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									•Global provider of Unified Communication technology

•Established in 1989 with over 1million esnatech messaging seats deployed worldwide

•OEM provider of UC technology to major PBX vendors

•20 plus years of management experience in the UC space

•Telephony Office-LinX is recognized leader in innovation for Mobility, Presence, &
Unified messaging from UC magazine and Frost and Sullivan

    UC for Google Apps Edition
    Overview of Unified Communication services for Google
    apps from esnatech
    Scoping out Google UC requirements
    Key questions to ask customers to size and price UC for Google Apps

    UC for Google Apps Packaging
    Packages and options

    UC for Google Competitive Differentiation
    UC value over Microsoft, Lotus, GroupWise
Legacy UC systems have problems

              High costs
          1   Over $500/user/year- email, and pbx
              Labor requirements

          2   Maintenance, patches and upgrades, with
              every email or phone system upgrade

              User limitations

          3   Voice and fax archiving with email data
              limitations, no mobility or presence
Upgrades are slow and painful
  Time and money spent on upgrades…

   18 Month Plan     Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4   Q1   Q2
                                                     •   New servers
   Prepare network                                   •   OS upgrade
                                                     •   Purchase CALs
   Upgrade OS
                                                     •   Storage
   Install server
                                                     •   Drivers
                                                     •   Memory
   Add storage                                       •   New sets
                                                     •   UC licensing
   Move mailboxes

                                    2000             2003                   2007

                                                   …that occur only in 4-6 year cycles.
Why run Legacy UC yourself?

Google will take care of email esnatech will integrate voice and your existing PBX
   so you can have full Unified communications with limited infrastructure or
   Superior reliability and less administration
              Better uptime than on-premise                                                                Less administrative time

                Downtime per month (in minutes)1                                                         Administrative hours per week2

1 “Google   Apps vs. Microsoft Exchange Sever 2007 – Total Cost of Ownership Analysis.”The Radicati Group, November 2008
2””Corporate   IT Survey – Messaging & Collaboration, 2008-2009,” The Radicati Group, 2008.
Esnatech UM is the best UM experience for business
 •   Access Voice, fax & email anytime,
     anywhere on virtually any device (even
 •   Support for Unified Messaging with
     esnatech- UC for Google apps
 •   25 GB of storage means seamless
     storage for recorded conversations
 •   Find any message & Conversations
     instantly with sub-second search results
 •   Integrated with your existing phone
     system for screen pops, Dialing, and

       New! Unified Messaging with esnatech, Interoperability with Outlook
                       and Blackberry Enterprise Server
Presence & mobility integration

 •   Integrate Voice mail greetings with
     existing Google calendar and Google
     talk Presence
 •   Integrate LIVE find me follow me of
     calls with Google Calendar
 •   Access Google Meeting appointments
     over the phone
 •   Works across platforms – it’s all in
     the browser

                        Leverage the power of the web
                    as a platform for Mobility and presence
Messaging, Mobility & Presence
Gmail Unified messaging
Integrates with any phone system to deliver voice and fax access from
GMAIL and Email access over the phone.
Rich Phone Presence
Integrated phone presence with Google talk to see who is on or off the
phone and initiate click to dial off your phone ext.
Calendar integrated mobility
Personal, shared, and public calendars integrated with your phone voice mail
greetings, and mobility settings for find me follow me functionality

  Desktop voice and telephony
Knowledge Screen pops
Desktop look up using Google search based on incoming caller ID and name
to provide adhoc call center functionality
UC web services
Both desktop and web gadgets enable full dialing , presence and corporate
phone search functionality from any OS or browser
Video enablement
Secure SIP services enable Desktop Video integration with any legacy
or IP based phone system
Security and compliance are better in the cloud
          Message Security
          Protect voice, fax, & email from malware and manage content

          Web Security
          Block web based security threats. Manage web access.

          Message Discovery
          Archive, search and retrieve voice, fax, Recorded conversations &
          email for e-discovery.

          Message Encryption
          Encrypt sensitive messages based on policies and content.
UC for Google Apps
•   Support and Integration
     o Integrates with Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Asterisk, Alcatel, Siemens, Shoretel, Mitel IP and
       TDM PBX’s
     o Provides Migration and upgrade from Unity, Modular messaging, Octel & Call Pilot to
       Google Unified messaging
•   Enterprise functionality
     o   Works with existing PBX
     o   Integrates Mobile devices with Google GMAIL, & contacts- iPhone, Android, & Blackberry
     o   Seamless support for Blackberry Enterprise Server
     o   Sync for Microsoft Outlook and Calendar Sync
     o   Integrated Rich phone presence with Google talk
     o   Integrated Incoming Screen Pops with Google desktop search
     o   Speech access to Google contacts, Presence & messages
•   Platform
     o   Single sign in authentication with On premise server behind corporate firewall
•   $100/user
•   www.UC4googleapps.com
Esnatech Telephony Office-LinX customers
                    Active customers
UC for Google Apps : Identify a need…

   1    Do they currently have Unified Messaging with Microsoft

        Do they have a mobile workforce? Home workers, People in
   2    transit, Field sales and service resources?

   3    Do they have a phone system or enterprise PBX?

   4    Do they use CRM or Sales force automation tools?

   5    IS fax still part of their EDI process?
UC for Google Apps : Scoping their requirements

   1    How many phone extensions do they have across their

   2    What is the make and model or their existing phone system?

        What are they using for voice mail today? DO they already have
   3    unified messaging with their existing email? If so How many
        users use Unified messaging today

   4    How many Mobile workers do they have in the field?

   5    How many fax machines do they have today and do they want
        to integrate faxing to their email?
UC for Google Apps : Scoping their requirements

   6    What CRM or SFA software do you use today?

        Do you use Computer Telephony integration with any of your
   7    existing business applications

   8    Are you planning to change your existing Phone system? If yes
        to what Make and Model?

        Do you use auto attendant today? If so does it support Speech
   9    recognition? If not would you be interested to automate your
        auto attendant or Company IVR with speech recognition

  10    How many Phone lines do you have coming into your business?
UC for Google Apps : Competitive advantage
UC for Google Apps : Competitive advantage
UC for Google Apps : Competitive advantage
UC for Google Apps : Competitive advantage
UC for Google Apps : What sets it apart

   1    Dramatic cost savings

   2    Integrates with any mobile phone or device

   3    Better reliability and security

   4    Best Unified messaging/communication experience for business

   5    Leverages your existing Phone system investment
Google Apps/Google UC : Learn More

   1   www.esnatech.com

   2   www.uc4googleapps.com

   3   www.youtube.com/uc4Gapps

   4   www.youtube.com/ucommunicate

   5   Contact us at: sales@esnatech.ca

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