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									                       ASSE Student Section at ISU
                                         December 2010

                                         Volume 1 Issue 1

              Safety Management Move to College of Technology

The 2010-11 school year has not started off the same for the occupational safety
management programs’ students and faculty members. In the beginning of the year,
the Safety Management program moved from its original setting of The College of
Nursing, Health, and Human Services to the new location at the College of
Technology. The final approval is pending for this sudden transformation. This
transition puts the Occupational Safety Management program in the department of
The Built Environment. We join with two other programs; Construction Management
and Architectural Interior Design.

This is a considerable change for the safety program which can provide endless
opportunities for the students and faculty to grow, expand, and play a major roll at
college and even university levels. On this note, here at the student section of ASSE,
we like to take this move as a good sign and make positive changes in our activities
at ISU. We plan to make the Safety Management program more visible on campus, in
our community, and hopefully all over the nation!

This is the very first issue of our student newsletter and our first step toward our new
goals. This newsletter will be followed by a new webpage for the ASSE Student
Section and more lectures to attend for our lecture series to mention just a few of our
new attributes.

  ASSE Officers                                    Contents:
      President- Ryan Harmon
                                                      Lecture series……………………...pg. 2

      Vice President- Ellen McFaul                        Annual Picnic……………………..pg. 2

      Secretary- Miranda Barton                      Upcoming events………………….pg. 3

      Treasurer - Philip Yrjanson                    Scholarships……………………….pg. 3

      Scholarship Chair- Kelsey Hanley               Announcements…………………...pg. 4
      Activity Leader- Kristina Schau                Safety tips…………………………..pg.4
      Faculty Advisors- Dr. Moayed

                           Dr. Sheldon
                                 ASSE Annual Picnic

The ASSE annual picnic was held on October 7, 2010 at Dr. Campbell’s house. This
picnic had special meaning to the students because Dr. Campbell is no longer
teaching at ISU since the beginning of this semester. More than 25 students, faculty
and staff of the safety management program attended the picnic and very much
enjoyed their time (as seen below).

                                          Left to Right:
                 Dr. Ernie Sheldon, Ryan Frick, and President Ryan Harmon were
                 just a few members who joined the annual picnic held by the
                 ASSE group.

                                        Lecture Series

  This year, the ASSE student section of ISU has been contacting safety professionals all
  over Indiana to come and speak to the students of the safety program.

  On November 8th, Larry Newton of Ellettsville, Indiana spoke to Dr. Moayed’s Industrial
  Hygiene 1 class. Larry is an Adjunct Professor of Industrial Hygiene and Safety at
  Indiana University. He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Safety
  Professional (CSP). He was the Corporate Manager of Industrial Hygiene for Georgia-
  Pacific Corporation in Atlanta, Georgia. He has done a lot of consulting for different
  industries over his career.

  He spoke to the students about his most recent job. This past August, he did an
  Industrial Hygiene survey for a company’s noise exposure, particulates not otherwise
  regulated (PNOR), and other chemicals that industrial workers were breathing. He
  shared with the students the instruments he used at that worksite including air
  sampling and noise exposure machines. He explained the results he received from the
  samples he took and then discussed the recommended engineering controls that
  included ventilation, dust collection, and respirators.

  The students learned more about Industrial Hygiene elements that went along with the
  subjects being studied in class. The lecture was entertaining and informational. Larry’s
  company was greatly appreciated.
                                          Upcoming Events

    Bowling- December 1 @ 9pm. $5 with Student I.D or $6.75 without Student I.D
                  400 N 3rd Street             For more information contact Kelsey Hanley
                  Terre Haute, IN 47807               khanley2@indstate.edu
                  (812) 232-1319

    Golf Outing- Spring 2011

    Résumé Building Lecture- Date/ Time

               2011 ASSE Foundation Scholarship Award Program
Must be an ASSE member to apply for scholarships:
           Must give ASSE Membership application to Dr. Sheldon!!!

How to apply for ASSE scholarships:
          ASSE Member
          Fill out 2011 Scholarship Application
          Mail Scholarship Application document to:
                 o ASSE Foundation
                    Attn: Adele Gabanski
                    1800 E. Oakton Street
                    Des Plaines, IL 60018

List of Available Scholarships:
     Examples of Scholarships:
         ASSE Construction Safety Scholarship
            One award @ $1,500
            Priority will be given to students with an emphasis in construction safety
         Liberty Mutual Scholarship
            Two awards @ $4,500 each plus conference opportunity
            Students may also be provided with the opportunity to attend SAFETY 2011 in
            Chicago from June 12 – 15, 2011.

   Undergraduate Awards
 Most undergraduate awards are for full-time students (enrolled in 12 hours or more per
   semester) pursuing an undergraduate degree in occupational safety & health or a closely
   related field.
 U.S. citizenship is not required unless specified.
 Special restrictions are listed under each award.
 3.0 GPA

Program Rules:
  Incomplete or late applications will be disqualified.
  Applicants must graduate in May 2011 or later to be eligible for any of these awards.
  Previous recipients of ASSE Foundation scholarship awards are eligible to receive
   subsequent awards.

          Any student who would like to write about their internship experiences and
           have it published in the newsletter can. This would be beneficial to younger
           students who are not sure where they would like to intern or know exactly
           will be expected at the intern worksite. If any student is interested in this,
           email Ellen McFaul at emcfaul@indstate.edu

          Any student who knows any safety professional who would like to lecture to
           the ASSE members can contact Ellen McFaul at emcfaul@indstate.edu

  Home Safety Tips for a Safe and
         Healthy Winter

Everyone wants to stay warm and safe this
winter and to do that, you need to follow a
few tips when using a portable space

       Make sure your portable space heater
        has been tested for safety. Look on
        the bottom for a label such as ETL, UL
        or CSA.

       Portable space heaters need to have
        plenty of space around them.

       Place portable space heaters at least
        three feet away from anything that
        can burn - including furniture, people,
        pets and curtains.

       There should always be an adult in
        the room when a portable space
        heater is on. Turn off space heaters
        before leaving a room or going to

       Supervise children and pets at all
        times when a portable space heater is
        in use.

       Never use portable space heaters to
        dry clothing or blankets.

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