The VHF Transmitter by gegeshandong


									                                The VHF Transmitter
              Keystone VHF Club, Inc.             W3HZU               Founded 1955 – York, PA
      VOL 45 No 8                          CIRCULATION 183                                                 AUGUST, 1999

                    AUGUST 99

   Edited by Bob Gundlach, N3NBT

Aug. 1       Hamfest, Berryville VA
Aug. 1-9     Special event station
             W3SC, Pottsville PA
Aug. 5       Keystone VHF Club
             meeting, club site
Aug. 7       Hamfest, Lewistown, PA
Aug. 7       Hamfest, Matamoras, PA                                               By Dick Goodman, WA3USG
Aug. 7 & 8 Special event station                                         
             KB3BUM, Hawley, PA
Aug. 7 & 8 North American QSO                                                How many of you reading this haven’t been
             Party, CW                                                       out to the club in the last year? The last 2
Aug. 7 & 8 10-10 International                                               years ? Who’s joined the club at the Cyber
             Summer Phone contest                                            Center and has never been to the clubsite?
Aug. 7 & 8 Amateur Radio Club Kids
             Day                                                             I remember back in October of 1982, when
Aug. 12      E-Board meeting, club                                           the only things on the club property were a
             site                                                            small cinderblock building and a windmill
Aug. 14      Special Event station                                           tower. In those days we gathered around the
             N3NHX, Erie, PA          fireplace and warmed ourselves around a cozy fire in the Winter months, in the
Aug. 15      Hamfest, York, PA        summer we did a lot of sweating. When we got home, our wives had no doubt as to
Aug. 21      Annual Corn Roast,       where we had been. The smell from the carpet permeated our cloths with the
             Keystone Club site       infamous “Keystone Clubhouse Odor.”
Aug. 21 & 22 Special Event station
                                      The winds of change are sweeping the Keystone VHF Club into the next millenium
             KS0JC, Olathe, KS
                                      In the last 5 years, we have added on the repeater room as a major addition, we’ve
Aug. 21 & 22 North American QSO
                                      added a conventional pitched shingled roof, and installed vinyl siding to cover the
             Party, Phone
                                      bare cinderblock walls. Inside the clubhouse, we’ve built all new operating
Aug. 29      York County 250 th
                                      positions, installed a gas stove, and beautiful kitchen cabinets. We have a brand new
             Anniversary parade
                                      2 meter repeater (see page 3), and are in the process of refurbishing our 70 CM
Aug. 29      Hamfest, New
                                      repeater. We have a network of 3 computers for use in contesting, and have even
             Kensington, PA
                                      added internet access. On the club property, we’ve erected a 160 foot tower, a 100
                                      foot tower, and still maintain our 60 foot fold over and 50 foot crank up towers.
                                      We’ve recently built a picnic pavilion with tables capable of seating almost the entire
                                      membership, complete with a Public Address and Video System. Finally, we just
                                      completed a storage shed large enough to hold and make accessible all the stuff that’s
                                      cluttering up the back of the club property. And speaking of the club property, the
                                      brush, weeds, and rocks are gone. Replaced by a lawn that I’m sure rivals many of
                                      what we have at home. Where we used to have parking for about 10 cars, we’ve at
                                      least tripled this with an attractive crushed stone parking area. For the first time in
                                      many years, we can again have meetings on the club property.
           NEXT MEETING               Come up and check out your club! Do it before the summer is over, when our
             August 5th               shrubbery and Annuals are in bloom, and the grass is green. Having all that mulch
             at Club Site             delivered really paid off! It’s hard to believe that in 5 years such a transformation
                                      could take place.
               From the President                                                                   From the Editor
                 By Ernie Mellinger, N3ZCW                                                     By Dick Goodman, WA3USG

                                                                                   About 2 years ago, Ruthanna Pearson, WB3CQN approached
I don’t think that there is much doubt about summer being upon us. The last        me with the idea of creating a club pictorial membership
several weeks have given us temperatures that have approached the one              directory. It seemed like a great idea but it never really got off
hundred degree mark and humidity that made even the simplest task                  the ground. A major problem was that there didn’t seem to be a
unpleasant. The activity about the club site has dropped a bit in it’s intensity   way to get everyone’s picture and related information, over half
                                                                                   the members don’t attend meetings, and then there was a
being limited to shelf building in the shed, lawn mowing when needed and           question of how to print & distribute this product once it was
some repeater work.                                                                finished. Color printing is expensive. How many should we
                                                                                   produce? Since we get about a dozen or so new members a year,
It is a real delight to have the 440 MHZ machine back on line. I would like to     wouldn’t it quickly get out of date?
extend a very BIG thank you to Tim (AA3BJ), Bob (N3NBT) , and Sterling
(NO3C) for all there efforts to get the machine back on line. Tim did a            In the July issue of QST, someone raised the question in
fantastic job in building and wiring the components up and Bob and Sterling        reference to the feasibility of creating a “Club CD”. Wow…
                                                                                   what an idea! With over 650 Megabytes of space available on a
did an equally super job in mounting them in the cabinet. While all this was       CD, a pictorial directory and much more could be created. I e-
taking place N3LSN, or as we refer to him as “Little Bob”, has been busy           mailed several club members and asked their opinions and
putting shelves in the new shed. The repeater room hasn’t looked this good in      received all favorable responses.
a long time. While I am thanking people I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Al
                                                                                   The Keystone VHF Club goes all the way back to the mid
Goughnor (K3PQZ), and Dick Toomey (W3JIF) for their most generous gifts            1950’s. John Shaffer, W3SST and Bob Riese, K3DJC have
to the club. These contributions have allowed us to get the 440 machine back       shown me pictures taken of the property while the club house
on line at a minimal cost to the club and has provided us with the equipment       was being built. Between our senior members, we have a
which will allow us to place several remote sites on line in the very near         plethora of photos and memoirs, both written and orally related,
                                                                                   detailing the rich heritage of our organization.
I want to encourage you to support the clubs Corn Roast and Chicken                A CD such as this could be organized into several logical
                                                                                   sections. There could be a historical section where club
Barbecue on August 21st. This event should provide us with not only a great        members could publish their version of our club history. This
meal but a chance to get together and visit with each other and see the progress   could be complete with photographs, written descriptions of
around the Club Site.                                                              events, and reproduced articles relating to the club. There could
                                                                                   be a collaboration amongst many members, and a master club
We had a good time at last months club meeting as we cooled off with ice           history created, or anyone interested could write their own
cream sundaes after the meeting. I was both delighted and surprised that we        impressions.     Many of our past club functions have been
had such a great turn out for a summer meeting. Thank you to all that attended     videotaped & photographed. The information is available.
                                                                                   Related to club history could be a complete archive of all club
in June and I hope to see even more of you at our meeting in August.               newsletters. I have virtually all newsletters going back to March
Until then 73's from N3ZCW                                                         of 1983. I’m sure that others have earlier issues. These would
                                                                                   be high quality reproductions complete with photographs where

            The VHF Transmitter                                                    There could be a member Biography section where any member
                                                                                   could create a write-up including their interests, shack photos,
                      published monthly by the                                     and anything else that they wished to include about themselves.
                                                                                   This gives everyone a little shot at immortality! Naturally,
                Keystone VHF Club, INC                                             there could be a club pictorial directory. Using this media solves
                Editor: Dick Goodman, WA3USG                                       all of the printing & distribution problems. Blank CD’s are
                                                                                   about $1.50 each. Finally, it would be nice to have a list of
     ADDRESS LETTERS TO THE EDITOR and ARTICLES TO                                 Silent Keys, Life members, and other items that would be of
                                                                                   interest to us all.
  DICK GOODMAN, WA3USG Voice: (717) 697-2353
                                                                                   This is an ambitious undertaking. We need a committee of
  199 MAPLE LANE          e-mail:                                                  dedicated people and probably about 2 to 4 years before this
  MECHANICSBURG, PA 17055                                    project would bear fruit. What would you like to see in this CD?
                                                                                   Would you like to take part in its creation? Look how the Club
                                                                                   has grown during the last few years. This doesn’t require a lot
               e-mail address can receive binary files                             of physical work, it’s not technically daunting, and it will allow
  ____________________________________________________                             your creative juices to flow. Is it an worth while endeavor? I
                                                                                   sure think so!
  To change your                 Dutch Hildebrand, K3UVJ
  address for the                4725 Horn Rd., York, PA 17406                     It will be briefly discussed at the August meeting.
  Newsletter, contact:           Fax (717) 755-7522 or
                                 e-mail: K3UVJ@AOL.COM

     Page 2
                                                 from the cemetery good … HI!                               TECHNICAL
                              BOB’S              We used this spot back to SLP and looks                    COMMITTE
                                                 like it will work out well. We tried it on
                              MICRO-             a very humid day and could apparently                       REPORT
                              WAVE               see propagation effects from the heavy                 By Tim Barefoot, AA3BJ
                                                 clouds moving across the path. We were          
                              Report             going to try 24 Gig but decided band
                                                 condition didn't warrant it . We will try
                                                 the path under clear conditions and it
           By Bob Riese, K3DJC
                                                 will be fun to see what the difference is
                                                 from clear to hazy. The attempt had
I was asked to list some resources for           W3HMS at Round Nob and W3MMV
microwave projects and I guess the best          and myself at SLP. I was using the 18
that are available would be some of these :      inch dish, Fred a 17 Db horn and
ARRL Microwave Projects Manual Vols 1            W3HMS, his separate xmitter / receiver.
& 2; ARRL VHF UHF Experimenters                  I was able to hear HMS as well as he
Manual; Paul Wades’ W1GHZ Antenna                was hearing me but Fred needed a bit
Book, available only on line; ARRL               more system gain. HMS may not have
"Proceedings of Microwave Update 199X,           been at the optimum spot and may have
These are available from the ARRL, the           had trees in the path of his signal. We
others are avail from JWO associates who         hope to fine tune this spot and it should
sells at most Hamfests. Also a copy of the       end up being a good easy ,reliable spot
Gunplexer Cookbook by Richardson is a            for future use.                                Its Monday night and Sandi and I are
good primer but is a little out of date (81)                                                    getting ready to leave on vacation in
The ideas are good but there are better                                                         Tennessee. Sandi is going down to work
devices for the IF receiver. This vintage                                                       on her accent and I am going down to fish
book is good reading never the less. There                                                      and relax. The 440 machine is back on
are papers published by the various weak                                                        line and working very well. All auto patch
signal conventions and are compiled into                                                        and speed dial numbers are the same. We
reports that I believe are also available                                                       are working on some antenna problems on
from the ARRL.                                                                                  the 2 meter machine but it is working
A new location at Round Nob hill just                                                           fairly well and Buzz and I are chipping
west of the intersection of 94 / 234 has                                                        away at the programming. We will be
been used back to Sam Lewis State Park.                                                         putting the remote receivers back on
This is a 28 mile path and is going to be                                                       shortly, Dick, W3JIF, has donated about
                                                     Fred, W3MMV with his 10 GHz
very nice for us to use. It is easy to get to                                                   $650.00 to purchase the three 900 mhz
                                                     Microave “Lens”
from the north and SLP is an easy spot to                                                       receivers. Al Goughner donated the brand
                                                         photo by Bob Riese, K3DJC
get to from York. This is a public road                                                         new Henry 100 watt 440 repeater
running through a VERY nice farm,                                                               amplifier. Thanks, guys. They say a
W3HMS activated the spot and looks like                                                         picture is worth a thousand words so here
we may have an OK for future use of it,
                                                                          Trustees              it is. The 2 meter machine is on the left,
John talked to the owner. This brings up                                  Report                the 440 machine is in the middle and the 6
an event that happened to me. We have                                By Chuck Miller III,       meter machine is on the right.
been using the cemetery near Edgar Faush                                  N3KVE
High School. This is a high spot 11 miles
from Sam Lewis. I had just completed                                                              The keystone VHF Club would
                                                Hi everybody, it was sure great to see all of     like to offer a warm welcome to
working Fred W3MMV on 24 gig from               you at the last club meeting. I hope you
here and was tearing down when I had a                                                            our new members:
                                                enjoyed the ice cream as much as I did!
visit from a Cemetery worker who                Thanks to those of you who made it happen.                Josh Hoke KB3DXO
indicated I was doing an inappropriate          The summer projects have been slow and
thing and should NOT be here. It is a           quiet. Thanks to Tim(AA3BJ) and Bob                       Bob Hoke KB3DXN
problem to find hills that have a clear view    (N3NBT) our 440 repeater is back up and                  Peter Fleszar KIOEH
like this but we should always ask              running and sounds great! Bob(N3LSN) has
permission. I found another spot on the hill    been putting the finishing touches on our
at Rehab South, behind the West                 new shed. Also, thanks to Dick (W3JIF) for
Manchester Mall which is on a parking lot.      making a wonderful contribution to the club        Help Keep Our Club
As the distance is only 12 miles I extended     so we can purchase some new 900meg.
the site line to the west and found Round       components for the remote receivers. There
                                                                                                   “League Affiliated”
Nob. This is a much better location and a       will be some work (fun) parties upcoming             Join the ARRL
much longer path and being chased                             Continued on Page 6
   Page 3
Would you like to get involved with the club activities?                                       Ways & Means
The ways and means committee is looking for a few good members to                             Committee Report
help with club activities. This is fun work and will include planning,                        By Ray Shaub, W3AXC
and supervising an activity.                                                           
YOU COULD HELP with the planned bus trip. Contact the bus
company, sell tickets at the meeting. etc.
YOU COULD HELP with the supervision of the Turkey Raffle                    .
planned for the September and October meeting with the drawing at the       Last month the newsletter listed the tentative Atlantic
November meeting. We need help to stuff and address envelopes,              City trip as November 13, this was an error . The correct
distribute tickets at the September meeting. etc.                           date is November 7, 1999 this is a Sunday. We need to
                                                                            have your reservations by the October Meeting because
YOU COULD HELP with the Christmas party, getting entertainment,             all weekend trips are booked well in advance.
selling tickets, planning the menu.
YOU COULD HELP on the Ways and Means committee. The present                 We will travel by Red Lion Bus. We will meet at the
members won't be there forever. We need new ideas, new methods,             Queens Gate Shopping Center at 7AM the bus will leave
new activities, new programs, new planning for club finances. Give us       at 7:15. Arrival in Atlantic City is 11:00 AM and
your ideas, WE NEED YOU TO GET INVOLVED !!                                  departure is about 4:30 PM and arrival back in York is
                                                                            approximately 8:25PM. The cost of the trip is about
Just tell us that you want to help, we have a place for you. See any one
                                                                            $20.00 per person and there is a "cash back bonus " when
of the ways and means committee:
                                                                            you arrive at Caesars Palace in the heart of the
Chuck Miller N3KVE, Donnalee Hoover N3VPJ, Bob Secrist N3LSN,               boardwalk.
Ernie Markley N3XGF, Barbara Green N3RMI, Marie Hagens
N3BSM, John Shaffer W3SST, Ray Shaub W3AXC or any club                      We will try to get a good idea of the interest for this trip
officer.                                                                    at the September Meeting. If you think you would like to
                                                                            go please let it be known at the September Meeting. If
                                                                            there is not enough interest we will cancel at the
                                MS Bike-a-Thon Wrap-Up !                    September meeting. If we go the trip must be paid for at
                                          By Dick, WA3USG                   the October meeting.

 At 6:30 AM on Saturday morning, July 10th, over 600 riders of the
 MS Bike-a-thon departed the Mechanicsburg Area High School for a
 50 to 100 mile journey to the Gettysburg College. The day started out
 with light rain showers which made the roads quite slick. Our club
 worked with the Central Pennsylvania Repeater Association (CPRA) in                          21 August 1999
 Harrisburg to man the 5 Rest Stops along the course. We also helped
 provide communications to Medical vehicles, Situation vehicles, and        The time is 4PM, this will give you time to get your
 communications to some of the SAG wagons (vehicles that transported        Saturday chores finished and then come to the corn roast
 exhausted/injured riders to the next rest stop if they were unable to      and relax. The club will be providing the corn and the
 make it). The Keystone Club provided ALL the personnel for the rest        drinks, ice tea and lemonade. You bring: a table cloth,
 stops. On Sunday, we provided the same support for the ride back to        eating utensils, paper plates, and what ever you want to
 Mechanicsburg.                                                             bring to the picnic that can be put on the "help yourself
                                                                            table". You could also bring hot dogs & hamburgs. The
 The ride this year was the bloodiest (for lack of a better description)
                                                                            club has the gas grille. HOWEVER! The club is selling
 that I’ve ever seen. We had many spills, these ranged from minor cuts
                                                                            tickets for a 1/2 barbecued chicken and cole slaw. If you
 and bruises, wounds requiring stitches, to several situations were there
                                                                            would rather let the club do the cooking buy your tickets
 were broken bones. One girl on a tandem bicycle had to be transported,
                                                                            at the September club meeting. Donna Lee N3VPJ will
 unconscious, to an area hospital. I’m sure that the slick roads & high
                                                                            have the tickets at the meeting. The tickets are $5.00
 winds, which blew down road warning signs, played a significant
                                                                            each, not a bad price for hot off the grille barbecued
 factor in these injuries.
 The Ham operators handled a great amount of crucial traffic.               There will be silent auction at the corn roast ( same as we
 Everything from locating medical vehicles to logistics. I was especially   had at the pig roast and at lasts year's corn roast). So that
 pleased with our staffing of the Rest Stops. All our club members were     the committee has time to prepare for the silent
 there on time, and were the last to leave when the stops were shut         auction you are asked to bring what ever items you
 down. I don’t recall a single instance when a rest stop was called that    may have for the auction to the club meeting on
 there wasn’t a prompt reply from our people. This is Public Service at     August 5th.
 its finest… a major reason for Amateur Radios’ very existence!
                   Continued on page 7
Page 4
         Weekend in a rare Grid Square
              By Bob Gundlach N3NBT                                                             How’s DX ?
                                                                                              Ruthanna Pearson
 Recently Mary and I had the pleasure of visiting our                               
 friends and former neighbors Jim and Dianne Lanasa at
 their home on The Outer Banks of North Carolina.

 To add to the pleasure of the visit, six meters opened up
 all three days that we were there. What excitement to put
 out an "N3NBT / 4 in FM25" then release the key and
 have a pile up. As I responded to the calls, Jim did the
 logging for me.                                              For all of you who might like Dxing and trying for new countries,
                                                              here’s some information that you may want to check out on 15
 The first evening the opening was up the coast into NY,      meters. I will just list stations that I heard on 2 mornings:
 CT, NH, MA, and ME.                                          DATE TIME FREQ CALL                NAME       COUNTRY

 Saturday and Sunday saw the opening primarily west with      7/5/99   1503   21239 UR4ZZA YURI   RUSSIA,
 a few contacts to the South west. The majority of the                                            MOSCOW
 contacts were grouped in OH, IN, IL, WI, MI, TN and AR.      7/5/99   1505   21244 7M3EST NAO     JAPAN
 To these I also added one contact into TX and two            7/5/99   1507   21260 JA2ATE IKU     JAPAN
                                                              7/5/99   1517   21281 4F4IX  CORKY PHILIPPINES,
 into ID.
                                                              7/5/99   1527   21318 UA3AB  ANDY   RUSSIA, MOSCOW
 Although the weather was less than ideal, we also got to     7/5/99   1531   21298 DS2DMA HONG    SOUTH KOREA
 view the Hatteras Light House which was in the process of    7/5/99   1537   21279 SP3KFH ADAM    POLAND
 being relocated, and took a ferry ride to Ocracoke Island.   7/5/99   1544   21272 BV4FH  PAUL   TAIWAN
                                                              7/5/99   1558   21269 DU3NHK NOBURO PHILIPPINES
 I would certainly look forward to doing something of this    7/5/99   1603   21246 YC0LBK SUR    INDONESIA
 nature again.                                                7/5/99   1615   21254 YC8GVX ABU    INDONESIA
                                                              7/6/99   1451   21359 BV7KL DAVIS   TAIWAN
                                                              I could have worked many more. The band was great! If you
                                                              want to work new countries, go for it! Hope you enjoy.
                                                                                  De Ruthanna, WB3CQN

                                                                              *** CLASSIFIED ***
                                                                 The following is a partial list of equipment of the late Bill
                                                                 Hopkins (KA3CCA) which is being offered for sale:
                                                                 Kenwood TS-820 HF transceiver--------------$400.00
                                                                 Kenwood 820 VFO w/cable--------------------$150.00
                                                                 Kenwood SP-820 speaker-----------------------$50.00
                                                                 Kenwood PC-11 Phone patch-------- ----------$30.00
                                                                 Kenwood AT-200 Antenna tuner----- --- -----$100.00
                                                                 MFJ #484 Memory Grandmaster Keyer-- ----$75.00
                                                                 Bencher Key---------------------------------------$50.00
                                                                 Complete ATV Station w/PC downverter-----$200.00
    It may seem like we have all the time in the world           MFJ #1278 TNC----------------------------------$50.00
    before this event is upon us, but we’re over halfway         Pakratt 32 TNC---------------------------- -------$50.00
    through the year already. The Springfest committee           Kenwood TS-780 VHF/UHF transceiver------$350.00
    would welcome anyone who would like to get                   Kenwood TR-7400A 2m x-cvr w/mobile ant. $75.00
    involved. There’s plenty yet to do. While it’s a lot of      Yaesu FT-2400 2m x-cvr w/mobile ant.-------$125.00
    work, it also is fun. We want to make this the best          Hammarlund HQ 100 Receiver-----------------$125.00
    Springfest ever! If you’re interested contact any club       Towers, antennas and an assortment of test equipment also
    officer or committee member listed in this newsletter .      available. Contact John Salony, WA3SRE at 717-741-1780
    Welcome to the Springfest Committee !                        or Dennis Cooper, K3NVI at 717-755-4390 for details and
                                                                 to see equipment.
Page 5
                                                                                            The only things I could theorize that could cause this phenomenon
                                                                                            are aircraft…. probably out of Philadelphia (the fine lines occur too
     Receiving Aircraft Reflections                                                         often for it to be Harrisburg)… also, the beacon is in the
                                                                                            Philadelphia area. To test this hypothesis, I ran the same test after 2
              on 432 MHz                                                                    AM. A time where there are virtually no flights out of Philadelphia
                                                                                            This resulted in a pure fundamental trace with no diverging or
                       By Dick Goodman, WA3USG                                              converging finer lines at all. Since then I have found several sites on
                                                                                            the internet devoted to aircraft and meteor reflections. Most of these
                                                                                            sites use FM stations as the illuminating source.
                                                                                            When detecting meteors by this method, they manifest themselves as
                                                                                            a much steeper and shorter line, which would indicate a much
                                                                                            greater and radical Doppler shift as a result of their high velocity
                                                                                            (>40 miles/second). While aircraft reflections are present for the
                                                                                            great majority of the time (before midnight), meteor reflections are
                                                                                            considerably more rare and only occur when the geometry of the
                                                                                            beacon, meteor, and listener are in the correct configuration.
                                                                                            You can replicate this experiment yourself either on 2 meters or 70
                                                                                            CM by using propagation beacons. The free Spectrogram software is
                                                                                            available on the internet at the Web page listed below:
 One of the most fascinating aspects of Amateur Radio projects is that they                 *** Note: See the excellent review of the Spectrogram program in
 sometimes yields results that are not only unexpected, but can be more interesting         the August 1999 issue of QST.
 then the predicted outcome. Such is the phenomenon that I describe here.

 There is a 70 CM beacon located in the Philadelphia area. It transmits a carrier
 interspersed with CW, continually, 24 hours per day. It’s frequency is 432.295               Trustee’s Report Continued from page 3:
 MHz. Most of the time, I can hear it adequately. However, there are times when               soon. Keep your ears open for dates and times. Don't
 it fades down in the noise and is inaudible.                                                 forget the corn roast is fast approaching. This year we
 I obtained a program from the internet called “Spectrogram” that utilizes Digital            will be offering $5.00 tickets so you can enjoy a 1/2
 Signal Processing via a home computer to detect signals down in the noise far                chicken dinner with the corn. Get with Donna-Lee
 enough to be inaudible to the ear. It seemed that the Philadelphia beacon as received        (N3VPJ) to obtain your tickets. Don't Wait! they need a
 here in Mechanicsburg, would be an excellent bench mark to test this software. The           head count to order food. I’m looking forward to another
 software functions by feeding the audio output of a receiver into the input of the
 sound card in your PC. The computer then graphically displays the entire audio               great get together at the club site. Again, THANKS to
 passband of the receiver. In the figure above, a screen shot from my monitor, time           everyone who makes all of this possible.
 is represented on the horizontal axis, travelling from right to left. The frequency is
 represented on the vertical axis. For this session, I set the parameters so 400 Hz                                                         73 Chuck
 was the bottom, 900 Hz was the top. Therefore from bottom to top I am displaying
 a passband of 500 Hz. It is possible to display from 0 Hz to about 20 KHz if
 desired. Signal strength is represented by the color of the display. These colors may
 be calibrated precisely in dB if desired. In this session, light blue was a weak signal
 and red was strong. There is also a graph at the top of the display that indicates the
                                                                                             Availability of Keystone VHF Club Caps &
 relative maximum signal strength at that point in time.                                                        Shirts
 I started the software and tuned in the 432 MHz beacon so that the beat note was at                         By John Shaffer, W3SST
 precisely 600 Hz. A line appeared scrolling across the screen. This line is a graphic
 representation of the signal. Placing the cursor on the line gives a readout of its beat   We need at least 24 orders for caps and at least this many
 frequency in Hz. If you look toward the center of the screen, you can tell when the
                                                                                            orders for T-Shirts. The T-Shirts may be a mix of Golf
 beacon transitions from a pure carrier to keyed CW. Many times, the line will
 actually form dots and dashes and you can clearly read the CW this way. Several            or plain as long as the caption & insignia is the same two
 times, the signal just about audibly faded away but the program was always able to         colors of the same printing. I suggest that the content of
 detect it.                                                                                 the printing be our club logo perhaps with the name
                                                                                            spelled out just below or above. We need to get a vote of
 Then I noticed something a bit strange. Above and below the fundamental beat note
 line, were finer, fainter lines (see figure). I noticed that if I changed the tuning of    the membership who is interested.
 the receiver, which caused the fundamental beat note line to move, the fainter lines
 also moved… but maintained a relationship with the main beat note. Many times the          The hats would be $5.00 each
 finer lines started above or below the fundamental line, and then intersected the          The plain T-Shirts would be $10.00 each
 fundamental line, and eventually faded away. By closely listening to the signal by         The Golf shirts would be $12.00 each
 ear, I found that I could actually hear these “multiple signals” if the finer lines,
 which represented them were heavy (strong) enough.                                         Colors would be available but we would need to be
                                                                                            careful that the color wouldn’t interfere or clash with the
 This looked to me like Doppler shift. Depending on the relationship of the finer line
 to the fundamental, I theorized that it was caused by an object, starting far away,        printing.
 then coming close enough to generate an echo from the beacon Doppler shifted in
 frequency proportional to its’ velocity. When the fine line is above the fundamental       Please call John Shaffer, W3SST at 764-4805, or e-mail
 (higher in frequency), it is approaching the beacon at a speed proportional to it’s        to in reference to quantity, type, color,
 Dopper shift. When the finer line intersects the fundamental line, there is at that        size, etc.
 point no Doppler shift in relation to the beacon frequency. This would mean the
 object is neither moving closer or further from the beacon… it is at its’ closest point    If we get enough orders then we can start collecting
 of approach (which still could be many miles from the beacon). As the finer line
 drops below the fundamental line, the object is moving away from the beacon at a
 speed proportional to its’ Doppler shift.

Page 6
                Keystone VHF Club                                                        Keystone VHF Club
           E-Board Minutes of 8 July 1999                                           Meeting Minutes of 1 July, 1999
            By Charlotte Markley, N3URR                                             By Charlotte Markley, N3URR
                      Secretary                                                               Secretary

  Meeting called to order at 19:00 by Ernie N3ZCW, 9 officers and      Meeting called to order at 19:15 by Ernie N3ZCW. 40 members and 3
  3 committee persons were present.                                    guests, Pete KC3TL, Pete KI0EH, Sarah Warner were present.
  SECRETARY'S REPORT:                                                  SECRETARY'S REPORT:
  Charlotte N3URR, minutes read and approved.                          Charlotte N3URR, motion made to by Ruthanna WB3CQN to accept
  TECHNICAL REPORT:                                                    minutes as appeared in newsletter, Dave N3LZP, 2nd motion members
  Tim AA3BJ, got 1200 ft. hardline from Bob N3NBT for $25.00.          agreed.
  Also 440 machine put up. 1st remote receiver to be put up at         TREASURER'S REPORT:
  Gregs site, and one on Loganville water tower.                       Sandi N3NCF, Balance in First Capitol Checking $2,631.85
  TREASURER'S REPORT:                                                                      Balance in Merrill Lynch Acct.    $4,554.12
  Total Liabilities & Equity as of June 30, $10,018.40.                                    Balance in Springfest Acct.       $1,455.84
                                                                                           CD Balance                        $2,000.00
                                                                       Ruthanna WB3CQN, motion to accept report, Brad N3JDQ 2nd motion,
  Tim AA3BJ, will check on wood plaque for names of members
                                                                       members agreed.
  who donated to pavilion. Bob N3NBT, and Bob N3LSN, will
  check about attic fan for club.                                      SPECIAL EVENTS REPORT:
                                                                       Pete KC3TL, August 20, 21, 22 weekend will do special events for York
                                                                       using the call KY3ORK. Need someone responsible to keep log book of
  Members showed no interest on holding special event for York at
                                                                       contacts to receive special certificate.
  club site.
                                                                           Questions call Pete at 717-938-8249 after 5:30
  Motion to adjourn meeting made by Ruthanna WB3CQN, 2nd by
  Bob N3LSN.                                                           TECHNICAL REPORT:
                                                                       Tim AA3BJ, Henry Amplifier for 440 machine has been ordered.
  Meeting adjourned at 20:15                                           Thanks to Dick W3JIF and Al Golfner for their donations that paid for
                                                                       amplifier. (total of $580.00).
                                                                       Thanks to Ruthanna WB3CQN, for donation of Stihl Weedwacker.
 Bike-a-thon (from page 4)                                             Thanks to everyone who has donated all their time and help to club.
 I would like to thank Donna Lee, N3VPJ for manning 2 rest             Brad N3JDQ, made motion to buy a 900 receiver plus crystal for Greg's
 stops on Saturday. She showed up at the Mechanicsburg High            site, approx. $200.00. (replace one that was struck by lightning) Buzz
                                                                       K3GWK, 2nd motion, members agreed.
 School by 6 AM and then drove to Dillsburg for the first rest
 stop. After all the riders cleared her, she drove to Gettysburg       NEWSLETTER REPORT:
                                                                       Dick WA3USG, send your E-Mail addresses to Dick to receive
 and manned the last rest stop, she was there until they shut          newsletter Electronic Version.
 down. She then drove to Gettysburg College and spent the night
                                                                       WAYS & MEANS REPORT:
 in a dorm room so she could continue her support for the second       Ray W3AXC, report in newsletter.
 day. This is the third year that Donna Lee has participated for       Gene AD3E, August 28, Springfield Bowling Lanes in Loganville,
 both days of this event.                                              having a Crab Bowl, $20.00 per person, from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Contact
 Ruthanna Pearson, WB3CQN manned Rest Stop 2 in Dover                  Gene for more information.
 until all the riders passed. This is her third year. This rest stop   ATV REPORT:
 is out of the way and it’s difficult getting it manned. John          Tim AA3BJ, made motion to buy 2 antennas from John W3SST at
 Stewart, KE6DK manned Rest Stop 3 at Spring Grove Senior              $105.00 each, Dick WA3USG 2nd motion, members agreed.
 High. This is John’s second year at this event and he did a           RACES/ARES REPORT:
 fantastic job.                                                        Buzz K3GWK, Still needs help for York Parade.
                                                                       Dick WA3USG, needs help for Bike-a-Thon July 10, 11.
 On the second day, Buzz Kutcher, N3GWK manned the first
 Rest Stop at Mount Saint Mary’s College in Maryland. Buzz             OLD BUSINESS:
 had to be up mighty early on Sunday to get down there by 7            Second reading for Josh Hoke KB3DXO, Bob Hoke KB3DXN, Peter
 AM. I also suspect that Buzz had to cancel out of a family event      Fleszar KI0EH,
                                                                       All were approved for membership.
 that he would have liked to attend in order to help us. For Rest      Dottie N3LTZ, made motion for $100.00 to complete shed project.
 Stops 2 and 3, we had the team of Charlotte, N3URR, and               Dave N3LZP 2nd motion, members agreeded.
 Ernie Markley, N3GPF. What can I say about this dynamic               John W3SST, will be in charge of T-Shirts and Hats. Sign up sheet next
 duo!! Donna Lee manned the Lunch Rest Stop and then came              meeting.
 over and hung around the last rest stop until all the riders          NEW BUSINESS:
 passed.                                                               1st reading for George Reisinger KB3DXP full membership.
 All in all, it was a great event and a good time. I hope everyone     QCWA picnic will be held at Keystone Club Pavilion.
 enjoyed it as much as I did. I know that the MS Society greatly       50/50 drawing won by Dottie N3LTZ, donated back to club.
 appreciated it. Now if I could only get some of our members to        Final announcements
 form a team & ride in it next year!!                                  Motion to adjourn made by Buzz K3GWK, 2nd by Dave N3LZP
                                                                       Meeting adjourned 20:10

Page 7
                         DATED MATERIAL                                      BULK RATE
                                                                             U.S. Postage
                                                                               York, PA
                                                                              Permit #413

The VHF Transmitter
   P.O. Box 7462
York, PA 17404-0462

        CLUB                     Keystone VHF Club, Inc. W3HZU
      REPEATERS                           P.O. Box 7462
           FM                          York, PA 17404-0462
       29.580/29.680       CLUB WEB SITE:
        TONE 123.0
                                   CLUB SPONSORED NETS
                                     All Nets: 146.97 (-)
      442.275/447.275      MON 8:30PM York ARES/RACES Committee
          ATV              MON 9PM    York County 2-Meter Net
        426.25 IN          TUES 8PM   ATV Net (146.970 for audio)
       439.25 OUT          WED 9PM    Quarter Century Wireless Assoc.
       923.25 OUT
                           THUR 8PM   York County YL Net
     PACKET 145.090
     PBBS W3HZU-1
         W3HZU-8            Club meetings are held on the 1 st Thursday of each month
    (Digi, Alias YORK)                  at the Cyber Center, York, PA

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