanson
              Ervin Burton               Lois Housenga              Shirley Engelmann         Rod and Jolene Teel
                                         Lou and Dorla Paaske       Richard & Rita            Scott and Teri Thompson
              Jim Burton                                                Englemann             Stanley and Avis Tripilas
              Ronald Stevens             Austin David Hurd          Farmall Retirees Club     Peggy Van Camp
                                         Kathryn Hurd               Robert and Catherine      Michael & Joan
              Richard “Dick” Caldwell                                   Fier                       Vanderhaar
              Joann Caldwell             Jesalyn Nicole Jensen      Marie Fraser              Eric and Heather
                                         Tim & Patricia Bush        Roger and Elizabeth            Vanseveren
                                         Gary and Mary Johnson          Freitag

                          Julie Albright, Garwin, Iowa

         Fall 2006                                                                                                                                                                     13
                                                                                               Donor lists are confidential. We do not share donor lists. H

     Maggie Warrenburg          Margaret Van Heel          Coca-Cola                   Iowa City Fitness           Paul’s Discount               Organizations              Help-A-Heart
     Randy, Teresa, Jared and   Ellen McCabe and Glen      Colony Heating & Air        Iowa City Press Citizen     Perkins Restaurant                                       Henry County VFW
        Tricia Merkel               Fessenden                  Conditioning            Iowa Pediatric Dental /     Pizza Hut                     Amvets Auxiliary #145           Auxiliary 2561
                                                           Cook Appraisal, LLC              Super Wash             Plaza Auto Auction, Inc.      Amvets Auxiliary #16       Hudson Tuesday Study
     Marilyn J. Weaver          Kalie Washington           Cookies By Design           Iowa State Bank &           Pleasure Pools                Amvets Ladies                   Club
     Mick & Margie Esparza      Wings Park Elementary      Coral Ridge Mall                 Trust Co.              Quad City Port                    Auxiliary #19          Iowa Braille Sight Saving
     Tom & Karen Euparea            School                 Coralville Dairy Queen      J and R Failor                   Services, Inc.           Amvets Ladies                   School
     Randi Everett                                         Coralville Marriott         Jackie Schneiter Agency     RBC Dain Rauscher                 Auxiliary #28          Iowa Medical
     Roseanne Monn              The Weiss Family               Hotel                   Jaduka                      Rexco Equipment, Inc.         Amvets Ladies                   Classification Center
     Pat Powell                 Judi Forer                 Credit Management           Java River                  Riverside Casino & Golf           Auxiliary #49          Iowa River Campers
     Fred & Pat Ricketts                                       Systems                 Jerry’s Restaurant               Resort                   Anne Nicole Kindhart       Isle of Iowa Parrothead
     Gene & Linda               Bethany Westendorf         Crystal Clear Water         Joel & Laura Huber          Rockwell Collins                  Helping Hand                Club
         Schumocker             Fredricksburg United       Curt & Sharman Hunter       John Deere Dubuque          Saddleback Ridge Golf             Foundation             ISU Extension -
                                   Methodist Church        Danny and Jacklyn                Works                       Course                   Asbury Eagles Club              Delaware County
     Kaylee Welch                                              Vanroekel               John Deere Waterloo         Sandra Maddocks               Bloomington Grange         Johnson County 4-H
     Ben Welch & Jean Spies     Wyatt Whitham              David and Kathleen               Operations             Scheels All Sports            Brandenberg-Kreuger             Club
                                Robert and Lori Mitchell       Johnson                 Johnson Controls            Shawn and Melody                  Auxiliary Post 4013    Katherine Kluesner
     Rose Miller Wells                                     David and Marge             Joseph E. D’Souza, D.D.S.        Hedlund                  Classy Chassy Cruisers     Ladies Auxiliary Post 764
     Sarah Bates                Isabelle Wright                Zeimet                  Julie Buck                  Sluggers                      Clear Lake Lioness Club    Laureate Iota Omega-
     Twyla Bonine               Scott and Amy Wright       Dennis Diercks Inc.         Kalona Golf Course          Spirit Hollow Golf            Columbian Club                  Beta Sigma Phi
     Randy & LaRae Denham                                  Diana’s Creations, Inc.     Karsh + Hagan, Inc.              Course                   County Johnson Irish       Lincoln Loyal Leaders
     Roger & Beverly Rash       Greg Wulf and Family       DM Services                 Ken’s Beverage, Inc.        STARS - Tech Team             Cub Scout Pack 207              4-H Club
     Harriett Ruddell &         Jack A.Roberts             Douglas Robinson            Knight Hawk Coal, LLC            Global, Inc                  (Coralville Central)   Lone Tree W
         Colleen Aldridge                                  Drug Town                   Knutson Construction        Stone Creek Golf Course       Currier-Stanley                 omen’s Club
     The Tiernan Family         Ed & Sherri Zastrow        Dwell Home Furnishings           Services, Inc.         Streb Construction Co.            Residence Halls        Macomb Women’s Club
     Lewis & Marie Warner       Michele, Rob, Jesse and        & Home Design           Leash on Life               Stuff Etc.                    Daisy Girl Scout           Mary Caraway
                                   Aaron Weiss             East Balt Commissary        Lenoch & Cilek              Subway                            Troop 141              Mediapolis Busy Bees 4-H
     Grace Welsh                                           Ed and Sally Long           Lowry & Hodge, LLC          Summit Fire Protection        Delta Kappa Gamma          Melissa’s Stairway to
     Dorothy Murphy                                        Europa Salon & Clinic       Magma International         Takanami                      Department of Urology           the Stars
                                                           F&M Bank                    Magna International         Terry Schlue                  Earlville Community Club   Mohasson Grotto
     Sonya Kate Williams        Businesses                 Fareway Stores, Inc.        Magna International         The Airliner                  East Lucas Clovers         Moose Lodge 304
     Chris and Tess Williams                               Farmers & Merchant          Magna International         The Mansion                       4H Club                Moose Lodge 8-70
                                A.Y. McDonald Mfg.             Savings Bank            Magna International         The Meadows Golf              Eric and Brandy Huntoon    North Liberty Optimist
                                    Co. Charitable         Fin & Feather               Magna International              Course                   Fairfield Week-enders           Club
                                    Foundation             Gasby’s Convenience         Magna International         The Pizza Pit                     Camping Club           P.E.O., Chapter H.O.
     Tributes                   AAA Mechanical                 Stores                  Magna International, Inc.   The Summit                    Family and Friends of      Phi Eta Sigma
                                    Contractors            GEICO Direct                Mark or Carmen Caves        Toyota-Scion of Iowa              Dwane Gragg and        Prairie Masters 4-H Club
     Nick Swanson               ACT                        Givanni’s Cafe              Marquise Johnson                 City, Inc.                   Leslie Ward            Relay For Life
     Robert and Gayle           Active Endeavors           GMAC ResCap                 Martin-Brower Co.,          United Way of East            FCCLA                      Savanna Women’s Club
         Klipping               Adamantine Spine           Golf USA - Coralville            Fridley                     Central Iowa             Former Lionelle’s of       TRR Motorcycle Club
     Shaun Knoch                    Moving                 Golfzilla                   McDonald’s of               United Way of Quad                LeClaire Lioness       VFW #2056
     Alisha and Aaron Loy       Afterimage The Look,       Goodfellow Printing, Inc.        Dyersville                  Cities                       Club                   VFW Auxiliary #788
     Jennifer McGee                 Inc.                   Great Western               McGimpsey Trucking,         University of Iowa            Geneseo Country Club       Wapello Traveling Sams
     Mills Chevrolet Co.        Amana Colonies Golf            Recycling Center             LLC                         Children’s Hospital      GFWC Hampton Rapids        Washer City Sams
     Dan and Brenda                 Course                 Harvest Farm & Scenic       Medical Associates          University of Iowa                Junior Woman’s Club    Wa-Tan-Ye Club of
         Peterson               Applebee’s - Coralville        Preserve                Melrose Dental Office            Community Credit         Gilda’s Club                    Fulton
     Adam Roll                  Atlas World Grill          Hawkeye Harley              Mercy Hospital Pastoral          Union                    Girl Scout Cadette         West Branch Kids’ Club
     David Roll                 AW Welt Ambrisco               Davidson                     Care                   University of Iowa Food           Troop 1217             WFLA Lodge 13
     Lucas & Krista Souhrada        Insurance, Inc         Hawkeye Lawn Care           Mergen Orthodontics              Service                  Girl Scout Troop #1652     White Cloud Club
     Blaise Stoltenberg         Bird Sign, Inc             Hills Bank & Trust Co.      Modern Woodmen of           University of Iowa            Girl Scout Troop #308
     Myron and Phyllis          Black Hawk Soil Service,   Hodge Construction               America                     Museum of Art            Girl Scout Troop 5177
         Swanson                    Inc.                       Company                 Monsanto Fund               Village Inn                   Girl Scouts - Brownie
     Nancy Swanson              Boston’s Gourmet Pizza     Hungry Hobo                 Murphy’s Bar and Grill      Wal-Mart                          Troop 40               Churches
     David Sweeney, Inc.        Brad Estridge              Hunter’s Specialties        n                           West Bank                     Girl Scouts of the
     S. Sue Thompson            Brown Deer Golf            Hy-Vee                      N & M Transfer Co., Inc.    West Liberty Foods                Mississippi Valley     4 Church Vacation Bible
     Laura Wiese                    Course                 Hy-Vee Liquor               Nagle Lumber                Westport Touchless            Girl Scouts Troop #1450        School
     William Yoder              Bruegger’s Bagels          Illowa Bi-State             Nelson Chiropractic              Auto Wash                GWRRA Iowa Chapter E       Bethany Lutheran
                                Cafe Dodici                    Combined Federal        New Life Fitness World      Young Plumbing &              GWRRA Iowa                     Church
     Jacob Swessinger           Capanna Coffee &               Campaign                New Pioneer Co-op                Heating Co                   Chapter H              Bethel Reformed
     Mr. and Mrs. Karl              Gelato                 Interior Systems            Omni Hotels                                               GWRRA Iowa Chapter I           Church Women’s
         Swessinger             Carroll Fire                   Incorporated            Oscar Meyer                                               GWRRA Iowa                     Group
                                    Department             Iowa City / Coralville      Pagliai’s Pizza                                               Chapter O              Bristow Reformed
     Katie Thompson             Cedar Rapids Kernels           Convention Visitors     Pampered Chef                                             GWRRA Iowa Chapter S           Church
     Paul Mohr                  Chezik-Sayers Imports          Bureau                  Panera Bread Co.                                          GWRRA Montana              Cambridge Lutheran
                                                                                                                                                     Chapter B                  Church
                                                                                                                                                                            Christ the King Church

                                                                                                                                              Shari Elfline, Morrison, Illinois

14                                                                                                                                                             Iowa City Ronald McDonald House
ts. House financial operations are audited annually by certified public accountants.

              Church of Jesus Christ       Schools                  Madison Elementary
                   of LDS                                               School Madison
              Clear Lake                   Aledo Junior High            School
                   Congregational          Andrew Jackson           McKinley Elementary
                   Church                      Elementary           Mid-Prairie Middle
              Faith Lutheran Church        Aplington-Parkersburg        School
              First Baptist Church             Middle School        Nixon Elementary
              First United Methodist       Aquin Elementary         Orion High School Nat’l
                   Church                  BGM Elementary               Honor Society
              Heritage United              Bradford Jr. High        Peosta Elementary
                   Methodist Church            Student Council          School
              Kesley Presbyterian          Brookridge Day School    Perry Elementary
                   Church                  Burlington Student           School
              Ladora God’s Kids                Council              Prairie Crest
              Messiah Lutheran             Cedar Valley Christian       Elementary
                   Church                      School               Prairie Heights
              Milan First Presbyterian     Central Community            Elementary
                   Church                      Elementary           Prince of Peace School
              Newman Catholic              Central Elementary       R.O.C.K. Home School
                   Student Center          Central Elementary           Honor Society
              Parkview Evangelical         Clarksville Community    Sacred Heart School
                   Free Church                 School District      Sacred Heart School
              Pleasant Valley United       Clear Creek Elementary       - Oelwein
                   Methodist Church            Student Council      Sigourney Elementary
              Prince of Peace              Columbus Junction        St. Cecilia School
                   Lutheran Church &           Community Schools    Taylor Elementary
                   Preschool               Coon Rapids-Bayard       Trinity Lutheran School
              Project Workday Group            Community Schools    Van Allen Elementary
              Sacred Heart Church          Corse Elementary             School
              Selma Methodist                  School               Van Allen Elementary
                   Missions Comm.          Davenport Central Key        School
              Sigourney Christian              Club                 Van Buren Elementary
                   Church                  Douma Elementary         Walnut Trails
              South Park Presbyterian          School                   Elementary School
                   Church                  East Greene School       Washington Elementary
              St Johns Lutheran            Epworth Elementary       Washington Jr. High
                   Church                      School                   School
              St Mary’s Catholic           Erie Elementary School   Washington Township
                   Church                  Franklin Elementary          Elementary
              St Matthias Parish               School               West Central Pre-K and
              St. Frances Xavier           George O Barr                Elementary School
                   Cabrini Church              Elementary School    West High School
              St. Joseph Catholic          Grant Elementary         West High Student
                   Church                      School                   Senate
              St. Joseph Church            Hay Springs Public       West Liberty Middle
              St. Joseph The Worker            Schools                  School
                   School                  Herbert Hoover           West Marshall Middle
              St. Joseph’s Church              Elementary               School
              St. Mary’s Church            Highland Elementary      West Middle School
              St. Matthew Lutheran         Hillcrest Elementary     Win With Wellness
                   Church                      School               Winfield-Mt.Union High
              St. Patrick Catholic         Hills Elementary             School
                   Church                  Hoover Elementary        Winola Elementary
              St. Paul Lutheran                School                   School
                   Church                  I-Envision
              St. Paul Lutheran            Jackson Elementary
                   Preschool                   School
              St. Paul’s Catholic Church   John Cline Elementary    McDonald’s
              St. Peters Church of             School
                   Christ (VBS)            Kate Wickham             Creative Management,
              The Church of the                Elementary               Kevin O’Brien
                   Damascus Road
              Tipton Methodist
                                           Kenwood Elementary
                                           Kingsley Elementary
                                           Lakeview Elementary
                                                                    J & M Partnership
                                                                    Jerry Mrozinski
                                                                    Karpinske Enterprises
                                                                                               The Hearts of Hope Society
              Union Presbyterian           Lancaster High School    Roger Muselman
                   Church                      Student Council      McDonald’s Key West
              United Church of             Lincoln Elementary       McDonald’s-JKB            As you, your attorney, and possibly your financial advisor(s) name
                                           Lisbon Community             Restaurants
                                                                    Raccoon Valley
                                                                                              beneficiaries, we hope you will consider including the Ronald McDonald
              United Methodist                 School
                   Women                   Lone Tree Elementary         Partnership           House in your planned giving. If we can help with this important life
              United Presbyterian              Student Council                                decision, please contact Carson Eggland, 319-384-5852, or
                   Church Women            Louisa-Muscatine                          Major, planned gift donors become
              Vacation Bible School            Community School
                                           Madison Elementary
                                                                                              members of our “Hearts of Hope” Society and their generosity is
              Washington Prairie
                   Church                      School                                         permanently recognized within the House.

         Fall 2007                                                                                                                                                     15
Golf Outing Recap
                                                                                                       Special thank you to our
                                                                                                       Platinum Sponsor hosts:
                                                                                                       McDonald’s – Glenn and Lois
                                                                                                       Karpinske, Harvest Farm &
                                                                                                       Scenic Preserve, The Kenneth
                                                                                                       K. Kinsey Family Foundation,
                                Thank you to all the golfers, sponsors, and volunteers that            McDonald’s – Kevin O’Brien,
                                made the 6th Annual “Fore the House” golf outing a huge                Mergen Orthodontics, John
                                success, raising a net of over $46,000 for the House.                  Mergen, DDS

                                The beautiful weather and Finkbine Golf Couse combined
                                                                                                       Thank you to our Gold
                                for a wonderful day for our 144 golfers. The Thursday Noon             Sponsors:
                                Rotary Club, our co-sponsor for the event, helped make the
                                                                                                       East Balt Commissary,
                                day this event fun for everyone and a blessing for the House.          Knutson Construction,
                                In the past six years, this golf outing has generated a net of         University of Iowa Children’s
                                over $230,000 for the House.                                           Hospital, Coca-Cola, Iowa
                                                                                                       State Bank & Trust, Plaza
                                                                                                       Auto Auction, McDonald’s –
                                                                                                       Roger Muselman, McDonald’s
                                                                                                       – Jerry Mrozinski, Martin-
                                                                                                       Brower, McDonald’s – J & M
                                                                                                       Partnership, UI Community
                                                                                                       Credit Union, Riverside
                                                                                                       Casino & Resort, Interior
                                                                                                       Systems Unlimited, F & M
                                                                                                       Bank, Goodfellow Printing,
                                                                                                       Chezik-Bell Imports,
                                                                                                       Carousel Motors, Rexco
                                                                                                       Equipment, Inc., Hawkeye
Top: Anne Craig and Ronald!                                                                            Harley Davidson

 Above: UI Head Basketball
      Coach Todd Lickliter.

                                Left to right: John Brandecker, Mike Artman, Fred Lamb, Tim Gaillard

            730 Hawkins Drive
            Iowa City, Iowa 52246-2509                                                                             NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                     US POSTAGE
            Fax: 319-353-6873
                                                                             CEDAR RAPIDS IA
                                                                                        PERMIT 174

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