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					   Adventure/High Risk

  * Adventure Travel Guide                 * Inspector: fire, crashes
  * Air Traffic Controller                 * Instructor:
  * Armed Forces Careers: Special               Flying
       Forces branches: Navy Seals,             Hang gliding
       Army Green Berets, or Marine             Mountain Climbing
       Recon.                                   Scuba diving
  * Astronaut                              * Law enforcement officer/SWAT
  * Bomb squad                             * Medical personnel: ER, under-dev.
  * Bounty Hunter                               countries
  * Center for Disease Control Invest.     * Movie Stunt person
  * CIA/FBI agent                          * 911 Dispatcher
  * Coast Guard Officer                    * Nuclear physicist
  * Commercial/professional driver         * Offshore oil rig diver
  * Crisis Management Leader               * Personal bodyguard
  * Deep sea diver                         * Photojournalist
  * Eco-tourist guide in exotic places     * Post earthquake building inspector
  * Electrician                            * Private investigator
  * EMT/Ambulance Paramedic                * Psychological profiler
  * Engineers:                             * Pyrotechnician
       Biomedical                          * Race car driver
       Chemical                            * Ranger
       Industrial Safety                   * Scientist, Infectious disease, nuclear
       Nuclear                                  components
       Off-shore oil/gas rig               * SEAL
  * Extreme sports’ athlete                * Smoke jumper
  * Firefighter                            * Snow ski rescue squad
  * Foreign Correspondent                  * Stunt actor
  * Hazardous waste manager                * Storm chaser
  * Helicopter/plane pilot                 * Toxicologist
  * High rise construction foreman         * Volcanologist
  * Hostage negotiator                     * Wild animal trainer
  * Hurricane tracker                      * Wilderness tour guide

Work Environments:                             AIDS clinics
Armed Services                                 Quarantine dept.
Commercial businesses                    Newspapers
Consultant                               Non-profit organizations:
Film Studio                                    Aids Foundation
Freelance/Independently                        American Red Cross
Government                               Outdoor sports:
Medical facilities:                            Association

           Clubs                                    Resorts
           Facilities                               Scientific research facilities
   Police Station                                   Tour groups
   Research institutions                            Utilities companies
Professional organizations:
Adventure Cycling Association
Adventure Travel Society (http://www.adventuretravelbusiness.com/): job listing
AEE (Association for Experiential Education) Jobs Clearinghouse (http://www.aee.org/):
internships, job listing
American Canoeing Association (http://www.acanet.org/)
American Canyonering Association
(http://www.adventuresports.com/climb/american-canyoneering/welcome.htm): jobs
American Outdoors (http://www.americaoutdoors.org/): job listing, internships
Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education (http://www.aeoe.org/jobs/): jobs
European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning
       (http://www.eoe-network.org/home.htm): job listing, internship
Institute for Outdoor Learning (http://www.outdoor-learning.org/): international jobs
National Association for Theraputic Wilderness Camps (http://www.natwc.org/): jobs
National Organization for Rivers (http://www.nors.org/)
Outdoor Industry Womens Council (http://www.oiwc.org/): job listing for members
Professional Paddlesports Association (http://www.propaddle.com/)
Theraputic Adventure Professional (http://www.geocities.com/aee_tapg/tapg.html)
African Action (http://www.africaaction.org/about/jobs.php): jobs and internships
Andes Adventure (http://www.andesadventures.com)
Backdoor Jobs (http://www.backdoorjobs.com/): short term adventurers job listing
Backroads (http://www.backroads.com): jobs, company based in Berkeley
Butterfield & Robinson (http://www.butterfieldandrobinson.com)
Coolworks (http://www.coolworks.com/): job listings
Corporate Teambuilding (http://coastchallenge.com/index.html)
Fun Jobs (http://www.funjobs.com)(: list jobs and companies
Gorp (http://www.gorp.away.com)
Idealist.org (http://www.idealist.org/): job listing, internships
Looking for Adventure (http://www.lookingforadventure.com): job links
Micato Safaris (http://www.micato.com)
Outdoor Action (http://www.princeton.edu/~oa/jobs/oajobs.shtml): job listing
Outdoor Adventure (http://www.oapn.net): job listing
Outdoor Ed (http://www.outdoored.com/): job listing
Outdoor Life Network (http://www.olntv.com/) job listing
Paddlesports Resources (http://www.paddlesportsinfo.com/): links
Recreation and outdoor sports (http://www.adventuresports.com/): job listing, links to co.

720ice (http://www.720ice.com/): skateboarding, surfing camps, etc.
Skateboarding Directory (http://www.skateboarddirectory.com/)
Snowbird.com (http://www.snowbird.com): summer and winter job listing
SOBEK (http://www.mountaintravelsobek.com): jobs under “about us”
Teambuilding, Inc. (http://www.teambuildinginc.com/retreats_a_sailing.htm)
Thompson Island Outward Bound (http://www.thompsonisland.org/english/jobs/instructors): job
Wilderness Therapy Expeditions/programs
      Aspen Educational Group (http://www.aspeneducation.com/Outdoor-edu.html)
      Catherine Freer Wilderness Therapy Program (http://www.cfreer.com/): jobs
      Lone Star Expeditions (http://www.lonestarexpeditions.com/): job listing
      Phoenix Outdoors (http://www.phoenixoutdoor.com/): job listing
      Wilderness Venture (http://www.WildernessVentures.com/): jobs under “apply now”
Women Excursions:
     Offshore Sailing School (http://www.offshore-sailing.com): jobs under “about us”
     River Odysseys West (http://www.rowadventures.com/) job listing under company
     Women ski camp (http://www.womensskicamps.com)
     Women's Wilderness trips (http://www.womenswilderness.org): jobs, internships under
Zephyr Adventure (http://www.zephyradventures.com/): part-time jobs

Other Handouts:
Emergency Careers                         Sports & Recreation
Hospitality & Travel