South Africa South Africa Schistsomiasis is present in freshwater by BrandalJaclson


									South Africa

Schistsomiasis is present in freshwater lakes, rivers and ponds in the far northeastern and
eastern coastal regions of South Africa. This parasite can penetrate intact skin and cause
infection. You should a void fresh water exposure in these areas, including untreated
water around game parks and inland resorts
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Yellow Fever is required when traveling to South Africa.
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Which of following statements about South Africa is incorrect?

       1. Traffic moves on the left.

       2. The best, private health facilities are in Pretoria, Cape Town, Johannesburg,,
         and Durban but adequate medical care can easily be obtained outside major

       3. Food and water are generally safe in major cities, and a wide variety of
       consumer goods and pharmaceuticals are readily available.

       4. South Africa is a developing nation but is in the upper half of the worlds

Areas at risk for Malaria include:
      1 Johannesburg and Cape Town
      2. Durban and Pretoria
      3. Sun City
      4. Kruger national park
      5. all of the above

South Africa has a high prevalence of TB in the population. Travelers planning to stay
more than 1 month should have a pre-departure PPD (TB) skin test
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